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Citadel Scene July-August 2012

Monthly News of Southsea Citadel

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Sunday Worship (p2)

10am - Sunday Clubs for 2-7 & 7-13yrs 11am - Worship for All Ages 6pm - Praise & Celebration There’s a warm welcome waiting for you. Mondays: Kids’ Club - 4pm-5:30pm Reception to Year 6 (term time only) call 07972 729 134

Tuesdays: CAMEO Club - 1:30pm (p13) (Come And Meet Each Other) Wednesdays: Home League (p13) Friendship Club - 2pm Thursdays: Angel Feet - 4pm Fridays: Parent & Toddler Club Seafront Meetings 9:30am-11:30am on Summer Sundays, 4:45pm, Also on Fridays: Messy Church Speakers’ Corner, The Esplanade, Southsea

For children & parents or carers. Monthly @ 4pm (doors open 3:30)

Find out More:

Visit or pick up a leaflet from the Centre in Albert Rd 023 9282 1164 - (Main Office) or email The Lighthouse Community Centre (more on back page) 023 9282 7403

‘Sharing the love of Jesus with open hearts.’ part of the Southsea Citadel Mission Statement

Diary Dates July Saturday 7th Sunday 8th Fri/Sat 20th/21st August Tues 28th-Fri 31st September Sunday 2nd Sunday 9th Saturday 15th Sat 15th-Sun 30th

Commissioning of Cadets, Westminster Central Hall Captains Giorgi & Eka Salarishvili (DHQ) City Wide Annual Appeal Collecting Children’s Summer Camp - QE2 Activity Centre Summer Camp Celebration - 11am Chief Secretary Col David Hinton & Col Sylvia Hinton Annual Appeal Concert Annual Appeal Collecting

October Sunday 7th Harvest Thanksgiving with Lynne & Darren Thursday 11th Adult & Family Ministries Rally - Fernham Hall Sunday 28th Community Sunday - Captain Elizabeth Hayward (THQ) November Saturday 10th Sunday 11th Saturday 24th Sunday 25th

KAOS (Youth Event) at Southsea Remembrance Service (6pm) in the presence if the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Portsmouth Christmas Fayre CATK Rehearsal 4pm - no evening meeting

December Sunday 2nd Sunday 9th Sunday 16th Sunday 23rd Tuesday 25th Sunday 30th

Carols at the Kings Christmas Sunday Night Live Children’s Carol Service (4pm) Around the Manger (6pm) Christmas Day Morning meeting only


Messy Church ii Citadel Scene

Messy Church is for children and their parents or carers. Crafts, activities, Bible story followed by a hot meal at £1 per head (all ages). EVERYONE WELCOME (notice of attendance appreciated for catering purposes 02392 821164) We meet monthly in the Citadel at 4pm. NEXT Messy Church: 13th July

Dear Readers, Do you know what seventy times seven is? Don’t worry. This isn’t a maths test. I haven’t got my red pen handy or any gold stars. In fact you won’t even have to work out the answer (though for our younger readers, if you know your 7 times table you should be able to work the answer out quite easily and then simply add a zero!). Perhaps some of you are wondering why I’m asking about seventy times seven. And some of you will know that it is the answer Jesus gives to Peter. We read about it in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 18: 21 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?” 22 Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times. By the way, seventy times seven is 490. That’s a lot isn’t it? It’s the kind of forgiveness we can only do by God’s grace. It’s the kind of forgiveness that has to become part of our daily living, as much as air and water and food. And it’s the kind of forgiveness that means we have to stop being smug and prideful – we have to stop retreating behind a sense of our own self-righteousness – and instead we need to depend upon the resources of God so that we may love well, as He has commanded us to.

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These thoughts were triggered by a daily verse sent by email: Colossians 3:13 - Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. So few words, but such a challenge for each one of us. May you know the abounding grace of God as you practice the breath of forgiveness. Captain Lynne

1 Citadel Scene

Sunday Meetings July 1st 11am, 6pm Captain Lynne Shaw July 8th 11am, 6pm Captains Gia & Eka Salarishvili July 15th 11am; 6pm Major Mary Wolfe; Major Joyce Dixon July 22nd 11am, 6pm Captain Lynne Shaw; Major Mary Wolfe July 29th 11am; 6pm Major Mary Wolfe; Captain Lynne Shaw August 5th 11am; 6pm Major Mary Wolfe; Captain Lynne Shaw August 12th & 19th 11am; 6pm Major Mary Wolfe August 26th 11am; 6pm Major Mary Wolfe; Captain Lynne Shaw

Angel Feet Do your children just LOVE to wiggle?? Angel Feet Dance Club could be fun and a giggle. Together we can learn routines & dance moves With occasional performances as our dancing improves. For 2-5yr olds - Every Thursday at 4pm - 4:45pm - ÂŁ1 entry fee. Tea & Coffee provided downstairs for those waiting, squash & biscuits provided for the Angels afterwards!! For all other enquiries please contact Nikki on 07730 609044

2 Citadel Scene

New Adherents DarDar and Sandar Htoo Already Christians, DarDar and Sandar Htoo moved from Burma to the UK in 2005. They came to Portsmouth and settled in the City in March 2011 when they commenced looking for a Church to attend. Friends invited them to meetings at Southsea Citadel and they have been attending regularly ever since. DarDar and Sandar recently made the decision to become full members of the Corps as Adherents and were welcomed by Major Mary Wolfe (C.O.) on Sunday June 3rd. T.M. Bob Phillips Bob returned to the UK from Florida, USA, in November 2011. He came to Portsmouth and settled in the City through help he received by the Community Centres of both Portsmouth and Southsea Citadels. Since April 2012 he has been regularly attending both Sunday meetings at Southsea, recently making the decision to become a full member of the Corps as an Adherent. Bob was welcomed as an Adherent of Southsea Citadel on Sunday 10th June 2012 by Captain Lynne Shaw, Associate Officer. T.M. 3 Citadel Scene

Prayer Board Prayer Diar y Ple as e ta ke a co py so th at we ca n su pp ort each ot he r in prayer.

Prayer Breakfasts We enjoy half an hour of prayer (you don’t have to pray out loud), followed by croissants and drinks...

.... so wh come alon y not g to the Citadel 8 am on Sa t: 7t

h July Aug 4th

ou r le ade rs, Ly n n e, th at Ple a se p ray fo r ry a n d C apta in a M or aj M y ll he al th, esp ec ia t th em w is dom , an gr d an em th H is Sp ir it. G od w ill gu ide nued in-filli ng of ti n co e th d an st re ng th or ay fo r th os e in po pr to r be em m re t on page 6. And plea se ti nued prayer ’ lis on ‘c r ou on or he al th

Prayer & Bible Fellowships As announced. Everyone welcome

4 Citadel Scene

r. .. L e t ’s p ray f o All Officers and cadets who will shortly be assuming new appointments, that they will be equipped by the Holy Spirit for the challenges and opportunities ahead, feeling a positive confirmation that they are in the right place at the right time. Majors Colin and Rosemary Cowdery in their demanding and challenging responsibilities in Pakistan. Captains Giorgi and Eka Salarishvili as they lead our meetings on July 8th and their ongoing work/ministry in the Division.

Those attending ‘Summer Camp’ during the last week of August: that it will be a time of joyful enrichment for both the young folk and the staff. Those who benefit from the work of hope and encouragement carried out at Catherine Booth House in St. Paul’s Rd. Guidance and direction for those in our fellowship who are grappling with the need to make a new or deeper commitment.

5 Citadel Scene

People News Continued Prayers: Glenda Knight Joy Cosh Sylvia Tolliday Margaret Wilkins Maisie Martin Faith Leaning George Mortimer Mabel Rowland Bob Bishop Tony Porter In Hospital/ poor health George Woods Bereaved Mrs. Esther Pitt of her son Roger

Corps Secretary Mike Stubbings, of his Mother Winifred

Commissioned YP Musician Lloyd Jennings as a Bandsman Congratulations Lloyd Jennings on the occasion of his 18th birthday (June 17th) Melvyn and Sandra Thomas who celebrate 35yrs of marriage (Coral) on August 6th New Adherent Robert (Bob) Phillips Position Relinquished Major Gill Smith as Home League Secretary We pay tribute to Major Gill for the four years she has held this important position, during which time our Home League/Friendship Club has prospered spiritually and numerically. Members have been well loved and cared for, not just on a Wednesday, but at all times. We thank God that Gill’s very special giftings have been used to such good effect, supported at all times by Major Derek. Her quality ministry has really made a difference.

Compassion in Action our Charity Shop. dministering Angels To two very dedicated ladies: when I had the misfortune to gash my leg when taking some things into the Salvation Army (Albert Rd), I encountered two lovely ladies, one who administered First Aid and the other (counter) lady who was so kind and helpful. Thank you - my love and thanks to you both. Babs Hutchens P.S. I am 92 years of age but I remember my mother saying, ‘The Salvation Army is always there when needed.’ How true! B.H.


6 Citadel Scene

100 Years Ago... From Eunice Woods


ne Hundred years ago this August, my father was working in a grocery shop in the East-End of London. He often told us that he was weighing up flour one day when a very large funeral procession passed by. He enquired about the person they were honouring and found out it was William Booth, the Founder of The Salvation Army. This made such an impact on him that he joined the Army and, six months later, became an Officer in charge of a Corps. Some time later he married my mum and together they were in charge of many Corps. Before I was born my parents were at Jersey in the Channel Islands, while there they conducted the wedding of a young couple, George and Jessie Woods. Years later, after retiring in Southsea, they met up again. George was YPSM for 25 years and also Recruiting Sergeant. Jessie was Life Saving Guard Leader (which was when Major Gill Smith was attracted to the Army.) Jessie also started the first SA Charity Shop here. I met and married George Woods Junior 52 years ago. Coincidence? Or God Incident? We now have two great-grandchildren who are members of The Salvation Army primary in Seattle, USA, making them 5th generation Salvationists. Oh, by the way, they are also 6th and 7th generation Salvationists via other branches of their family tree, but that’s another story. EW

Sponsored Parachute Jump


eter, our Chef in the Café, is undertaking a parachute jump in August and is hoping to raise funds for our Corps.

This is Pete’s way of expressing his gratitude for help received and it would be great if we could encourage him with our financial support. Thanks in anticipation. 7 Citadel Scene

Young People’s Anniversary


oung People’s Anniversary weekend commenced in rousing style with the musical Go! Go! Jonah! (picture), performed on Friday and Saturday 22 and 23 June by the Corps young people, Y.P. workers, children from the Corps After-School Club and a neighbouring Church. The musical, written by Kathie Hill, is based on the Biblical account of Jonah and the Whale and was organised and led by Bandmaster Mark Streather and Children’s worker & Singing Company Leader Amanda Streather. Instrumental backing was by Darren Shaw (keyboard), Lloyd Jennings (percussion) and James Mockett (YPBL) (Bass Guitar). Eager and enthusiastic applause followed each performance.

Sunday Morning worship was led by YPSM Cheryl Morris with the theme God is Big, opening with Praise my soul, the King of heaven. The Sunday school and primary children sang, with actions, Our God is a Great Big God. Bible readings taken from Jonah were read by Shannon and Megan. David and Nathan with the use of many plastic balls helped illustrate forgiveness. The Singing company contributed with an African song Siya Kuda Misa (we glorify your name), the Y.P. Band with Great Big God and the Songsters with For The Beauty Of The Earth. YPSM Cheryl Morris spoke of forgiveness and how by becoming closer to God, we become closer to each other. The meeting concluded with the song God Can Do Anything, with everybody standing and doing energetic actions. 8 Citadel Scene

Young People’s Anniversary Evening worship, which took the form of Café Church, arranged by the Corps Ministries group, was led by Amanda Streather and included songs from the musical by the cast of Go! Go! Jonah. The congregational song Mighty God was accompanied with actions and was followed by prayers given by Isaac and Bethany. Three Bible passages from Jonah were read by April, Genevieve and Esther. The Singing Company contributed with All I Know and Jesus Reigns and the Y.P. Band played I love You Lord and Live Right. During the singing, a member of the congregation knelt at the Mercy Seat to pray. The meeting and the weekend concluded with the young people singing the benediction. T.M.

‘I’ll Fight’ Congress a personal report


ighteen members from Southsea Citadel attended the ‘I’ll Fight’ Congress in London at the Royal Albert Hall, which was to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of William Booth’s famous and final speech, I’ll Fight’ given at that very place, the Royal Albert Hall a century ago. The Congress was a momentous occasion. Firstly, the encompassing and enfolding feeling of being part of this wonderful Army – this Army raised up by God through William Booth – this family – when so many Salvationists from all over this Territory, and others from all over the world, met together in fellowship one with another, and with the Lord. The excitement of meeting old friends and making new ones was ever present. At the commencement of the Saturday Festival, the General was welcomed by deafening and continuous applause as she turned to salute everyone in the hall She remained at the salute as the 9 Citadel Scene

‘I’ll Fight’ Congress cont... Territorial flag was marched into the hall, followed by every UK Divisional flag. That was just the start as each flag, as it appeared was cheered by those it represented. Secondly, the amazing and profoundly moving sound of over 5200 Salvationists singing congregational songs with such passion, especially the Founder’s song, O Boundless Salvation accompanied by the International Staff Band. The clapping was momentous, the sound was stunning and nobody could be in any doubt that William Booth’s Salvation Army was in session! There were many young people there, not least the youth Chorus of over 400 members who also joined in with great energy in these wonderful songs. The young, and the young in heart had their special contribution of upbeat songs by the group Second Mile. It was wonderful to listen to the International Staff Band, the International Staff Songsters and the Youth Chorus who blessed us so much with their music and singing, not least on Sunday morning just before the General’s address, as the Staff Band played the composition by our own Darren Shaw, Guardian of my Soul. That was a very special moment – you could hear a pin drop as the scene was so movingly set for the General as she rose to speak. But uppermost were the special challenging and encouraging moments when our World Leader, General Linda Bond, spoke to us. She is a lady of immense and emphatic spiritual stature, so passionate and compassionate, who spoke from the Bible and her heart. She implored us to fight – to fight the evil that is overtaking our society, the greed, the selfishness the overwhelming darkness. So many times over the two days we were reminded of William 10 Citadel Scene

Booth’s final speech, which although 100 years old is more relevant today than ever. On Sunday, a Mercy Seat was constructed in the shape of a huge cross, and placed in the hall’s arena. After the General’s moving and challenging words, she commenced a prayer meeting where she gave the invitation to come forward to the Mercy Seat to re-dedicate our lives anew. The first to kneel was our new Territorial Commander Commissioner Andre Cox, walking from the platform hand in hand with his wife Commissioner Silvia. As they knelt, a prayer circle surrounded them and hundreds came from all over the hall to kneel at the cross. The camera view, from high above the Mercy Seat when people were kneeling or standing 3 or 4 deep, appeared as a cross surrounded with flowers. It was my personal feeling that the whole weekend was a ‘Call to Arms’, for us to re-energise our unique Army of God and to all go out and fight the darkness of sin and evil. We all have our own small corner where we can take the light of Jesus. I would encourage everyone, if at all possible, to attend a Congress. It is the pinnacle of Army gatherings and worship, with so much blessing and encouragement gained from them. The next one in London is an International Congress in 2015 to mark the 150th Anniversary of the raising up of The Salvation Army. William Booth’s famous words spoken by him so passionately and movingly one hundred years ago, as they were depicted at the Congress, are these: While women weep, as they do now, I’ll fight; While little children go hungry, as they do now, I’ll fight; While men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now, I’ll fight; While there is a drunkard left, While there is a poor lost girl upon the streets, While there remains one dark soul without the light of God, I’ll fight I’ll fight to the very end!’ T.M. 11 Citadel Scene

Annual Appeal - The Big Collection


he remaining standing days for this year are: Friday 20th of July - Citywide - Saturday 21st July - Citywide - Saturday 8th Sept - Morrisons, Anchorage Pk - Friday 12th Oct - Sainsbury’s, Farlington - Saturday 13th Oct - Sainsbury’s, Farlington -

9am-4pm 9am-4pm 3pm-6pm 9am-12noon 12noon-3pm

The month of September has been allocated for door-to-door collecting and we have set aside September 15th-30th for this. It would, however, be helpful for accounting purposes if the majority of the collecting takes place during the first two weeks of the month. Teams will be the same as last year and we are always in need of new recruits. Areas will be reviewed to maximise the return on our efforts. Collecting can be a very pleasant experience and you don’t need to wear uniform as permits are issued. Don’t be shy, give it a try! Asda and Waitrose have been asked to consider nominating The Salvation Army as a sponsored charity. Portsmouth F.C. have also been asked to consider a collection on a match day. I am mindful that there are a number of Corps folk who don’t collect for whatever reason and I would invite you to place a cardboard collecting box in your home during the month of September. We’ll praise Him for all that is past and trust Him for all that’s to come. Trevor Sivyer, Annual Appeal Coordinator


or 2012, the Annual Appeal will be called The Salvation Army Big Collection. Every element of the appeal literature has been rewritten, redesigned and reinvigorated. This year we want this collection to reach many more people with a clearer message about what the Big Collection is for - and why it’s so important! The Big Collection suggests we are part of something much bigger. It’s our biggest opportunity to raise funds for our social programmes and Lifehouses. We need everyone’s help to make it a big success. The materials this year have been given a more up-to-date look which hopefully will attract, motivate and encourage collectors to take part and the public to give. The £2.3 million the ‘appeal’ raises makes a massive contribution to the deficit on the Social Trust. I know you realise the importance of these funds - so please continue to support this in your Corps.

12 Citadel Scene

C ome A nd M eet E ach O ther

CAMEO Club We meet every Tuesday from 1:30 to 2:30pm. We have a variety of speakers, activities and entertainments. We are a very happy club and always welcome visitors as well as members. July 3rd Keith & Pam th July 10 Major Mary July 17th Major Joyce July 24th onwards - As Announced

The Home League We meet at 2pm each Wednesday. Why not make a date to come along? 4th July - Major Mary 11th July - Mrs Norma Palmer 18th July - Trevor & Anne Martin 25th July - ”Forces Sweetheart” at the Kings Theatre, admission by pre-booked tickets only. (£10.00 seats will cost £6.50, ordered and payable through Major Gill.) There will NOT be a meeting at the Hall on this date. 1st Aug - “Juice” Hilary Westbrook

The Big Collection cont... Whilst on the subject of fund raising, you may be interested to know that the territory’s Christmas Mailing Appeal 2012 is already in the planning stages. The extent of the Christmas appeal activity makes it hard to avoid at local level with 10,000 TV advertisement slots in December, ads on the radio, the quality press, 10 million magazine inserts, 7 million door-drops and 5 million mailpacks. All the indications are that not only does this activity raise us £11 million and generate 100,000 new supporters, it also increases visibility and actually helps the local effort. The figures have not yet been finalised for 2012’s Self-Denial Appeal, but it looks like income has increased by over £100,000 on 2011. At a time when there are so many calls on our wallets and time, this is a sound achievement by Salvationists, Adherents and friends, so a big thank you to everyone. Lieut-Col Graham Owen, D.C.

13 Citadel Scene

Newsletter Expenses


ur newsletter continues to be a means of communicating Corps News to those who are part of the family of our church fellowship wherever they might be. We are grateful to those of you who contact us from time to time with encouragement and appreciation and we are just glad our ‘humble’ publication helps to maintain links and bring news of the ongoing work, witness and worship in Southsea. However, as we gently mention each month, there are costs incurred and the recent, significant increase in postal charges somewhat highlights this. We are indebted to those of you who faithfully give financial support and look forward to ongoing support and generosity. Thankyou in anticipation. It may, of course, be that you no longer need or require ‘Citadel Scene’ or, alternatively, prefer to keep up to date online ( Should this be the case, then please either write to CS-M John Burton at the address below, or email Darren Shaw at

Citadel Scene Production As always, donations are very welcome to help with costs. If you’d like to contribute, please send a cheque payable to ‘The Salvation Army’ to: John Burton, 13 Stanley Ave, Copnor, Portsmouth, PO3 6PL Please also let us know if you wish to come off our mailing lists. Citadel Scene is available online at Citadel Scene is an in-house production. Compiled, designed and published by Darren Shaw, Edited by CSM John Burton Collated by Olga Ralph, Trevor & Anne Martin, Julie & Ian Bradbury Mailing by Mary Burton & Nikki Bone, Web design: Darren Shaw

Bottle Tops Major Les has now stopped collecting milk bottle tops as they are no longer financially worthwhile. Many thanks to all those who have supported over the years. 14 Citadel Scene

For Your Consideration


ur ‘Army’ relies on generous and significant support from the general public and this often is in the form of a gift made via a will. In fact, locally, we have been benefitted considerably from such gifts, enabling us to improve and develop in a number of areas. The following is a copy of a leaflet produced to remind soldiers, adherents and friends that we too might like to consider such a gift ourselves.

We are required by Territorial Headquarters to bring this to your attention and I know you will give it your prayerful consideration. Major Mary has a limited supply of literature so you may, in confidence, want to make her your first port of call. This is, of course, a very private and personal matter and you will want to respond as you see fit. Every blessing, JB.

15 Citadel Scene

Pause for thought As I write the Olympics are almost upon us. What a tremendous event; years in the making and preparation. What a great occasion the opening ceremony will be, the world will be watching. And then the athletics themselves, their own dedication and hopes. Then there are the secret fears at the back of many minds. Will the weather hold? A terrorist attack? The transport system, will it cope? Will anything go wrong? We thank God that, for the Church, this is a great and open door for Christian witness, hundreds of groups organized to remind many of God’s reality, AND the coming of the greatest event the world will ever know since Christ was born: The Second Advent. Finally the prayers to God of the centuries will be answered: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. From my collectania of quotes and comments I have found again the words of Max Lucado concerning the return of Jesus Christ to planet earth. This is how he visualizes it. “As if the sky were a curtain, the drapes of the atmosphere part. A brilliant light spills onto the earth. Riding on the flow of that light is an endless fleet of angels. They pass through the curtains one myriad at a time, until they occupy every square inch of the sky. The angels bow their heads, and before you is a figure so consuming that you know, instantly you know. Nothing else matters. Forget stock markets and school reports. Sales meetings and football games. Nothing is newsworthy. All that mattered matters no more, for Christ has come.” In the meantime, God bless the Olympics. K.G.

16 Citadel Scene

Sunday 2nd September, 11am ‘Summer Camp Celebration’

Special Events

Saturday 15th September Annual Appeal Concert with St. John’s College Choir Southsea Songsters Mark Streather, Xylophone 7pm

November 11th Remembrance Service 6pm in the presence of the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress of Portsmouth & invited guests

Saturday 24th November 10:30am Christmas Fayre

Sunday 9th September Chief Secretary Col. David Hinton & Col. Sylvia Hinton

Sunday 7th October Harvest Thanksgiving and Supper with Lynne & Darren

Sunday 2nd December Carols at the Kings, 6pm St. John’s College School Choir, Portsmouth High School Nursery, Compere - Russell Rook

17 Citadel Scene

We would like to keep you up to date with all that’s going on. To be placed on our mailing list, please call 02392 821164 or email The Salvation Army is a Christian Church & a Registered Charity no. 214779, in Scotland SC009359

Citadel Scene July/August 2012  

Monthly News of Southsea Citadel of The Salvation Army

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