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The new era of travel content: surviving & thriving April 7th, 2011

Ron Cole, Vice President Customers John Paulet, Partnership and Alliance Manager

Travel content

The current challenge

• Content – Multiple websites he true–cost of travel? Various interfaces do I know?” • Ancillary fees – Traditional sources – Other sources • Traveler preferences • Aggregation of data we measure • Policy compliance

e when there are so many ts and sources?” 2

What if you could… • Data mine at will? • Easily make content and services available to your travelers? • Seamlessly manage to travel policy and compliance? • Quantify in your RFPs/RFIs the value that you bring? • Easily pass the most rigorous PCI/PII and other data or security audits? • In the event of a tragedy, as the recent events in Japan: – Locate all of your travelers? – Even if they updated their travel plans directly with the supplier?


Travelport Universal API™ • The first GDS API to aggregate: – GDS – LCC – Directly connected high-speed rail – Merchandising content • Development optimization – 3rd party developers – OTAs – TMCs 4

Travelport Universal API™ allows access to…

• Multiple Content Hubs feeding into a single interface – GDS content and functions – Non-traditional GDS content • Low Cost Carrier • Rail • Ancillary Services / Merchandising • Hotel Content – User friendly descriptions, images – Meta Search ( • Future hubs planned, easily incorporated • It’s all about ease of access! 5

Travelport Universal Profile™

managing compliance & preferencing • Relational Database – Allows multiple levels of profiles • Preferencing • Inherited hierarchy • Tags allow single profile, varying travel scenarios • Adhere to Global data security and privacy standards • Applied at POS regardless of tool – Travelport Universal Desktop™ – Homegrown applications – Corporate booking tools – Any Universal API consumer (i.e. Cornerstone) 6

Travelport Universal Record™

‘Super PNR’ - everything about the traveler • Single view of all travel components – GDS and non-GDS content – Ability to link travelers • Relational database – Find travelers – Real-time compliance – Enable ancillary services – Linked to Travelport Universal Profile™ • Best in breed of merged travel and customer data • Security and Privacy continually top of mind


Travelport Universal family Status update

• Travelport Universal API™ – Deployed since August 2010 • Travelport Universal Profile™ • Travelport Universal Record™ • Low Cost Carrier • Rail • Ancillary services / merchandising • Other products built using Travelport Universal API™ – Travelport Universal Desktop™ • Limited launch in progress – Travelport Apps™ 8

Travelport Universal API™




Travelport Universal API™ allows access to…

• Relevant content • Best of ‘old’ & ‘new’ – GDS content & other content sources • Available to developers - Cornerstone – Aggregate content and data – Shortened development time – Speed to market • Develop once, leverage again & again


Next steps • Contact Cornerstone •


Wait! Don't go Crying in the Chapel - TravelPort  

Presentation from Cornerstones 2011 Customer Conference in Memphis

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