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IJB Thinks #20 January 2013

Welcome... to IJB Thinks #20. You will notice that for this edition, we’ve taken a more scenic route than the usual articles that make up an issue of IJB Thinks. Videos may be no better or worse than articles, but it is different, something we always aim for with IJB Thinks and in Junior Branch - so let’s enjoy a different way of sharing ideas this time round! With nominations for IJR and also the Governing Board for CISV opening this month, we are happy to bring you a collection of ideas about leadership from JBers. On the right you will find a list of videos, and times so you can skip to any that interest you.


Cande & James IJRs

Leadership 02:37

Daniel, Taya & Arvid Russia & Sweden

Mickey Mouse 04:58

Anjo Germany

Leaders in CISV 06:58

Daniel Brazil

The Difference 10:06

Enjoy, Cande & James IJRs 2012-2013


Elyse Australia

The Path of Change 12:55

JB Brasil

Followers 15:16

Jess Great Britain


IJB Thinks #20  

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