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by Vannessa Gallegos (ECU)

Regional Teams WHAT’S A REGIONAL TEAM There are 3 Regional Teams; AJB (Americas), APJB ( Asia-Pacific) and EJB ( Europe) Team. They a re i n close contact w ith t he N JRs o f their region, and work to develop and support national and local JBs.

AMERICAS’ JUNIOR BRANCH TEAM Ivan (Zinho) Juanquira- Brazil Majo Rodríguez - Guatemala Fer Zamora - Peru Joao Pedro (J.P) Ferraz - Brazil

Regional Teams ASIA PACIFIC JUNIOR BRANCH TEAM Ciaran Cook - New Zealand Kevin Chandra - Indonesia Elena Villanueva - Philippines Jamie Brander - Australia click on their names to find out more about them


Americas’ JB ANDINOS WORKSHOP “Andinos W orkshop i s our annual r egional w orkshop w ith Ecuador, Perú and Colombia. D uring this w orkshop w e passed on our knowledge about IJB to the JBers (structure and system). We also gave them tools so that they can learn how to develop functional projects and finally we had a special guest from the Divers team, she gave us several activities with educational content which made Andinos this year very productive! We had the opportunity to do the Dragon Project from cisv israel and the Branch Out Step #1 as well!” Vane (Ecuador) & Fer (Peru)

AJBM Do you w ant t o know w hat happened on april 17th t o 20th, during A merica’s J unior Branch M eeting, i n Medellin, Colombia? Check the beautiful pictures on the new AJB Facebook page!

JB Canada JB CANADA’S COOKIES & MORE Lots of big things have been going on in JB Canada. First off many of our chapters have participated in one of our nationally held events. The Cookie-a-thon! This is a JB event where l ocal chapters s pend b etween 12-24 h ours baking cookies a nd r unning a ctivities non stop. All the cookies baked are then donated to a local charity or non for profit organization! This year our local chapters baked over 2000 cookies and donated them all to a good cause! Over t he p ast 3 months c hapter h ave b een doing l ocal mini camps! T his is u sually a w eekend event where t he entire JB o f a local c hapter r uns a “ mini camp”. The JB executives plan/run fun and thought provoking activities to give there JB members a fun filled weekend with non stop C ISV related events. Finally l ooking a head t o summer, our annual National Camp. We hope to keep this great national morale going and can’t wait to hear what all of t he o ther J B’s around t he w orld are u p to! ~ JB Canada

Asia Pacific JB JASPARC During March 28 until April 2 earlier this year, the JB-ers of the Asia Pacific region met once again for the annual Juniors Asia Pacific Regional Conference, commonly known as JASPARC. We, the participants, were warmly received by our hosts from CISV Thailand at the Hi Residence Hotel, Bangkok. For the duration of JASPARC, t he p lanners used t he t heme of social m edia as w e introduced JASPARC 2014 as the “JASPARC Electronic Festival.” The theme could be seen all around the JASPARC room as we had put up a “Hotspot” with a “Dropbox” for our resources and a “live Twitter feed”, a timeline of the Asia Pacific Junior B ranch, and our schedule with session names and t hreads i n line with our theme. O ur f ocuses t his JASPARC w ere largely on J B growth and l eadership, J B building and recruitment, impact and communication. read the complete article here

European JB EJBM EJBM 2014 in Greece- EJBM just happened, from the 16th till the 21st o f April, near Athens. With an amazing EJB Team planning, with the help of two groups of facilitators and one I JR, E JBM went perfectly. I t was really intense, a mazing and r eally useful sessions from 9h30am till m idnight everyday! But it was worth it! The campsite and the food were really good as well and the home staff did a pretty good job! Thanks everyone for an amazng week and experience!

HOSTING EJBM 2015 EJBM 2015 with be in Portugal, Sintra, in a gorgeous campsite by the sea.

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Monthly Digest - April 2014  

Brought to you by Monthly Digest Team

Monthly Digest - April 2014  

Brought to you by Monthly Digest Team