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Justification IJB The funding for the auxiliary IJB Team members not on another committee should match the funding of other committees to attend one annual meeting (which may fall under this budget line).

Annual Meeting (current “IJBC meetings for 5 team members)

400 (should be more)

In addition to this, IJB holds an annual IJB Conference* which requires facilitation. We would like to support the facilitators who work hard to deliver this meeting and see this meeting as vital to the annual work of IJB. We may be able to make cost savings by designating some of the auxiliary members of the IJB Team as IJBC facilitators, as they will already be in attendance for the committee meeting that IJBC is held parallel to. We are flexible on whether IJBC facilitators and IJB Team meeting are designated separate budget lines (for clearer calculation) or together (enhanced flexibility for who attends which meeting). *Whether IJBC should occur annually is a separate issue that should be addressed by the board.

Realistically, we need 4-6 auxiliary members, and maybe keep the 5 team members for 4 nights from the old one?



Justification Having two chairs is both a benefit and a challenge. The IJRs are chairs of IJB Team, but also have an additional responsibility towards each JB around the world as their representatives.

IJR Mid Way Meeting

Each year, IJRs have used MWM to both respond effectively to the duties as a trustee of the board representing the views of all JBers (for example, this year IJB was able to present 3 motions, through hard work with the TT and other trustees), and also drive the work of IJB forward as chairs of the IJB Committee. The volume of work achieved through these ‘in person’ meetings is much greater than virtually throughout the year, and activity through IJB usually rises following these meetings.


no one has this

In addition, the flexibility of timing and the possibility of one IJR hosting the other means that MWMs are highly cost-effective , as the only cost is travel. The benefit for CISV created from each £1 spent is therefore amongst the highest in CISV.

Regional Meetings

5150 (This includes travel for Regional Team members. Fee is covered by the participants; JASPARC 2000, EJBM 2000, AJBM 1150)

Annual regional meetings are an opportunity for many CISVers to get involved in the organisation and decisionmaking processes of CISV internationally and also provide direct support and training to Junior Branches. It is a very valued space to come together as a region to develop joint projects to further the purpose of CISV. These meetings attract many participants, and are very content-intensive. Currently, this budget funds some of the travel of Regional Team members, while the rest is paid by the Regional Team members themselves, even though they are elected by JBers.


1 ReCo per region receives 600 for travel and 60 for fee.


Trainers’ travel to deliver training


4550 (600 3 workshops in America, 1000 3 workshops in AsiaPacific, 2200 2 persons at 4 workshops in Europe and training support, trainers to RTF)

Justification These neighbourhood-oriented trainings and workshops focus on the specific needs of the JBs participating and provides a space to grow through cooperation. As a result, each of these varies in content. This is an effective use of money as it represents a localised and specialised investment in the interests of a local community of JBs, in order to address their needs for growth; this local engagement is something that is not as prominent in the RTF training system. However, there are some needs that should be addressed through RTFs, such as supporting the chapter development training. We see Junior Branch development as integral to chapter development, hence forming the collaboration with that committee, and supporting a trainer to attend.

Interchange 1800; IPP 5310; Mosaic 2160; Seminar 2700; Village 2025; Step UP 1800; Youth Mtg 1350; EVR 810; IPT 4725; RDT 2025

These also provide a space for JBers to take active participation in the planning of both logistics and content, with the support of the Regional Team members. This is a clear demonstration of CISV achieving its educational purpose by allowing participants to learn by doing.

Receiving TTT (travel and accommodation)

1200 (2 persons)

Grand Total:


Missing (estimated amount)

6540 (7 members at Annual Meeting > 900 travel + 80 Acomm. per day for 3 days)

In the new budget weĘźre missing:

Having certified trainers who have the experience and are knowledgable about Junior Branch is essential to ensure quality in all JB trainings.

Interchange 600; IPP 1200; Mosaic 600; Step UP 800; Youth Mtg 1200; IPT 1200; GPS 600; RDT 600

25 AIM Admin Expenses 25 Other Admin Expenses 2200 IJRs (2) travel to AIM > should go inside the Annual Meeting. 1600 IJRs (2) AIM Accommodation > should be considered inside the Annual Meeting. // for the Annual Meeting committee members receive 1140 for travel and Acomm. 360 Incoming Chair AIM Accommodation > 驴? This can be cut I think. 400 pre-IJBC > should merge with the budget for Annual Meeting (I guess this is where they got 驶400始 from. I have explained the two different purposes in the reasoning, but let始s see)

[July '13] IJB budget justification  
[July '13] IJB budget justification