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National Junior Board Meeting 2016 #saskaslay The National Junior Board Meeting (NJBM)is the annual meeting for CISV JBers to attend and form connections, have sessions, vote on motions and elect the new national board. The location changes every year and for 2016 NJBM was hosted in Saskatoon. We had three CISV Fredericton Junior Branch members attend and represented CISV Fredericton JB!

Highlights Diversity workshop- The JB took part in an amazing joint session with the adult plenary. It was the longest session of the weekend covering all of Saturday morning; however it was surely the most impactful. We discussed what diversity means to us personally and what diversity means to the organization. We also brainstormed solutions to create a more diverse and accepting CISV community. Town Hall- Town Halls are a great way for JBers all across the country to bring up topics that resonate with their own chapter. This year we discussed Adult-JB Relations, recruitment and retention, as well as ways to keep the executive JB board active and motivated within their given roles.

National Junior Board 2016-2017 Senior National Junior Representative- Santana Briggs (From Fredericton!) o Junior National Junior Representative- Jonathon Haggarty o Development Committee Chairs- Tahara Briggs (also from Fredericton!) and Troy Martin o Communications Chair- Ellie Saunders o Peace Bus Representative- Asa Ford o National Camp Coordinator- Joanna Pfeil o Risk Manager- Cameron Moffatt o

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November newsletter