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National Board Meeting 2016 This year 5 CISV Fredericton members attended NBM in Saskatoon from Nov. 10th-13th. We are going to take a look from what went on in both the adult and Junior Branch sessions.

Adult Meetings Sara Perry an active member in CISV Fredericton attended and

An awesome website run by CISVers about gender inclusivityCisvlgbtqandinclusion.w

represented Freddy Beach. Five motions were passed including passing the budget and changing the rotation of the host chapters of NBM. The adult plenary also discussed Canada’s 150 anniversary and having a mosaic for all chapters to have the opportunity to participate in. This mosaic will be partnering with different Indigenous communities and focusing on the history of Canada. There was also a very interesting session about gender inclusivity in CISV. Some useful tips to bring back to your chapter about gender inclusivity are having gender neutral washrooms, presenting pronouns and using inclusive language, for example ALL genders.

Sara’s Biggest Takeaway Sara had the opportunity to hear from all the chapters on their best practices on the topic of… Recruitment and Retention Have more activities throughout the year for ALL members not just youth. Refer to ‘our 11 year old program’ not “Village”, or ‘our 14-15 year old program’ not “Step Up” as there is too much jargon for newcomers. Those who travelled present at schools the following fall.

If you have any further questions feel free to email Sara Perry at

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November newsletter