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Welcome! This is the first issue of the CISV Freddy Newsletter. Through this we hope to keep members updated, connected and the opportunity to hear and share information, experiences and opinions on everything CISV. We hope you enjoy!

In this Issue… o A short report at the National Board Meeting 2016 o A short JB Report o “Why local is so important” by Jenna Im o What’s coming up

National Board Meeting 2016 This year 5 CISV Fredericton members attended NBM in Saskatoon from Nov. 10th-13th. We are going to take a look from what went on in both the adult and Junior Branch sessions.

Adult Meetings Sara Perry an active member in CISV Fredericton attended and

An awesome website run by CISVers about gender inclusivityCisvlgbtqandinclusion.w

represented Freddy Beach. Five motions were passed including passing the budget and changing the rotation of the host chapters of NBM. The adult plenary also discussed Canada’s 150 anniversary and having a mosaic for all chapters to have the opportunity to participate in. This mosaic will be partnering with different Indigenous communities and focusing on the history of Canada. There was also a very interesting session about gender inclusivity in CISV. Some useful tips to bring back to your chapter about gender inclusivity are having gender neutral washrooms, presenting pronouns and using inclusive language, for example ALL genders.

Sara’s Biggest Takeaway Sara had the opportunity to hear from all the chapters on their best practices on the topic of… Recruitment and Retention Have more activities throughout the year for ALL members not just youth. Refer to ‘our 11 year old program’ not “Village”, or ‘our 14-15 year old program’ not “Step Up” as there is too much jargon for newcomers. Those who travelled present at schools the following fall.

If you have any further questions feel free to email Sara Perry at

National Junior Board Meeting 2016 #saskaslay The National Junior Board Meeting (NJBM)is the annual meeting for CISV JBers to attend and form connections, have sessions, vote on motions and elect the new national board. The location changes every year and for 2016 NJBM was hosted in Saskatoon. We had three CISV Fredericton Junior Branch members attend and represented CISV Fredericton JB!

Highlights Diversity workshop- The JB took part in an amazing joint session with the adult plenary. It was the longest session of the weekend covering all of Saturday morning; however it was surely the most impactful. We discussed what diversity means to us personally and what diversity means to the organization. We also brainstormed solutions to create a more diverse and accepting CISV community. Town Hall- Town Halls are a great way for JBers all across the country to bring up topics that resonate with their own chapter. This year we discussed Adult-JB Relations, recruitment and retention, as well as ways to keep the executive JB board active and motivated within their given roles.

National Junior Board 2016-2017 Senior National Junior Representative- Santana Briggs (From Fredericton!) o Junior National Junior Representative- Jonathon Haggarty o Development Committee Chairs- Tahara Briggs (also from Fredericton!) and Troy Martin o Communications Chair- Ellie Saunders o Peace Bus Representative- Asa Ford o National Camp Coordinator- Joanna Pfeil o Risk Manager- Cameron Moffatt o

Why the local Junior Branch is so important The international aspect of CISV is often thought of as the main focus of the organization. While I’ve personally learned and gained so much from the international aspect, it’s nothing compared to what I’ve learned locally from being a part of the Junior Branch (JB). The local JB is really the core of CISV because this is where it all begins. It’s participating in local JB events that people (myself included) really start to understand what CISV is all about. A common misconception is that CISV’s main focus is travelling, when really it’s about education, inspiring and making connections. These are things that I get to see happening at every local JB event. It never seizes to blow my min how much people can grow from being part of the local JB. The little things like a kid participating for the first time in a debrief or volunteering to run an energizer shows me that the local JB is the key to achieving CISV’s goals. Another plus side to local involvement in the JB is that the connections that people make with each other have the chance to grow over years and become stronger which is something I’ve personally experiences and witnessed in other people. Lastly, the local JB is what keeps people involved in CISV. Anyone can participate for a few weeks during an international program but it takes a strong JB to help foster the knowledge people gain and help them apply it to helping their community.

What’s New?! December Activity December 17th the JB will be having an activity for youth aged 10-18 from 12pm-5:30. Location TBA. Register here through the following link!

Chapter Potluck Preceding the JB December activity we will be hosting a potluck from 5:30-7 at the same location as the JB activity! We will be having more an update on the chapter’s status and there will be more information on national/international programmes!

Programme Information Session

Dec. 7th at 7pm and Dec. 8th from 6-8pm we will be having information sessions at the Sobeys community room on Regent Street. Here we will be hearing from those who have done programmes in the past and you will have the opportunity to learn more about each problem along with having the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. CISV Colouring


The CISV Junior Board is selling colouring books made by CISVers of all different ages from all across Canada. They are $10 and a perfect holiday gift. If you are interesting in buying one please contact Matthias Whalen at ***Keep your eye on the CISV Fredericton Facebook page along with emails being sent out for updates on these events as well as new events and things happening!

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