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Annual Report

Success Story: A student was referred to the Success Coach because she kept being called to the principal’s office for acting out in classes she was failing. The student was enrolled in case management with the Success Coach to help her get back on track in classes and learn positive ways to deal with classroom stress. The Success Coach and guidance counselors worked with the student on confidence exercises, conflict resolution skills, study and organizational skills. Eventually, through the students hard work, the support of the teachers and administration and the Success Coach’s guidance, she had a passing grades in most classes. However, her Success Coach found she was still failing one class. The Success Coach set up a meeting with the student’s teacher and found out she was still not focusing in class and was missing lots of homework. The teacher told the Success Coach that the student would have an opportunity to catch up on her homework if she would participate in class. When the Success Coach heard this, she recruited a volunteer to spend time in class with her to help her pay attention and do her homework. The student and the Success Coach spent an hour a day after school catching up on missed school work as well. Through hard work and dedication, the student passed the class, was promoted on time and is looking forward to starting the next school year with a new “can do” attitude. 2| Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report

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Our People


Our Model


Success Story


Five Basics


2010-2011 Results


Communities In Schools Works


Fostering Opportunities


Using Resources Responsibly for the Most Good


Success Story


Financial Contributors


In-kind Contributors

Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report | 3

Our People


Board of Directors:

Core Staff:

Janet Bailey Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Kathy Garrick Prudential Midlands Real Estate

Sarah Vann Bonds Palmetto Health

Rhittie Gettone University of South Carolina

Emily Brannen Board Vice President Cyberwoven

Charles Griffin Bank of America

Meda Cobb Department of Juvenile Justice Tammie Epps Palmetto Health Angela English Board Secretary First Citizens Bank Julie Flaming Nelson Mullins

Therese Griffin SCANA Corporation Anthony Hargrave Board President IBM Corporation Lori Marrero Muller Road Middle School Preston Sabalis Board Treasurer NBSC– A division of Synovous Terry Schmoyer Schmoyer and Company, LLC

4| Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report

Terry L. Linder Executive Director Madonna Gauthreaux Director of Operations Jordan Thie Director of Development

Success Coaches: Shelly Francis E. L. Wright Middle School Randi Johnson: Dent Middle School Diane Paynter Heyward Gibbes Middle School Justin Hopkins C. A. Johnson High School

Our Model:

A five-year, national,

All students have individual needs. Each school we partner with is assigned a full-time

independent evaluation

Success Coach. The role of a Success Coach is to help schools connect students with

of the Communities In

resources they need so they can achieve in school, and graduate on-time, prepared for

Schools model shows

their future.

that it is one of a few models proven to keep children in school and

Students we serve may: 

have trouble in school and need homework help from a tutor.

live in a family who cannot afford to buy the school supplies they need to complete assignments.

the only one proven to both increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates when implemented with fidelity.

not attend school regularly for a variety of personal, economic, or family issues.

have a parent who is unable  to read and cannot understand information from the school or help with  homework.

need a safe place to do homework before or after school.

are hungry because they only eat school lunch.

have special needs that could be addressed by an outside group or agency. need additional support services to build character and decrease behavior issues.

Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report | 5

Our mission

is to surround students with a community of

support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.



The “Five Basics” are a set of essential elements all children need and deserve to be successful in school that were developed by Communities In Schools national founder, Bill Milliken.

A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult. Success Coaches may connect students with a positive role model such as a tutor, mentor, and/or classroom assistant to guide the student in success.

A safe place to learn and grow. Success Coaches often work with schools to help students feel safe by connecting students with afterschool programs and implementing anti-bullying campaigns.

A healthy start and a healthy future. Success Coaches may connect students and their families with health and dental care, food backpack programs and other community resources that they might need help in accessing.

A marketable skill to use upon graduation. Success Coaches often partner with guidance departments to work with students on career development, facilitate career and college fairs and teach workplace skills so students can be successful members of society.

A chance to give back to peers and community. Success Coaches may work to build leadership skills in students by connecting them with volunteer opportunities such as neighborhood cleanup projects and participating in a community garden project.

6| Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report

Communities In Schools Works Every year, 1.2 million students drop out of school nationally. Working with schools, administrators, teachers and community partners to create a community of support, helps children get what they need to stay in school and graduate on time with a plan for their future. Succeeding in school is much easier for students when they are surrounded by the Communities In Schools of the Midlands network of caring adults, family, schools and the community. The importance of preparing children to learn early in school clearly pays off by producing students who achieve academic success and higher graduation rates. Having Communities In Schools of the Midlands on the campus, empowers students to achieve. Communities In Schools of the Midlands partners with local schools, who invite the organization to place a full-time, on-site Success Coach to implement the CIS Model of integrated community services. The Model strategically aligns and delivers needed resources to students so they can be successful. The Communities In Schools’ Model consists of forming a site-team and creating a work plan to help schools and students accomplish their goals. Then, collaborating partners and resources are identified who can meet the needs of those students and schools. By partnering with schools, Communities In Schools of the Midlands works to bring other collaborating partners to address the ever changing needs of students with prevention and intervention services. Prevention services are based on whole school goals and often involve working with partners or existing resources to address specific areas such as career exploration, gang and bullying prevention and parenting resources. Intervention services are long-term, case management services offered to specific students who are referred to the Success Coach by the school and exhibit one or more early warning indicators (attendance problems, behavioral referrals, and/or poor course achievement usually in math and/or Language Arts). The Success Coach meets with each student to set improvement goals and make a service plan. The Success Coach regularly monitors progress using a data management system and adjusts services to help students meet their goals.

Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report | 7

2010-2011 Results: 2010-2011 Sites:

Student Goal Progress

C. A. Johnson Richland One CIS School SC Department Of


Juvenile Justice

90% 80%

Dent Middle School Richland Two


E. L. Wright Middle School


Richland Two


Heyward Gibbes Middle School


Richland One

30% 20%





195 students received intense case-management interventions.


Promoted OnTime

Made Academic Goals

Made Behavior Goals

8| Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report

3044 students had in-school prevention services available.

Fostering Opportunities: In 2010 the “Western Soiree” fundraising event was initiated to provide additional funds for the Rhittie Gettone “leading by example” scholarship. The first winner of this expanded scholarship was Mason Williamson who was involved with Communities In Schools of the Midlands from early 2007-2008. He was accepted into The Art Institute of Charleston to get his BFA in Graphic Design when he left the Communities In Schools program and is now half-way through his degree. Some of the thoughts he shared in his scholarship essay include: “With the help of CIS I discovered how to recognize my faults

and accept responsibility for my actions. I learned how to learn which is the first step to real academic improvement. I knew that my possibilities were endless and I have not faltered yet.” “I love to teach others new things and help them solve problems, whether on a screen or in their personal life. I am soon to become a tutor at my school. I am an entrepreneur and have worked very hard to make it as far as I have come.” “I am determined to graduate so that I can succeed in reaching my life goals.”

Over $130,000 worth of in-kind donations such as school supplies were donated and distributed to help students be successful.

Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report | 9

Using Resources Responsibly for the Most Good: For the years ended June 30, CHANGES IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS


Support, revenue and gains Corporate donations Grants


$ 37, 796.00 $ 105,077.00

$ $

31,374.00 115,324.00






Other sources





In-kind contributions










Unrealized gain on investments

















Program services





Supporting services










Total expenses and losses





Change in unrestricted net assets







Total unrestricted support, revenue and gains Net assets released from restrictions Total: Expenses and losses







Net assets released from restrictions

$ (283,609.00)

$ (172,088.00)




















Change in temporarily restricted net assets

A complete copy of financial statements audited by Elliot Davis, LLC is available upon request from Communities In schools of the Midlands, 2712 Middleburg Drive, #219, Columbia, SC 29204

10| Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report

Leveraging Human Capital Leveraging Human Capital Paid Staff

Volunteers and Board Members

More than 220 volunteers donated service hours worth $79,620 to help students graduate on-time,


This improves the local economy. According to a 2005 study, a high school graduate contributes $60,000 more in


lifetime taxes, is more likely to own a home and spends more at local businesses.

Expense Breakdown

Support Revenue Breakdown Other Corporations Individuals 10% 11% 3%

Admin 15%

Programs 85%

Foundations /Grants 76%

Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report | 11

Success Story: A case managed student was failing one of her classes so the Success Coach went to speak with her teacher to determine how to help. The teacher told the Success Coach that the student was failing because homework had not been turned in for weeks even though notes had been sent home to the student’s mother. The Success Coach had developed a relationship with the mother and called her to meet so they could talk about her child’s classes. At first the child’s mother said she never received the notes, however, after a while, in confidence, she admitted she could not read. The Success Coach and the mother talked a while longer and decided that the mother would contact the Success Coach weekly to get a progress report on her child. The Success Coach worked with the teacher to grant partial credit if the child completed the missing homework assignment. The teacher agreed, and the Success Coach connected the student with an after school tutor to ensure the assignments were completed. During the semester, the student turned in all missing assignments and raised her grade to B+. The mother and the Success Coach continue to communicate on a regular basis, and for the first time, the mother feels a connection to the school and her child’s education.

12| Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report

Our Contributors: Communities In Schools of the Midlands is successful at helping children stay in school, graduate on time with a plan for the future because of our partners and contributors here in the Midlands. We thank everyone who has contributed to the success of local students.

Corporate/Government/Grant Contributors:

Wells Fargo Company | Mungo Homes | Total Comfort, Inc. | Elliott Davis | Palmetto Health | Edens & Avant

Rotary Club of Spring Valley| Jim Hudson Auto | AARP | Rutherford Law Firm | Pro Bowl Motors| Henry Taylor Benjamin E. Mays Academy | Star Beauty | Ward One Reunion | Legends Security | Columbia Urban League

Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report | 13

Individual Contributors: Richard Ackerman Beverly E. Alexander Harvey Allen Melisa Anderson Barbara Ard Omar Armstrong Luz Arpan Melissa Axson Rickey Ayers Elizabeth & Ross Bagley Dow & Janet Bailey Robert Barnett Gwen Barth Elizabeth Bateman Nancy Bell Thomas Bell Susan Belton Joe & Almateen Benton Phoebe Blalock SarahVann & Danny Bonds Sherrie Boston Jamie Bowen Sarah Boyd Stephen & Colleen Bozard Theresa Brady Mark & Emily Brannen Deborah Breedlove Arthur Brown Georgiana Brown Harry Brown Amanda Brown-Thompson Pamela Bryant Timothy Bunch Laurette Burdyl Karen Busby Gwendolyn Bynoe Susan Carter Gail Chapman Dan & Meda Cobb Chris Controne Miriam Cooper Marlena Corbin Mary Ruth Cribbs Ruby Crumel Robert Currie William Curtis Carla Daniels

Mahalie Davies Deborah Davis Sallie Davis Charles deKrafft Anne Dickerson Shelley Dykes Sylvia Easler Blanch Ellis Christian & Angela English Elizabeth Felkel Julie Flaming Diane Flashnick Shelly Francis Alice Fredrickson Cheryl Garner Frank & Kathryn Garrick Madonna Gauthreaux Vernon & Rhittie Gettone Karla Glover Belinda Greene Charles Griffin Therese Griffin Tina Grimes Gerry & Sharon Gudgel Erica Gurley John & Marian Hall Jerome Hanley Anthony and Lakita Hargrave Patricia Harris James & Anne Hart Robert & Margaret Jo Hecker Becky Hendrix Betty Hinkley Justin Hopkins David & Joan Hoffman Denise Holland Alice Holt Alice Hood Mildred Houston Beverly & Bobby Jacobs Ruth James Muneerah Jeelan-Jenkins Rhonda Jeffries Jocelyn Jennings Randi Johnson Russell Jones Marie Jones-McCollum

14| Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report

Linda Bush & Carrol Josey Anne Kearney Christine Kelley Bobbi Kennedy Ricky Kennedy Thomas Kennerly Daniel & Lori Kilpatrick Mildred Knightner Isadora Lambright Jill Lawson Josephine Lewis Michelle Lewsky Alice Linder Terry L. Linder Rachel Lindman Joe Lykes Frank & Lori Marrero Henry Marshall Jr. Robert Mason Miller Mayes Diana McCauley Richard McClelland Virginia McCuen Robert McLeod Allyson McMichael Robert Miller Carrie Milling Patricia Mincer Pearl Mitchell Jimmie Monroe Sr. Antonette Moore Evelyn Muldro Julia Muldrow Rosemary Nance Rolanda Neal Audra Nelson John Nickens Rick & Lynn Noble Sara Norrell Barry Oliver M.D. Nancy Olmstead Kathleen Ortlund Nancy Parsons Elizabeth Patterson Polly Paton Diane Paynter Norvell Pettus

David Pfrommer Carlotta Porterfield Jacqueline Porterfield-Galloway Jennifer Purdy Ben & Peggy Rast Bettie Reid John Rickenbacker Veronica Rodriguez Beth Roether Preston & Louisa Sabalis Virginia Samuel Phyllis Sanders Roxanne Saunders Terry & Wendy Schmoyer Dolores Scott Beth Selbee Andrea Serafini Joyce Simons Anne Sinclair Lee Smalls Jr. George Smith Wanda B. Smith Yolanda Snell Raghavendran Srinivasan Ramona Sumter Mary Tate Henry Taylor Malinda Taylor Jordan Thie Darlynn Thomas Amada Thompson Joseph Tomlin Albert Tucker Debra Wade-Green Pope Walker Nelson Walls Monica Ward Katy Watkins Lou Watson Zelda Waymer Annie Weir Danny & Mandy Westerkam Neta Weston-Harris Rick & Brenda Wheeler Anne Cargil & Glenn White Linda Wilson John & Kathy Wine

In-Kind Contributors: AKA Sorority Gamma Nu Omega Chapter Anchor Lanes Applebee's Arby's Bethlehem Lutheran Church Bi-Lo Britton's California Dreaming Cecil Williams Photography Chick-Fil-A Christian Faith Fellowship City Year– Columbia Clarion Hotel of Columbia Columbia Antique Mall Community Mediation Center Cooperative Ministries Cupcake Vista CVS/Pharmacy Food Lion Greek Boys Houston's Enterprise Midlands Technical College Monterey's Mexican Restaurant Operation Christmas Child Otis Spunkmeyer Panera Bread Pastoral Counseling Center Piggly Wiggly Publix SC Educational Television SCANA State Budget & Control Board State Office of Victim Assistance Subway Restaurant

The Home Depot The Promenade Western Shop Touch Me Full Service Salon Tyson Foods Walgreens Westinghouse Richard Ackerman Jevaras Atchison Elizabeth Bagley Coretta Bedsole Denise Blackwell Danny & SarahVann Bonds Mark & Emily Brannen Rosalind Chamberlain Dan & Meda Cobb Nancy Dans Beth DeHart Jay Ellington Margaret Ford Shelly & Allen Francis Don Frierson Kimberly Fuller Hector Garcia Frank & Kathy Garrick Morgan Gauthreaux Alphonso Gonzales Belinda Greene Therese Griffin Anthony & Lakita Hargrave Geoffrey Henderson Jo Hecker Robin Huber Jim Kelly Sandra Killien Evon Kirkland

Alex Koutrakos Earnest Lee Katie Lester Francis McMeeken Mark Meetz Phyllis Mitchell Barry Monroe May Pham Julie Piffle Preston & Louisa Sabalis Terry & Wendy Schmoyer Pam Smith Robert Sox Chris Sparrow Rick Stork Katherine Templeton Billy Tention Tracy Wright

We value all contributions. If we have missed someone on any of these lists, please accept our apologies.

Communities In Schools of the Midlands Annual Report | 15

A Nationally Accredited Affiliate

2712 Middleburg Drive, Suite 219, Columbia, SC 29204 Phone: (803) 254-9727 | Fax: (803) 254-0320


2011-12 Annual Report  

Communities In Schools of the Midlands' Annual Report.

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