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Copenhagen International School Action Plan



Target / Measure

Timescale /


Deadline Energy

Eco Driver

Reduction in annual energy usage by 10%

May 2010

Actual result achieved / Date

Leslie Nogaret/Simon Watson


Paperless documentation and correspondence

Reduction in the annual amount of paper usage at CIS by 10%

December 2010

Fintan Keenan

Waste Reduction

Eco Driver

Reduction in the amount of monthly non-recyclable waste from 10%

August 2010

Simon Watkin

Organic Food

Change supplier for the lunches served at CIS

Increased use of organic, locally produced seasonal food at all event sponsored by CIS.

August 2010

Darren Davies


Car Pool

100% of students and staff only travelling alone by if no other option is feasible.

January 2011

Lesley Nogaret

Publicise the use of public transport with links to DSB on the CIS website

Date Action Plan was developed: October 2009

Action Plan developed by: Copenhagen International School Greening Committee

8 Step Action Plan  

A broad set of tagets to improve the environmental status of the school.

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