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Contact: chukwumaha@cislagos. com

Contact: chukwumaha@cislagos. com

November/December 2011



Christmas time is near!

O nce again, it is that time of the year where

Christmas Holiday Destinations!

everyone is busy with preparing for exams and filled with the excitement of the end of term.


Santa giving toy to child

On Thursday, December 8, 2011 our school is going to have a secondary school Christmas party which will be organized by the student council Yeshav Seval and Tosin Femi-Lawal. We are unaware of what exactly they have got planned, but it is a highly anticipated event. In the internal news article for this month, you will see an interesting article regarding the effectiveness of the student council. 2 students in the student council… less is more? Or the more the merrier?

Icicle is a Christmas production in the works with Mr. Govendor. The cast consists of year 7s and 8s in our school. It will be performed along side several acts during the Secondary School Christmas Show. The date is yet to be announced. We encourage you to support your children and your peers throughout this month and the next one as it is going to be a very busy one!

There are many interesting things also going on around Lagos for the month of December! ‘For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf’ has been adapted for Nigerian audiences to hit the stage in December. The multiaward winning play written by Ntozake Shange will be on stage December 29th and 30th at the Shell Hall, Muson Center, Onikan, Lagos.

This production will feature: Tiwa Savage, Joke Silva, Ireti Doyle, Matilad Obaseki, Marcy Dolapo Oni, Reanne Opia, and Olajumoke Ladi Bello. For more information about the production please visit: http://www.bellanaija. com/2011/11/22/bnexclusive-forcoloured-girlsnigerian-adaptationhits-the-stage-indecember-castincludes-joke-silvamarcy-dolapo-onitiwa-savage-reanne-

four Christmas Holiday destinations! 1. Caribbean Islands They have the best beaches in the world and you’re sure to have a memorable time there. 2. Goa (India) Sun, sand and delicious seafood. Does it get any better? 3. Holland A beautiful place has a p i c t u r e s q u e countryside that is an ideal place for families. 4. Samoa The destination offers ultimate relaxation with the clear waters and white sand.


BBC Bitesize is a good way of revising for your exams. It has various subjects on it such as: English, Math, ICT, Business Studies, Science, etc. It has comprehensive revision material such as notes, videos and tests at the end of each topic within each subject that can definitely aid you with your revision.

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October 2011




Go Green!

H2O I don’t understand when people say they hate the taste of water. How do you hate the taste of water? To me, it has, and always will, taste like nothing. Maybe a refreshing nothing. Maybe a cold nothing. Maybe a hint of earthy or ‘chloriny’ nothing. Similarly, I don’t get why people like the taste of a certain ‘type’ of water. That’s just me. But from what I gather, its not an uncommon phenomenon. The thing is, you need water. You need a lot of it. And if you’re working out, trying to lose weight or be healthier, you really need it. Now, I want to bust some H2O myths! 1. You cannot drink too much water. Unless you drink an entire

swimming pool in a few minutes, but that is highly unrealistic. 2. You get enough water with the food you eat. Nope, this is false. You need to drink a glass or two with each meal minimum.

3. We don’t all need 6-8 glasses of water. A good rule of thumb is drink a glass before and after a meal. Or ask your doctor just how much water you really need.

To make water more appetizing maybe add lemon to it, or flavored packets. Also, vitamin water has various flavors of water. Which ever way you like it, drink it. It’s all good!

Source: /12764122910/h2o-myths-10-ways-to-

More on Go Green Go Green Pledge As a member of our planet it is our duty to make sure our environment is clean at all times. Not only for us, but for our future generation. For our school, I think we need to look at our ecofriendliness and create a ‘go green pledge’ to inspire students and people around us.

A pledge is like an anthem except that it is shorter and spoken, not sung. For example, Come up with one and ‘I pledge to do my best to send it to me at: be honest and fair chukwumaha@cislagos. Friendly and helpful com Courageous and strong’

S t r a n g e inventions for going green



Former Ivory Coast

Fighting in Yemen intensifies

President in International Court

He is being transferred People tended to protesters overcome by tear gas in Sana, the capital of Yemen. Northern Sana has turned into a virtual war zone in recent days, and even as the government announced a cease-fire on Tuesday, explosions boomed across the city. Yemeni attacks forces, attacked protesters and residents area on Friday southern city.“Today you can only call it a real war against civilians in Taiz, you cannot call it by any other

name,” said a local doctor, Abdul-Rahim al-Samie, who said that four women and two children were among those killed Friday by gunfire and mortar attacks. Then, antigovernment protesters said, snipers shot directly into a demonstration area from the edge of their encampment immediately after Friday Prayer as thousands came out to participate. Artillery fire from a tank struck the eastern

to the International Court in the Hague. He is charged with the boycott of the general local elections. This boycott has led to street violence on the streets which had cost the lives of 3,000 people while 72 people disappeared, and 520 were arrested.

edge of the camp and killed three women.

Boarding a moving train? A designer, called Priestman, has come up with a new way to travel around. He says, that the problem with traveling in trains are not the speed they go in, but the train stations themselves. The idea is, that you are basically on a moving platform, a tram, that people go on and the tram comes right up to that train. He says, "The trams speed up and the high-speed train slows down and they join, so they dock at high speed," explains Priestman.

"Then, when everyone's done that, the doors shut and then the trains separate and the tram then goes back into the city or town and picks up more passengers and drops off.”


CIS News

Humanitarian Projects

The Volt Project Team supports the Downs Society

Preview of an information film, shot and edited by Year 9 ICT students on E-Safety

Year 8 visit to the Motherless Babies Home


CIS News ADVERTISE HERE! Funds generated from advertising sales will go towards our ‘Go Green’ Projects. Help sustain a healthy planet ADVERTISE HERE! CIS-bay Items for swapping, lending or sale

Various XBOX 360 games for swap

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Advertising space available here.

Contact: Phileo

Contact: chukwumaha@cislagos. com

Contact: chukwumaha@cislagos. com

Contact: chukwumaha@cislagos. com

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Contact: chukwumaha@cislagos. com

Contact: Mrs. Plumpter (Head of Library Services)

Guinness Book of records 2010? Must be in good condition. Contact:

Contact: Ms. Morayodeyo


FASHION, HEALTH & BEAUTY It’s all about syle…

Fa shio n, hea lth a nd b ea uty

Christmas Fashion for Boys - Only!

A thin line between fashion accessories and fashion necessities

Naija Style!

Winter Fashion for men! Skinny jeans, jerseys and parkers. Are men becoming more and more predictable?

MORE FASHION The Top 3 Winners of African Fashion

The Africa Fashion Awards, was held at the Sandton Convention Centre, awarded the continent’s best. Bridget Masinga hosted the event and music artists Maleh and Zakes Bantwini entertained the audience. The winners are: Ÿ Jewel by Lisa Ÿ Ozwald Boateng Ÿ Maki Oh Ÿ Angelo van Mol

Accessories Designer of the Year: Ÿ Maya Antoun Model of the Year: Ÿ Ajuma Nasanyena Outstanding Contribution to Hair Direction: Ÿ Johnnie Sapong Outstanding Contribution to Make-up Direction: Ÿ Liz van der Merwe Outstanding Contribution to Fashion Photography: Ÿ Andrew Dosunmu

Outstanding Contribution to Fashion Styling: Ÿ Jenny Andrew Fashion Communicator of the Year: Ÿ Outstanding Contribution to the Fashion Industry: Ÿ Bethan Hardison



Be Inspired!

True life exam stress… Real life story: Don't let exams stress you out! I’m a transition year student and I sat my junior certificate last year. Teachers repeated the same sentence every day: “Your junior cert is in so many days/ weeks/ months” and that made me panic about the exams. I studied but it felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I felt as if the exams were going to be on top of me before I knew it. My mock exams were in February. I studied very hard for these exams but I was still stressed out. I hardly slept at night with worry and my eating was disgraceful. I wouldn’t mind if these were my real exams but it was just my mocks! Well, I got through them anyway. When I got my results back, I still wasn’t happy with myself. I honestly thought that I could do better. So what did I do, only get more stressed out! I suffered from migraines every week thanks to not getting proper sleep. I really did put my head down to work though.

coming on. I really couldn’t believe it: I was very weak, had sore bones and suffered terribly with migraines. However, I thought it would just be a day thing. I had the English paper on the Monday and I couldn't look at the paper properly, but I did what I could do. I got so upset because I felt as if I didn’t make a good effort of this paper. I went home in tears.

When I’m in leaving cert, one thing I know not to do is get stressed out over studying. I now know to get plenty of sleep and eat properly.

Future exam students take my word on this- don’t get stressed out over studying because you don’t want the same happening to you that happened to me. Take it in your stride. As long as you’re prepared, everything will turn out just fine!

I went to my bed that night at about 8pm to get ready for another hard day. I was sick for most of the week, all because I ran myself into such bad conditions.

Born on December 25th? These people are privileged to share a birth date with our Lord Jesus Christ: Humphrey Bogart (108)

Cab Calloway (100)

Sissy Spacek (58)

I finished my junior cert exams and I was just so annoyed for putting myself under too much stress and pressure. I got my results in September last year and I was so surprised with my results. I did particularly well!

Sir Isaac Newton (365)

Soon I realised it was actually my junior cert. The day before my exams I felt sickness



INSPIRED Be Inspired!

Chill Out!

After you have solved the puzzle, rearrange the circle letters to find Squigly’s mystery word. Send in your answers to:

Brain teaser

Mihlali Mvoko or Kenia Puente Three wise kings set forth from their hometowns to the town of Bethlehem bringing their gifts to the Holy Infant Jesus during the first Christmas. They all started traveling at the same time. The first wise king traveled south at 3 miles per hour. The second wise king traveled west at 2.2 miles per hour. The third wise king traveled north at 3.5 miles per hour. After they traveled 8 hours, they met at one place east of Bethlehem. When they had rested for a few hours, they traveled west together for 18 miles until they reached the town of Bethlehem, and paid homage to the Holy Infant Jesus. What were the distances from Bethlehem to these three hometowns of the wise kings? Take note that the routes taken by these kings may not be necessarily the shortest path to Bethlehem.

MORE PUZZLES Can you guess what Mr. Archer said here? Send in your answers to: Mihlali Mvoko or Kenia Puente


CIS Sports

A very important match indeed: Chelsea vs Valencia



Woeful away form had left a place among Europe’s elite in jeopardy, but Chelsea rediscovered its attacking flair just when it mattered most against; Valencia CF. Didier Drogba netted after just three minutes, set up Ramires’ 22nd-minute

goal and then rounded off the victory in the second half. “We finished top of the group against all odds,” said VillasBoas, who was hired in the offseason following a four-trophy haul last year at FC Porto. “There has

huge rugby match

that was on the 24th of November 2011. CIS Contributor: Ejovwo Obahor, Year students against a super 9CA professional rugby club. It was a very sad match for The drama of the night our students for we lost 7-1. came at Borussia Dortmund, with Marseille scoring twice in the been a lot of criticism of our players and they closing minutes to win 3-2 and advance as gave everyone a slap Group F runner-up. in the face.” “Football is magnificent The victory knocked when you win,” MarBayer Leverkusen off top spot, with the Ger- seille coach Didier Deschamps said. “You man club clinching have to believe until second place with a the end. What we did 1-1 draw at Racing was exceptional.” Genk.

More Sports News Didier Drogba now acting? Following the agreement between him and the South Korean company, Didier Drogba will promote Samsung's phones, and will also appear in Samsung's advertising campaigns.

coaching” advises Ejovwo, Year 9

“I think he has no talent in acting and should stick to football” stated Tami, Year 9

“The concept of the advert, the one where he is advetising the Samsung TV, is really cool, but Didier should get voice

What’s your take? Email yours to:

Ejovwo Obahor, Year 9 reckons that David Bechkam’s PEPSI adverts are the best TV advert by footballers.

“In the Samsung TV advert, he did not act Click on the link to well because his view David’s advert. voice was bland - no emotion.” says Adam, David’s funny PepYear 9 si advert


November/December 2011




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