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WHAT’S INSIDE:  AmeriCorps tutors roll

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as encourage students and parents to take an active role in education.

 Tutor progress report

These tutors are part of a partnership between CIS and AmeriCorps to create the Reading Tutorial Program.

 Volunteer opportunities with Communities In Schools of Henry  Give twice with a GAP Communities In Schools of Henry County’s AmeriCorps tutors at their training in October.


Tutors start work


Progress report


Volunteer opportunities


GAP Give Twice


t Communities In Schools of Henry County, we are so pleased with the performance of our AmeriCorps tutors since they began their work in middle schools across Henry County in past weeks. Our tutors were chosen because of their passion and skills to work with our graduation coaches, students, and staff


AmeriCorps is a division of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency that engages more than 5 million Americans in service through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Social Innovation Fund. The mission of state and national AmeriCorps is to create opportunities for individuals to make a difference in their lives and communities by fighting both the causes and effects of poverty. Think PeaceCorps, but stateside.


he life experiences of Harlon Matthews are channeled into public speaking topics that relate to everyone, at every stage of their life. The heartfelt, empowering message is addressed in one of 4 topics: Movement Diversity, Overcoming Fear, Purpose and Passion, and


770) 288.6230 66 Veterans Drive McDonough, GA

schools to begin working with at-risk youth with reading, math, study skills, and other academic and disciplinary challenges. As you read some of our recent success stories on the next page, you’ll notice that they are also encouraged to work with the students’ teachers and graduation coaches to solve other issues in the children’s lives. With so many great stories coming out of the first several weeks of our tutors’ service, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next semester! 

Read our tutors’

These five new CIS staff members completed their AmeriCorps training in October and were placed in middle

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

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progress report on page 2

New Partnerships Expand CIS Community Resources 4Ward Momentum

Connect with


AmeriCorps Tutors Begin at Middle Schools in Henry County

up their sleeves and get to work

gift card that also benefits Communities In Schools


eorgians with Medicaid, Medicare, or no insurance are often unable to afford vision and hearing care. In 2011, the Lighthouse served over 6,000 uninsured and low-income Georgians with eye exams, surgeries, eyeglasses, digital hearing aids, and vision and hearing screenings.

Butterflies. All of these motivational, life changing ideas are presented with engaging enthusiasm and humor. Harlon is expected to speak to middle schools soon, as graduation coaches are working to fit his empowering and exciting talks into their school schedules. 

The reach of the Lighthouse extends across the state, facilitating over 300 eye surgeries, and providing eyeglasses or exams to 3,556 Georgians last year. Also, 986 people received hearing aids. CIS-Henry and the Lighthouse Foundation are working to plan the first event, which will take place in Spring 2013.

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AmeriCorps Tutors Contribute to Student Improvement, Academic Success Since their training and implementation in October, our AmeriCorps tutors have been spending time helping our local middle schoolers with reading, math, study habits, mentoring, and other matters to improve school performance. Here are some stories our tutors have shared:

In two months, one student turned three failing grades into passing ones From tutor John R.


n mid-October, a student was referred by the Counseling Office to the Graduation Coach because of some challenges with academics and attendance (failing 3 courses and 10 absences). The most pressing academic issue was identified: Language Arts, a grade of 43%. Our AmeriCorps tutor and Language Arts teacher met and mapped out a catch-up plan for the student. With additional tutoring, this student’s Language Arts grade had improved to 65%,

“At the end of the second week, the students insisted on teaching the tutor how to do multi-step equations.”

and she was on task to have a passing grade by Thanksgiving break. By late November, she had passing grade in every class except Language Arts. At this point, another meeting between teacher and tutor took place. It was reported that her teacher was “very pleased” with the student’s efforts and progress, as she had noticed “great improvements” in her overall performance. 

Quotation from story here

“Her teacher was ‘very pleased’ with the student’s progress...and had noticed “great improvement” in her overall performance.”

Two students were more confident after studying in a quiet setting From tutor Katie G.


wo students had been struggling for several weeks with equations and order of operations. They were both having trouble focusing in class and had difficulty answering questions and solving problems in that setting. Their homework, however, showed that they understood more than they were demonstrating in class. After a week of intensive practice and supplemental work in a quiet setting with an AmeriCorps tutor, their level of

comfort with the material rose exponentially. At the end of the second week, the pair insisted on teaching the tutor how to do multi-step equations on the white board. Seeing their frustration turn to confidence and excitement was really rewarding. Having a student walk you through their method of problemsolving can be a good indicator of where they stand. 

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Volunteer with Communities In Schools! Volunteer tutors and mentors give the gift of spending quality time with a student to really make a difference. caring, and passionate people to help at-risk youth in our community. Volunteering can also benefit you! Among the perks of being a volunteer are:  Professional

skill acquisition your resumé  Network with community partners  Identify new community resources  Enhance leadership skills  Build


any things can keep an individual from volunteering and giving back to their community, but if you are looking for a simple and meaningful way to serve Henry County, our volunteer program may be just the right fit for you. Our tutors and mentors, with the help of our coordinating graduation coaches, will create connections with students to improve their academic performance and offer a friendly presence in students’ lives to help them focus on school and reach academic success. As a volunteer, you will work with students at one location for as many hours weekly or monthly that you are able to give. We are looking for dependable,

For more information, please call us or visit our website. It doesn’t take much to change the life of a child - get started today! Our other opportunities include:

mentoring tutoring event staff planning

Spend some time with a student and offer him or her a true friend and listener. Give a student much needed help as a tutor - no experience necessary! Assist with one of our community events as a volunteer staff member. Help in our office as we create & prepare programs to give students a bright future.

This Holiday Season,

Give Twice

Through our unique partnership with Gap, making a difference in the life of a child is as simple as buying a gift card. Gap also commissioned a hand-selected group of artists and illustrators to create one-of-akind graphic designs for the gift card envelopes, and substantially increased the size of the packaging to make it feel more like a gift.


he Gap Give Twice program creates a brighter future for women and youth worldwide. Gap has chosen Communities In Schools and CARE International as their nonprofit partners in this program. Gap customers are encouraged to buy a Gap gift card, with 2% of the face value of the card donated to Communities In Schools or CARE.

When ordering a Gap gift card online, scroll over the envelope design options to choose one that supports the work of Communities In Schools!

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