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Video Over IP HD Broadcasts in the Cloud

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Production Suite Updates

TriCaster Pro Switcher Live Shots in HD


On Dedicated Video Pipeline The LTN Global Network





Live Stream Your Broadcast

Uncompressed HD Recording

Social Media Video Ready

We offer 11+ streaming solutions in HD to deliver your broadcast to your audience.

We deliver DVDs, broadcast video as well as provide an archival process for digital resources.

We compress video into a number of HD formats for social media video solutions.

HD Live Shots




HD BroadcastAZ works with over 200 Global Networks for contribution HD LIve Shots to take advantage of breaking news from Arizona as well as business updates from over 100 publicly traded companies based in Arizona. HD BroadcastAZ also provides Video News Releases and Satellite Media Tours. Public companies can also utilize our video services for SEC compliant video news releases for corporate filings and other material updates.

HD Live from Scottsdale HD Live Broadcast Studio Opens in Scottsdale Bringing Breaking News from Arizona and Arizona’s Public Companies to Global Networks with HD Video Over IP (Cloud) Technology With LTN Global Network


NO LONGHAUL COST With Video over IP technology, there is no additional cost for long haul transmission. Your signal is already at network. LOWEST LATENCY Reliable and redundant Video over IP provides connectivity with less than 200 milliseconds of latency.


HD Live Shots One/Two Person JVC HD Camera Systems

HD Broadcast AZ

When you are in our studio, you may as well be in New York City


HD Broadcast AZ unveils one of the country’s leading HD digital broadcast facilities in Scottsdale, AZ. This state-of-the-art HDTV Production & Broadcast Center takes advantage of the high concentration of breaking news from Arizona and nationally-ranked public companies based in Arizona. Where HD video is the medium of choice, HD Broadcast AZ boasts a fully equipped HD broadcast center with a dedicated video pipeline to the LTN Global Network. The signal is then available to more than 200 global networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN, Bloomberg, Food Network, HBO and other major networks.

75” LED Monitor 19” TelePrompter Green Room Makeup/Hair

HD Broadcast AZ features a complete HD studio including Studio A with JVC Professional HD Camera Systems, a 75 inch HD LED monitor for graphics and HD images, a 19 inch TelePrompter System, the TriCaster Professional Switcher, up to eight HD cameras, built-in greenscreen, stage, custom set construction, green room, makeup/ hair by licensed cosmetologists, and more.


HD Broadcast AZ can offer simultaneous live broadcast, live streaming and live recording - and then offers compression in several formats for social media platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) embedded into video via meta-tags is also available.

Control Room

TriCaster Professional Swiching System Up to eight (8) inputs: cameras videos & effects Greenscreen Custom Sets Green Room Hair/Makeup

Video Over IP contribution is now a reality for live remote HD Broadcasts. There is an alternative to satellite and microwave feeds. With recent advances, video over IP contribution is now a reality for live remote broadcasts. Some of the key developments to broadcastquality reliability over IP include extensive FEC, diversity, low latency, error correction, redundancy and robust encoding/decoding. Traditionally, live remote broadcasts have used microwave and satellite feeds to deliver signals from the event location to the broadcast studio. These are still highly viable methods, and they remain in the broadcaster’s toolkit for managing live events. However, with the growth and maturity of IP networks, there is a third reliable option for delivering high-quality contribution content: video over IP. With the much improved speed and reliability of IP networks, careful planning can result in

Video Over IP (CLOUD)

high-quality contribution feeds that are reasonably priced and can be established quickly. Cost is always a consideration. Fortunately, because most commercial buildings now have Ethernet cabling, IP links are easier than ever to use. Even if cabling has to be added, the components and skills needed to create the links are low-cost and readily available. A suitable Internet connection can be provided by the local telco, cable company or other commercial IP bandwidth provider. In addition, because these links are more or less standard commercial IP networks and not a dedicated video-only network, no special installation skills are required, which helps keep installation costs low. Satellite feeds and microwave trucks will remain necessary for many live news and event feeds. However, in those instances where programming originates on a regular basis, redundant IP-based video networks combined with JPEG 2000 and MPEG-4 codecs can provide a simple and affordable path for high-quality contribution signals.

Broadcast-quality reliability over IP include extensive FEC, diversity, low latency, error correction, redundancy and robust encoding/decoding.


Live Shots

LTN Global Network LTN SmartCloud is the most advanced professional solution for broadcast quality live video transport. Utilizing the power and flexibility of the cloud, LTN developed a proprietary, fully managed global network connected by redundant links from multiple tier-1 carriers. The network enables instantaneous live video delivery with consistent, flawless quality. SmartCloud meets stringent performance standards while offering greater flexibility and lower costs.


Extensive FEC: Improvements in Forward Error Correction play a big role in the ability of IP Networks to deliver reliable, high-quality HD Video. Redundancy is also a big part of a successful IP contribution networks.


Network Environment



Got TriCaster?

75”HD Studio Monitor


HD Broadcast AZ has a 75” HD Studio Monitor to display hundreds of background images, looping videos, and other graphic content. The monitor can also function as a green screen. With our return feed from our NOC, we can roll in graphics and other network video feeds.

The TelePrompter is a critical element for studio productions. With a 19” monitor, our production team can provide easily read text, insert prompts and format the text so that you can add the dynamics you desire.


HD Broadcast AZ For NewTek Certification.

Major Network Shows can setup remote broadcast operations at HD Broadcast AZ Studios TriCaster 460

Features Web & TV Streaming / Live Productions 8 Channels / 4 camera Inputs Built-In Multi-Track ISO Recording CG / Vector Graphics Software Integrated Customizable Visuals Push-Button Live Streaming

The NewTek TriCaster 460 is an 8 input, tightly integrated hardware and software solution for streaming video online and producing live events. LIVE STREAMING & RECORDING Digital and analog outputs are available for streaming to broadcast machines, to live projectors, and to video routers. And very importantly, you can connect to a network by Ethernet and stream videos directly to the web. At the same time, you can store files to high-capacity internal and external drives. The 460 is a 4RU device designed for big live productions in native full-resolution High Definition.

NETWORK REMOTE SHOW READY With the 8 channel, multi-camera TriCaster 460, you can have up to 4 cameras, plus 2 digital media players for video clips, graphics and titles, and 2 network channels for sharing computer screens and displays from wireless iOS devices. 4 M/E-style virtual inputs let you stage live virtual sets, and create custom picture effects and presets, when you need to give your big show even bigger impact. TRICASTER SPECIAL EFFECTS Customizing your signature look-even for multiple shows-requires a style that makes an impression on your audience.

TriCaster 460 hosts the most powerful integrated effects engine in live production. Choose from full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded audio; deliver a cohesive presentation with imaginative, branded elements, like real-time cloth dynamics, 3D video warping and transformations with TransWarp effects and motion overlays.

The Power of a Satellite Truck

OUR RATING OUR RATING Live Network Shows can be easily accommodated with our control room, TriCaster 460 Professional Switcher, up to four (4) HD cameras, greenscreen, HD set monitors, pro sound and lighting, green room, and makeup and hair design by licensed cosmetologists.

Built-In Greenscreen Studio


LTN FlyPack Mobile Broadcasts HDVideo Over IP

PERIPHERALS: You can drive a TriCaster 460 from your iPAD.

HD Broadcast AZ has a large, permanent greenscreen studio as well as a built in stage. We have produced audition videos for Shark Tank, Kickstarter Videos and even a Focus Group with 12 Arizona registered voters and plus Congressman Gosar (above).

Live Shots in High Definition Broadcast, Stream, Record and Compress.


The LTN FlyPack enables professional broadcasters to deliver live events easily and conveniently. The FlyPack provides the power of a satellite truck at any location globally, enabling professional quality, high bitrate video transport at significant cost savings. LTN’s integrated FlyPack provides a complete solution for a wide range of live events, utilizing a highly redundant and controlled IP based network designed specifically to provide a virtually instantaneous live experience from any place around the world.

The Power of a Satellite Truck

The solution enables a range of capabilities:

The LTN FlyPack is a conveniently packaged solution for broadcast quality live video transport from any location in HD.

• Transport live video to TV networks, cable head-ends, TV stations, satellite uplinks, or web streaming CDNs • Deliver live broadcasts from a wide range of live events, from multinational sporting events and concerts to breaking news, business meetings, conferences, and training camps • Supports large and small events from a major award ceremony to a single interview at a hotel room

01 Record & Stream Live

02 Network Style Studios

When both Web streaming and program recording are built right into your production operation, you can do these functions simultaneously.

BroadcastAZ presents a Network-style environment for HD Live Shots and full remote show production.



“Brad Dick, Broadcast Engineering magazine editor, said “the robotic-camera systems are increasingly in use and vastly improved, with faster and more precise controls of the cameras.”

• Distribute an event to several venues (e.g. to a number of conference facilities) • Customizable to various levels from a single SD channel to multiple HD signals simultaneously • Supports events ranging from a few hours to several weeks • Enables realignment of workflow processes and centralizing the production of multi shot events





SKYPE Interviews +

Hundreds of Backgrounds

Video Over Internet Protocol

HD Broadcast AZ has a 75” HD Studio Monitor to display hundreds of background images, looping videos, and other graphic content. The monitor can also function as a green screen. With our return feed from our NOC, we can roll in graphics and other network video feeds.

We broadcast HD Video via a dedicated, secure HD Video Pipeline on the LTN Global Network where over 200 Global Networks are connected to bring breaking news to the world.


One to Many Broadcast Tours : Traditional Satellite Media Tours + Cost Effective Skype Media Tours Virtual Sets

Features Web & TV Streaming / Live Productions 28 different set designs with multiple set views CG / Vector Graphics Software Integrated Customizable Visuals Push-Button Live Streaming

SATELLITE MEDIA TOURS Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) remain a cost-effective way to get your messages out to the media and directly to the viewers you are looking to reach. SMTs generally consist of a series of television interviews over two, three or four-hour time period with your company spokesperson and the media.

SKYPE MEDIA TOURS HD Broadcast AZ offers a most cost-effective Media Tour Package which utilizes Skype, a production package which include an HD camera system, microphone and basic lighting system, and a hosted interview segment on a Virtual Set in our HD Broadcast AZ studio where the author, musician, actor or director is professionally interviewed in HD.

LIVE STREAMING & RECORDING HD Broadcast AZ offers multiple streaming platforms including UStream, Livestream, Limelight and more.

HD Broadcast AZ will then stream the broadcast to multiple points including directly to libraries, author websites, social media platforms, etc. We also record the segment in uncompressed HD for later use as will as compress the video for Vimeo or YouTube applications.


Livestream has an excellent plug-in for use on your Facebook page where you can promote your broadcast as an event and build your social media presence.

Mentoring & Internship

Before scheduling an SMT, consider: - Does it have wide news appeal? - Do you have a level of media recognition and media credentials? - Do you offer a truly unique perspective on the story?

OUR RATING Satellite Media Tours and Skype Media Tours are very cost effective because of the connectivity and other advanced technologies of HD Broadcast AZ. Contact us for your customized proposal.

Network Style Environment

HD Broadcast AZ has a built-in greenscreen. Our editing team uses Adobe Master Suite Cloud Edition for our post production. The TriCaster 460 can be preloaded with graphics, lower thirds, HD videos and logos for dynamic production.

Media Tours in High Definition Broadcast, Stream, Record and Compress. 6

03 Media Tours Live When you need to reach multiple locations, streaming directly to end users and/or social media sites is effective.


Community Outreach Programs

HD Broadcast AZ reaches out to the Arizona community by becoming an alliance private/ public educational partner with the Peoria Unified School District as well as Grand Canyon University. We mentor and have an internship program with Liberty High School and their media program.

04 Skype from your home/office



HD Broadcast AZ has professional interviewers to make your Skype Media Tour very cost effective.

ship that will set our district apart and allow us to experience

“We look forward to our new and unique educational partnerlearning on a national stage. Thanks again to HD Broadcast AZ from the students of the Peoria Unified School District and PSBN! “ - Rick Johnson, Peoria Student Broadcast Network

The Peoria Unified School District and HD Broadcast AZ announce a Private-Public Partnership for the Media Educational Program. Under the Private-Public Partnership, it is expected that HD Broadcast AZ’s role will be to provide work experience through an internship program, connectivity to global networks for potential broadcast opportunities and book live shot HD broadcasts that would be shot at Liberty High School’s Media Center. “By partnering across the Peoria Unified School District, this strategic alliance will help us leverage our resources through an effective internship program and ensure that training programs for advanced media careers provide the skills, certifications and credentials that employers like major network affiliate television stations and corporate communications professionals want to see from day one,” said Douglas Collins, managing partner for HD Broadcast AZ. “I have been meeting with kids and we are getting excited to the opportunities presented by HD Broadcast AZ for this very special educational partnership. This will be ground-breaking and real authentic learning for our kids!” said Rick Johnson of Liberty High School. “As one of my young kids said today when we told them of all the support and exciting things ahead…”It is time to Rock and Roll! We are ready to move our educational partnership forward.”


HD Broadcast AZ


HD Broadcast AZ 15010 N. 78th Way - Suite 206 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 To Book A Live Shot: 855.811.9777 - Cell: 775.742.8403 Website: Twitter: @HDBroadcastAZ Email:

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HD Broadcast AZ Online Brochure  

HD Broadcast AZ is conveniently located in the Scottsdale Airpark at 15010 N. 78th Way, Suite 206 in Scottsdale. We are minutes away from Ph...

HD Broadcast AZ Online Brochure  

HD Broadcast AZ is conveniently located in the Scottsdale Airpark at 15010 N. 78th Way, Suite 206 in Scottsdale. We are minutes away from Ph...