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29th World Congress of Endourology and SWL

Saturday, December 3


Educational Course


In the Educational Course, we will have a drawing among participants and select two lucky persons each day to receive an iPad2. The drawing will be held at 1:30pm in the Event Hall on Thursday, December 1 and Friday, December 2. On Saturday, December 3, it will be held at the end of the Plenary session in the Main Hall. Unless you show up there on the day, you are regarded as ineligible for the drawing. We look forward to your active participation to the Educational Course.


(Main Hall)

PL03-01 Business Meeting/Committee Reports Moderator: Ralph V Clayman (USA) Stephen Nakada (USA)  

8:00-8:10 PL03-02 Impact of Training on Learning Curve in Endourology Mahesh R Desai (India)

(Room C-1)

EC13 The Impact of Regional Hypothermia on Early and Overall Return of Continence following RARP Moderator/Speaker: Thomas E Ahlering (USA) Speaker: David Lee (USA)

8:20-8:30 PL03-03 Essay Contest Winners Award Presenter: Francis Keeley (United Kingdom) Recipients: Alfonso Fernandez - Clinical 1st Place Janet Colli - Basic Science 1st Place  


(Room F)


EC14 Management of Staghorn Calculi

PL03-04 Olympus Best Poster Awards

Moderator/Speaker: Manoj Monga (USA) Speaker: Zeph Okeke (USA) Ralph V Clayman (USA) Mahesh R Desai (India)

Award Presenter: Francis Keeley (United Kingdom)  



(Room G)

EC15 Narrow Band Imaging and Photodymamic Diagnosis of Urothelial Cancer Moderator/Speaker: Jean de la Rosette (The Netherlands) Speaker: Keiji Inoue (Japan) Olivier Traxer (France)  

(Room I)

Moderator: John Denstedt (Canada) Ali Riza Kural (Turkey) Eiji Higashihara (Japan)  

8:40-9:10 PL03-05 Endovations PL03-05-01 Laparoscopy/Robot Ralph V Clayman (USA)

PL03-05-02 Endourology Arthur Smith (USA)

EC16 Stents: What’s New

PL03-05-03 Image Guided Therapy

Moderator/Speaker: Evangelos Liatsikos (Greece) Speaker: Ben H Chew (Canada) Dirk Lange (Canada)

Geoffrey N Box (USA)


(Room J)

EC17 Laparoscopic and Robotic Cystectomy: Tips and Trics Moderator/Speaker: Ashok H Hemal (USA) Speaker: Hiromitsu Mimata (Japan) Victor C Lin (Taiwan)

PL03-06 New Detection Method of CIS in Urothelial Cancer- Narrow Band Imaging vs. Photodynamic Diagnosis (PDD) PL03-06-01 PDD

(Room K)

EC18 Laparoscopic or Robotic Pediatric Urology  


Moderator: Jean de la Rosette (The Netherlands)


Moderator/Speaker: Mohan S Gundeti (USA) Speaker: Linda Baker (USA)


Arnulf Stenzl (Germany)

PL03-06-02 NBI : New Tool for Conservative Management of UUTTCC Olivier Traxer (France)


PL03-13-06 Bph/ Transurethral Surgery


Yoram I Siegel (Israel)

PL03-07 Complex Clinical Scenarios in Endourology Moderator: Benjamin R Lee (USA) Panelist: Yinghao Sun (China) Glenn M Preminger (USA) Gßnter Janetschek (Austria) Christian Chaussy (Germany)  

10:00-10:10 Lecture by President-Elect PL03-08 Tips and Tricks to Improve Lithotripter Performance

PL03-13-07 New Technology/ Imaging/ Navigation Osamu Ukimura (USA)

PL03-13-08 Pediatrics Mohan S Gundeti (USA)

PL03-13-09 Laparoscopy/Robotics (Adrenal/ Testis/Ureter/Bladder) Isaac Yi Kim (USA)

PL03-13-10 Laparoscopy/Robotics (Prostate) David Lee (USA)

PL03-13-11 Laparoscopy/Robotics (Kidney) Robert Figenshau (USA)

Christian Chaussy (Germany)

PL03-13-12 LESS / NOTES


Rene J Sotelo (Venezuela)

State of the Art Lecture


PL03-09 Excellence in Endourology: Meeting the Challenge David Tolley (United Kingdom)

10:25-10:40 State of the Art Lecture PL03-10 ORReady - Improving the Outcomes for Six Million Patients Paul Alan Wetter (USA)

PL03-13 Invitation to WCE 2012 Ali Riza Kural (Turkey)

12:15-12:25 PL03-14 Introduction of New President Christian Chaussy (Germany)


10:40-10:50 Presidential Lecture PL03-11 Breakfast with Arthur

10:50-11:00 Presidential Lecture PL03-12 Minimally Invasive Urology in Japan Tadashi Matsuda (Japan)

11:00-12:00 PL03-13 Take Home Message PL03-13-01 Basic Research-New Technology Hiroomi Kanayama (Japan)

PL03-13-02 Training/Simulators Tomonori Habuchi (Japan)

PL03-13-03 Basic Research/Urolithiasis Ojas Shah (USA)

PL03-13-04 Percutaneous Techniques Bodo Knudsen (USA)

PL03-13-05 Ureteroscopy/SWL Hassan Razvi (Canada)

Saturday, December 3

Ralph V Clayman (USA)

Take Home Messages LESS_NOTES. 29th Worl Congress of Endourology and SWL, Kyoto 2011  

9:10-9:30 7:30-8:00 6:45-7:30 8:00-8:10 8:20-8:30 8:30-8:40 8:40-9:10 Moderator/Speaker: Manoj Monga (USA) Speaker: Zeph Okeke (USA) Ralph V...

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