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29th World Congress of Endourology and SWL


(Room B-1)


SP12 What’s New in Stent?

VD14 LESS Nephrectomy

Moderator: Graham Watson (United Kingdom)

Moderator: Geoffrey N Box (USA) Speaker/Operator: Hyeon Hoe Kim (Korea) Discussant: Shih-Chieh Jeff Chueh (Korea) Nasser Simforoosh (I.R. Iran) Mihir Desai (USA)

SP12-01 Basics of Stent Material and Encrustation John D Denstedt (Canada)

SP12-02 Metallic Stents


Ravindra Kulkarni (United Kingdom)


SP12-03 Novel Stent Coatings and Drug Elution Hassan Razvi (Canada)


(Room A)

(Room A)

VD15 LESS Nephrectomy (Room B-2)

SP13 Evaluation of Endoscopic/Robotic Surgical Skills Moderator: Raju Thomas (USA)

SP13-01 Video Training/Evaluation System Aurel Messas (France)

SP13-02 Intra-op Assessment of Resident Surgical Skills Brad F Schwartz (USA)

SP13-03 Laparoscopy: Mentorship Program in UK Francis Keeley (United Kingdom)

SP13-04 Endoscopic Surgical Skill Qualification System in Japan

Moderator: Geoffrey N Box (USA) Speaker/Operator: Mihir Desai (USA) Discussant: Nasser Simforoosh (I.R. Iran) Shih-Chieh Jeff Chueh (Korea) Hyeon Hoe Kim (Korea)  


(Room A)

VD16 LRP/RALP: Best Technique to Achieve Potency Moderator: Jean V Joseph (USA) Speaker/Operator: Thomas E Ahlering (USA) Discussant: David M Albala (USA) Christopher Cheng (Singapore) Xin Gao (China) Shin Egawa (Japan)  

Toshiro Terachi (Japan)


Video Discussion

VD17 LRP/RALP: Best Technique to Achieve Potency


(Room A)

VD12 PVP for BPH Moderator: Alexis Te (USA) Speaker/Operator: Ricardo R Gonzalez (USA) Discussant: Oliver Reich (Germany) Yoshiki Sugimura (Japan) Alexander Bachmann (Switzerland)

VD13 Bottum TURP Moderator: Richard K Babayan (USA) Speaker/Operator: Mahesh R Desai (India) Discussant: Shigeo Horie (Japan) Gopal H Badlani (USA) Michael YC Wong (Singapore)  

Moderator: Jean V Joseph (USA) Speaker/Operator: Roland van Velthoven (Belgium) Discussant: David M Albala (USA) Christopher Cheng (Singapore) Xin Gao (China) Shin Egawa (Japan)  

Keynote Lecture



(Room A)

16:15 (Room A)

Treatment Strategies of Male LUTS and BPH Clans G Roehrborn (USA)

(Room I)


(Room C-2)

SM07 Image Guided Therapy Kidney Program Chairman: James Borin

(Room D)

Renal Tumor Biology and Diagnosis NOTES and LESS Working Group SM08 11:00-11:10

Update of the biology of the small renal cortical neoplasm James Borin 11:10-11:20 Contemporary imaging of the small renal mass Hessel Wijkstra 11:20-11:30 Pre-operative renal biopsy: risks and benefits David Duchene

Renal Cortical Neoplasms Patient Selection 11:30-11:40 Review of the AUA small renal mass guidelines Michael Ost 11:40-11:50 Clinical aspects of patient selection (patient and tumor characteristics) Pilar Laguna

Renal Tumor Treatment Strategies 11:50-12:00 Laparoscopic radiofrequency and cryoablation TBA 12:00-12:10 Active Surveillance of the small renal cortical neoplasm TBA 12:10-12:20 Percutaneous radiofrequency and cryoablation Ralph Clayman 12:20-12:30 Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy TBA 12:30-12:45 Robotic partial nephrectomy TBA 12:45-1:00 Complications of renal ablation: avoid and manage TBA (Room D)

SM08 NOTES and LESS Working Group Part 1

Chairman: Abhay Rane Donor nephrectomy: Is there a new gold standard (5 minutes each followed by 2 minutes in rebuttal)

Hand Assisted Wins Hands Down: J. Stuart Wolf LESS is Best: Mahesh Desai Robotic Reigns: Raju Thomas Laparoscopic Leaves No Doubt: Howard Winfield Audience vote Panel Discussion Nuances in LESS: Tips and Tricks (Each presenter given 5 minutes) Panel: Access – Evangelos Liatsikos Instruments – David Nguyen Hoang Duc Dissection & Retraction – Xu Abai Pitfalls - Tan Yeh Hong Training – Peter Rimington Group discussion

Part 2

Chairman: Matthew Gettman NOTES Advances (Transvaginal) – Rene Sotelo Advances (Transvesical) – Mihir Desai Why Should We Pursue LESS – Koon Ho Rha Robotic LESS: Current Status – Jihad Kaouk Novel robotic instrumentation for LESS and NOTES – Georges Pascal Haber LESS: Where’s the Meat? – New Studies – Chandru Sundaram Future Directions for LESS and NOTES – Robert Stein

Friday, December 2

Society Meeting

Ponente NOTES Advances (Transvaginal) 29th Worl Congress of Endourology and SWL, Kyoto 2011  

12:00-12:45 15:00-15:45 14:00-14:30 17:00-17:30 17:30-18:00 SP12 What’s New in Stent? SP13-01 Video Training/Evaluation System SP12-03 Novel...

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