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or jewelry. Since I was driving the most atrocious, broken down, worn-out vehicle many people had ever seen, attending classes as much as possible seemed to be worth the effort. I had perfect attendance throughout high school. Unfortunately, despite all of the chances I had, I never won anything. I felt quite cheated that I was never able to be rewarded for my effort. But, looking on the bright side, I feel that going to class all the time helped me to stay caught up with important material and follow along more easily. I have learned throughout the years that even though there is a textbook or printed notes that one can refer to for any particular class, what the teacher says in class is usually what will be emphasized on exams. It is important to be present so as to not miss out on subtle comments that will help you know what will be expected of you. To be completely honest, I probably would have had perfect attendance even if there were no prizes for doing so. In fact, I had almost perfect attendance in middle school just because I wanted to.

But it is important to note the purpose of my

motivation. I did not go to class all the time to be a freak or a teacher’s pet or even because I liked school (which is the excuse of many perfect-attendance students, but obviously not mine). My main motivation was actually based on my hatred of unnecessary homework and time spent on school-related material outside of school. I have always hated homework with a passion, and by going to class all the time, I didn’t have to make up any material or assignments. It probably takes the average student twice as long to


Learning to Succeed and Succeeding to Learn: The Smart Way to Earn Better Grades in School  
Learning to Succeed and Succeeding to Learn: The Smart Way to Earn Better Grades in School  

A light-hearted and informative guide to help dedicated students learn the keys to success in school and in life.