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keeps a running score of each of the positive and negative things that he or she sees you do. Try to make sure that the positive points and the effort highly outnumber the negative, and your teacher will have an overall good impression of you. One last, but important, detail is to never cheat. We will get more into this later, but for now, remember that you want your teacher to trust you. Do not give them any reason to suspect that the paper you turned in was not your own work or that you wrote the answers to your test on the palm of your hand or the brim of your hat. Trust is one of the most important things that you should try to gain when getting to know your teachers. Once you have it, do not violate that trust or it will be very difficult to earn it again. One of the main benefits of getting to know your teachers is when you have ended up with a borderline grade after a semester of hard work. This is when it really comes down to the teacher’s judgment what grade you deserve. This is the culmination of the whole semester and what the teacher remembers of you and your “score” that has been added up in his or her mind. Were you always working hard and participating in class, or did you constantly show up late or not at all and put in mediocre effort? No matter how objective your teacher’s grading system might seem, most teachers are willing to either raise or lower your grade depending on their opinion of you and your study habits. Even your toughest teachers will occasionally show some mercy when it comes to your grade. In one of the hardest classes I have ever taken, I ended up with what officially was 88% for the


Learning to Succeed and Succeeding to Learn: The Smart Way to Earn Better Grades in School  
Learning to Succeed and Succeeding to Learn: The Smart Way to Earn Better Grades in School  

A light-hearted and informative guide to help dedicated students learn the keys to success in school and in life.