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Volume 56, Issue Six

The Cirkling The Official Publication of the New Jersey District of Circle K International


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Insight 2019 Recap Why we loved Insight and our favorite moments: “I loved Insight because doing team bonding experiences with complete strangers is quite an experience—a fun one! Honestly, this fun trip just makes me enjoy the benefits of doing service and seeing how it can bring people closer together.” –Lisa Joy

“Insight was an amazing opportunity to make connections with so many people in a supportive and comfortable environment. My favorite part was seeing people step out of their comfort zones due to the encouragement and confidence from everyone around them.” -Brooke Wachenheim


absolutely loved going to Insight this year! This was only my second Insight since starting in college, but this Insight showed me why everyone keeps coming back every year. My favorite part of the weekend had to be the bonfire on Friday night, dancing along to music like I was at a concert." -Julia Thompson

I loved Insight because not only did it force me out of my comfort zone, it helped me to build trust in my teammates during the activities. On top of that, insight allows me to connect with other circle k members from across the state you'd normally never interact with, giving us the chance to make lifelong friends. -Sam Page-Brown


Insight 2019 Recap Continued... Insight was such an amazing experience because I got to meet so many new friends! It was so fun to see the teams compete with the performances they came up with (which were very hilarious and entertaining). It is hard to say which part was my favorite, but I really enjoyed watching each team's performance and the music jeopardy. –Lex (Alexa Castellano)

My favorite part of Insight was going over the wall. I loved Insight because it helps you get out of your comfort zone . –Bria Pope

I loved Insight this year, especially the music based activities (especially Karaoke)! My favorite part though was getting the opportunity to know my team members better. I knew some of them from previous district events but this year's Insight was the first time we had actually gotten to hang out and chat. Go Harmonicas! -Haylie Hennigan I loved Insight because I got to meet and make friends with so many different people. It is hard to choose, but my favorite part had to be the Final Jam because I loved seeing everyone have fun up on stage. -Gianna Simon This experience has really validated why I joined Circle K in the first place. Insight confirmed that no matter how bad things may seem or how difficult situations get, I am supported by such a large community of students and K-Family members both on and off my campus. We sang and danced and laughed our weekend away. It really made me feel like I belong in Circle K and that my presence was appreciated by everyone there. Shoutout to my Team Guitars, I'll think of you guys every time I see a chicken or play Heads Up!! :) -Arianna Hoffman 4

Insight 2019 Recap Continued... My favorite part of Insight was the candlelight ceremony. I loved learning that so many people were first timers and also knowing that so many people were able to let their guard down and show what a wonderful experience they are having. –Emily Scharf

I loved Insight because it allowed me to work and do activities with members from my own club and from other clubs. To be able to see everyone perform something at some point is awesome because being able to see people be happy is a sight that's hard to forget. –Steven Talarsky

I had such an amazing time at Insight this year and really grasped the beauty of this event. My favorite part was definitely running music jeopardy and seeing everyone's reactions to the posters we made! -Sarah Harvey

I loved Insight, it was my first one and I was able to make so many friends. My favorite part would have to be bone fire and the s’mores. –Ryan La

My favorite part of this year's Insight was climbing up the wall. –Anand Suthar

I loved insight because it was a nice weekend away where everybody was laughing, having a great time, and making a difference in the lives of others. My favorite memory was the candle light ceremony because it showed me how much Circle K means to so many people and why I'm thankful to be in such a special group. –Joe Makar


Insight 2019 Recap Continued...

First INSIGHT! I love how I got to meet all the people who share a common interest to SERVICE! Being in teams was a great way to bond with people and share moments together. –Sima Kafle

My favorite part of Insight was making new friends and growing closer to everyone. I loved having fun with my team, the saxophones, which was the best team by far. -Mike Hughes

Poncho Corner

Mike Hughes and Anthony “Poncho” Patrizi


Grateful For Our Amazing Club Editors

Hello! My name is Lauren Vitale and I'm the Club Editor for Circle K at Rowan University. I am a sophomore Psychological Science major in the Honors College here at Rowan, and this is my second semester being a part of Circle K. My favorite type of service project is environmental projects like nature clean-up. Besides service, my other hobbies include singing (and music in general) and conducting psychological research. I’m really looking forward to a great service year!

Hey everyone, my name is David and I study graphic design at Montclair State University. This is my third year in Circle K and as editor for my club. Being apart of this organization is absolutely awesome and I enjoy every minute of it. I play sports such as flag football and baseball as well as video games during my spare time.

Hi! I am Sarah Ryu, a sophomore at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Editor of NJIT's CKI. I am a Human-Computer Interaction major and an Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor, with strengths in design and illustration. When I am not studying or working, I enjoy listening to music, playing the guitar/ukulele or watching animated films!


Grateful For Our Amazing Club Editors Continued...

My name is Julia Thompson and I am a sophomore at Stockton University majoring in Biology and Secondary Education. I love working with people and challenging myself to learn something new! On my free time, I like to bake, catch up on some reading, and visit unique places. One of the highlights of my college experience so far has been editing Stockton Circle K’s newsletter as it has given me so much insight into the importance of leadership, fellowship, and service. As an aspiring educator, I love getting involved and being hands-on, but even more so, encouraging others to do the same. Running one of two on campus service events every week, I firmly believe that Circle K helps students connect with themselves and with the community around them. I tell almost everyone I meet to join Circle K because of the positive impact I've seen!

I'm a senior at Rutgers University New Brunswick and I'm delighted to serve my club as editor this year. My hobbies include volleyball and playing the trumpet!

Hi! My name is Amanda D'Alessandro. I'm the Editor for Circle K at The College of New Jersey. I'm currently a senior and have been part of Circle K since my freshman year. I love being part of Circle K because it allows me to be a part of a group of people who help positively impact our community.


What Are Kiwanians Thankful For? I am thankful for my family, both for my biological family, and my Kiwanis family.—Emily Scharf

When I was first asked to share what I am thankful for I thought, wow this will be easy; however, when I sit back and reflect on how blessed my life is I don't know that there is enough room in the Cirkling for me to share my thoughts on this topic. Of course there is the standard things to be thankful for: my family, my family's health, the fact that we possess materialistic necessities such as a roof over our head and food in our bellies. Moving past the aforementioned standard items there are numerous things that I am thankful for including living in a nation with all of the opportunities that we have, having a profession that stimulates me intellectually while affording me the opportunity to work with special needs individuals and also being a part of a service organization. I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to work with all of the students in Circle K. It is amazing to see how dedicated and focused the organization is to helping others. I always leave a Circle K event reflecting on how impressed I am with the youth in this organization and am always eager to hear how they are going to leave their mark in the future. - Kim Seifring

I'm thankful for being a Kiwanian. I'm thankful to be a part of Circle K again. I'm thankful for all those who volunteer in the name of Kiwanis and the effort to make our collective world a better place. I'm thankful for the family I have as a result of my Kiwanis involvement. I'm thankful for the chance to continue working with all of you. Happy Thanksgiving . –Michael Olivo


Governor’s Greetings

Happy November, NJCKI! Despite the days getting shorter, and the weather getting colder, there is so much to be thankful for in November! I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving- the food is my absolute favorite, I love spending time with family, and I enjoy celebrating all the amazing things to be thankful for! This November, I have a lot to be thankful for, but one thing that I am very thankful for is all of you. While you may not realize it, you all have gotten me through some difficult times. You all bring so much joy into my life and I am so grateful to be able to call you all my CKI family, who makes me laugh, provides me with support and reminds me of my passion. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing. Happy Thanksgiving to my CKI Family! Speaking of joy, laughs, and passion, earlier this month was INSIGHT. When I say Insight was absolutely perfect in every way possible, I mean that! I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to Anisha & the Insight committee for all their hard work in making Insight 2019 the most rockin’ weekend of the service year! Insight is such a special event because it really gives you a greater understanding of why CKI is such an impactful organization. I hope that all of you who attended Insight left that weekend feeling inspired and motivated to do more and be more. You all have the power to make this organization something meaningful to all of you, I hope you take advantage of that! In terms of more district events, Rider Circle K has been working super hard to plan our Winter Formal on February 7th, and the district board is preparing for District Convention which will be happening from February 21-23, 2020. Both are great events and I hope to see you all there! It’s crazy to think that we are more than halfway through the service year. Whoever said the quote “time flies when you’re having fun” wasn’t kidding! I hope that you are all enjoying the service year so far because, for me, this has been the best one yet! We are making great progress on our goals for this service year- we are already more than halfway to our service hour goal, and we have raised about $6,500 out of our $7,500 WASH fundraising goal - keeping us in the lead as the top fundraising district! Keep up the great work NJ Circle K! Enjoy the last few weeks of the semester and happy holidays to you and your families. Don’t let the stress of finals get you down, you are strong and will get through it all! Stay positive, and remember, your CKI family is always here for you! If you ever need anything from me, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Love, Taylor


Fun Page!

Why did the Police arrest the turkey? What does Thanksgiving and Halloween have in common? Gobble-ins

They suspected fowl play What is a turkey’s favorite dessert? Peach Gobbler 11

District Contact Information

Taylor McKay

Rachel DeFelice

Haylie Hennigan

District Governor

District Secretary

District Treasurer

Stockton University

Montclair State University

Rowan University

Taylor Fairman

Mayur Patel

Anthony Patrizi

District Editor

Seabreeze Division LTG

Garden Division LTG

Stockton University

Rutgers University

Stockton University

Johnathan Varano

Steven Talarsky

Metro Division LTG

Service Chair

Montclair State University

Stockton University


District Contact Information Continued‌.

Emily Hendrickson

Michael Hughes

Membership Development

Club Building & Revitalization Chair

& Education Chair Stockton University

Stockton University

Stephania Gonzalez-Mena Laws, Regulations & Awards Chair Rutgers University

Abigail Lewis K-Family Relations Chair The College of New Jersey

Alissa Papernik

Dimpie Shah

Marketing Chair

Fundraising Chair

Rowan University

Rutgers University

Anisha Singh

Kyle Lank


Technology Chair

Rutgers University

Rutgers University

Mickey Cohen District Administrator Kiwanis Club of Bordentown


District Contact Information Continued...

Joey G

Emily Scharf

Christina Lukac

Seabreeze Zone Advisor

Metro Zone Advisor

Alumni Rlations

Kiwanis Club of Holmdel

Kiwanis Club of Phillipsburg

Kiwanis Club of Pitman-Glassboro

Kim Seifring

Mike Olivo

Bruce Marich

Garden Division Zone Advisor

Financial Counselor

Campus & University Relations

Kiwanis Club of Pitman-Glassboro

Kiwanis Club of Greater Mt. Laurel


Kiwanis Club of New Brunswick


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November Cirkling 2019  

Here is the District Newsletter of the New Jersey's District of Circle K International

November Cirkling 2019  

Here is the District Newsletter of the New Jersey's District of Circle K International