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Cirkers Skilled Team of White-Glove Art Handlers Offers Unmatchable Art Installation in New York Cirkers skilled team of white-glove art handlers offers unmatchable art installation in New York. The professionals assist with both installation and de-installation needs, and reaches on-site to professionally handle one’s artwork. Also, their fine art storage services are run by impeccable and highly-skilled consultants who organize and manage all facets of domestic and international shipments including exhibition import/export, air/ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage services, air/seaport supervision, domestic/international couriers, follow car and armed guard escorts and insurance. The company has courteous relationships with some of the industry’s leading transportation and shipping companies to ensure that the shipment is delivered in a safe and timely manner. They have a diverse range of short- and long-term storage solutions for the safety of one’s fine art and other collections. With their on-site viewing galleries, customers can store, show and view their work in convenient locations. The company holds a great reputation in the industry with the help of their art handlers New York. Besides this, a spokesperson from Cirkers mentioned, “We are well-respected in our industry for our crating and packing expertise. Our in-house staff has more than a century of experience in the packing and crating of fine art, antiques and decorative art. Each piece, regardless of size and weight, is evaluated and a customized crate is designed to ensure its safety. Our crating designs are continually improving to take advantage of new technologies and materials. We use only the highest quality materials that are the most appropriate for the object being packed.” About CirkersCirkers is an industry leader in the storage of fine art and other valuable possessions. With nearly 150 years of fine art industry experience, Cirkers stores some of the world's most important art. Prominent collectors, galleries, auction houses, private dealers and museums entrust Cirkers with their valuable assets. The convenient Manhattan facility exceeds all fine art standards making it a recommended storage choice by insurance companies worldwide. In March 2014, Cirkers will be expanding their offerings with the addition of their newest state-of-the-art facility in Williamsburg. This location is only 15 minutes outside of New York City, and is easily accessible by car and subway. For more information, please visit- Contact DetailsCirkers – Manhattan 444 W. 55th Street New York, NY 10019 Phone: +212 838 2525

Cirkers skilled team of white glove art handlers offers unmatchable art installation in new york  

Cirkers skilled team of white-glove art handlers offers unmatchable art installation in New York. The professionals assist with both install...

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