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Making the most of your Holidays   

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Work experience – paid/unpaid, doing real work for a real employer Work shadowing – observing someone doing a job Internships – American term, often associated with work experience for higher education students, long/short term, paid or unpaid, usually linked to course of study. Voluntary/Charity Work- practical, social, fundraising and campaigning A new interest, sport, youth club, DofE, music, drama etc

What will I gain?          

Confidence New skills Better communication Responsibility Working as a team Motivation Boost your CV/Personal Statement Improved career prospects Personal fulfilment New friends

Things to think about when arranging work experience   

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Check employer’s liability insurance Provide emergency contact for the employer Regulations for hours of work and young people’s rights (at 16/17) When? Be realistic with time, plan during Easter/Summer holidays Personal Safety

Things to think about continued  Make it relevant to career plans/course  Record activities and experience gained  Network and make contacts for the future  Ask for a reference  Consider arranging a formal Health and

Safety Check  Talk to your Personal Tutor before and after

How to arrange a work experience health and safety check 

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If a student wishes to organise a work placement that is NOT a requirement of their course and does not impact on their college attendance (eg takes place out of term time) then the College has no mechanism for conducting risk assessments or health & safety, insurance and liability checks on behalf of the student. Contact Prospects Training, the provider for Gloucestershire schools and colleges. They will conduct the necessary health & safety and insurance checks on the company and produce a contract to be signed by student, company and parent / guardian (if student is under 18). They charge £40 for this service or £15 if one has already been carried out and is current. The telephone number for Prospects is 01452 886 888. Kate Farr is the named contact For other areas (eg Swindon) then Prospects Training will contact the equivalent organisation (in the case of Swindon / Wiltshire it is Connect South West, tel 01249 707360). However, the student must apply through Prospects as they are studying in Gloucestershire.

Applying for Work experience  local paper jobs section  word of mouth  job centre  the internet  friends  College staff  Chamber of commerce/business link 

Where to look? Student Intranet, Careers and Higher Education, Careers, Job search Voluntary work Work experience College/local libraries Local organisations/businesses/newspapers