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open day

Saturday 16 October 2010 10am to 3pm

open evening

Thursday 20 January 2011 5pm to 8pm Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

Welcome & Dates Choice of courses A-levels A day in the life..... Vocational Qualifications Foundation Degrees Career Academies Apprenticeships Access to A-levels (Level 2) Level 1 Foundation Learning (Entry Level) What next? Support Facilities Enrichment Opportunities Football Academy College Sports Trips and Expeditions Results 2010 Charitable Trust Transport Student Union Why Cirencester?

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This prospectus can be made available in alternative forms for people with disabilities. Please contact the Marketing Department at Cirencester College on 01285 640994 or email

When you join Cirencester College In September 2011 this will be the start of our 21st year. In celebration we shall be opening a brandnew Sports Centre on our campus. Everybody will be able to use this magnificent new facility for both recreation and competition. A fitness suite, a dance studio, more social space for students and a 6 court hall for basketball, netball, badminton, cricket and soccer are being planned for this 20th anniversary building. In some 20 years the College has gained recognition as an OFSTED - outstanding college and a Beacon College with a national reputation for innovation and for student support. At Cirencester College we believe that every student should: l achieve their full potential, l have the most appropriate support and l celebrate and respect the diversity of all others. If you want to take part in this success story you will need to plan ahead. Good Luck! Nigel Robbins OBE Principal


Cirencester College, your opportunity of a lifetime to: l

join an outstanding Beacon College where you will be made very welcome.

l choose from a huge range of exciting

courses (see pages 7, 13, 21 and 23 to 25) l



have specialist, individual support for your age group and ability (see pages 28 to 30)

Dates for your diary Saturday 16 October 2010 College Open Day - 10am to 3pm Applications for September 2011 open

Friday 19 November 2010 Choices at 16 Day for Glos Schools

1 November 2010 Admissions interviews begin for September 2011 entry

Thursday 20 January 2011

make the most of fantastic enrichment activities in our clubs and societies (see pages 32 and 33 and the website)

College Open Evening - 5pm to 8pm

get amazing results (see pages 42 to 45).

Monday 4 July 2011

First you need to take every opportunity to get to know us better; please see the dates on the right and use this prospectus for a host of information. Keep in touch through our website, Facebook and Parent Zone.

Friday 4 March 2011 Apply by this date for guaranteed places for September 2011 College Freshers’ Day for new students starting in September 2011

Tuesday 5 July 2011 Choices at 16 Day for Wiltshire Schools

Thursday 25 August 2011 GCSE Results Day

Cirencester College provides open access to a comprehensive range of high quality education and training for people over the age of 16, regardless of race, class, belief, language, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, previous educational attainment or particular circumstances.

25 to 30 August 2011 Enrolment for September 2011

Thursday & Friday 1 & 2 September 2011 Induction for 2011 students

Monday 5 September 2011 First day of teaching term

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choice of courses

Our most popular courses are the level 3 courses which include AS & A-levels and level 3 vocational courses. To join a level 3 course you will need to achieve our minimum entry requirements: For AS-levels GCSE grade C in five of the following (including short GCSEs): English Language or Literature, a Foreign Language, Humanities (History, Geography, RS, Sociology, Psychology), Business , Science (double or triple), Maths. If you do not have GCSE English Language, you must take the course at College and achieve a grade C to progress to A2. Students must achieve a grade C in any GCSE which is directly related to their ASlevel choice. There are specific GCSE requirements for: l Languages - grade B in specific language - proven linguistic ability l AB Initio Language - grade B in any language or proven linguistic ability

AS Maths - grade B in Higher Maths l A-level Express Maths - grade A or A* in Higher Maths l AS Biology - grade B in Double Science/ Biology or the relevant single subject l AS Chemistry - grade B in Double Science/Chemistry and grade B in Higher Maths l AS Physics - grade B in Double Science/ Physics and grade B in Higher Maths l AS-level Electronics - grade C in Science and grade C in Maths l AS-level Applied Science - grade C in Science. l

For Vocational Extended Diplomas you will need 5 grade Cs at GCSE including 3 from same group as the AS-level requirements or distinction in a level 2 diploma.

If you need more help with types and levels of courses look for the Post 16 qualification information on our website Cirencester College Prospectus 2011



E 1 2 3 4

where are you now?

which level?

Would like some additional help and support with learning

Entry Level l Vocational Skills l Basic Skills l Life Skills

Few or no formal qualifications

Basic education with few or no formal qualifications mainly E, F and Gs at GCSE l l l l

Mainly Ds 3 GCSE grade Cs in specific subjects NVQ level 1 or First Diploma Pre 16 | Home educated| Steiner educated (subject to interview)

5 or more GCSE at grade C or above (for more detailed requirements see page 4 or consult the website: AS or A-levels BTEC Extended, National and Subsidiary Diplomas and National Certificate NVQ Level 3

what next? Progression on to level 1 courses

Level 1 l Foundation Certificate l NVQ Level 1 l Level 1 Languages

Progression to level 2 courses Employment

Level 2 l MAPP l First diplomas BTEC Level 2 l CACHE Certificate Certificates in l NVQ Level 2 Media, Art and l Access to A-levels Performance GCSEs Photography

Progression to the appropriate level 3 courses Apprenticeships Employment

Level 3 l AS and A-levels l Extended, National & Subsidiary Diplomas National Certificate

Higher Education Apprenticeships Employment

Level 4 Foundation Degrees



Diploma l NVQ Level 3

Further year at university Employment

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


What are A-levels?

A and AS-levels

Will Snell

What A and AS-levels does Cirencester offer? A-levels are academic qualifications which are divided into two years of study. In your first year you will study AS-levels and in your second year you will study for your A2s. If you successfully complete both levels you are awarded the full A-level.

Accounting Anthropology Archaeology Fine Art Biology Business Studies Chemistry Classical Civilisations Computing Critical Thinking Dance* Design and Technology: 3D Design Graphic Communication Drama and Theatre Studies Economics Electronics English Language English Language and Literature English Literature Environmental Studies Film Studies French French (ab initio) Geography Geology General Studies

A-levels are available in over 50 subjects and timetabled for up to six classes per week. 1st year AS-levels l are usually combined with other AS-levels in a programme of 4 or 5 subjects, or with the first year of a Extended National Diploma, National Diploma, Subsidiary Diploma, National Certificate and with qualifications in key skills, l suitable for students who expect GCSE passes at A*, A, B or C, l mainly assessed through end of year exams with some assessed coursework. 2nd year A2s l suitable for students who achieve at least a grade D at AS-level, and who wish to concentrate on three or four A-levels in the second year, l usually combined with other A2-levels or ASlevels in a programme of 3 or 4 subjects, or with the second year of a National Award, Certificate or Diploma, l complemented by A-level General Studies.

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

A-level qualifications


German Health and Social Care History: Tudor History: Nazi Germany History: Russia History: Alfred/Saxons History: USA History of Art Italian Italian (ab initio) Law Mathematics Further Mathematics Use of Maths * Media Studies Music Music Technology Philosophy Photography Physical Education Physics Politics and Government Psychology Religious Studies Buddhism Christianity Sociology Spanish Spanish (ab initio) Textiles

Travel and Tourism World Development

Applied AS and A-levels Health and Social Care ICT Science * AS-level only

Other Level 3 Freestanding Maths High Achievers Academy Maths Advanced Extension Award Journalism Medical and Veterinary tutorials Pre-Social Work Pre-Teaching Word Processing

formerly of Highworth Warneford School Will joined Cirencester to take AS-levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Physics. “Cirencester was the only institution that offered me the right opportunities, as well as having a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. My lecturers approach their lessons with infectious enthusiasm, making lessons enjoyable and learning easier. As with the teaching the support provided in other areas is of the highest quality. With Biology I was able to attend a selection of very interesting lectures about genetics at University College London. I have also attended two open days at St Anne’s College, Oxford. The Student Union and Business Groups have hosted several enjoyable club nights giving us much more than just a place for learning but opportunities to meet many new friends. After my A-levels next year I am hoping to go to university, where I am thinking of studying medicine or a similar chemistry based course.” Will gained four grade As in his AS-levels and has now started his A-level programme.

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


Charankumal Thandi formerly of Kingsdown School

Rosie Gale formerly of Deer Park School

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

Rosie joined the College in September 2009 as an AS-level student to take AS-levels in Biology, English Literature, Maths and Psychology.

subjects before I made my final decisions. At Choices Day I was able to trial a subject so that I was certain that I had made the right decision.

“I chose Cirencester College as I felt that there was a good balance between the encouragement of independence and a strong support network. This has given me the chance to take more responsibility for my learning, which I consider an important change from school, in preparation for higher education and my future in general.

I am planning to take a gap year by working and travelling before university. The college has supplied useful information and contact for my plans.

I am given frequent constructive feedback and there are many extra support sessions put in place by staff, to offer extra work when required. I was considering a range of

Rosie obtained four grade As and a B in her AS-levels, Rosie will now be starting her A-levels.

Charan (pictured right) is a 2nd year A-level student taking A-level Biology, Chemistry, Maths, ICT and General Studies. “Cirencester College offers a wide range of subjects taught by highly qualified teachers. There are regular workshops which allow students to get extra support. The staff take a close interest in every student’s progress which is reflected by the regular oneto-one meetings between students and their teachers throughout the year, enabling target setting and highlighting achievements.

Overall this college has a huge amount to offer for all students. Extra curricular clubs, trips and giving individuals the best chance to make further education as enjoyable as possible!”

Cirencester College has a special medicine group for potential medicine applicants. On a recent Biology trip to London’s Institute of Education, we attended specialist lectures from experts on subjects such as stem cell research and genetics. Cirencester College offers a lot of support in every department. I intend to study medicine at university. The college’s application process and support for university has been exceptional, making it a lot less stressful and easier.”


For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


a day in the life of........ Ellie Popp and Finn Smith



formerly of Farmors School

9-10 10-11 11-12

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011






2pm Meeting with HE Tutor


Work in Learning Resource Centre on Extended Project qualification

Finn Smith

Ellie is taking A-levels in History, English Language, Psychology, Maths and General Studies alongside the Extended Project Qualification

Finn is taking A-levels in History, English Literature, Law, French and General Studies alongside the Extended Project Qualification


“College begins at 9am, I usually arrive at around 8:30am. On Wednesdays, like most students, I spend my first ½ an hour in the refectory meeting up with friends before I go to English at 9am.


“I love Mondays, for me, History is a great start to the week. Last year in my AS-level History I studied American Studies, this year I have just started work on Medieval History. I really enjoy the diversity of the periods together with my incredibly enthusiastic History teacher who makes learning so much easier. Next, I have English Language, the English teachers bring so much enthusiasm and humour to their teaching styles, the time just flies by.

English Language


Ellie Popp

In the afternoon I have Psychology, where I have just started work on Health and Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology, subjects which I know are going to be really interesting and lead to the usual challenging debates.

Ellie “Making the move to Cirencester has helped me to mature and develop, not only my academic skills, but as a person, which will prepare me for the move to University!”

Finn “The enthusiasm of the lecturers for their subjects motivates me both inside and outside the classroom and the regular Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) help me to reach my learning goals!”

In my free slot in the afternoon I either use the Learning Resource Centre or the library to complete work for handing in (then I don’t need to do so much at home), or I work on my Extended Project Qualification. Although this week, for example I arranged a one on one discussion with my HE tutor at 2pm. Her knowledge of universities and help with my personal statement was extremely helpful.”


After English I have General Studies and HAG (High Achievers Group). In this lesson we study the General Studies A-level over 2 years and combine it with lectures and advice on Russell Group universities and UCAS applications, we also have the opportunity to do an Extended Project Qualification, which I chose to do on Romanticism.

Mostly students go to lunch at either 12 or 1pm. After lunch I normally go to the library or LRC to keep up to date with my workload. However this week I have arranged a meeting with my Personal Tutor to discuss my personal statement. I then finish the day on double history finishing at 4pm. Staff are always willing to give up their time to see you, for example this week I have had meetings with 4 different staff who have helped me resolve concerns that I have.”



English Literature


General Studies High Achievers Group




Study period


History 3-4

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


What are vocational qualifications?

What Vocational Qualifications does Cirencester offer?

Vocational qualifications enable students to specialise in a specific area of their choice such as art, animal care or beauty therapy. Qualifications include:

BTEC Extended National Diplomas (equivalent to 3 A-levels)

BTEC Extended National Diplomas, National Diplomas, Subsidiary Diplomas at level 3 and National Certificates plus First Diplomas - Level 2 l NVQs 1-3 (National Vocational Qualifications) l CACHE Childcare l

These are widely recognised courses assessed through coursework and assignments and are excellent preparation for both university and employment.

vocational qualifications

BTEC Extended National Diplomas are 18 unit programmes equivalent to three A-levels. National Diplomas are 12 unit programmes equivalent to two A-levels and the Subsidiary Diploma is a 6 unit programme equivalent to one A-level. The BTEC First Diplomas are studied over one year and are equivalent to 4 GCSEs at grade C. National Certificates are the equivalent of an AS-level, those and Subsidiary Diplomas can be combined with an A/AS-level programme. NVQs are work based qualifications meeting standards developed by industry and developing skills in particular occupations such as Childcare and Beauty Therapy. They are also a core part of our apprenticeship programme.

19 Cirencester College Prospectus 2011


Animal Management Art and Design Business - specialising in: Business Law Countryside Management Countryside Management with Outdoor Pursuits Health and Social Care (Health Studies) Horse Management IT Practitioners (Software Development) Media Production (Television and Film) Performing Arts (Performance) Sport and Exercise Sciences Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness) Sport (Outdoor Adventure) Uniformed Public Services

Media (Television and BTEC National Film) Diploma Music Technology (equivalent to 2 A-levels) Animal Management Business - specialising in: Business Law Hospitality IT Practitioners (Software Development) Uniformed Public Services Uniformed Public Services with Outdoor Pursuits

BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma (equivalent to 1 A-level) Animal Management Business Countryside Management Dance Fish Management Forestry Management Horse Management Hospitality IT Practitioners (Software Development)

(Recording) Personal and Business Finance (Finance Academy students only) Sport and Exercise Sciences Sport Sport (Outdoor) Uniformed Public Services

BTEC National Certificate (equivalent to 1 AS-level)

Animal Management Animal Management (for Scientists) Horse Management

NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy

Other Level 3 Childcare and Education Diploma (CACHE)

Level 2 Diplomas Animal Care Business Countryside and Environment Hospitality IT Practitioners Public Services Sport (Performance)

NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy

Other Level 2 AAT Level 2 Certificate Childcare and Education Diploma (CACHE) Pre-Nursing Resort Representative SAGE Book-keeping Fitness* MAPP: BTEC Level 2 Certificates in Media, Art, Performance and Photography * planned for 2011

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


Bethany James

Barny Voelcker Benson

Level 3 Vocational student Bethany is a second year student on the NVQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy.

Barny has demonstrated as a level 3 student at Cirencester College, you can study a combination of vocational qualifications alongside A-levels.

formerly of Acorn School

formerly of Highworth Warneford School

“I joined Cirencester College because of the good reputation it has for it’s beauty therapy courses. The support of my tutor and lecturers has enabled me to achieve my goals.

Barny joined the College 3 years ago to do the Access to A-levels course, from which he gained an impressive portfolio of GCSEs.

On the course you are given plenty of opportunities to enhance your skills; I took the Indian Head Massage course on a Monday evening. We also visited exhibitions, one being at London Olympia which gave us the chance to observe new techniques from other beauty companies.

Since then Barny’s journey has gone from strength to strength after starting his level 3 programme which includes A-level Fine Art, Psychology and the BTEC Certificate in Uniformed Public Services. Amongst other achievements Barny has climbed mountains, built and camped out in an igloo and created amazing sculptures.

The lecturers have shown so much enthusiasm for beauty therapy, it has definitely rubbed off on me and now that I am a qualified beauty therapist, I feel extremely excited about starting my career in the industry! Hopefully my skills will take me all over the world!”

“If you are joining Cirencester College from a small school like I did you will very quickly feel at home and make friends. In my first term I camped out with a group of students on my course in the mud and rain;

Congratulations to Bethany, who is joining a Beauty Therapy Salon in Cirencester as a full time beauty therapist.

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011


the experience brought our group together as a team and I gained a lot of friends very quickly. I chose to do Art, Psychology and Uniformed Public Services because I wanted a diverse range of academic and vocational courses that would prepare me for university. My time at Cirencester College has been entirely positive; my lecturers have been very supportive and enthusiastic; they have been a key part of making my time at Cirencester College so interesting. Go on as many trips and activities as you can; they are essential and highly enjoyable. I also joined the Outdoor Club where I learnt to rock climb! When I finish at the College I hope to go on to Cardiff University to study Criminology.” Barny achieved two grade As and a grade C in his A-levels alongside a double distinction in his Uniformed Public Services.

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:

13 15

Foundation Degrees Students of both vocational and A-level, courses can now continue on to Higher Education at Cirencester College. By working in partnership with higher education institutions across the country we are now delivering foundation degrees in: l Criminology

l l l

and Criminal Justice (University of West of England) Financial Services (Open University) Business (Open University) Environmental Conservation and Heritage Management (Royal Agricultural College)

We are planning to offer from 2011 Foundation Degrees in Computing, Sport, Early Years, Art and Drama. One student who joined the College 2 years ago and is about to start her Foundation Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Chelsea Hunt.

Student Life Cirencester College Prospectus 2011


Chelsea Hunt

formerly of Cirencester Kingshill School Chelsea joined the College in 2008 to take a BTEC National Diploma (now called the Extended National Diploma) in Uniformed Public Services. “I chose Cirencester College because it had good reviews from the people who had chosen my course before. I wanted to take the Public Services course because eventually I would like to join the police force and this course is the ideal preparation. The course is very much a hands on course which is what I wanted. The College and staff were very helpful and supportive with my dyslexia. My lecturers refused to let me give up. In my last year we went to the Lake District for 5 days. We had so much fun. We also had a canoeing trip which I loved particularly as it was our last trip as a group. I am now going to start my Foundation Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the College and after two years I intend to take my final year in Bristol at the University of West of England.” All of Chelsea’s hard work paid off as she gained a triple distinction (equivalent to 3 grade As at A-level) in her National Diploma.

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


career academies

In a recent survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) , the top criteria for recruitment were employability skills, having a positive attitude and relevant work experience! This is something we have long known at Cirencester College. In 2004 we established the first of our Career Academy programmes and now have Career Academies in Finance, Business, IT, Science & Technology, Heritage and also in Sports by September 2011. Academy programmes are employer driven, managed and influenced by active and enthusiastic Board members comprising both industry and academic representatives - focussed on raising aspirations and developing career awareness, enabling students to reach their full potential. The student’s focus, commitment and motivation is key to their acceptance on to an Academy Programme. Academy students gain a blend of work skills alongside their academic studies giving them a very real choice of higher education study or a head start in embarking on a full-time career when they leave College.

Class of 2010 Graduating Academy students Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

Operating in conjunction with Career Academies UK, Cirencester College is the only local college to offer Academy programmes.

Cameron Holloway was a member of the Finance Academy from 2005 to 2007. He tells us what the Academies meant to him. ‘I studied A-levels in Economics and Business Studies alongside my BTEC Award in Personal and Business Finance. Lessons were really varied in content and structure - from guru lectures to away days and of course the 6 week paid internship. I was fortunate enough to complete my internship at Zurich Financial Services in Swindon where I gained exposure to the ‘real world’ working with three different teams. I attended meetings and was set special projects by my employers - a truly invaluable experience.

Ollie Ashforth-Shaw formerly of Marling School Ollie joined Cirencester College as a 1st year Finance Academy student in 2009 taking AS-levels in Business Studies, Economics and Maths alongside his BTEC National Award in Personal and Business Finance. “The Career Academy has given me many opportunities to get involved with the real world of finance. There are so many benefits to being part of the academies, one being that you get an industry expert to mentor you whilst you are on the course. My mentor Jeremy Lodwick has given me a real insight in to the world of finance, helped me to write a new CV, fill in application forms and get me workplace visits in London. I am also looking forward to my paid internship in the summer at St James’s Place, which is a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience as well as building up my contacts in the finance industry. We have been on various trips, one to London called ‘The Capital Experience’ where we visited some management consultants in their workplace and met other career academy students from all around the country. We visited the NYSE Stock Exchange in Paris, opening the trading for the day. I also attended a Finance Conference in Somerset where we met with the politicians who make the real decisions about the finances of the country.

My mentor, also from Zurich, was an absolute inspiration to me. He helped me to focus on my course work and any other issues that came up. I really enjoyed the Finance Academy because of its vocational nature, and firmly believe that the interpersonal, professional and the job skills that I gained from the course, helped me to get to where I am today. I am currently working for Ernst and Young LLP and hope to become a qualified accountant in 3 years.”


I am a member of the Student Union, a Student Governor, a member of the College Forum, a Student Ambassador and am also working on my Duke of Edinburgh Award. When I finish I hope to go on to university and study economics or finance. Cirencester College is different, you are treated as an adult, and it is the perfect stepping stone between school and university.”

What is like to be an academy mentor? Jeremy Lodwick a self employed Investment Manager mentors Ollie AshforthShaw (see left). “I have been part of the mentoring programme for over three years, working with five students in total. The topics and issues we discuss in our meetings (normally over a cup of Costa Coffee) are many and varied and I tend to let the student take the lead in setting the direction of the conversation. University choices, career decisions, time management and work experience are just some of the issues that are discussed. I’ve helped sharpen up written CVs and personal statements and have done some dry runs through simulated interviews, advising on techniques or body language, eye contact and projecting self-confidence. The enthusiasm and energy of the students is often impressive - after all they have pro-actively chosen to take part in the programme - and the time commitment on my part is really very modest!”

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apprenticeships If you want to start work and earn a salary whilst continuing to study and gain qualifications you should consider an apprenticeship. How does it work? We help you find employment as an apprentice and provide a structured programme of training leading to a recognised qualification, at Level 2 or Level 3. All our apprenticeships are managed and developed through Cirencester College’s Business School. The Business School largely focuses on employer requirements and apprenticeships are at the heart of the Business School’s vocational training programmes. Staff can help you access employers, find out more about different apprenticeships and help you understand the financial benefits of opting for an apprenticeship. Available Apprenticeships Cirencester College has apprenticeships available in:

• • • •

Accountancy Business Administration Child Care (New 2010) Customer Service

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

• • • • • •

Digital Media (New 2011) Financial Services Health & Social Care (New 2010) Hospitality Marketing Communications (New 2010) Youth Work

Check out our website at for more information on apprenticeships and work-based learning opportunities. Find out more about how apprenticeships work and apprenticeship jobs across the country at

not only in the UK but to the Far East in my new role. I have agreed with my new company to develop my apprenticeship further at level 3.” If Victoria’s story inspires you, then find out more about how an apprenticeship might work for you, by contacting Cirencester College Business School on 01285 653961 or e-mail:

Kingston Gapate

formerly of Deer Park School

Victoria Walker Kingston’s journey at College began with a Level 2 BTEC First Diploma in Business. He is now in the first year of his Level 3 BTEC Business National Diploma.

Apprenticeship Success After completing her BTEC National Diploma in Media, Victoria Walker (pictured right) chose to take up an apprenticeship with Cirencester College. “I applied to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to gain practical experience. I feel it is a brilliant way to improve working practices in a real work setting, whilst being paid!”

“My lecturers’ enthusiasm have inspired me to do better and get better grades. This is one of the top colleges in the country and from here I am hoping to go to university to take Business and Law.”

Having completed her apprenticeship at level 2 in Business Administration, Victoria has accepted a marketing position with a local company in Fairford, Invertec Ltd. “In my new role I am building on my experience and knowledge from my studies, my vocational training and the experiences from my first apprenticeship which has really given me a career boost. I am now working with greater confidence and even travelling


Access to A-levels Level 2 Access to A-levels (Level 2 courses) is a demanding fast track one year GCSE programme designed for students who have achieved three Cs at GCSE from the academic core subjects or who have the ability to do so. It is also designed to meet the needs of students joining us from Steiner education, home education or overseas as it offers quick progression to A-levels.

What Level 2 courses do Cirencester offer? GCSEs Ancient Greek Applied Science Art English Health and Social Care History Human Health and Physiology Law Mathematics Photography Psychology

First Diplomas Animal Care Business Countryside and Environment Hospitality IT Practitioners Public Services Sport (Performance)

NVQ Level 2

Other Level 2 AAT Level 2 Certificate Childcare and Education Diploma (CACHE) French Conversation Functional Skills English ICT Maths Italian Conversation Pre-Nursing Resort Representative SAGE Book-keeping Spanish Conversation Fitness* MAPP: BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Media, Art, Performance and Photography * planned for 2011

Beauty Therapy

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


Carolina Varela-Lopera formerly of Archway School Carolina joined the College last September to take a level 2 BTEC First Diploma in Business, GCSE English Language together with level 3 courses in AS and A-level Spanish. “My first choice was Cirencester College because of its outstanding reputation. It also had all the courses I wanted to do which will help me with my future plans. I have been given the opportunity to take subjects that I always wanted to do, but was unfortunately unable to take at school, in Business and English. Also as my mother’s language is Spanish, Cirencester College allowed me to take my AS and A-level Spanish in one year. These courses will help me to achieve all my learning goals as next year I will be taking French, Italian and English Language. Then I hope to go to university to study

Aaron Skinley Level 1 formerly of Deer Park School

Level 1 Level 1 courses are designed to help students who may have gained the GCSE grades of Es, Fs and Gs, or have no other formal qualifications.

languages and become either a translator or an interpreter. I have also been able to spend some relaxation time training with the netball team.

The course includes: l The

I have really enjoyed my time at Cirencester in the last year, the college has a friendly atmosphere and this has helped me to plan my future whilst at the same time encouraged me to make lots of new friends!”


l Functional


skills Maths, English and IT

Personal and Social Development

Plus an optional vocational pathway in a choice of level 1 courses including:

Carolina had exceptional exam results in the summer of 2010, gaining grade As in both her Spanish A and AS-levels, a grade C in her English Language and distinction* in her BTEC 1st Diploma in English. Carolina is now starting GCSEs in French and Italian and AS-levels in Media Studies and English Language.


Hospitality including catering


Business Administration


Animals/Land Based


Sport Award and Active Leisure



Aaron joined the College from school a year ago and chose catering as his vocational option. This has meant that Aaron is involved in preparing food and working in the cafe bar at the College. “I really love catering, particularly when you prepare food for customers and watch their faces when they taste the food.” After gaining the ASDAN CoPE Award Aaron is now joining Swindon College on a full time course in September taking the NVQ Level 1 in Catering. “When I have finished my NVQ 1, I want to progress to the next level and then eventually I want to work in a Michelin Star restaurant!”

23 Cirencester College Prospectus 2011


For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


Foundation Learning Entry Level 2/3

Foundation Learning Entry Level 1

The Entry Level 2/3 course develops employability skills and includes l ASDAN




Functional skills English, Maths and IT

Plus an introduction to: l





Animals - land based


Sport Award and Active Leisure

Hayley is also on the Entry Level 1 course, studying numeracy, literacy, computers, catering, keeping fit, painting and crafts.

The Entry Level 1 course is designed to help students to work towards their own learning goals, course includes

Employability Award

Personal and Social Development

Hayley Fowles - Entry Level 1 E2i

Ellie Cross-Jones Entry Level 2/3 Ellie has been at the College for two years and has been learning the skills that will help to find a career. Ellie has worked on her business administration and catering and is now joining the retail group who work in the College’s Inspire retail shop. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I joined the college, but I now know I want to work in the hospitality industry. I already have two part time jobs, one in housekeeping and one as a waitress. The college has given me the inspiration, I am a hard worker and I really enjoy cooking and working with the customers.”

Entry level

Diploma in Personal Progress


Functional skills English, Maths and IT


Certificate in communications

Aiden Spencer Entry Level 1 E2i Since joining the college Aiden has studied retail, garden, keeping fit, catering and creative arts. Aiden enjoys working in ‘Inspire’, the students’ own retail shop which was set up by the Charitable Trust to give the students the opportunity to work in a realistic retail environment. “I like working in the shop and serving and chatting to the customers, I have met lots of new friends.”

“In the kitchens this year we have learnt a lot about healthy eating and have made meals with pasta and fish. But my very favourite pudding that I made was pineapple upsidedown pudding, it was delicious but probably not as healthy!” “At the moment we are doing some research in to going away on a trip where we stay overnight, I am really looking forward to it!”

Aiden has used this retail knowledge to do some research projects for the shop; including ones for fair trade, shop furniture and pricing. Aiden also enjoys working in the greenhouse, “I have grown beetroot, courgettes, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and herbs. I have also entered the bean competition!”

Ellie will be progressing on to the Foundation Level 1 course with Hospitality in September which will keep her well on her way to fulfilling her career ambitions.

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

Hayley loves her time at the college, “I like studying at College, I also enjoy helping others so when I have finished my work I like to help support my friends with theirs.”


For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:

25 25

What next?


easy steps to becoming a student at Cirencester College

1 Open Events

An essential starting point is to come along to one of our Open Events which are on: Saturday 16 October 2010 and Thursday 20 January 2011.

Our team of guidance staff visits most of our partner schools in the area to offer information and guidance. This is an opportunity for you to find out more about Cirencester College and to ask questions.

This is the nearest thing to a real College day; you can try up to five subjects and experience the atmosphere at Cirencester (a great help in making those important choices). Our partner schools in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire will organise this for you (see page 3), but if your school is not involved please contact the Admissions Officer at the College for details.

4 Applications

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

We start taking applications from 16 October 2010. You can apply online at

7 Freshers’ Day

As Cirencester College has been over-subscribed for the past few years we strongly recommend that you apply as soon as possible after that date to avoid disappointment. We can only guarantee your place if you apply before 4 March 2011.

You will be invited to Freshers’ Day, where new students to the College come to celebrate the end of GCSEs. We have music and a Fresher Fair with all our clubs and sports teams represented. It’s a great chance to meet your fellow students and the subject staff teaching your subjects.

8 Enrolment

6 Interviews

3 Choices Day or you can download our enrolment form or collect a form from your school or the College.

5 Application Deadline

This is an opportunity to meet our lecturers and view our impressive facilities.

2 The Schools Liaison Team

Once we receive your application form we will send you a date for your interview. If you have not heard from us within 3 weeks of applying please contact the Admissions Office.

After Fresher’s Day you will be invited back in August to enrol officially at Cirencester College; you will have your results checked on this day and your course finalised. If you do not get the grades you expected, we still would like you to come to your appointment, as this is an opportunity to review your programme of study with a member of the Admissions Team.

Interviews will start from 1 November 2010. One of our expert team of admissions staff will interview you and will give you impartial advice on choosing the right course. This is also an opportunity to discuss any extra support requirements that you may have. It is essential you have some idea about what you want to do.

9 Induction

You will usually receive a conditional offer which is subject to your exam results and a satisfactory reference.

Before the beginning of term you will be invited to Induction where again you will meet fellow students and your Personal Tutor.

10 Start of Term 5 September 2011.

Ivona Swistun

formerly of St Joseph’s Catholic College Ivona is taking a diverse combination of AS-levels in Chemistry, History, English Language and Literature, Maths and General Studies. “I chose English Language and Literature after speaking to one of the lecturers on Open Day, they really helped me realise it was right for me. I took part in the ‘Lessons from Auschwitz Project’ which gave myself and another student the opportunity to speak to a Holocaust survivor and visit Auschwitz Birkenau which was a truly enlightening experience. Cirencester has a lot to offer academically and socially, I have made so many new friends. But above all the main reason I chose Cirencester College is that it is clearly the best college in the area, especially for A-levels.” Ivona gained 5 grade As and a grade C in her AS-levels and is now starting her A-levels.

9 26

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: email:


Support Cirencester College is committed to celebrating diversity, promoting equality of opportunity and ensuring everyone achieves their full potential.

Student Support Providing excellent pastoral care for each and every student lies at the heart of Cirencester College’s mission. You will have your own personal tutor who will get to know and support you throughout your time at College. They will be responsible for ensuring that your programme of studies meets your needs and will monitor your progress and attendance at the College. Cirencester College fully recognises its responsibilities for the protection of young people and vulnerable adults. We follow the procedures set out by the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board.

Careers Advice All students are entitled to Careers Advice during their time at College. A careers appointment is tailored to the individual and can help students consider their options, be it higher education, taking a gap year or looking for an apprenticeship or employment. Careers Advice at the College is delivered impartially in partnership with Connexions.

Academy Jobshop To help students develop the kind of skills employers demand, we have launched the Academy Jobshop - the College’s very own job finder service designed to help students to find the right kind of job, a high profile paid internship, work experience or the career of their choice. The service advertises jobs via the website and on the Jobshop notice board in the college. Students will be helped in their applications by the provision of job skills workshops and one-to-one careers coaching.

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

Additional Learning Support Cirencester College actively welcomes students with a wide range of abilities, specific learning difficulties and disabilities. Wherever possible we adjust to, and cater for, your needs including access to buildings. All students are screened to assess their individual learning needs and whether extra support is needed to help them through their studies. This may be given in a variety of different ways from class support to one to one tuition. We provide a comprehensive range of support for: l students who have specific learning difficulties eg dyslexia, dyspraxia, Aspergers l students who have a physical/sensory impairment eg visual or hearing impairment or other physical support needs l students who feel, or whose teachers feel, they need some extra support l students who have had previous exam dispensations/exam access arrangements or support in their school.

Counselling Students can access free one-to-one confidential counselling on a short term basis. The Counselling Service enables students to explore and understand issues, be they personal, family or college related, that are impacting negatively on their ability to gain the most from their time at College. Students are then supported to make any changes they decide are necessary.


Financial Support The College has experienced advisers who can provide support through the EMA process, welfare benefits, accommodation issues etc. The College also has some funds available to help those families on low incomes. The College will once gain host ‘Money Week’ when students can learn more about managing their money.

Cirencester College Online CCO is the College’s intranet where students can access all kinds of information ranging from careers and higher education to College policies. Students can get involved in polls, learner surveys and discussion forums, keep up with College events and submit articles the best of which will be published on our website. CCO is also the home of our Moodle VLE (virtual learning environment) where students can find useful course materials and take up the option of submitting homework online.

Website This prospectus focuses on the choices, opportunities and the high quality support available to you at Cirencester. For more information and details of courses please visit the website on Parents are updated on student progress regularly throughout the year through our Parent Evenings, Link newsletter and more recently through Parent Zone. This area of the website, keeps parents up to date with progress and latest events. Our Facebook site also plays a key to our communication with students, an opportunity to ask us a quick question and expect a quick answer.

Sophie Lousada

formerly of Cheltenham College Sophie has just finished her first year at Cirencester taking AS-levels in History of Art, History, English Literature, Politics and General Studies. “I chose Cirencester College as it had a wider range of courses and much more diversity of people. The teaching is more focussed and the teachers are really passionate about their subjects which inspires you to achieve the highest standard you can. I have always been interested in American History, the course focuses on some of the most interesting events in history. I have also been to Paris on a Politics trip and listened to speakers including Vince Cable. I found it really interesting to hear politician’s views of our future. On the fun side we visited the Eiffel Tower and went on a cruise down the River Seine. Cirencester College is great, you get treated like an adult and you learn the importance of learning independently and achieving your goals. It is also easy to make lots of new friends.”

For more information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


Places at the top ranking universities (including Oxbridge, the Russell Group of universities, and a handful of others) are increasingly competitive, with many courses receiving over 20 applications for every place on offer. Here at Cirencester College we want to equip our most academically able students with the qualifications, advice and skills they will need to achieve a place on one of these courses. Our 2 year High Achievers Programme combine classroom sessions with independent study and university-related advice sessions, guest speakers and visits. Students are encouraged to distinguish themselves from other qualified applicants by taking part in one or more of a range of additional academic and enrichment activities such as the Extended Project or progression Award, Duke of Edinburgh, and involvement in charitable or subject-related activities. Members of the High Achievers Programme also have their own approach to A-level General Studies, designed to develop and hone their discussion and debating skills in preparation for university interviews.

This programme offers the added opportunity of working closely with the Science Academy, giving access to mentoring internships and various visits, lectures and discussions.

Futures Day, Higher Education Advice and University Visits Our programme of advice and guidance concerning Careers and University choices begins in earnest in the February of the first year. The main event is Futures Day in April featuring over 100 talks and workshops on a wide range of subjects. Students learn how the decision making and application process works. Guest speakers come from a range of local and national universities, professional associations and employers, and students are able to pose their own questions. Students regularly rate this the most helpful single event in their decisions about what to go on to when they leave College.

STEM Group (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) This group is for particularly high achieving students who have a clear focus on a career in science, such as medicine, veterinary, engineering or other specialist scientific disciplines. The group aims to broaden and deepen scientific understanding, involving a wide range of curriculum

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011



High Achievers Academy

based study and extra-curricular enrichment, and an ‘Extended Project’ in their chosen discipline.

student life


Here at Cirencester College we want to equip all of our students, at whichever level they are studying, with the ability to reach their full potential.

Cirencester For the latestCollege information Prospectus contact2011 the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


Facilities Library, IT facilities and Learning Resource Centres The College library has over 11,000 course text books as well as holding recreational books, periodicals, newspapers, maps, videos and dvds which you can browse through or borrow. The library also has its own quiet study areas. There are IT drop-in suites available in all areas of the College as well as three Learning Resource Centres; these are supervised quiet areas where students are able to use the computers which have internet access and printing facilities.

Tastebuds Tastebuds is our refectory and offers a range of catering facilities from 8.30 in the morning, whether it is a hot meal, the Salad Bar, or a light snack from our ‘Grab and Go’ Shop.

Reprographics and Stationery Shop Our reprographics department will see to all your photocopying needs. They also run a shop which is fully equipped with cards, stationery, pens, art and textiles materials and equipment at affordable prices.

Fitness Suite For the fitness enthusiast membership to the fitness suite is very reasonable and includes a fitness assessment on joining.

Early Years Centre The BrightEyes Early Years Centre offers high quality childcare for babies from 3 months to pre-school. Open all year round, it meets the needs of students, working parents and offers those studying childcare work placements.

Sundial Theatre The College Theatre has established itself as a lively venue for both professional and student events, with many sellout performances. Watch out for top touring companies and special offers for students.

Tranquillity Beauty Salon Students can indulge themselves at very little cost in the latest beauty treatments. Appointments can be made for a variety of relaxing or revitalising treatments at Tranquillity reception in Cirencester.

Inspire Our swiss style chalet shop, run by our entry level students, sells snacks, hand made craft and seasonal items.

Media and Photography Suites The purpose built Media facilities offer a wide range of video, data and interactive media equipment including four suites of Apple Mac workstations.

Science Laboratories Students and staff continue to enjoy our new state of the art labs. Theory is taught in classrooms then students move into the open plan labs for practicals alongside other groups. Chemistry, Biology and Applied Science all working together creates a great atmosphere in this large airy well equipped practical space.

Samantha Ayres

formerly of Deer Park School Sam chose a combination of courses at Cirencester College which fits in perfectly to the career path that she has chosen, teaching. Sam is taking AS-level Biology, English Language, Psychology alongside a Pre-Teaching course. “Pre-teaching has given me a real insight in to teaching as a career. The main part which is the placement is good and I have learnt so much. I have made great friendships with staff and pupils! My time at Cirencester so far has been an incredible journey. I love all my lecturers (cheesy I know!) But they are fantastic, they are friendly, funny and extremely supportive. I plan to do a B.Ed course in teaching after I pass my A-levels and then teach in primary schools. My course has given me the experience and helped me to decide my future”

Smoke-Free College

Language Laboratory We have a 16 station language laboratory which students use for at least one hour per week. This facility allows language learners to work at their own pace while improving their listening skills.

Cirencester College declared all college sites smoke free (1 July 2007). This move was supported by the vast majority of staff and students and followed a period of discussion and consultation throughout the college. Smokers are therefore only permitted to smoke in the area designated.

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011


For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


‘Many students benefit from the wide range of curriculum enrichment activities, including trips, visits, residentials and other off site learning activities. Learners speak very highly of the way in which these activities enhance their experience and enjoyment of college.’ Ofsted Inspectors December 2006

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

Join in

War Child Duke of Edinburgh

Equestrian Society

Citizenship Staff and students at Cirencester College are members of local, national and international communities; we encourage and support one another in developing our understanding of those communities, and in taking up our responsibilities as both local and global citizens through academic work, enrichment activities, volunteering and fund raising.

Business Students

Outdoor Activities Club and


Get involved

The Great Ethiopian Run

Historical & Archaeological Society

Debating Society

Sport Students

Student Ambassadors

Auschwitz Survivor Harry Bibring


Raising Awareness 34

Law Club

Fund Raising

Enrichment Opportunities

Jenny Hayhurst formerly of Kingshill School “I was amazed when I came to college at how knowledgeable and inspiring each of the lecturers are. In February 2010 I went on the German Exchange and worked in a primary school for a week. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life, I gained so much confidence! I also belong to the Environmental Club, a small group of us debate current environmental issues and I joined the student ambassadors, which is a great way of meeting people. I am hoping to study French and German at Oxford.” Jenny is taking A-levels in Biology, French, German, Law and Psychology.

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


football academy

football academy roll of honour

The football academy concept was initiated by Cirencester College and Cirencester Town Football Club in 1996.


Academy you could progress to: l

Careers in professional football and semiprofessional football Football coaching Football refereeing Further and Higher Education Full-time work in sports and/or leisure related areas Overseas scholarships in the USA

The vision was to provide full-time soccer coaching in conjunction with full-time education. This model set the benchmark that numerous colleges have followed and it gained the coveted National Training Award in 1999.


The weekly training regime involves:

As a member of the Football Academy:

l l l l l l l


Daily individual training and team coaching Individual player assessment and development Football Fitness Individual fitness profile and advice Diet and nutrition FA coaching and refereeing qualifications League fixtures (including South West Counties Under 18s and English Colleges’ Football League Premier and Regional Divisions) Cup competitions (ESFA Colleges’ Trophy, FA Youth Cup, English Colleges Cup and Glos County)

After completing your time in the Football

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

l l l l

You will have a full programme of academic/vocational study l You can select from the whole range of programmes offered by Cirencester College e.g. A and AS-levels, National Extended Diplomas. l

Players are selected for the Academy on the basis of their football ability. Trial dates for the September 2011 entry are in March/April 2011. To find out more you can contact the Admissions Office at the College. Prospective students should however submit their applications for a college place well before these dates.

Alec Daley

formerly of Nova Hreod School

ESFA Under 19 Schools and Colleges Trophy 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005


British College Champions 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2001

Liam Williams

Gloucestershire County College Cup

Second Year student Liam Williams (formerly of Bradon Forest School), was selected this year to represent England in the England Schools U18 Squad. Liam competed against some stiff competition to earn his place, in a gruelling selection process at Lilleshall. This gave Liam the opportunity to play in the U18 Centenary Shield against the home countries and the Republic of Ireland. He was also picked for the squad which travelled to Atlanta on a 10 day trip. America obviously liked Liam’s talent for football, as he was offered a full scholarship at the University of Connecticut, where Liam will be studying from September 2010.


1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 South West Colleges Cup 1998, 1999, 2000 South West Counties Youth League Cup 1999 Football Conference League Cup Under 19s 2008 South West County League Champions 2009

international honours British Colleges National Squad

English Colleges National Squad

Welsh Schools (U18)

Nick McCray (98) Adam Wainwright (98) Neil Morris (98) Kevin Sawyer (98) Phil Corcoran (99) Chris Cobb (99) Toby Clark (01/02) Adam Mayo (01/02)

Matt Green (05) Craig Curtis (05)

Neil Morris (98)

English Schools (U18) Sam Allison (99) Chris Bass (02) Lee Stevens (04) Robert Hodge (05) Karl Reynolds (06)

Liam Williams (10)

former academy players

James Constable - Walsall, Shrewsbury, Oxford United Stuart Nelson - Millwall, Brentford, Leyton Orient, Norwich City, Aberdeen Matthew Green - Cardiff City, Torquay United, Oxford United Chris Zebroski - Millwall, Plymouth, Wycombe Wdrs, Torquay Utd Jamie Gosling - Yeovil Town, Torquay United

Alec is taking the BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science as well as being a member of the Football Academy. “So far I have enjoyed every bit of my time at Cirencester College. The Football Academy is a really successful programme. My course is worked around the football so it doesn’t clash with other lessons. The teaching at Cirencester College is of a high quality. It’s not just what they teach you but they get to understand you and build a strong relationship within the class. They provide individual learning to help you to achieve your maximum potential. There is lots of hard work at College but you get to meet lots of new friends from all types of backgrounds!”

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:

35 37

college sport Cross College Sports


are designed to allow students to represent the College in a competitive environment We also include recreational activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The College now has two netball sides competing against local opposition and the English Colleges League. Priv Chetty British Colleges Reserves Robyn Locke British Colleges Trials

Sport in the 2009/10 season has been a huge success with over 200 students participating in either our annual Ethiopian half marathon or in competitive cross college sports.

sporting achievements 09/10 Cross College Football Over 30 players had the opportunity to represent the College this year.

Rugby British Colleges Midlands League Winners British Colleges Midland Cup Winners Dorset and Wiltshire Championship Winners Individual Rugby Success Sam Halliday SW British Colleges Tom Law SW British Colleges Neal Broadbent SW British Colleges Ed Wilson England Colleges Andy Pederson England Colleges

Girls Rugby In it’s inaugural year the girls rugby won the Bournemouth 10s and competed in the Rosslyn Park Tournament.

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

Phil Drewett


Netball Academy

Kalan-Mai Waite

Corrie Farrel

3rd Place Prague Eurobasket Gloucestershire U19 Champions South West Cup Champions English Schools Glos and Wilts Champions Gloucestershire Mens Div 1 League R/U Last 32 of English Schools Championship Individual Basketball Success Phil Drewett Welsh International Jason Marsland SW representative Louis Fawl SW representative Tim Smith SW representative

Rugby Development Squad

Ben Mitchell

Ed Wilson Girl’s Rugby


Corrie Farrel Hockey - British Colleges Team. Kalan-Mai Waite Working with the GB rowing squad and looking forward to Olympic success in the future. Ben Mitchell 2009 Champion of the Historic Formula Ford Class of the Classic Racing Car Championship. Amr Taha Bronze medallist in British junior Power lifting championships 75kg category.

‘Jets’ Basketball Team


Amr Taha

Girls Football Team

formerly of King Edward’s School Ed (pictured above) is taking the BTEC Sports Exercise and Science National Diploma with Biology AS-level. “Cirencester College was my first choice because of the fantastic opportunities it offered me. I was excited to meet new people, develop my academic and sporting skills, the best thing being the individual attention the coaches give you. The college also offered me the chance to study a BTEC and AS alongside each other, whilst still playing competitive rugby.”

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:



postcards Iceland


Channel 4 Studios

London Galleries

Czech Republic

Paris Organic Farm

Army Apprentices College , Beechey


Tate Modern

Houses of Parliament Auschwitz Venice Ardeche

Knitting & Stitching Show Cirencester College Prospectus 2011


For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


results headlines

top achievers 2010

99.4% A-level pass rate

This is the 6th consecutive year our students have achieved over 99%

42 A-levels have a 100% pass rate

142 students gained the equivalent of 3 grade As at A-level or above either in A-levels, International Baccalaureate or vocational qualifications 40% higher than 2009.

Highlights l l l l l l l l l l l l

Nearly 100 students gained the new A* qualification 79% A*-B pass rate for French, Italian & German A-level Archaeology - 7 out of 16 students gained A* A-level Further Maths - 83% A*-B pass rate 67% gain A*to B in A-level Biology A-level Textiles - 87% A*-B pass rate A-level Politics - 71% A*-B pass rate 11 students gained A* for A-level Photography A-level World Development 83% A*-B pass rate 91% of students gained 3 distinctions or 2 distinctions and a merit in Sport Exercise & Science 71% of students gained 3 distinctions or 2 distinctions and a merit in Performing Arts 91% of students gained a distinction in their Personal and Business Finance Award

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

National Diplomas (now called the Extended National Diploma)

(DDD = triple distinctions are equivalent to 3 grade As at A-level. Some students took an additional A-level)

International Baccalaureate and A-levels Joe Simpson (St Peter’s RC High School) 43 points Katy Stewart (Bradon Forest) A*A*A*AA Dalraj Bahia (Kingsdown) A*AAAA Hugh Loxton (Wynstones) A*A*A*AC Joseph O’Connell (St Joeseph’s Catholic College) A*A*AAB Katie Shaylor (Thomas Keble) A*A*AAB Sean Davey (Highworth Warneford) A*AAAB Sophia Tollington (Highworth Warneford) A*AAAB Richard Townsend (Thomas Keble) A*AAAB Lindsay Pike (Cirencester Deer Park) A*AAAB Stacey Boorman (Nova Hreod) A*AAAB Abigail Portus (Cirencester Deer Park) 39 points Emmeline Kellett (Rednock) A*A*ABB Rebekka Tiet (Dorcan Technology College) A*AAAC Daniel Waldron (Nova Hreod) A*ABB + dist Alice Goody (Bradon Forest) AAABB Ethan Gunton (Bradon Forest) A*AABC Robyn Smith (Stroud High) A*AABC Barny Voelcker Benson (Acorn) AAC + 2 dist Hope Dinsey (Bradon Forest) 36 points Lorna Averies (Highworth Warneford) AAAAE Joshua Jones (Highworth Warneford) AAABC Katharine Weetman (Cirencester Deer Park) AAABC Eleanor Dewdney (Commonweal) A*A*AA Tom Ruggles (Thomas Keble) A*A*AA Scott Hunter (Highworth Warneford) AAAAE Joseph Amoah (Bradon Forest) 30 points + dist Bonita Foster (Cirencester Deer Park) 35 points Kara-Jane Senior (Churchfields) 35 points Hamish Arnott (Pates) A*AAA Rebecca Cairns (Thomas Keble) A*AAA Joanne Hilliar (Malmesbury) A*A*AB

Daniel Kent (Greendown) Mitchell Stone (Cirencester Deer Park) Christopher Etheridge (Bradon Forest) Elizabeth Francksen (Katharine Lady Berkeley’s) Emily Harrison (Highworth Warneford) Rebecca Hyland (Highworth Warneford) Jake Pembroke (Cirencester Deer Park) Lydia Reeder (Greendown) Carla Yorukoglu (Commonweal) Rachael Robinson (Cirencester Deer Park) Philip Williams (Highworth Warneford) Kate Medland (Bradon Forest) Jay Delves (Farmors) David Halfacree (Grittleton) Matthew Jones (Kingsdown) Jessica Price (Greendown) Jodi Walsh (Kingsdown) William Cable (Grittleton) Kelsey Ross (Thomas Keble) Jessica Bailey (Stroud High) Laura Else (St Joseph’s) Kathryn Rudge (Stroud High) Samuel Ward (Sir William Romney) Oskar Haser (St Laurence) Laura Eley (Archway) Zoe Grimes (Cirencester Deer Park) Benjamin Clive (Cirencester Kingshill) May Cameron (Wynstones) Olivia Thiessen (Wootton Bassett) Shota Bauer (London Central High) Rose Hindley (Rednock) Rosie Webber (Bradon Forest School)



Art and Design Kate Oldroyd (Wootton Bassett) DDD Business (Marketing) Matthew Wignall (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Charles Bond (Thomas Keble) DDD Charlotte Ridley (Highworth Warneford) DDD Daniel Salsbury (Katherine Lady Berkley’s) DDD Theo Webb (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD Bailey Wilkie (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD + C Business Muhibur Rahman (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Countryside Management Jake Richardson (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Joseph Woodcock (Thomas Keble) DDD ICT Practitioner Benjamin Argo (St Edward’s) DDD Barnaby Brunsdon (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD Lewis Leatherbarrow (Malmesbury) DDD Alexander Parker (Wycliffe College) DDD Media Studies Rachel Chalmers (Archway) DDD Virginia Chilton (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD James Crawley (Highworth Warneford) DDD + C George Telling (Nova Hreod) DDD Sports Exercise and Science Alexander Bush (Faringdon Community College) DDD Luke Cordery (Dorcan Technology College) DDD Alex Down (Dorcan Technology College) DDD Grace Evans (Bradon Forest) DDD David Hands (Marling) DDD Abby Hayes (Bradon Forest) DDD

Benjamin Langridge (St Paul’s Catholic College) DDD Jody Lawrence (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Jason Marsland (Thomas Keble) DDD Callum Miller (Dorcan Technology College) DDD Zachary Moylan-Clifford (Bournside) DDD James Parsons (Bradon Forest) DDD Sophie Richardson (Ridgeway) DDD Katie-Anne Salter (St Mary’s College, NZ) DDD Jade Shelton (Thomas Keble) DDD Kalan-Mai Waite (Thomas Keble) DDD Daniel Watson (Greendown Community School) DDD + C Sports Development and Fitness Shaun Bath (Katharine Lady Berkeley’s) DDD Paul Belton (Rednock School) DDD Joe Bently (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD Neal Broadbent (Archway) DDD Corrie Farrel (Bournside) DDD Rachel McCrirrick (Thomas Keble) DDD David Millaci (St Joseph’s Catholic College) DDD Theodore Stubbs (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Richard Tremblen (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Sports Outdoor Adventure Callum Brown (Dorcan Technology College) DDD Uniformed Public Services Daniel Beebee (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD Gabriel Blythe-Haus (Wynstones) DDD + C Myles Cooper (Balcarras) DDD William Cross (Balcarras) DDD Brendan Curwen (Wynstones) DDD Heather Freegard (Kingsdown) DDD Samuel Henson (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD + C

Jordan Hill (Bradon Forest) DDD Chelsea Hunt (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Callum Johnson (Bradon Forest) DDD Declan McGann (Highworth Warneford) DDD Daniel Norcross (Bradon Forest) DDD David Powell (Nova Hreod) DDD Ryan Simmonds (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Rebecca Walker (Cirencester Kingshill) DDD Samuel Westerby (Thomas Keble) DDD Performance Arts Rhianne Banyard (Thomas Keble) DDD Christina Bennett (Cleeve) DDM + Dist Jessica Booth (Rednock) DDD Christopher Carter (Thomas Keble) DDD Shellie Chambers (Sir William Romney) DDD + Dist Leah Cooke (Archway) DDD Rachel Daly (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD Alice Entwistle (Bradon Forest) DDD Philippa Montgomery (Sir William Romney’s) DDM + Dist Gemma Rees (Bradon Forest) DDD Kayla Rejek (Bradon Forest) DDD Daniel Sundelin-Hooker (Brockworth Enterprise Sch) DDD Emily-Claire Thomson (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD Robert Watson (Ribston Hall High) DDD Travel and Tourism Jessica Foxwell (Katharine Lady Berkeley’s) DDD Childcare & Education CACHE Level 3 Diploma (grade A is equivalent to 3 grade As at A-level) Lucy Bailey (Farmors) A Eleanor Fleet (St Joseph’s Catholic College) A Annie Jackson (Kesteven and Grantham Girls) A

For the latest information contact the college on 01285 640994 | visit: | email:


A-Level Results Day - 19 August 2010

Carla Yorukoglu A*AAB (ex Commonweal School) “I had a fantastic time at College and am delighted with my results” Carla will be taking English Literature at Southampton

Our highest achiever this year was Joe Simpson who gained 43 points in the IB (equivalent to 6 grade As at A-level). “The college has been a great place to study with a really relaxed atmosphere. Amazingly friendly and enthusiastic staff who made all my lessons enjoyable and motivational. New students should make the most of the opportunities on offer - I was able to take free art and Spanish classes alongside my course! I’m going to study Medicine at UCL next year, I owe a lot to my teachers and my tutor for helping me with my application and giving me the advice and the inspiration.”

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

Sam Ward AAAD (ex Sir William Romney) “Had the most amazing two years at the most amazing college. Flawless and enthusiastic teaching and great facilities” Sam is going to Exeter University to take Ancient History

Dalraj Bahia A*AAAA (ex Kingsdown School) “Thank you Cirencester. Amazing support and guidance!” Dalraj will be taking Economics at the London School of Economics

Jay Delves A*A*AD (ex Farmors School) “I have loved my courses at Cirencester, the teachers are so passionate about their subjects. They have encouraged and helped me develop to my highest ability” Art Foundation at University of Gloucestershire

Mitchell Stone A*A*AB (ex Deer Park School) I’m so happy with my grades; it’s more than I hoped for. Cirencester has been so supportive all the way through the process and so interested and helpful on Results Day.” Mitchell will be taking Maths at Surrey University

Rebekka Tiet A*AAAC (ex Dorcan Technology College) “Cirencester has been a wonderful experience for me” Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at the London School of Economics

Christopher Etheridge A*AAB (ex Bradon Forest School) “I’m really pleased with my results and would like to thank everyone at Cirencester for making it such an enjoyable couple of years!” Christopher is taking Economics at Exeter or Southampton University


Joseph O’Connell A*A*AAB (ex St Joseph’s Swindon) “I am very happy with my results and cannot imagine having gone to any other College!” Joe is going to the London School of Economics to take Politics and Philosophy

Daniel Kent A*A*A B (ex Greendown School) “Couldn’t have done it without all the help of my teachers!” Business at Nottingham Emmeline Kellett A*A*A BB (ex Rednock School) “I’m really pleased with my results, I really enjoyed my time at Cirencester!” Art Foundation at Stroud College

Sophia Tollington A*AAAB (ex Highworth Warneford) “Cirencester College helped me to get the grades I needed to study psychology at a top university. I feel well prepared to continue my studies after a fun and successful two years.” Sophia will be studying Psychology at York University

Joanne Hilliar A*A*AB (ex Malmesbury School) “I am delighted with my results and have had an amazing time at College.” Joanne is taking English at Southampton University

Katy Stewart A*A*A*AA (ex Bradon Forest School) “I have had a very enjoyable 2 years at Cirencester and I am extremely pleased with my results” Katy will be taking Chemical Engineering at Birmingham University Tom Ruggles A*A*AA (ex Thomas Keble School) “A very enjoyable time at College; the support from lecturers was brilliant. A very comfortable and nice working environment. I would recommend it to all.” Tom is going to Reading University to take Law

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cirencester college charitable trust As the top tertiary college in the country, Cirencester College is attracting ever greater numbers of students. With greater numbers come greater funding issues exacerbated by the prospect of further cuts in public spending. The Cirencester College Charitable Trust was set up to provide a tax efficient opportunity for parents, former students and others with an interest in the work of the College to help improve facilities for students which would not normally be funded from Government sources.

transport As a result of the increased demand from students outside our immediate area for transport to Cirencester College, we now run over 25 coach services each day to and from the College.

“With the College’s ambitious new plans for a brand new Sports Centre, the Trust will be active in supporting the College governors in raising the necessary funds. We will be asking for your support” John Read Chairman Cirencester College Charitable Trust

Coaches run from and stop at the Swindon, Cheltenham, Stroud areas and surrounding villages including:

Last year we received donations and tax refunds for over £27000 which enabled us to:

Abnash Amberley Ashton Keynes Aston View Avening Birdlip Bisley Blunsdon Bourton (Swindon) Bowbridge Brimscombe Broad Blunsdon Brockworth Carterton

l build ’Inspire’, a small shop run by the entry level students selling snacks, crafts and other items to College students, staff and the public l provide furniture for a ‘drop in’ IT and recreational area l provide funds for students experiencing acute financial problems

help us make a difference! Cirencester College Prospectus 2011


Chalford Charfield Charlton Cheltenham Coberley Colesbourne Covingham Cowley Cricklade Crudwell Didmarton Doughton Dursley Faringdon Greatfield Hannington Highworth Kempsford Latton Lea Lechlade Leigh Leighterton Malmesbury Marston Meysey Minchinhampton Minety Nailsworth North Nibley Purton

Rendcomb Rodborough Severn Springs Shrivenham South Marston South Woodchester Stonehouse Stroud Swindon Tetbury Thrupp Upper Minety Watchfield Westonbirt Woodfields Woodmancote Wootton-under-Edge Wootton Bassett

For full information on these routes please contact the Finance Office on 01285 626147. Applications for bus passes will be available at your admissions interview. In addition there are service routes from surrounding areas. Routes may be subject to change each year. Further details are available from our Finance Office.

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David Halfacree

formerly of Grittleton House School David is a second year A-level student studying Archaeology, Geology, and World Development. “Cirencester has allowed me to study the subjects that I have always been interested in. After taking my GCSEs I wanted to study new and more varied subjects. I have been on many trips in Geology especially for fieldwork. Archaeology is also an excellent subject for trips, I have been to Suffolk, Northumbria and Orkney. These trips have been some of the best experiences of my time at college. As a student ambassador, I represented the World Development Department on an Open Day, whilst filling in for a teacher (who was away on a trip). Cirencester College is a relaxing college with great pass rates and a safe environment that is structured towards students and their educational needs.”

Emma Chivers

focus formerly of Churchfields School Emma (pictured above left) is taking the BTEC Animal Management National Diploma.

David gained an A* and two As in his A-level results which means he will be taking up his place at the University of Birmingham to do Resource and Applied Geology. “I have had the best time of my life, met loads of new people and I have never got an A* before!”

“Cirencester offered me the courses that I was interested in. I joined my course because I really want a career which involves animals.”

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011


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43 49

a message from your student union president ......

Josh Hargreaves

“The Student Union is run by the students, for the students - and when you start at Cirencester College you will automatically become a member. We’re here to represent you, consider your problems and ensure the welfare of the whole of the student body. We make sure that the student voice is heard and acted upon. Just because you are students doesn’t mean you don’t need to be represented! Over the years the Student Union has played a huge part of college events, such as balls, club nights, charity fund raising such as Sport Relief, and this year the members of the Student Union will be trying to raise the profile of equality and awareness by introducing Cirencester Colleges first LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual) Community Group.

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011

We are pleased to recognise the contribution of our AS-level Photography students to this prospectus.

and finally, why I chose Cirencester? “It offers such a diverse range of courses and the student tracking is excellent. I wanted to be part of a more adult environment that enabled me to value my own achievements.

formerly of Cirencester Deer Park School

Every year, students have the opportunity to stand as a Student Union officer. There are 8 roles and the week of campaigning is always very competitive, although canvassing for votes can often be a lot of fun. Being part of the Student Union is an important role and enables you to help make changes to college life. If you wanted you could always talk to a Student Union member, and give us your opinion in person; each and everyone of us would be happy to speak to you.!” Livvy Rhodes Student Union President - 2010 The National Union of Students (NUS) is a confederation of over 600 individual Student Unions united with a common purpose to promote, defend and extend the rights of students, and to develop and champion strong students’ unions. More information can be found on their website


“It’s the closest to where I live! Don’t let anyone prejudice your decision when you consider your sixth form education. I would definitely recommend Cirencester as your first choice!”

My teachers are enthusiastic, supportive and caring about the grades I achieve. I have also been able to make loads of new friends from all over the region.

“I was lucky because I had a clear idea that I wanted to study Biology at university. I also wanted to have a change and already had friends at Cirencester College. I knew they have good success rates, so I joined them.”

The information contained in this prospectus is believed to be correct at the time of production, September 2010. Cirencester College continually updates and reviews its provision to ensure that it meets the needs of the community. Therefore the right to amend, change or delete learning programmes or accreditation routes is reserved at all times. © Cirencester College

Personally I am so glad I came to Cirencester College. There is a fantastic support system but students still have the opportunity to be more independent, which is brilliant preparation for university life where I hope to study Biochemistry.”

Hugh Loxton

Amy Warner

formerly of Wynstones School

formerly of Stroud High School

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Cirencester College, Fosse Way Campus, Stroud Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1XA

T: 01285 640994 F: 01285 644171 E:

Cirencester College Prospectus 2011