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Welcome to Cirencester College As Student Union President, I would like to welcome you to Cirencester College. This year will definitely be a big change from secondary school but, speaking from personal experience, coming to Cirencester will be a fun, rewarding and an exciting change! There are so many opportunities here. For me, the most rewarding was joining the Student Union. It’s great being able to talk to all the other students and hear their thoughts, so we can make your college experience the best it can be. If you need anything at all, we’re always available for a chat and we’d love to hear your ideas!

Freshers’ Day Tuesday 3 July 9am - 1.30pm Buses will run to suit this schedule

Enrolment I hope you have a great Freshers’ Day, just like I did, and get all the information you need.

23, 24 &2 7 August


3 & 4 September

See you in September!

Appointment slots for Enrolment and Induction will be posted to you

Nina Hager SU President

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You may ha status this year Form College h xt uth West. This Si d de ar aw lleges in the So Co rm , and Fo h xt Si ng and learning hi of only three ac te of s rd rhaps gh standa ents achieve. Pe ud is due to our hi st r ou at th g results ly valued and the outstandin rm status is high ns and Fo h xt Si , tly an io most import ersity applicat th to your univ ng pects. re st os d pr t ad en ill w employm ur yo e nc ha potentially en

The Castle

b u h the

need advice?

come to reception in the hub for initial advice student services come and see Student Services with any queries you may have.

financial support ask to see Jenny Overal.

personal tutors make an appointment with your Personal Tutor to discuss any concerns.

transport go to the Finance Office to find information about buses.

college information services (CIS) come to CIS with queries about your absences from College.

enrolments book your place on trips at the Enrolment Office.

& for academic support contact Gill Thomas in Student Academic Support near the Refectory.


In the Town Centre you’ll find our Castle Campus which is home to our:  T  ranquillity Beauty Salon The students are always looking for willing volunteers to develop their skills under the supervision of their fully qualified tutors. Prices are very reasonable.  Castle cafe where drinks, meals and snacks can be purchased.  S  ome of our IT courses are also held at the Castle. There is a regular shuttle bus for students between the main campus and the Castle. A timetable can be downloaded from our website.

Strugglin costs of fug with ll educationtime ? The 16 - 19 Bu rsary is here to h Fund elp

We currently operate 26 bus routes to Cirencester College from the surrounding areas in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.

All transport information can be found on our website or alternatively contact: Rosa Hallett in the Finance Office on 01285 626147

Car Park Parking is available at our Fosse Way Campus; however, parking at our Castle Campus is limited due to lack of space, so a free shuttle bus runs between the two sites. For further information and current prices check the College website or contact the Finance Office on 01285 626218

Please con tact Jenny Overal for about wha more inform t financial ation help is ava ilable: jlo@


u all o y e r a e Wher rom? f g n i m o c over 100 om tudents fr year. We have s lleges this o c d n a ls schoo e top 30: th Here are

l (134) ) Kingshil 3 6 (1 rk a le (78) Deer P omas Keb h T ) 1 3 (1 t ores ury (68) Bradon F Malmesb ) 1 (7 rd h Warnefo y’s (58) Highwort m Romne a li il W ir S (62) or’s (48) Isambard (53) Farm n w o d n e ) n (55) Gre eley’s (36 Kingsdow ady Berk L e n ri a ) th 5 a K dnock (3 ill (36) Re Maidenh od (32) Nova Hre ) 2 (3 l a e w as (25) Common 6) Balcarr (2 tt e s s a ) otton B arling (20 Royal Wo way (20) M h rc A ) 5 8) y (2 Ridgewa Dorcan (1 hool (18) c S igh ld o u w Stro d H Cots llege (17) o C c li o (1 th elds 3) ’s Ca ) Churchfi St Joseph 3 (1 n o rt ) 7) Carte stonbirt (9 School (1 rd (9) We o rf u B ) 0 n (1 Faringdo


Get a taste of Freshers’ Day and get answers to all your questions Download a QR reader app, scan this QR code with your smartphone to visit our special Freshers’ website

’ s r e h s


r. it: or vis cirenceste . www

3 July y a d m Tues 9am


- 1.30

Some great reasons for looking forward to Freshers’ Day  GCSEs  will be over!  You will meet your fellow first year students  You get a chance to have a good look around the College with very few second years around  You can chat about what you hope to achieve and share any niggling worries you have about coming to College  You will get to practise getting the College bus in the morning  There will be a long lunchtime out on the field with music, food stalls plus a Freshers’ Fair where you can see what clubs and societies are on offer and sign up to them ready for September




Anyone for Quidditch? Look out for our Quidditch match taking place on the field during the lunchbreak on Freshers’ Day. Broomsticks, Quaffles, Chasers and Beaters (even a Golden Snitch) will all feature, so make sure you come down and watch! You can put your name down for Quidditch, and all our other Enrichment activities for September, at the Sign Up stand located at the centre of the Freshers’ Fair.

Making You r College Bet ter We will be c ommencing some exciting buil ding improv e ments over the sum mer. From September we will have a totally refurbished Refectory fo r you all. Other develo pments to fo llow include a ne w classroom block and sports h all. We will have a range of fantastic foo d stalls on th e field on Fresh ers Day whil st the Refectory is being redev e lo ped, so be sure to bring some m oney with you. If y ou prefer yo u can bring your o wn picnic.

r Rooms fo y Da Freshers’

ay Freshers D re fo e b ly Short er with ceive a lett ap. you will re am mber and make a room nu le ive, p ase rr a u o y n e ere Wh t room wh a th to y a your w roup for eet your g m l il w u o y the day. t be Studen There will T shirts) ors (in red d a s s a b m A an pus who c m a c d n u m, so aro d your roo ot n fi u o y help u’re n t ask if yo please jus e to go. sure wher

Student Ambassadors

you to help

Don’t be afraid to stop and ask our Student Ambassadors (identified by their red T Shirts) for directions if you are feeling a bit lost; they are some of our most friendly and helpful students who remember all too well their first few weeks at College. Student Ambassadors have a role to play all year round. This year the team has helped out at Parents Evenings, Open Evenings and have had the chance to go back to their previous schools to share their experiences of college life. If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador just contact:

Chris Kelly School Liaison & Student Advisor


My Life at Cirencester College

Q&A with Claudia Reeves

Which school were you from? Bradon Forest Why did you choose Cirencester College? I looked at all of the other places available to me but none appealed as much as Cirencester - it wasn’t like school, the courses seemed interesting and the location was ideal. What subjects are you studying? History, Law and Politics at A2, and English Language at AS. What have you enjoyed most at College? Meeting all the new people, and realising what it is I actually want to do after College has finished. Going on all the College trips to places like Washington and London have also been great. What has been your biggest achievement? Either being a Student Ambassador, helping people at Open Evenings or representing the College at the Model United Nations Conference in Bath. What three words would you use to describe your time here? Worthwhile. Enjoyable. Helpful. Where are you off to next? After College I am going to university to study law, and then hopefully after this I will become a qualified barrister. Any words of advice? Keep up with your College work and homework so that you can enjoy your free time, and if you have any problems then speak to your tutor and teachers - that’s what they are there for.


e e r f me? ti

You will have a lot of work to do at College, so why not use one of the fantastic study spaces during your free periods so you don’t have to take hours of work home with you? You can study in the Library, the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) on the top floor of the Millennium Building, The Spotlight next to the Sundial Theatre, one of the computer rooms in the J Block, or even out on the field if the sun is shining. Of course, in a week full of lectures and homework, you’ll want some time to relax too. Spend some time in the Refectory where you can buy a range of drinks, snacks and meals. Or head to The Spotlight for a coffee and a catch up with your friends.

My Life at Cirencester College

Look o Septe ut in m for ou ber r new ref ly dinin urbished g faci liti the R efect es in ory

Don’t forget to keep your eye on the TV screens dotted around College too. There’s always something going on, from cake sales and leg waxing (for charity!) to art shows and sports competitions.


with Clarice Saloyedoff

Which school were you from? Ridgeway What course are you studying at College? I am currently studying Sport and Exercise Science Level 3 Extended Diploma, AS Biology and AS Photography, all of which I will be continuing to A2. Has this course helped with your training for gymnastics? The Sport and Exercise Science has definitely helped with my training as I know exactly what I need to work on specifically to enhance my performance within gymnastics, as well as the nutrition side making me more aware of health risks and convincing me to eat a lot healthier. What has been your biggest achievement in gymnastics this year? Our senior Rhythmic team won the Swindon Advertiser’s Team of the Year 2011, as well as the Display Team having the opportunity to perform at Bath University for the Great British Rhythmic Groups fundraiser for the Olympics. However, this is it with regard to competitions because they are later on in the year, usually around October/November time. How regularly do you have to train? For the Rhythmic Senior Group we train once a week for 3 hours and for Display we again train once a week for 3 hours. What are you hoping to do when you leave College? I am hoping to go to university to study Physiotherapy.


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Students try and stay awake! As soon as I heard the psychology team were conducting a study that involved being awake all night in College and included pizza, I was straight in the queue to sign up. The study tested the effects of being awake all night, through a series of memory tests, maths questions and games of Bop It!. Eating pizza and staying up all night was brilliant, until it got to 3am and everyone wanted to just curl up and sleep! Of course being an experiment in sleep deprivation this wasn’t an option, so water pistols became involved, quickly waking any sneaky dozer.

h burg Edin ward f o A ke


Volun teerin


Pot te



le T en


I really enjoyed the study and the results were fascinating (I somehow managed to improve my Bop It! score after being awake for 24 hours!). I can also write about the experience in my university application.


Lauren Cooper-Tydeman Psychology Student

Music lessons

Fun d

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Women ’s

Activ e


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tnigh t

Basketball One of the many attractions of coming to Cirencester College is the wide range of enrichment (or extra-curricular) activities on offer. As well as being good fun these activities also help you to boost your CV with life and employability skills expected by universities and employers alike. It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to simply try out new areas of personal interest.

British Colleges West Midlands Performance League Champions  British Colleges Non-Elite Regional Cup Finalists  England Schools Final 32 Gloucestershire Schools Winners  South West U17 Reps: Gabby Atenciana & Dom McDonaugh  West Midlands U17 Rep: Ben Colley  Wales U18: Josh Reade 

Badminton British Colleges West Midlands Mixed Doubles Champions  British Colleges West Midlands Mens Singles Champions British Colleges National Championships (Silver Medal) Mixed Doubles  British Colleges National Championships (Bronze Medal) Mens Singles 

Rugby British Colleges West Midlands Performance League  Gloucestershire U20 Rep: Keiran Stubley  British Colleges West Midlands Rep: Mike Goodyear Newport Gwent Dragons Rep: Sam Williams 

We provide a comprehensive enrichment programme with over 50 activities on offer, mostly conducted on Wednesday afternoons, covering: Sport, Job & Personal Skills, Arts & Music, Culture, The Environment, Volunteering in the Local Community, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and Charity fund-raising.

Football English Schools Football Association Cup Winners  FA Youth Cup 2nd Round (Proper) England Colleges U18 Rep: Josh Morse 

Netball British Colleges West Midlands Performance League Runners Up  British Colleges Non-Elite Semi Finalists British Colleges England Rep: Jessie Loveless 

Don’t miss the Freshers’ Fair during Freshers’ Day to find out more!

s p i tr Animal Management Students Go Wild! “Going to Cotswold Wildlife Park every fortnight gave me the insight I needed about my work experience placement there, by allowing me to get a head start about some of the key points at the park. With talks from their most experienced keepers and the educational organiser, it allowed me to make notes which helped me with the assignments which were based around the relevant topics of the animal management course.�

Billy Florek Animal Management Student


Travel & Tourism students arrange trip to Tallin, Estonia

Geography students visit Chesil Beach...

eland! ...and Ic

Public Services at Brize Norton

Biology students at Genetics Lecture London

Countryside students go paintballing

Classics Students visit Rome “In January, I went on the Classics department trip to Rome, which was an amazing experience. We visited the Colosseum, the old Roman Forum and Trajan’s Column, but best of all was the day trip to Ostia, where we could wander around the almostunchanged part of Rome. Actual 2000 year old mosaics, wall paintings and statues stood unchanged in the houses for which they were made, and there was a real sense of history which one cannot just get out of a book. It was a fantastic experience, giving me a special insight into what it must have been like to live as a Roman.” Rebecca Redding Classical Civilisations Student

Do you want a full or part-time job? Sign up with JobShop Cirencester College Performing Arts Students present

How to Succeed in Business Without ReallyTrying

19 - 21 June Sundial Theatre Tickets £4 - £9

Virtual Art Show

Online art show featuring the work of our Art & Design students.

Visit our website in July!

No Smoking The College is a smoke free campus. Students, staff and visitors are only permitted to smoke in the designated area alongside the caravan park lane, or in the Castle car park. Help is available to anyone wishing to give up.

Fitness Suite Our fitness suite is available to all College students and membership is growing fast.  As a way to relax, lose weight or simply get fit, students can use the centre during their free periods.  Membership is just £25 (valid while you are a student at Cirencester College) and includes a full induction. 

If you are interested, please contact Denise Cleal (J1.30)

Thinking about Uni?

If you’re thinking about going to University why not have a look at the Foundation Degrees and HNC/HNDs we offer? It could save you a huge amount of money, and set you up perfectly for your dream career. We run courses ranging from Computing to Criminology and Environmental Conservation to Art & Design.

For more info, check out

weblinks r

mme over the Su s e ri e u q y n a ollege If you have o ring the C you can als

94 01285 6409t Services

and ask for


Cirencester College is committed to equality of opportunity for all. If you need this leaflet in a different format please contact Sara Popp on 01285 640994 or email The information contained in this leaflet is believed to be correct at the time of production May 2012.

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