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Making your aspirations a reality

Welcome Prospective students, parents and guardians – welcome to the Cirencester Sixth Form College 2014 Prospectus. We hope that you will find it informative and easy to use. We understand that making decisions about your post-16 choices, can seem a very daunting process so we try and answer as many of your questions as possible. Two years ago, we were delighted to gain Sixth Form College designation, a huge recognition of Cirencester College’s excellence in sixth form education and pastoral student support. This gives the College a unique position as only one of three colleges in the South West to hold prestigious Sixth Form College status. Our Sixth Form College designation has also enabled us to provide some brand new, well equipped buildings. We listen to what our students want; so we are investing heavily to provide new student study and social areas which of course all have free Wi-Fi access and café style facilities. Our new status will not change our exciting range of courses from basic entry to university level provision, including opportunities in professional apprenticeships.


There are many reasons why Cirencester Sixth Form College is an excellent choice for post 16 education. l Its wide and exciting range of courses for all abilities. l As an Ofsted 'Outstanding' College, we have again lived up to our reputation of impressive results. l As a Sixth Form College, we offer specialist teaching focussed on the 16-19 age range.


Our excellent individual student tutorial,

tracking, support and enrichment programmes encourage all our students to achieve their full potential and thus help them to realise their future ambitions. l Our commitment to working with parents and guardians to involve them in supporting student progress and future exam success. We have a parent’s portal on our website and a parent Governor. l Our demonstrable success in helping students to achieve their ultimate progression ambitions whether it be first choice Higher Education course entry, employment or apprenticeship goals. l Students travel from all over the region to come to this College because as they say ‘you can be yourself’ and quickly feel at home in this supportive and student centred College. This is your local Sixth Form College; we look forward to meeting you at some point in the future. See the important dates opposite for your chance to visit us and judge for yourself. Just think what your future potential might be with excellent teaching and the right support……..

Kim Clifford Principal

Key Dates Saturday 19 October 2013 Open Day, 10am to 3pm Applications for 2014 open Friday 22 November 2013 Choices Day Thursday 23 January 2014 Open evening, 5pm to 8pm Friday 7 March 2014 Deadline for applications for 2014 Monday 30 June 2014 Tuesday 1 July 2014 Choices Days


Contents Welcome to Cirencester College Key Dates Welcome to Parents Welcome from the Student Union Becoming a Student at Cirencester College Support - Getting the Best from your Education A Day in the Life of a Cirencester 6th Form College Student Choosing the Type of Learning That Suits You Setting Off on the Right Level Academic Pathways Specialist Support for Academic Students Staff Focus - Liam Nolan - Head of Science and STEM Co-ordinator Staff Focus - Caroline Bristow - High Achievers Co-ordinator High Achievers Academy Oxbridge Process Gifted and Talented A-level Subjects A-level Entry Requirements A-level Course Listing and Information A-level Results and High Achievers 2013 A-level Results Reaction Career Academies Vocational Pathways Vocational Level 3 Entry Requirements Vocational Level 3 Course Listing and Information Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 4

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Vocational Level 3 Results Young Enterprise GCSE Courses and Vocational Level 2 GCSE Course Listing and Information Vocational Level 2 Listing and Information Vocational Level 1 and Entry Level 3 and Course Information University Level Courses Apprenticeships Academy of Sport Football Academy Enrichment and Trips National Citizen Service - NCS Summer Challenge 2014 Transport The Student Journey Checklist

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Cirencester Sixth Form College is committed to creating a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all learners, both socially and academically. Cirencester Sixth Form College provides open access to a comprehensive range of high quality education and training courses for people over the age of 16, regardless of race, class, belief, language, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, previous educational attainment or particular circumstances.

This prospectus can be made available in alternative forms for people with disabilities by contacting the Marketing Department at Cirencester College on 01285 640994 or email


Welcome to Parents As Chair of the Corporation I would like to extend a warm welcome to all prospective parents and guardians to Cirencester Sixth Form College and to stress the importance that we place on the partnership between you, our students and the College. I am also the parent of both a former student at the College and another, who started her AS Levels here in September and so appreciate the significant and sometimes difficult choices that our children have to make at this stage in their education. I have recently experienced first-hand the selection process for a suitable Sixth Form and visited many of the alternative local providers. What impressed me most about the College is that it sees the ‘whole student’, giving advice on course selection, higher education and careers at a very early stage of the process, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions for their future. Cirencester Sixth Form strives to put the student at the centre of everything that they do. 6

Since becoming a Sixth Form College in 2012, one of our priorities has been to ensure that Parents have the opportunity to become more involved and to have a recognised voice within the College. As a consequence, I am pleased to confirm that Adrian Daglish was elected as Parent Governor in April of this year. Adrian has a son in his second year of A-levels at the College and is keen “to be proactive in improving the current high standards of education at the College”. He also hopes “to offer an insight into the needs of parents and pupils” to the Corporation. We hope that in this way we can continually improve this three-way partnership and at the same time enhance the overall experience of the students’ journey in the short time they spend with us. I look forward to meeting you at our forthcoming Open Days. Jane Sharp Chair of the Corporation

Adrian Daglish “In my role as Parent Governor, I hope to contribute to improving Cirencester College’s high standards, which already provide students with the necessary tools to achieve their potential. I believe that this College gives students an excellent spring-board to help them advance their careers. I would also like to help to improve the communication link between the Corporation and students, as I believe this is a great opportunity for students to take on a more active role with regards to their education. As Parent Governor, I would also like to take this chance to thank all staff at the College for their hard work.�



Welcome from the Student Union The Student Union is here to represent everyone and any student can become a part of it. We’re a collective body, which listens to every student’s opinions and guarantees that all our voices are heard. Any contributions are always appreciated; after all we are here for you! One of our main aims is to ensure that your college experience is one to remember - both socially and academically and that you get everything you want out of your time here at Cirencester College. There are several ways to get in touch with us: you can email us at student.union@ or get in touch via our Facebook page; just search for ‘Cirencester College Student Union’. But of course we will always be available for a chat if you pass us around college! By being part of the student union, you have the chance to become involved with numerous different opportunities ranging from being

part of the College corporation or student forum to organising the infamous college fund raising ‘bash’ each year! Each year elections are held, where every student has the opportunity to run for one of eight roles and the campaign week can be a lot of fun. There are always new and exciting strategies that each candidate uses, including giving out free cakes! You can be as creative as you like and of course we are more than happy to answer any of your questions about the eight different roles in the student union. Cirencester College has an absolutely wonderful, friendly atmosphere. There are so many different opportunities for you to achieve your dreams, so don’t miss out! And remember, the Student Union are always here to make your voice heard!

Jordan Smith Student Union President


Becoming a Student at Cirencester Sixth Form College Hollie “You can be whoever you want to be at Cirencester, there are no ‘popular’ groups so you will not be judged or have worries about which ‘group’ you will be in!”


How do I make the right choice of subjects? •

Find out as much information as possible about courses as soon as you can. All course details are on our website

Attend an Open Day at the College on Saturday 19 October 2013, 10am to 3pm or Thursday 23 January 2014, 5pm to 8pm

Here you can: • Meet all our staff and ask questions about courses • Explore the College campus • See the enrichment activities we offer (clubs, societies and Sports Academies)

Come to one of our Choices Days on Friday 22 November 2013 or Monday 30 June or Tuesday 1 July 2014 (Year 10) • • •

This is the closest you can get to a real College day You can attend 5 taster lessons, based on your interests and preferences If your school does not send students to one of these events, you can join us as an individual just by emailing:

How do I apply once I know what I want to do? • •

We take applications from 19 October 2013 and most students apply online The deadline for guaranteed places is 7 March 2014. This gives you plenty of time to research your choices before applying. You can apply after this but may not get all of your choices and you will have to wait for an interview.

Hollie Doell - formerly of Highworth Warneford School taking AS-levels in German, English Language and Literature and Psychology


Support getting the best from your education Cirencester College has the expertise to provide outstanding and age appropriate support. We treat our students with the respect young adults deserve. We also see the need to support them in the development of independent learning. We safeguard their success with careful monitoring of attendance, quality of work and progress. Subject Lecturers are specialists in their field and in teaching at the higher levels. They are joined by professional Personal Tutors whose role is to offer individual pastoral support to each student and to liaise with home. Our Student Attendance Monitors scrutinise individual attendance and alert students and their families to problems.


Cirencester College Online [CCO] offers a huge range of information and is home to our virtual learning environment so you can access course materials and submit assessments.

Academic Support is available for students with any medical condition, physical disability or learning difficulty. These include dyslexia, dyspraxia, Aspergers). Staff are available to discuss your needs at Open Events. Specialist assessments are carried out pre-entry so support is immediately available. Services include:

Financial support Cirencester College offer the Guaranteed Learner bursary of £1200 to those students who are eligible. Other financial support is available in the form of bursaries which can be spent on course costs, transport and meals. All the information regarding both types of funding is available on the college website.

• • • •

Employability advice and guidance is available as part of our enrichment programme.

One to one teaching In class support Specialist equipment Assessment for exam dispensation.

All services are easily accessible and conducted confidentially.

From 2013, as a legal requirement, students who have not achieved a grade C in English and Maths will have these included in their timetable.

In September 2013 the Student Journey Office opened its doors for the first time. This is situated in the Hub next to Reception. It has all the administration services you will need whilst you are a student with us such as:

Study Programmes Students will be expected to be fulltime with between 540 and 600 guided learning hours per annum.

• • • • • • •

Admissions Enrolments Registration for courses and examinations Transport Finance including Trip payments Timetables Absence Reporting



A Day in the Life of AS-level student Sarah Mansfield Wednesday 8 9



10.35 Library

Lunch Spotlight

12.55 Duke of Edinburgh 2 2.30 4

STEM Group Maths Home

Weekdays start at 8:00am, when I catch the bus to college; the journey only takes around half an hour, so when I arrive I like to sit with my friends in the refectory and enjoy some breakfast. I have my first lesson, Chemistry, which is at 9.00 o’clock. Today we were in the lab, distilling orange peel to obtain the oil limonene from the fruit. After Chemistry I head to the library to do an hour or so of college work before meeting up with my friends again for lunch in the newly built Spotlight. Here students can both work and socialise, or buy a light snack. First thing on Wednesday afternoons, I attend the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme sessions. With support from the College, who have allowed me to borrow all expedition kit that I need and helped me to find suitable volunteering projects, I have almost completed my Silver Award. Later in the afternoon, I usually join other members of the STEM group. We often have science lectures, where we learn about and discuss recent research and developments in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. My final lesson of the day is Maths, after which I catch the bus back home just after 4pm.

Sarah Mansfield - formerly of Commonweal School taking AS-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography


Choosing the type of learning that suits you Choosing the right course to suit your style of learning after GCSEs can seem quite intimidating. Before you are offered a place at Cirencester Sixth Form College you will receive a 30 minute interview with one of our trained guidance tutors to help you make the right decisions. It is important to understand all the options open to you, whether it be academic, vocational, part of one of our prestigious career academies, or one of our professional apprenticeship schemes. Starting you off on the right level of learning is equally important, so no matter what you have achieved before starting here there will be a course to suit you. 16

academic pathways

• I prefer exams to coursework • I am good at revising • I like learning about theories, ideas and facts

• I want to study 4 or 5 subjects in depth • I am thinking of going to university before I start a career

• I prefer coursework to exams • I want to study topics that

vocational pathways

will directly relate to a specific career I have in mind • I want to keep the option of going to university open • I want the opportunity of work experience that will help to start my career

• I am career focussed and I know

career academies

that I am interested in working in one of the following sectors: Business, IT, Finance, Sport I would like the opportunity to: • work alongside employers • work with a personal mentor from business • develop my employability skills • know more about the world of work

• I am ready to start the career I


am interested in now • I want the experience of studying whilst working • I want to gain career specific qualifications • I want to start earning money

AS and A-levels will suit your learning style if you enjoy and perform well in exams and you want to study a range of subjects. A vocational course will give you the career specific skills and qualifications that enable you to have the choice of university or going straight in to your chosen career. One of our Academies could work perfectly to enhance your employability skills, carefully fitting professional development around your programme of study. This could lead to Higher Education or a head start in beginning a career.

As an apprentice, you can work for a local company for four days a week, attend College for one day a week and earn while you learn.



Setting off on the right level Level

4 3 2 1



What next?

University Level Courses You have your level 3 qualifications and want to specialise in an area of learning or work

• Foundation Degrees • HNDs/HNCs • Art Foundation • Level 4 Apprenticeship

Level 5 at University or employment including an Apprenticeship

• AS/A-levels • Extended, National &

University level courses Employment Apprenticeships

Level 3 Advanced You will need 5 or more specific GCSEs at grade C or above. Universities will require most applicants to be qualified at this level. Level 2 Intermediate You have gained mainly grade Ds at GCSE NVQ level 1 or First Diploma or you are: pre 16 home or Steiner educated n

• GCSEs Maths & English •


• •

n n

Level 1/Entry Level 3 You have few or no formal qualifications and would like to improve your basic knowledge, skills and understanding. Typically you will have mainly E, F and Gs at GCSE

Subsidiary Diplomas, National Certificates Level 3 Apprenticeship

• • • •

Language Level 2 Diplomas, Certificates Level 2 Apprenticeship (BTEC Level 2 certificates in Media, Art, Performance & Photography)

Vocational Studies NVQ Level 1 Personal and Social Development Functional Skills

Progression to an appropriate level 3 course. Employment Apprenticeships

Progression to an appropriate level 2 course. Employment


Academic Pathways Cirencester Sixth Form College’s A-level provision offers a comprehensive range of subjects. This gives students the opportunity to broaden their choices, at university or in employment. As well as being experts in their curriculum areas, our lecturers are specialists in teaching the 16-19 year old age group. They will challenge students to develop an in-depth knowledge of their subject and the skills valued by both employers and universities. Complementing the academic programme, students’ lives are further enriched with: • • •

• •

STEM Group (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) High Achievers Academy Extra Curricular Activities (Enrichment), clubs and societies, with anything from debating to Duke of Edinburgh Medics, Vets and Dentists Group Career Academies

Personal Tutors support students in their development of independence and their future choices including university applications or routes to employment. 20

A-levels explained A-levels are divided into two years of study. Students will study for their ASlevels in Year One and A2-levels in Year Two. If successful at both levels students will be awarded the full A-level. 1st year AS-levels are: • usually combined with other ASlevels in a study programme of 4 subjects, or with the first year of a vocational qualification • suitable for students who expect GCSE passes at A*, A, B or C • mainly assessed through end of year exams with assessed coursework in some subjects. 2nd year A2-levels are: • suitable for students who achieve at least a grade D at AS-level, and who wish to concentrate on three or four levels in a programme of 3 or 4 subjects, or with the second year of a vocational qualification. • complemented by A-level General Studies.

Specialist Support for Academic Students All students receive Careers or Higher Education guidance and there is a full programme of events such as University Open Days, Employer talks, Futures days, Apprenticeship opportunities, as well as step by step support with University applications or CV writing. We encourage all students to apply to the best universities including Oxbridge and the Russell Group.

Other extension courses for academic students: Finance Studies (IFS level 3) (Finance Academy) Maths Advanced Extension Award Journalism Pre-Teaching Radio Journalism ABC

Some of our successful vets, medics and dentistry applicants for 2013


Liam Nolan

Head of Science and STEM Co-ordinator

(Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) “I have taught Science and Biology for 16 years. My career actually started in research in Freshwater Ecology, and I have worked with scientists in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. I am keen to educate students about the multitude of career opportunities available through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). I co-ordinate STEM activity in the college, which includes work with primary and secondary schools, universities and employers. College STEM students volunteer as Ambassadors to work with younger school students at events such as the ‘Big Bang at Cirencester’, and have the opportunity to attend a STEM Enrichment Club. STEM careers advice includes presentations from a large number of local professionals in STEM employment; and through our curriculum many students visit local workplaces to see STEM in action. Our STEM Academy, which includes representatives from local employers as well as student reps, facilitates guidance and liaison for STEM events, focussing on development of non-academic ‘employability skills’. Students interested in STEM careers receive specific support and guidance. Those wishing to pursue a career in Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry attend additional tutorials and receive targeted support which has proved extremely successful in raising the number of successful applicants to unprecedented levels.


Through the STEM and Medics/Vets tutor groups, the STEM High Achievers Group and the STEM Enrichment Club, which is open to all students, young women and men at the College will have the opportunity to get involved in projects and competitions. They will liaise with people in the broader community in order to develop their skills and learn more about the world of STEM. I hope that through understanding the role of STEM in the community, students will raise their own aspirations to achieve and enter an exciting STEM career of their own.”

Caroline Bristow High Achievers Co-ordinator I am committed to helping students from all backgrounds achieve their goals. Specialised and well informed support is crucial to this and the High Achievers team work to ensure that students receive the guidance and advice they need during their time at College. An ex Cirencester College student, I studied for both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Trinity College, Oxford. Whilst there, I was very much involved in their admissions and widening participation schemes, working with my College, the University and organisations such as the Sutton Trust and Aim Higher. I can now use this experience to guide and inspire our students to strive for the best.

High Achievers Academy The High Achievers Academy allows students to access a tailored programme of lessons and support designed to academically challenge and prepare them for the additional demands of accessing highly competitive university and employment opportunities. Students can complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), attend lectures given by visiting speakers, access information regarding scholarships and other widening participation initiatives and take part in a wide variety of activities designed to broaden their knowledge and develop their academic skills. We also provide specialist guidance for application to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities and support throughout the UCAS process. If you would like to join the Academy you need to achieve 7 As or above at GCSE, however students can also be ‘sponsored’ into the Academy by subject staff during their AS-level year.

EPQ Highlights - 2013 Out of 45 entries - 50% gained A*s and As.



“I decided to apply to Cirencester College after obtaining information at school careers evenings and visiting the campus. I was drawn to the College’s strong academic reputation and friendly atmosphere. Lessons here have been engaging, with enthusiastic teachers who support you to do your best; always providing encouragement and feedback. It is worthwhile having an idea about likely university plans from the outset. Enrichment clubs can help with choices, encompassing many areas including law, medicine and science. The High Achievers’ Academy was stimulating in encouraging debate both in class and through the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). It also provides the opportunity to attend talks and visit universities. This was all very useful when I was deciding what to do in the future, and helped me to achieve my goal. My personal tutor, and Caroline Bristow gave invaluable help with preparation for the university application process; reading seemingly endless drafts of my personal statement. I am also indebted to them for their advice on interviews, and for providing a mock-interview, so that I felt prepared. Ultimately I was delighted that my application was successful. I have enjoyed my time at Cirencester, and am grateful to everyone who has made it such a good experience! “


Nick Ormondroyd - formerly of Highworth Warneford School took A-levels in History, English Literature, Maths, Physics and General Studies gaining AA*A*A* A* and will be taking up his place at Worcester College, Oxford to read Law in 2013.

Oxbridge Process We provide comprehensive support to students applying to Oxford and Cambridge. During their first year at College, students have the opportunity to go on trips to the two universities and receive guidance about preparing an application from College staff and visiting speakers from these Universities. We promote the various Summer Schools, study days and other widening participation schemes run by the universities. At the beginning of the second year, we identify all students intending to make an application and give extensive guidance on their personal statement writing subject specific requirements such as pre-admissions tests and submitted work. Like all university applications, our Oxford and Cambridge applications are checked thoroughly and students are offered 1:1 support regarding them. We then offer mock interviews to all candidates. These are conducted by subject specialists with experience or training in the Oxbridge system. The aim of all of our guidance is to demystify the process and make sure students have accurate and up to date information, so that all who apply feel confident in doing so and have the best possible chance of success.

Olly “The Villiers Park Scholarship has helped me improve my literary theory for English Literature, as well as helping to improve time management and university applications. Alongside my mentor at College, I also have an E-mentor (a student at University studying my desired future course, classics)!�


2013 Annual Awards Ceremony

The Cast of Wind in the Willows As seen on TV Ventriloquist Kieran Powell


3D Design student Jonny Barham

Gifted and Talented Amy-May Knowles vInspired’s Best Young Volunteer of 2013

Film Maker Gary Long

3D Design student Kate Barnett 27

A Levels Our extensive range of A-levels are listed here with a brief description of the subject. For more in-depth course information please check out our website

Accounting Anthropology Archaeology Biology Business Studies Chemistry Classical Civilisations Computing Design - 3D Design Drama and Theatre Studies Economics Electronics English Language and Literature English Language English Literature Environmental Studies Film Studies Fine Art French Geography Geology German


Graphic Communication History ICT Applied Italian Law Mathematics Mathematics and Further Mathematics Mathematics Further Media Studies Music Photography Physics Politics Psychology Religious Studies Science Applied Sociology Spanish Textiles Travel and Tourism World Development

AS and A-level Entry Requirements GCSE grade Cs in any 5 of the following subjects short GCSEs count as half a grade : Business Studies English Language l English Literature l Foreign Language l Maths l Law l l

Humanities ie: l History l Geography l Religious Studies l Sociology l Psychology



l Science (double, triple or BTEC Merit*)

If a student does not have a grade C in English Language or Maths it is a legal requirement to resit either a GCSE or Level 2 in Functional Skills whilst at College.

Students must achieve a grade C in any GCSE which is directly related to their AS-level choice.

There are specific minimum GCSE requirements for: Languages Physics B required or proven linguistic ability B in Core & Additional Science/Physics & Maths Maths B in Maths Electronics A-level Maths and Further Maths C in Core and Additional Science & Maths A or A* in Maths Computing and Accounting Biology C in Maths B in Core and Additional Science/Biology Applied Science Chemistry C in Science or BTEC Science Distinction B in Core and Additional Science/ Music Chemistry and B in Maths Grade 5 in Instrument and Theory * a BTEC Level 2 Diploma Science will not qualify for AS-level Biology, Chemistry or Physics Students need at least a grade D at AS-level to proceed to the A2


Olly 30

“Its easier to make friends here because your subjects are ones you’ve chosen and you’re there with like minded people”

Accounting A working knowledge of accounting is crucial to the successful running of any business. A dynamic and interesting subject, accounting enables you to interpret numerical data, produce financial reports and make business decisions.

Anthropology Anthropology is the study of humans. It includes physical anthropology, which is about what makes human beings unique in the animal world, and social anthropology, which is about how, and why, human societies are similar to one another and yet vastly different.

Archaeology Archaeology is the investigation of human culture through prehistoric remains. You will study both prehistoric religion, at sites like Stonehenge, and evidence for changes in societies across the world and through time. Fantastic trips across Britain and Europe are part of this course which complements both science and humanities subjects.

Biology Biology will introduce you to the fundamentals of all biological systems. This will include cell structure, transport systems, biochemistry, enzymes and the role of DNA. Aspects of human health including diet, disease and immunity are explored, as well as the diversity of life and evolution.

Olly Webb - formerly of Bradon Forest School is taking AS-levels in English Language, English Literature, Philosophy & Classical Civilisation


Naheda “One of my favourite things about being a student at Cirencester is how everyone is eager to learn, it¹s a great atmosphere!”


Business Studies Business Studies provides an understanding of the strategic world of business. You will look at planning, financing and managing a business, covering a variety of topics including operations management, marketing and the competitive environment.

Chemistry Using the knowledge you have gained in GCSE Chemistry (as a single, double or triple Science), this course will develop your understanding of the fundamental concepts further and apply them to unfamiliar situations. With an emphasis on independent learning and problem solving, you will apply your knowledge through laboratory-based investigation and analysis. Faye I’ve completely fallen in love with Classics. I love the unique combination of literature and history and the lecturers do a fantastic job in making the course accessible to those who haven’t studied it before. We went to Rome and had a great time. Being able to appreciate the location that we have been studying really bought the knowledge to life!�

Classical Civilisations Classical Civilisations gives you the opportunity to study a lively mixture of history and literature centred on Ancient Greece and Rome. Linking political, social and military history, philosophy, sociology and the arts, this course will appeal to those with an interest in a past that shapes our present.

Naheda Miah - formerly of Highworth Warneford School taking AS-levels in Economics, Government and Politics, English Language and Literature


Robyn “The Lecturers are really helpful and easy to get along with”


Computing If you wish to understand the concepts of computing, how computers work, and how to create software for others to use, A Level Computing is for you. Through theoretical analysis and hands-on practical work, you will learn the core principles of computing and how to apply them. Matt “Computing lessons have the friendliest atmosphere of all my subjects, classmates are like-minded and easy to talk to. I am really looking forward to completing my large programming project next year in my A-level!�

Design - 3D Design This is a creative course that allows you to design and make products and artefacts. 3D Design requires high levels of visual awareness, including drawing skills and the ability to work skilfully with tools and materials. You will create functional and decorative designs in response to given briefs or project starting points. (Students who have successfully completed this course may progress to the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - see page 75)

Drama and Theatre Studies Develop your acting and directing skills to work in different theatre styles. Explore how comedy and realism mix it up in a modern play. Watch live theatre and learn how it speaks to its audience. Improve your self-confidence and ability to work together with others as you rehearse and perform a play. Express your ideas through essays that communicate your experiences.

Robyn Plowman - formerly of Archway School taking AS-levels in Computing, Maths and Fine Art


Economics If you want to know what society does about high prices, globally powerful firms, a limited choice of goods, underdeveloped countries and poverty, this is the course for you. You will examine questions such as “Why do pop stars get paid more than nurses?” and “Why does the government pay young people to study?” Marnie “Economics has been by far my best college choice. I really didn’t know what to expect in September when I started the course, but they take such a different approach to learning it really helped my interest in the subject.”

Electronics The study of Electronics will enable you to gain an understanding of the electronic circuit. You will develop the skills needed to design and build your own circuits; this course is an excellent complement to Sciences, Engineering and Computing.

English Language This course will develop your analytical skills by exploring how language is used in both writing and speech. You will learn grammatical terminology which will allow you to approach texts with impressive precision. You will also write a great deal, from play scripts to newspaper reports, and learn to analyse your own writing.


English Literature This course introduces you to a detailed analysis of a range of literature. You will read a broad variety of books and plays, and discuss your interpretations in class. You will also develop your essay writing skills, incorporating your own critical ideas whilst showing an awareness of other critics’ interpretations.

English Language & Literature This course develops your analytical skills in reading literary and non-literary texts as well as improving your writing. The course will suit you if you enjoy analysing language in detail and want to use precise terminology in studying literature.

Environmental Studies This course is for anyone interested in getting beyond the headlines about environmental issues and discovering the science behind the stories. You will look at how our environment works and how we manage and conserve our vital resources. Themes include wildlife conservation, pollution issues, global warming and the future use of energy.

Film Studies This course will develop your analytical skills and teach you about the unique features of the film industry. You will watch and analyse a wide range of films, discuss and present ideas, write essays and evaluations and research into current issues around the film industry. You will also have the opportunity to do some practical and creative work.


Madeleine “The Art and Design Department cater for the various different routes of work that students are interested in. Never did I think students working with wild materials, like animal skins would ever happen in a lesson!�


Fine Art This course will stimulate you to explore the work of a range of artists, as well as your own ideas, through practical and written work. You will be introduced to a broad variety of materials and techniques, and encouraged to experiment with them to develop ideas and produce final pieces. (Students who have successfully completed this course may progress to the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - see page 75)

French An intensive language course which builds on GCSE language skills. By watching television and film clips, reading newspaper articles and practicing your listening skills, you will develop the ability to use the language in a natural way. You will gain a good understanding of grammar and work towards spoken and written fluency.

Geography The study of the world: you will examine key topics of physical and human geography, including Rivers, Floods and Management, Coastal Environments, Population Change and Health Issues. In the second year you will look at Plate Tectonics, Ecosystems and World Cities. This exciting course includes a number of fieldwork trips and teaches a range of investigative skills.

Geology Geology involves the study of the processes that operate on or below the Earth’s surface and covers a wide range of topics. Volcanic ash and air travel chaos, widespread earthquake devastation, oil spills and shortages, fracking. If you are interested in why these events take place and what their impact means to us, Geology has the answers. Madeleine Richardson - formerly of Bournside School taking English Language and Literature, Fine Art, Anthropology and Religious Studies


Alex “All my teachers go above and beyond to help me with my studies. They actually care about you as a person rather than just a statistic!!�


German An intensive language course which builds on GCSE language skills. By watching television and film clips, reading newspaper articles and practicing your listening skills, you will develop the ability to use the language in a natural way. You will gain a good understanding of grammar and work towards spoken and written fluency.

Graphic Communication Graphic Communication is concerned with conveying messages using images and text. You will work to themes or briefs to generate designs including illustrations for books or magazines, film or television posters, DVD or CD covers. You will explore typography and its relationship to images and develop an understanding of how graphic design can sell a product or service. (Students who have successfully completed this course may progress to the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - see page 75)

History Study the significance of key events, individuals, issues and societies throughout history in a stimulating and interactive environment. You will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of historical topics, from Anglo Saxon Britain to 20th century Europe and America.

ICT Applied The course is a hands on and practical tour through the landscape of ICT. You will get the chance to learn about the advanced uses of spreadsheets, databases and the secrets of improving searches on the internet. You will also utilise your presentation skills to produce a variety of documents in different software applications.

Alex Williams - formerly of Isambard Community School taking AS-levels in History, Economics, English Literature, Politics and is a member of the High Achievers Academy


Italian An intensive language course which builds on GCSE language skills. By watching television and film clips, reading newspaper articles and practicing your listening skills, you will develop the ability to use the language in a natural way. You will gain a good understanding of grammar and work towards spoken and written fluency. Student who don’t have GCSE Italian can join the ab initio course which will allow them to complete AS and A2 in their second year (see page 81).

Law This course is for anyone interested in learning about the operation of the English legal system and the basics of criminal law and negligence. The study of law is for everyone, not just lawyers. You will engage in a range of debates and even have the chance to take part in a mock trial.

Kathryn McCarthy “The content of the law course, helps by clarifying what you need to get in to different law careers, so you can decide which option is for you.”

Mathematics This course gives you an insight into some of the diverse topics that can be studied in Mathematics. While it is a subject that is interesting to study in its own right, it is also a useful aid to other courses with a mathematical or statistical content such as Sciences, Business Studies, Economics and Psychology.


Matt “I have always enjoyed Maths, and although I find my AS-level Maths tricky, I enjoy the challenge, and find the teachers very nice!�

Mathematics and Further Mathematics This is a combination course which takes up two of your A Level options. Students will complete AS Maths and AS Further Maths in Year 1, then A2 Maths and A2 Further Maths in Year 2. If you are considering studying Mathematics, Physics or Engineering at university, Further Mathematics introduces some of the more advanced mathematical concepts you will need.

Further Mathematics This course is only AS Further Mathematics, not the full A Level. It is for anyone who has already studied AS Mathematics. You must have completed either Statistics 1, Mechanics 1 or Decision 1 alongside Core 1 and Core 2.

Use of Mathematics This subject has been designed to give students valuable skills to support their studies in other subjects. It is an ideal choice for student who want to pursue a practical and relevant maths courses, and is particularly useful for subjects such as Psychology, Biology, Business Studies and Geography.


Faye I’ve taken part in concerts for Music students, which was a great way for people to increase their confidence in performance and give them an opportunity to play to an audience.“


Media Studies Film, television, radio, the press, advertising and the internet are the media through which ideas, attitudes and information are communicated. Media Studies explores how these channels work and aims to help you understand, criticise and enjoy media products by combining theoretical study with practical projects.

Music This course caters for all musical tastes. There are no limits on the instruments (including voices) or types of repertoire which may be studied and presented in performance. The course involves performing, composing and analysing music; as performing makes up a large part of your assessment, you will need to be able to play at Grade 5 standard or higher and to have taken the grade 5 theory exam.

Hollie “Teachers are really supportive and always there to help or give you extra encouragement. It is a really nice environment to work in.�

Photography This exciting hands-on course offers you the knowledge and skills to become highly inventive in the creation of eye catching, thought provoking imagery. The course follows both traditional and digital techniques where much emphasis is based upon the research and study of both historical and contemporary photographers.

Faye Rogers - formerly of Lydiard Park Academy taking AS-levels in Classics, English Literature, Music and Anthropology


Luke “Teachers help you move forward in Maths and Further Maths, not just with the curriculum but on to STEP papers helping you gain an understanding of what universities expect” Luke is formerly of Isambard taking AS-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Physics gaining grade As in all subjects in 2013

Matt “Its great to find out how things work, it really feels like you are being a professional physicist in Physics . We do really useful experiments ” Matt is formerly of Isambard 46

taking AS-levels in Physics, Mathematics, Electronics and Computing gaining grade As in all subjects in 2013

Physics Through this course you will gain experience of what real physicists do. You will consider the weird and wonderful quantum nature of light and matter, learn about electromagnetism and delve into the depths of particle accelerators, and explore the natural rhythms of orbital systems in the clockwork universe.

Politics This course is for those interested in current affairs, ideas, and how the country is run. Politics explores the British political system, and looks at how countries work with one another to gain influence and shape the world we live in. Erin “The Psychology department is brilliant at preparing you for exams, they stretch and encourage you to perform exceptionally well. My confidence has come on in leaps and bounds since starting College!� Erin formerly of Malmesbury School gained 100% in her AS-level Psychology - Aug 2013

Psychology Psychology involves delving into the forces that drive and determine human behaviour. You will study some of the most important and interesting research from around the world as well as learn the skills required to undertake such research.

Religious Studies (two pathways) Religious Studies

How do you know what is the right thing to do? In ethics you will consider a vast range of moral questions, using different approaches to explore specific issues such as the uses of torture and euthanasia. In addition you will explore Buddhist life and teaching, looking at key concepts and the lives of practicing Buddhists.


Marnie “Lecturers are incredibly enthusiastic and funny, you get treated equally and you get lots of time for classroom discussions!

Philosophy and Ethics (Religious Studies ) (two pathways)

Philosophy and Ethics You will consider arguments for and against the existence and nature of God and explore the many ways humankind has tried to understand what is right and wrong, as well as investigating how we make moral decisions.

Science Applied This course analyses the importance of science in the workplace by studying various organisations, from manufacturing to health and medical sectors and forensics. You will learn a variety of laboratory techniques to understand the principles used in forensic pathology, and in the chemical and energy industries. You will also gain knowledge of body systems and how they are regulated and monitored.


Marnie Grant - formerly of Stroud High School taking AS-levels in Psychology, Chemistry, Biology and Economics 48

This course will appeal to those interested in human behaviour and the critical study of society. You will learn about methods used in researching culture and identity, and explore and analyse the family unit. In the second year you will examine crime and deviance and social inequality and difference.

Spanish An intensive language course which builds on GCSE language skills. By watching television and film clips, reading newspaper articles and practicing your listening skills, you will develop the ability to use the language in a natural way. You will gain a good understanding of grammar and work towards spoken and written fluency. Students who do not have GCSE Spanish can join the ab initio course which will allow them to complete the AS and A2 courses in their second year (see page 81).

Textiles This course is suited to students who have a particular interest in designing and making individual and original pieces of textiles for fashion, furnishing or fine art. You will be expected to research in depth and develop ideas on paper and fabric to evolve quality finished work. (Students who have successfully completed this course may progress to the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - see page 75)

Travel and Tourism This course is for those with a passion for communication and an appreciation of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing industry. You will gain knowledge of the whole travel and tourism landscape, and learn about the diverse and complex issues that are affecting it.

World Development Development issues have gained considerable media attention in recent years. Poverty, debt, unfair trade, disease and climate change are some of the biggest issues facing the world in the 21st century and this course allows you to explore them all. 49

A-level Results 2013


over 99% pass rate for 9 consecutive years

38 A-levels have a 100% pass rate 861 entrants gained A* to B passes (up 9%) including 100 A* grades (up 28%)


students gained 3 grade As or above


students gained the equivalent of 3 grade As at A-level or above including vocational results

Highlights l l l l l l l l l l l l l


41 students gained A* or A in Biology 16 students gained A*s in Psychology and 34 gained grade As 16 students gained A* or A in English Literature and Geography 83% gained A* to B in World Development 75% gained A* to B in French 60% gained A* to B in Chemistry 68% gained A* to B in Sociology 60% gained A* to B in Chemistry 73% gained A* to B in Further Maths 67% gained A* to B in Politics 58% gained A* to B in History 68% gained A* to B in Economics 70% gained A* to B in Textiles

Abigail HUGHES (Balcarras) AAABC Adam HOBBS (Kingsdown) AAAB Alana CARPENTER (Rendcomb College) AAA Alex KEANE (Cirencester Deer Park) AAAC Alice CARPENTER (Thomas Keble) A*AAB Alyssia BOARDMAN (Cirencester Deer Park) AA + D*D* Barnaby CHADWICK (Cirencester Deer Park) A*ABB Ben FRANCIS (Bradon Forest) A*AAAC Ben LINES (Nova Hreod) AAABC Ben MADLEY (Bradon Forest) A*A*A*A*C Bethan WILLIAMS (Bradon Forest) AAAC Bo-Kyung KIM (Dorcan Academy) A*AA Brendan PEARSON (Lydiard Park Academy) A*AB Catherine BAILEY (Bradon Forest) ABB + DS* Catherine FIELDEN (Cirencester Deer Park) A*A*AA + DS* Charlotte MURPHY (Commonweal) A*AABC Charlotte WARD (Dorcan Academy) A*A*ABC Chloe PHILIPPE (St Joseph’s) A*A*AB Christopher WAKEFIELD (Marling) ABC +DS* Connie HILL (Cirencester Deer Park) A*ABC Dan GRANVILLE (Bradon Forest) A*ABBB David CHEUNG (Swindon New College) A*A*C Ella PATTISON-SHARP (Cirencester Deer Park) AAAB Ellie PATTEN (Cirencester Deer Park) A*AAA Emily TONKS (Cirencester Deer Park) A*ABB Francesca SPENCER (Bradon Forest) A*BBC+DS* Georgia LEACH (St Joseph’s) A*ABBB Georgina BUCKLEY (Thomas Keble) A*AAB Hannah PETTIT (Bradon Forest) A*AAB Hilary MCGINTY (Highworth Warneford) A*A*A*BC Holly LITTLE (Commonweal) A*AAB +DS* Holly PAVELING (Stroud High) A*AAA Hyun-Seo KIM (Bradon Forest) A*AAB Jack BIRCH (Lydiard Park Academy) AAAB

A-level top achievers

(360 UCAS tariff points or more or equivalent to 3 grade As or above) (DS = distinction DS* = distinction* in a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma)

Jack ROPER (Highworth Warneford) A*A*A*A Jack STUART (Sir William Romney’s) A*A*A Jake VANAGS (Swindon College) AAAB James ALSTON (Thomas Keble) A*A*BB James ALVIS (Rednock) A*A*BB James INSCH (Cirencester Deer Park) A*A*CC Jennifer ALLAN (Bradon Forest) A*AAC Jessica SALLES (Commonweal) A*ABC Jordan JONES (Maidenhill) ABC+ DS* Josh PYSANCZYN (Highworth Warneford) AAAB Joshua RHODES (Highworth Warneford) A*A*AB Joshua YETMAN (Bradon Forest) A*A*A*A*B Katherine MACKENZIE (Cirencester Kingshill) A*AB Katherine MATTHEWS (Highworth Warneford) A*ACC Kathryn ALDER (Thomas Keble) AB +DS* Laura HOBSON (Cirencester Deer Park) A*A*AB Lauren JONES (Kingsdown) A*AAB Laurence MUSSETT (Thomas Keble) A*AAA Leah TYWUNKA (Rednock) AAA Lewis SAYLE (Highworth Warneford) A*AAB Lisa JONHSON (home tuition) AAAC Lois DONOHOE (Farmor’s) A*ABC Louis MADDISON (Bradon Forest) A*A*AAB Louise DANDY (Kingsdown) A*A*A*A Luke COX (St Joseph’s) AB + DS* Lucy CASTLE (Kingsdown) A*AAC Lucy REEVES (Cirencester Deer Park) A*ABB Marianne FISH (Bradon Forest) A*A*A*A Mary COE (Bradon Forest) A*A*AAB Matthew WALKER (Lydiard Park Academy) A*A*AAB Michael CANNON (Cirencester Deer Park) A*A*AAA Mitchell DUPRIE (Bradon Forest) AAABC Molly HALL (Bradon Forest) A*A*ABC Nick ORMONDROYD (Highworth Warneford) A*A*A*A*A

Nicole DHILLON (Kingsdown) AAAC Nina HAGER (Bradon Forest) A*ABB Olivia MERRILL (Cirencester Deer Park) A*ABC Rachael POVEY (Rednock) A*A*ABB Rachel BLAKEY (Bradon Forest) A*AAB Rebecca LEES (Thomas Keble) A*AAC Rebecca REDDING (Thomas Keble) A*A*AAAB Richard BUTCHER (Kingsdown) AAAB Roseanna LOOSEMORE (Sir William Romney’s) A*ABC Rosemary LUKER (Highworth Warneford) A*A*AA Ruth-Anne HURST (Sir William Romney’s) A*AAB Sophie BRYANT (Kingsdown) AAAB Svetlana KULIKOUSKAYA(Lydiard Park Academy) A*AABB Tamsin HILLIKER (Sir William Romney’s) A*AAB Thomas CARPENTER (Cirencester Deer Park) AAC + DS* Varaidzo MOYO (Dorcan Academy) A*AA


Lucy Reeves (ex Cirencester Deer Park) “All the lecturers at College have been unbelievably helpful, I’m so happy with my grades and definitely could not have achieved them without their help!” Lucy gained A*ABB and will be joining Manchester University to take Bio Chemistry. Rebecca Redding (ex Thomas Keble) “I have always wanted to get into Oxford, I’m ecstatic. My teachers and tutor at Cirencester were absolutely amazing!” Rebecca gained A*AAAB and is going to Oxford to study Classics. 52

A-level Results!

Charlotte Ward (ex Dorcan Academy) “I’m so overwhelmed by my results, not what I was expecting at all. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Cirencester College and would recommend the College to anyone” Charlotte gained A*A*AC and will be joining KPMG on the School Leavers Programme.

Jack Roper (ex Highworth Warneford) “I’m really happy with both my results and my time spent at College, All my teachers were so supportive that it’s hard to imagine having gone anywhere else but here!” Jack gained A*A*A*A and will be going to University College London to study Computer Science.

Jack Stuart (ex Sir William Romney’s) “Brilliant! Fantastic support and great teaching. I’m amazed at my results and would just like to thank Academic Support for their help and support!” Jack gained A*A*A and is going to Exeter to study a BA in Economics and International Relations.

Josh Yetman (ex Bradon Forest) “I am utterly gobsmacked! This College has been incredible and I am grateful to all the brilliant teachers!” Josh gained A*A*A*A*B and

is going to the University of Kent to take Actuarial Science.

Nicole Dhillon (ex Kingsdown) “Cirencester College is an amazing College and I highly recommend it. I fully enjoyed my 2 years!” Nicole gained AAA she is taking a gap year to work and then will be applying for Dentistry for September 2014. 53

15 August 2013

James Insch (ex Cirencester Deer Park) “I got 99 problems but results ain’t one!” James gained A*A*C and is going to Royal Holloway University to take Ancient History.

Georgina Buckley (ex Thomas Keble) “Really pleased with my results, I’ve had such a fun time at Cirencester College!” Georgina gained A*AAB and will be going to University College London to study Egyptian Archaeology.

Hilary McGinty (ex Highworth Warneford) “I couldn’t be more pleased with my results . I have loved my time at Cirencester!” Hilary gained A*A*A*B and will be going to Durham University to study Medicine. Louise Dandy (ex Kingsdown) “I’’m really happy - and the College has been great over the last 2 years!” Louise gained A*A*A*A and is going to Nottingham University to study English and American Studies.


James Alston (ex Thomas Keble) “I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time making new friends, taking part in some fantastic plays and meeting some wonderful and inspiring teachers. Two of the best years of my life and I am so happy with my results and owe it all to the fantastic students and teachers; I am now looking forward to going to University.” James gained A*A*B and is going to do Drama at University of Exeter.

Chloé Philippe (ex St Joseph’s) “My experience at College has been amazing, I’ve made some great friends and the support from my teachers has been excellent. I’m really pleased with my results and looking forward to going to university!” Chloé gained A*A*AAB and will be going to Glasgow University to study Neuroscience.

A-level Results!

Dan Granville (ex Bradon Forest) “I am so pleased with my results. Words really cannot describe my elation and the depth of gratitude I have for all the amazing staff that have helped me to realise my ambitions. Thank you Cirencester College!” Dan gained A*ABBB and will be going to St Andrews to study Financial Economics. Charlotte Murphy (ex Commonweal School) “I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Cirencester College and could not have achieved my results without the support my teachers provided!” Charlotte gained A*AAB and is going on to Southampton University to take Modern Languages. Matthew Walker (ex Lydiard Park Academy) “I’m delighted with my results and have to thank all the staff at Cirencester. I have had some great opportunities eg the Career Academies and Target 2.0 to name a few.” Matthew gained A*A*AAB and is going to Lancaster University to study Politics and International Relations. Jennifer Allan (ex Bradon Forest) “Extremely pleased with my results, and grateful to each department for their amazing help and support!” Jennifer gained A*AA and will going to Somerville College, Oxford to take Ancient and Modern History.

Lois Donohoe (ex Farmor’s) “I am so pleased with all my results and can only thank the hard work of all my teachers and the amazing experience I had at this College!!” Lois gained A*AB and will be going to Heriot Watt School of Textiles and Design to take a BA in Design for Textiles.

15 August 2013


Career Academies Sarah Lane Career Academies Co-ordinator

Our well-established Career Academy programmes have been part of Cirencester College since 2004 and we now have Career Academies in Finance, Business, IT, Sport and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Career Academy programmes are employer driven, managed and influenced by active and enthusiastic Board members comprising both industry and academic representatives - focussed on raising aspirations and developing career awareness, enabling students to reach their full potential. The student’s focus, commitment and motivation are key to their acceptance on to an Academy Programme. Students gain a blend of work skills alongside their academic studies, giving them a very real choice of Higher Education study or a head start in embarking on a fulltime career when they leave College. Operating in conjunction with Career Academies UK, Cirencester College is the only local college to offer Career Academy programmes. 56

Sarah Lane


London Graduation 2013

Business Careers Academy 12/13

Business Speed Networking


Sport Careers Academy 12/13

Mo (Finance Careers Academy) “Being part of the Finance Careers Academy has given me lots of opportunities. From visiting Deutsche Börse Group which was not only fascinating but also an eye opening experience, to my summer internship with Lloyds Banking Group in Newbury, a chance for me to impress real employers, to working with my mentor, Cameron who is an ex student from Cirencester, now working for Ernst and Young, who gives me advice and help. I have also had numerous opportunities to network with many other finance companies at academy networking events!”

Matt (IT Careers Academy) “I went on the Academy trip to London for the day, which was great fun, even though the bus broke down on the motorway! I think the best thing about the Academy programme, is the massive opportunities it opens up for me as I progress through college. During the summer, we are able to work at a real business for 6 weeks to gain amazing experience for our career. Not only is this an admirable addition to a CV, but it gives us the contacts which can open up further opportunities when our qualifications are finished.”


Jessica (Sports Careers Academy) “The Sports Careers Academy has given me endless opportunities and has exceeded all expectations! I’ve been to London along with all the other academies around the country, which was a brilliant experience, met various employers in both meeting and interview format. I’m very thankful to the academy because I now have a clear career path for my future!” Jake (IT Careers Academy) “The IT Academy trip to London was really informative; it allowed me as an individual to grow within my industry, additionally it has assisted me in choosing my potential career path!”

Career Academy Alumni

A selection of some of our academy student destinations St James’s Place Bob Hunt (2006) Philip Bunton (2007) Jake Martin (2008) Jamie Ponting (2008) Miah Ripon (2008) James Warburton (2009) Bobbie Mottram (2010) Fergus Marchington (2010) Joshua Morrison (2010) Natasha Clifford (2010) Bailey Wilkie (2010) George Price (2011) Ryan Caunt (2012) Gemma Chatfield (2012) Matthew Cross (2012) Chris Richards (2012) Hannah Street (2012)

Ernst and Young Cameron Holloway (2007) Hassan Rauf (2011) Oli Ashforth Shaw (2011) Shiv Dosa (2011) Sam Taylor (2012) Lloyds Banking Aamer Butt (2008) Adam Haines (2010) Daniel Waldron (2010) Jonathan Hawkins (2010) Sarah Lowther (2010) Callum James (2011) Dan Siddle (2011) Roberta Wilkes (2011) Zurich Oliver Clinch (2006)

Nationwide David Coates (2007) Katie Pitts Drake (2009) Ryan Riddett (2012) Parmenion Andrew Gilbert (2007) JP Morgan Neil Carne (2007) Cirencester Friendly Society Rebecca Kilbey (2008) Dyson Hannah Jefferies (2010) Paragon Events Charlotte Ridley (2010) RSM Tenon Natalya Fedai (2012) Mitsubishi James Fletcher (2012)


Vocational Level 3 Courses Our extensive range of Level 3 vocational courses are listed here with a brief description of the subject. For more in-depth course information, please check out our website


Animal Management Art and Design Business Childcare and Education Countryside Management Creative Media Production Dance Engineering Health and Social Care Horse Management Hospitality IT Practitioners Journalism

Music Technology Performing Arts Personal and Business Finance Photography Pre Teaching Production Arts Public Services (Uniformed) Radio Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness) Sport and Exercise Science Travel and Tourism Young Enterprise

Also new for 2014 BTEC Art Foundation Diploma (Level 3/4) - page 75

Vocational Pathways Vocational Pathways Cirencester Sixth Form College’s reputation for vocational excellence is well known. Vocational courses are excellent for a wide range of learners and are designed to accommodate the needs of employers as well as allowing progression to university. They provide more practical skills as well as a theoretical background. They can be taken alongside, or in place of, GCSEs and A-levels.

BTEC Qualifications BTEC qualifications are not exam based qualifications but are through portfolio based assessments, projects and assignments which contribute to the study units. Each BTEC is made up of units which is dependent on the level and size of the BTEC. BTEC qualifications are graded either as a Pass, a Merit, a Distinction or a Distinction star.

Level 3 3 3 3 3

Qualification Extended Diploma Diploma 90 Credit Diploma Subsidiary Diploma Certificate

Credits 180 120 90 60 30

Equivalent to 3 A-levels 2 A-levels 1.5 A-levels 1 A-level 1 AS-level

2 2 2

Diploma Extended Certificate First Award

60 30 12

4 GCSEs (A*-C) 2 GCSEs (A*-C) 1 GCSE (A*-C) 61


Level 3 Vocational Courses

Entry Requirements Level 3 Vocational Courses To join a level 3 vocational course you will need to read the following entry requirements. If you need more help with types and levels of courses visit the Post 16 qualification information on our website:

For Vocational Extended Diplomas you will need: 5 grade Cs at GCSE including 3 from the following group: Business Studies English Language English Literature Foreign Language Humanities (ie History, Geography, RS, Sociology, Psychology) Science (double or single subjects) (BTEC Level 2 Diploma Merit* will be counted as one GCSE ) Maths, Law or a distinction in a Level 2 diploma 63

Catherine “I am taking the Animal Management Subsidiary Diploma alongside A-levels which is great preparation for progress on to veterinary science. On the course I have been on trips to the zoo, lambing and handled lots of different exotic animals�

Animal Management Extended Diploma Diploma Subsidiary Diploma This course enables you to develop a range of real employability skills and techniques as well as the personal qualities and attitudes essential for success in a working life with animals. You can also progress via our own HND or Foundation Degree Routes. (see page 89).


Catherine Fielden formerly of Cirencester Deer Park took BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Animal Management alongside her A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and General Studies gaining A*A*AA and a distinction*. Catherine will now be going onto take veterinary science at university.

Art and Design Extended Diploma

90 Credit Diploma

This is an exciting, creative and demanding course that offers the student a broad base of knowledge and skills in Art & Design processes, allowing for a degree of personal exploration and creativity. It is open to all learners who wish to pursue a creative career. It is studied over a period of two years with the success and completion of Year 1 units allowing a student to proceed on to Year 2. (Students who have successfully completed this course may progress to the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - see page 75).

Business BTEC Extended Diploma


Subsidiary Diploma

This exciting vocational qualification allows you to study business theories and concepts and apply them to real organisations and situations. It is an ideal preparation for any career in business, for example, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance or Administration. It is also an excellent foundation for progression to Higher Education.

Childcare & Education Diploma(CACHE) You will learn about children’s growth and development, how to care for and educate children and about working with their parents and other professionals. The course consists of 3 days of study in college and, as practical work placements are an integral part of the course, you will spend 2 days a week in child care and educational settings.


Jenni “Taking the BTEC Media is great as you get access to the best software and equipment. Projects are varied and interesting, from designing a website to producing your own dvd structure and content and the opportunity to enter short film festivals. The course is perfect for me as I prefer being continually assessed through coursework rather than by a single exam!�


Countryside Management BTEC Extended Diploma


Subsidiary Diploma

This course is aimed at those who wish to work outdoors or in any of the countryside, heritage or environmental industries. The course uses a mix of practical and classroom activity which will provide valuable preparation for work in these sectors or pave the way to further education. Progression is also available via our Foundation Degree route (see page 89).

Creative Media Production BTEC Extended Diploma


Subsidiary Diploma

Creative Media Production provides a fascinating approach to TV, film, video, print and digital production, combining academic study, practical skills and understanding of professional practice. The course prepares students for a broad range of media related courses at university level and for entry into the industry.

Dance Subsidiary Diploma

Subsidiary Certificate

This course is designed for students with a keen interest in dance who are looking for a practical and performance based approach. You will take part in the college dance shows, in which you will dance duets, trios or groups, dependent on the assessment. There are regular written assignments attached to the assessments.

Jenni Walker- formerly of Lydiard Park Academy taking BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production alongside an AS-levels in ICT. Jenni is also a member of the IT Career Academy.


Engineering Extended Diploma* Diploma* Subsidiary Diploma Certificate This course has been designed to give new entrants to the engineering sector the underpinning knowledge and specific skills needed to meet the needs of the modern engineering industries. You will develop practical skills in preparation to enter employment or study the subject further. *provisional for 2014

Health and Social Care Extended Diploma


This course will develop your skills, knowledge and understanding of the health, social care and early years sector, and the settings, job roles, principles and values involved. You will complete a number of practical work placements in order to apply your knowledge and gain real-world experience in the sector.

Horse Management Extended Diploma


Subsidiary Diploma


This exciting course is suitable for those with existing knowledge or experience of working with horses. You will have the opportunity to work in a practical setting, acquiring an industry recognised qualification that will enable you to turn a real interest into a career or higher education pathway, especially via our own HND or Foundation Degree routes.

Hospitality Diploma

Subsidiary Diploma

This industry recognised qualification will assist you in obtaining employment in the hospitality sector. You will learn research techniques, develop practical cooking skills, visit hospitality providers, and have the opportunity to plan and execute a hospitality related event. You will also have the chance to participate in two separate weeks of work experience.

IT Practitioners Extended Diploma


This course offers a vocational approach to computing. Each unit combines practical work on computers with theory lessons, covering the underpinning concepts and knowledge. You will gain skills in the field of software support and development, and learn about software designs as well as supporting and maintaining computer systems.

Journalism - ABC Level 3 Award in Print Journalism Learn about news, current affairs, fashion and celebrity journalism for magazines, newspapers and blogs. This course can fit alongside A-levels or a BTEC programme.

Music Technology Subsidiary Diploma A practical, hands-on course that allows you to develop your music technology and production skills. You will learn by completing projects that are based on realistic workplace situations, developing skills in sequencing, recording, producing, and composing with technology. You will also learn about the historical context and development of music technology and the influence of world music.



Performing Arts Extended Diploma A practical performance course in which you gain the experience of learning through productions. Working in the college’s professional theatre, The Sundial, this is your chance to develop your skills in acting, dancing and singing and then try them out in front of an audience. The course is largely practical and performancebased but there are regular written assignments throughout.

Personal and Business Finance (Finance Academy) Subsidiary Diploma This course is tailored for students interested in entering financial services as a career. By taking this course you are automatically given the opportunity to apply for our Finance Academy, a unique programme that combines academic qualifications with an internship at one of our partner Financial Services Companies, as well as the opportunity to regularly meet with a mentor from the finance world.

Photography Diploma A highly creative, professionally-focussed course aimed at students wanting to pursue photography-related employment or progress on to university level study. You will explore a range of traditional and digital routes, utilising the college’s darkrooms to develop your film photographs, and using our professional editing suites to manipulate and develop your digital work. 71

Pre-Teaching OCN Level 3 This is an introductory teacher training course which enables students to fully explore teaching as a potential career pathway. You will complete a number of practical placements in schools, as well as taking supporting theory lessons in college. This course can fit alongside A levels or a BTEC programme.

Production Arts BTEC Subsidiary Diploma A practical production course that gives you hands-on experience of working in the college’s professional theatre, The Sundial. This course will teach you the key principles of working backstage in the production of theatre shows and you will learn how to use stage lighting and sound.


Public Services (Uniformed) Extended Diploma


& 90 Credit Diploma

Subsidiary Diploma

This is a practical, work-related course aimed at students wishing to pursue a career in any uniformed public service, e.g. police, ambulance service, any branch of the military, fire service or prison service. You will develop a wide range of transferable skills including time management, team work, leadership and communication. This course is for those who enjoy activity and who are willing to try new experiences; it provides preparation for employment or higher education.

Radio - ABC Level 3 Award in Broadcasting Learn to create sound design for a professional context by producing content for the College’s web radio station. You will develop skills in research, scheduling, interviewing, presenting, recording and editing. This course can fit alongside A levels or a BTEC programme.

Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness) Extended Diploma

90 Credit Diploma

The course is aimed at students wishing to pursue a career in the sports or fitness industry. Modules include Anatomy and Physiology, Training and Fitness, Sports Coaching, Sports Development and Sports Nutrition. Taught through classroom based lectures and practical sessions, this course is ideal preparation for either the workplace or university. 73

Dan “Sports Fitness and Coaching has helped to teach me how to stay fit and healthy and how I can improve my swimming times, by explaining how the body works and how you can stay fit without injuring yourself!”

Dan Bennett- ex Sir William Romney’s School taking BTEC Extended Diploma 74 in Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness)

(photo courtesy of Mark Lomas, Statement Images)

Sport and Exercise Science Extended Diploma

90 Credit Diploma


The course is aimed at students wishing to pursue a career in the sports or fitness industry. Modules include Anatomy, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Health & Lifestyle, Sports Injuries, Sports Nutrition, Sport Psychology and Sports Massage. Taught through classroom based lectures and practical sessions, this course is ideal preparation for either the workplace or university.

Travel and Tourism Diploma

Subsidiary Diploma

This course is for those with a passion for communication and an appreciation of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing industry. You will gain knowledge of the whole travel and tourism landscape, and learn about the diverse and complex issues that are affecting sectors such as UK visitor attractions, long haul travel destinations and cruise ships. You will have the opportunity to undertake many course related visits.

New for 2014 BTEC Art Foundation Diploma This course is for those who wish to develop their creative skills in Art and Design to a higher level. Suitable for students who have successfully completed either the BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design (merit or above) or an A-level profile that demonstrates strong performance in Art and Design. The course is excellent preparation for those who wish to progress to a BA Honours degree at University.


Results Georgina Reid

Mike New

Bethany Meaden

Sam Powell

Charlie Thorpe

Jessica Caudle

Georgian Hann

Luke Cameron

Jonas Pollard

Sean Pullen

Georgia McCann

Jack Deaman

Chatchai Klinrot

Laura Maller

Josh Hill

Animal Management Jessica BOHLING (Home Educated) D*D*D* Danielle CLARK ( Dorcan Academy) D*D*D+C Rhian COLE (St Joseph’s) D*D*D*+DS* Mair DAVIES (St Helena) D*D*D Deborah JAMES (Kingsdown) D*D*D Bethany LARGE (Nova Hreod) DDD Georgia MCCANN (Lydiard Park Academy) D*D*D Bethany MEADEN (Ridgeway School) D*D*D*+DS* Karla PLAISTER (Commonweal) D*D*D*+B Keziah TRURAN (Rednock) D*D*D*+DS* Business Luke CAMERON (Thomas Keble) D*D*D* Katie CLUETT (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD Bryony HYNES (Malmesbury) D*DD Samuel JOHNSON (Cirencester Kingshill) D*D*D* Chatchai KLINROT (Cirencester Deer Park) D*D*D Georgina REID (Swindon Academy) D*D*D* Kayleigh TAYLOR (Cirencester Deer Park) D*D*D*+C Neil THAKRAR (Nova Hreod) D*D*D* Art and Design Aliza DE LIMA (Sir William Romney’s) D*DD Georgia HANN (Rednock School) DDD Lewis JAMES (Bradon Forest) D*DD Jemma STOREY (Highworth Warneford) D*DD+DS Sritrakun SUAMKLANG (Nova Hreod) D*DD Countryside Management Sam POWELL (Sir William Romney’s) D*D*D*

Edward McCollom

Gary Long

76 Samuel Johnson Samantha Hiscocks Samuel Johnson

Beth Adams

Creative Media Production Gary LONG (Cirencester Kingshill) D*D*D* Jonas POLLARD (Thomas Keble) D*D*D*+B Sean PULLEN (Kingsdown) D*D*D*

Tori Price

Vocational Level 3 Results!

Level 3 Extended Diplomas

(D*D*D* = triple distinctions are equivalent to 3 grade A*s at A-level. Some students take an additional A-level or an additional subsidiary diploma)

Health and Social Care Jessica BAKER (Highworth Warneford) D*D*D* Jessica CAUDLE (Cirencester Kingshill) D*D*D* Holly GRAY (Archway) D*DD Ryan KENT (Cirencester Deer Park) D*DD Sophie MCHUGH (Bradon Forest) D*D*D* Tori PRICE (Katharine Lady Berkeley’s) D*D*D* Elizabeth TOSELAND (Malmesbury) D*D*D*

Sport and Exercise Sciences Rebecca BEARD (Maidenhill) DDD Jack BROWN (Marling) DDD Jack DEAMAN (Highworth Warneford) D*D*D Matthew JOHNSON (Lydiard Park) DDD Robert MANT (Cirencester Deer Park) DDD Michael NEW (Malmesbury) D*DD Clarice SALOYEDOFF (Ridgeway) D*D*D*+C

Horse Management Alexander BENFIELD (Cirencester Deer Park) D*D*D Rosa FORD (Stroud High) D*D*D Catherine LOWE (Stroud High) DDD

Performing Arts Sarah FINNEY (Lydiard Park Academy) DDD Joshua FOYSTER (Commonweal) D*DD Caitlin GALLAGHER (Balcarras) DDD Hannah GARDINER (Swindon Academy) DDD Rachel HAMMOND (Nova Hreod) D*D*D+A Abygail HUGHES (Malmesbury) D*D*D Robyn JARVIS (Nova Hreod) D*D*D*+C Ellen LAWRENCE (Royal Wootton Bassett) D*DD Edward MCCOLLUM (Thomas Keble) D*D*D Evie MOORE (Sir William Romney’s) D*D*D Naomi OSMOND (Denmark Road High) D*D*D*+D Abigail SHORT (Highworth Warneford) D*DD+D Charlie THORPE (Faringdon) D*DD

IT (Software Development) James CHASE (Farmor’s) D*D*D James CLARK (Nova Hreod) D*D*D Anthony COLE (Malmesbury) DDD Sport (Development, Coaching & Fitness) Thomas BLACKFORD (St Joseph’s) DDD Thomas DENMEAD (Farmor’s) D*D*D* Andrew FERRIS (Farmor’s) DDD Matthew FUSCO (Malmesbury) DDD Jack GOWER (Farmor’s) DDD Reuben KEATING (St Thomas More) D*D*D* Laura MALLER (Sir William Romney’s) D*D*D* Aimee O’SULLIVAN (St Joseph’s) DDD David RIDLEY (Highworth Warneford) DDD Ria SALLEH (Cotswold) D*D*D* Jessica SELLEN (Katharine Lady Berkeley’s) D*D*D* Alice WOODMAN (Kingsdown) D*DD+C

Production (Performing Arts) Toby CHEVIS (Grittleton House) D*D*D+DS* Charles LAPAGE-NORRIS (Wycliffe College) D*D*D+C Rhys MAULE (Archway) DDD Rowan POOLE (Cirencester Deer Park) D*D*D+DS*+C

CACHE Level 3 (A = triple distinction) Bethany ADAMS (Rednock) A Emma BOUCHER (Cirencester Deer Park) A Bronagh DAVIES (Highworth Warneford) A Sport (Outdoor Adventure) Emma Devine (Cirencester Kingshill) D*D*D* Samantha HISCOCKS (Faringdon) A Michael Lorusso (Highworth Warneford) DDD Charlotte LANGFORD (Rednock) A Rhiannon SMITH (Malmesbury) A Uniformed Public Services Tessa BARRETT (Cirencester Deer Park) D*D*D 77 Joshua HILL(Cirencester Kingshill) DDD

Vocational Level 3 Results!


Left to right: Mohammed Karim, Danny Gannicott, Jeevan Thandi, Glenn Christmas and Sam Mathews of Swapplications

Young Enterprise Young Enterprise is your chance to set up and run a legal trading business with other students. Choose your role from a range including managing director, finance director, sales director and more. You will find out what it is really like to be an entrepreneur. Swapplications has this year completely out performed every College YE group that has gone before them. Winning their Area Finals to become champions of Gloucestershire they then went on to win their Regional Final to become champions of the South West, picking up additional awards such as Best Financial Management and Best Innovation along the way. They then represented the South West at the National Finals in London where they won the award for Best Production and a cheque for ÂŁ500. Put simply, their company produces bespoke apps for schools and colleges which assist with the students learning experience, helping them to be more organised and communicate more easily. Mo “Young Enterprise has personally been very beneficial for my CV in terms of experience in playing a role in a real company which gives me an advantage when I start searching for jobs!â€?


GCSE Courses & Vocational Level 2


GCSEs Maths The full GCSE Maths course taught within one year. Students with a grade D will take GCSE Foundation Maths. Students with a grade E or below will do the Functional Skills course.

English Language The full GCSE English course taught within one year. Students with a grade D at GCSE can take this course, while students with a grade E or below will do Functional Skills English.

Italian GCSE (Ab Initio)

This is an intensive language course for students with no previous experience of Italian. This course leads to AS and A2 in the second year; by Easter of year one you should be at a really good GCSE standard and able to begin AS level work. You will take the GCSE exam at the end of the first year.

Spanish GCSE (Ab Initio) This is an intensive language course for students with no previous experience of Spanish. This course leads to AS and A2 in the second year; by Easter of year one you should be at a really good GCSE standard and able to begin AS level work. You will take the GCSE exam at the end of the first year.



Level 2 Vocational Courses Animal Care BTEC Level 2 Diploma Diploma This exciting and active course will give you the opportunity to work with and study a variety of animals in both practical and classroom settings. You will have access to reptiles, fish, invertebrates, rodents, birds, farm animals, horses and domestic pets, all of which are either resident on the college site or at our local yard. This course enables students to develop a range of real employability skills as well as the personal qualities and attitudes essential for success in a working life with animals.

Principles of Applied Science First Award (1 or 2) Applied Science delivers GCSE level study by covering the key scientific principles vital for both scientists and citizens of the future. Modules include Chemistry and Our Earth, Energy and Our Universe and Biology and Our Environment.

Art & Design BTEC Level 2 Certificate Extended Certificate During this course you will develop technical and creative skills, focussing on 2D and 3D visual arts methods as well as contextual studies in contemporary and historical art.


Business Diploma This course provides an introduction to the world of business, examining concepts and ideas which will help you to gain an insight into how and why businesses operate. You will learn by completing projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands.

Childcare and Education (CACHE) This one year course explores the development of children from birth to 16. It covers exciting topics like children and play, plus the latest thinking in children services. It also includes placements in settings such as nurseries that will give you hands-on experience to help you with your first job. This course also allows for progression on to the CACHE Level 3 Diploma.

Countryside and Environment Diploma This course is ideal if you are interested in working outdoors in the heritage and countryside sector and want to gain the skills required for employment. This one year Level 2 Diploma also allows for progression on to selected Level 3 Diplomas.

Creative Media Extended Certificate Throughout this one year course you will have the chance to engage your creativity in producing your own films using professional filming equipment and editing software. Drama, documentary and live studio productions will form part of this course, which can be a progression route to BTEC Level 3 Creative Media. 84

Horse Care Diploma Horse Care will give you the chance to develop a range of real employability skills as well as the personal qualities and attitudes essential for success in a working life with horses. This one year Level 2 Diploma offers routes into employment or progression on to selected Level 3 Diplomas.

Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Diploma On this course you will gain two different Extended Certificates. One in Hospitality and the other in Travel and Tourism which will give you the equivalent of a Diploma. The course provides an introduction to both industries, and will prepare you for employment. In Hospitality you will be given the opportunity to cook contemporary cuisine dishes and practice in a real hospitality environment. In Travel and Tourism you will gain an introductory into this dynamic world. This one year course also allows for progression on to selected Level 3 Diplomas.

IT Practitioners Diploma If you are interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry, the Level 2 Diploma offers a broad-based course of study to get you started. You will learn how to create effective documents, assemble hardware, and design and create your own computer game. This one year Level 2 Diploma also allows for progression on to selected Level 3 Diplomas.



Music Production Diploma Music Production is aimed at students who have a general interest in recording and producing music. This course could be the first step to working in a recording studio or to studying related courses at Level 3.

Performing Arts (Performance) Diploma In this exciting and challenging course you will develop performance skills as an actor and study and apply a range of methods of creating drama, both for the stage and screen. The performance work will be assessed through the presentation of scripted extracts from published plays and devised work.

Megan Price - (Thomas Keble School) took the Pre Nursing course alongside her A-levels in Psychology, General Studies, Applied Science and Anthropology (AACC) and is now going on to study Midwifery at Birmingham City University.


Pre-Nursing Award in Progression (9 credits) For those interested in a career in nursing or other health related fields, this course gives an insight into your chosen health care profession, providing the skills and qualities to become a health care practitioner. You will study this course over a period of 1 year, with weekly work placements in healthcare settings. This course can fit alongside a programme of A levels or BTEC Diplomas.

Public Services (Uniformed) Diploma This active and engaging course is aimed at students interested in pursuing a career in one of the uniformed public services, e.g. the armed forces, police, fire service or customs and excise. This one year Level 2 Diploma also allows for progression on to selected Level 3 Diplomas.

Sport Diploma This course covers a wide variety of aspects related to the Sport and Exercise Science industry. Modules include Fitness Testing & Training, Anatomy & Physiology, Sports Injuries and Planning and Leading Sports Activities. . This one year Level 2 Diploma provides routes into employment or progression on to selected Level 3 Diplomas.


Vocational Level 1 & Entry Level 3 For those students who found school challenging and are expecting mostly grades E to G in their GCSEs. This is the ideal course to gain skills and experience before moving on to a Level 2 course, apprenticeship or employment. Students work towards level 1 functional skills in English, Maths and IT and choose a pathway that best suits their interests and future goals: • Business Admin and Retail • Land Based and Animal Studies • Hospitality, Travel and Leisure • Creative Media inc Photography You will be supported through work experience in their chosen area. A Personal Tutor will work with students on Personal and Social Development each week and our experienced team of teachers and learning support workers will help students make progress from day one.


Daisy Ranger this year completed her level 1 functional skills in English, Maths and IT and has been gaining work experience catering in the staff cafe. Daisy will be continuing with her level 1 in September 2013.

University Level Courses

Joining Cirencester Sixth Form College gives students the opportunity to continue on to Higher Education. A popular choice for students facing high fees at university and want to stay in familiar surroundings. In partnership with HE institutions, we are now delivering Foundation Degrees in: l Criminology and Criminal Justice (University of West of England) l Environmental Conservation and Heritage Management (Royal Agricultural University - RAU) l British Wildlife Conservation (RAU) l Archaeological and Historical Conservation (RAU) We can also offer a HND/HNC in: Animal Management l Computing and Systems Development l Sport Coaching and Development l

and from 2014 we will also be launching HND/HNCs in: l Business l Health & Social Care and from 2014 l Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Emily Gentleman-Graduated from UWE adding a top up year to her Foundation Degree, gaining a BA in Criminology - Emily was also awarded the best dissertation in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at UWE




Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity to gain a career, with real training whilst you are earning - combining a programme of work-based skills at your place of work alongside a day-release academic course at College. At Cirencester College there are three levels of apprenticeship available; Intermediate, Advanced and Higher.

Subject/level Accounting Advertising & Marketing Communications Business and Administration Creative and Digital Media Customer Service IT Applications Management Marketing Team Leading





Higher l


l l




l l l


A wide range of Higher Apprenticeships are currently being launched, more information will be available on our website alongside our current vacancies. Intermediate Length 9-24 months Entry • GCSEs or equivalent requirements • appropriate attitude and aptitude • employed in relevant occupational area Study working towards: requirements • NVQ Level 2 • Technical Certificate • Functional Skills

Advanced 12-24 months • GCSEs or equivalent • Completion of level 2 apprenticeship • employed in relevant occupational area working towards: • NVQ Level 3 • Technical Certificate • Functional Skills

Higher 18-36 months • GCSEs or equivalent • significant experience of working in appropriate field • employed in relevant occupational area working towards: • NVQ level 4 • Technical Certificate • Functional Skills • a knowledge based qualification such as a foundation degree or HND/HNC



Case Study

St James’s Place Apprentices Four of the five apprentices employed at St James’s Place in Cirencester are pictured (left to right) Chris Richards - Business and Administration Apprentice and ex Business Academy student Ryan Caunt - Business and Administration Apprentice and ex Business Academy student. Gemma Chatfield - Marketing Apprentice and ex Business Academy student Matt Cross - Business Administration Apprentice and ex Finance Academy student Sarah Newell (missing from the photo) is an Accounting Apprentice and ex A-level student at Cirencester Sixth Form College

Sue Kingston Recruitment and HR Operations Manager St James’s Place St. James’s Place introduced their apprenticeship scheme to support local young people by giving them an opportunity to gain valuable work experience alongside a work related qualification. In return St. James’s Place gains bright, hard working and focussed young people at grass roots level who are eager to work within a successful and professional environment. Apprentices have been recruited into various parts of the business which have a number of junior roles available along with plenty of line management support to ensure they receive the training and development necessary to help them succeed and to progress their careers. St. James’s Place first intake of apprentices have impressed their departments by their ability to work hard and complete exams or coursework with all five being offered permanent roles within the company. As the business continues to grow, more apprenticeship vacancies have been created to ensure this local source of young talent continues to play a part in the company’s overall recruitment strategy. 93

Academy of Sport

Cirencester College Academy of Sport 94

In 2013 we launched the Academy of Sport to build on the success of our sports clubs in Netball, Rugby, Basketball and Badminton in addition to well established Football Academy.

Every Academy of Sport student will: l


The purpose of the Academy of Sport is to: l increase student participation in sport in the college l improve the standard of individual performance l enhance individuals career prospects l provide opportunities to become involved with coaching or leadership l create a centre for these sports in the region that nurtures both performance and coaching talent


l l l


a personal portfolio with their coach with a detailed improvement action plan take individual fitness testing and monitoring have regular training sessions per week including fixtures and competitions have free fitness centre membership gain entry into the BCS national championships be involved in organising a cross college sports event

The College also has support from a high quality local physiotherapy unit and with a private health care company. The Academy of Sport is an exciting venture inspired by the Olympic Games legacy.


Sporting Achievements 2012/13

Basketball Academy • EB/BCS U19 Elite League • Gloucester Schools Champions • BCS West Midlands Tournament Winners • BCS National Finals (7th overall in country) • BCS Intra College Participation Cup Winners Individual Basketball success: Eddie Donmez SW Representative Laurie Costello SW Representative Joe Shepherd SW Representative Josh Reade Wales U18

Football Academy


Wiltshire County Representative Team Will Picter Gloucestershire County Representative Team Rueben Keating Josh Newman Adam Mace Harry Owen Dan Roberts Tim Bond Scholarships In USA Rueben Keating : American International Springfield, MA, United States

Netball Academy 2nd West Midlands league 2013 British Colleges West Midland trialists Jessie Loveless Charlotte Legge Ellie Rugsa Selected to represent British Colleges Beth Webb (left)

Beth “The Netball Academy is a great enrichment activity as it means I have been able to keep my hobby going and stay fit whilst at College. This year I was selected for British Colleges, I have gained so much support for my netball outside my academic subjects which also helps me with my future plans for university!� Beth Webb- formerly of Kingsdown School taking a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences, AS-levels in Psychology, History, English Literature and Language


Badminton Academy West Midlands Colleges John McDonald runner up boys singles Emma McDonald reached the finals of the girls singles Nicole and Helena won the girls doubles Andy Ferris and Alice Woodman won the mixed doubles National team competition Academy reached quarter finals British Colleges National Finals Andy Ferris and Emma McDonald runners up in the Mixed Doubles (pictured below)


Rugby Academy • 4th BCS Elite League West Midlands 2013 • Jack Western played Gloucestershire County Under 18's (playing in all 3 Championship Games) • Cameron Goodge played for Scotland Exiles • 8 Cirencester College players had West Midlands Trials for BCS • Semi-Finals of the 7's tournament (National Qualifiers)







(photo courtesy of Mark Lomas, Statement Images)





Individual Sporting Achievement 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Dan Bennett Five gold medals at the National Junior Disability Swimming Championships in Sheffield Charlotte Pitts Captain of Swindon Dolphins Swimming Sophie Roberts West Midlands regional swimmer Lillie Bellamy National Senior girls 1500m Athletics Callum Fraser National Number 2 for Archery Clarice Saloyedoff National Rhythmic gymnastic Cameron Goodge Rugby Scotland Exiles Mike New, James Tremblin and Ross Morgan (pic left) Rugby West Midlands representatives Alex Higgs 10th BCS Golf



Football Academy The Football Academy concept was initiated by Cirencester College and Cirencester Town Football Club in 1996. The vision was to provide full-time football coaching in conjunction with full-time education. This model set the benchmark that numerous colleges have followed and we gained the coveted National Training Award in 1999. The Football Academy’s weekly training regime involves: l l l l l

Daily individual training and team coaching Individual player assessment and development Football fitness Individual fitness profile and advice Diet and nutrition FA coaching and refereeing qualifications League fixtures (including South West Counties Under 18s and English Colleges’ Football League Premier and Regional Divisions) l Cup competitions (ESFA Colleges’ Trophy, FA Youth Cup, English Colleges’ Cup and Glos County) l l


After completing your time in the Football Academy you could progress to: Careers in professional football and semiprofessional football l Football coaching l Football refereeing l Further and Higher Education l Full-time work in sports and/or leisure related areas l Overseas scholarships in the USA l

As a member of the Football Academy: You will have a full programme of academic/vocational study l You can select from the whole range of programmes offered by Cirencester College eg A and AS-levels, National Extended Diplomas l

Players are selected for the Academy on the basis of their football ability. Trial dates for the September 2014 entry are in March/April 2014. To find out more you can contact the Admissions Office at the College. Prospective students should however submit their applications for a College place well before these dates.


Football Academy roll of honour Champions

International Honours

ESFA Under 18s Schools and Colleges Trophy 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2012 British College Champions 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2001 Gloucestershire County College Cup 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 South West Colleges’ Cup 1998, 1999, 2000 South West Counties Youth League Cup 1999 Football Conference League Cup Under 19s 2008 South West County League Champions 2009

Former Academy Players

James Constable Walsall, Shrewsbury, Oxford United Stuart Nelson Millwall, Brentford, Leyton Orient, Norwich City, Aberdeen, Notts County, Gillingham Matthew Green Cardiff City, Torquay United, Oxford United, Mansfield Chris Zebroski Millwall, Plymouth, Wycombe Wanderers, Torquay United, Bristol Rovers, Cheltenham Town, Newport County Jamie Gosling Yeovil Town, Torquay United


British Colleges Nick McCray (98) Adam Wainwright (98) Neil Morris (98) Kevin Sawyer (98) Phil Corcoran (99) Chris Cobb (99) Toby Clark (01/02) Adam Mayo (01/02) English Colleges Matt Green (05) Craig Curtis (05) Connor Thompson (11) Josh Morse (12/13) Adam Mace (13) Harry Owen (13) English Schools (U18) Sam Allison (99) Chris Bass (02) Lee Stevens (04) Robert Hodge (05) Karl Reynolds (06) Liam Williams (10) Connor Thompson (11) Welsh Schools (U18) Neil Morris (98)

English Colleges’ National Squad 2013 Left to right Harry Owen (under 17s) Josh Morse (under 19s) Adam Mace (under 19s)

Alex The Football Academy is amazing because you are doing something that you really enjoy as well as working with people who also love playing football. Everyone is trying their hardest because they know the more they put in the more they’re going to get out of it. My favourite thing about being a student here is that you get to know a lot of people and you get a good education. Any student thinking of coming to Cirencester I’d say come along, its a great college! Funniest moment at college was when the whole football academy were running around the field shouting ‘get down’ and then jumping to the floor whilst a man in a full army outfit chased us around trying to catch us. My ambitions for the future are to hopefully get a scholarship in America or go to university to study a sport course and hopefully carry on playing football to as high a level as possible. Alex Bateman - formerly of Dorcan Academy taking a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences, AS-levels in Law and Accounts alongside the Football Academy


Enrichment and Trips


Naheda “My enrichment is Volunteering with the Churn Project, where every week for an hour I visit a local care home and chat with one of the residents. It’s a great experience; I’ve learnt new things, heard old stories and met new people!”

One of the many attractions of coming to Cirencester College is the amazing enrichment (or extra-curricular activities) on offer. They help you to boost your CV with the life and employability skills expected by universities and employers alike. It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to simply try out new areas of interest and have fun at the same time. A number of themed events also take place each year ranging from health awareness to volunteering opportunities and equality & diversity awareness. The various activities are broken down into the following groups, but we are always open to new ideas and regularly arrange ‘taster’ sessions for new activities: • Sport, Health & Fitness • Job & Personal Skills • The Environment • Volunteering in the local community • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme • Charity fund-raising In addition, there are a number of major cross-college events including Sports Day plus HE and Futures Days. Most subject areas offer enhancement activities too. These include visiting speakers and a wide range of College trips and visits.

Sarah “The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme fits in with my A-level programme. The Public Services lecturers take D of E students on their expedition which fits around term times and the sport and volunteering opportunities at College which fills the physical and volunteering sections!”


Holocaust Survivor Talk Economics compete in Bank of England Competition at Gloucester Rugby Club

HRH Duchess of Gloucester visiting student young neighbours

Youth Theatre perform at Bristol’s Old Vic


Student ambassadors Fund raising for Children in Need


Ethiopian Run

Student Union ‘Halloween Bash’


Duke of Edinburgh Award Big Bang Science Day




Trips Elan Valley


Yorkshire Dales


Royal College of Surgeons

Kathryn “Seeing the live acting of Henry VIII on our History trip to Hampton Court really brought the history course to life and put it in perspective!!” Kathryn McCarthy (Bradon Forest School) taking Biology, History, Psychology and Law

Archaeology Trip

Chesil Beach Czech Republic


NCS Summer 2013 112 Local Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown visits NCS students at Cotswold Water Park

National Citizen Service NCS Summer Challenge 2014 In the Summer 2014, Cirencester College will be hosting places for young people looking for adventure, fun and achievement. NCS is a programme of activities and challenges for 16/17 year olds that will support them to develop the skills and attitudes they need to be more engaged with their communities and become active and responsible young people. It is a challenging and enjoyable opportunity for young people to gain new skills, meet people they would not normally meet, and work together for the benefit of their communities. It supports young people to realise their potential and prepare for adult life. The young people are given the skills and support to devise, develop and deliver a social action project within the community. In the past the teams have supported various projects including, Young carers, mental health charities, and hospices and many choose to carry on their support once the NCS programme is complete. Feedback from young people who have participated in NCS summer events tells a fantastic story:

“It gives you confidence and challenges you in different ways. You feel proud of yourself afterwards.” “I would tell anyone thinking of doing it to just do it. You learn new skills, it’s good for your CV and you make friends you’ll stay in touch with forever.” “It’s been great. The people are friendly and the activities are brilliant. We’ve been canoeing, expedition walking, camping and rock climbing, which are helping me develop team building skills which will help me later on in a job.” In 2013/2014 there will be up to 60,000 places available across England (over 50 places in Cirencester and surrounding area) and the programme will be open to many more young people in future years. If you are in Year 11 now and you would like to find out more about NCS, please contact the NCS team on 01285 640994 or e-mail For more information about the programme at Cirencester go to: or take a look at the bigger picture at:


Transport As a result of the increased demand from students outside our immediate area for transport to Cirencester College, we now run over 26 College subsidised coach services each day to and from the College. Coaches run from and stop in Swindon, Cheltenham, Stroud areas and surrounding villages including those on the next page. We are considering a route from Bourton on the Water in 2014, please contact us if you are interested. For full information on these routes please contact the Finance Office on 01285 626147. Applications for bus passes will be available at your admissions interview. In addition there are service routes from surrounding areas.


Routes may be subject to change each year. Further details are available from our Finance Office.

Abnash Amberley Ashton Keynes Avening Birdlip Bisley Blunsdon Bourton (Swindon) Bowbridge Brimscombe Broad Blunsdon Brockworth Bussage Carterton Chalford Charfield Charlton Cheltenham Coberley Colesbourne Covingham Cowley Cricklade Crudwell Didmarton Doughton Dursley Fairford Faringdon Fernham Filkins Greatfield Hankerton Highworth Kempsford Kingswood

Latton Lea Lechlade Leigh Leighterton Longcot Malmesbury Marston Meysey Minchinhampton Minety Nailsworth North Nibley Purton Rendcomb Rodborough Severn Springs Shrivenham South Marston South Woodchester Stonehouse Stroud Swindon Tetbury Thrupp Upper Minety Watchfield Westonbirt Woodfields Woodmancote Wootton-under-Edge Wootton Bassett


Working Outside the Classroom Supporting Work Outside the Classroom We are keen to support students in their learning when not in class and offer a range of services and facilities. The Library offers students a quiet environment in which to learn, supported by a range of appropriate books, magazines and electronic resources. There is also a wide selection of recreational DVDs and fiction available for loan. Learning Resource Staff are on hand to help students find the information they need. The Learning Centre, which is situated in the Millennium Building, is the principal open access computer room for student drop-in use and supported learning. There are several Drop In Computer Access Areas around the College where students can work on College computers or access the College network via our free Wi-Fi service. A newly refurbished Refectory provides a rotating 3 weekly menu of delicious food and healthy options. Our chef is always open to new ideas and encourages students to put forward their views on menu choices. 116

Tom Skoczek (St Joseph’s) “We have dedicated computer rooms, a library and study areas. There is support outside the classroom with lunchtime subject support sessions, information on Moodle and course booklets.”

The Spotlight cafe style is very popular with the students with its choice of freshly roasted coffee, fruit smoothies and home baked cookies. 2013 sees the opening of the Nigel Robbins Building which accommodates 12 brand new state of the art classrooms which is being doubled in size with 12 more classrooms due to open in the Spring of 2014.

Jamie “College gives you the skills that you don’t learn at school including self motivation!”

Jamie Beynon- Isambard School taking AS-level Maths, Geography, Economics and Physics


Georgia “What I’ve found about College is that your lecturers genuinely care and take an interest in you. College isn’t just about teaching you a subject, it develops you as a person. Making friends was, surprisingly, a lot easier than I thought it would be! Even the process of meeting and talking to new people helps you to develop and mature.”

Georgia Litwin - (Farmor’s School) taking AS-levels in English Literature, French, History, Law and Mathematics


My Checklist for joining Cirencester College

Careers Advice

Visit a Cirencester College Open Event

Courses I would like to know more about:

The information contained in this prospectus is believed to be correct at the time of production, September 2013. Cirencester College continually updates and reviews its provision to ensure that it meets the needs of the community. Therefore the right to amend, change or delete learning programmes or accreditation routes is reserved at all times.

Entry qualifications I need:


My interview date is on:

Research for my admissions interview including:

Career Plans Course information on Cirencester College website

Š Cirencester College


Cirencester Sixth Form College Fosse Way Campus, Stroud Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1XA tel: 01285 640994 fax: 01285 644171 email:

2014 prospectus