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About me Who am I? I am an arts enthusiast with over six years of professional experience in the graphic design world, with an academic background in communications and psychology. In more practical terms, I like to think of myself as a “problem-solver.” Whether it’s figuring out the best way to visually interpret a business diagram, or discovering a brand’s visual identity, or diving into and interpreting survey data; my passion is finding compelling stories in everyday communication. In my six years as a graphic designer I’ve tackled script writing, user-research, branding, UI/UX, nearly every form of visual communication on up to deep brand strategy, mood-boarding and design pitching. I’ve worked directly with clients and have managed small design teams on many occasions.

What can I bring? • An expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks) as well as Microsoft Office. • A deep knowledge of audio and video editing: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, Pro Tools, Other audio programs • A background in fine-arts: drawing, painting, illustration, photography, and music. • Experience in 3D design: I have worked in Cinema 4D and have extensive experience in Google SketchUp • A deep knowledge of research methods and experience in brand research • Presentation and client management experience • Experience in teaching and leadership: I have worked with and led small teams of designers to see projects through to completion, and have experience working and teaching alongside peers in volunteer and academic settings.

Table of contents Fine arts background


Strategy: User Research


Microsoft Channel Incentives UI

8 UI design


BMGF Library Sharepoint UI


Seed Youth Ministries visual identity


Seed Youth Ministries t-shirt


Doyle Dykes: Poster & Ticket


Internal report covers


Presentation design & strategy


3D design


Fine arts background Brief overview I have formal training in many fine arts: drawing/sketching, painting, photography and music. These abilities transfer into the digital realm as well, in the form of digital painting, color expertise, video and audio editing and an ability to mix media when needed to create unique, or custom work.

Strategy: User Research Brief overview A six month, three-part brand research project involving over 5,000 total users.

Work performed This was a huge project that took place in three parts: An openning round of user-interviews, an online user survey that went out to over 5,000 users, and a third and final round of confirming interviews. The goal of this project was to get a better sense of the client’s brand perceptions within their market. We partnered with a Brand expert, who helped us form the survey questions and interpret meaningful results from the data collected. I helped perform many of the interviews, from drafting initial questions to performing all the qualitative analysis on answers collected. I did almost all of the online survey building and draft question outlining and all of the quantitative and qualitative analysis on gathered information. I also put together the final 150+ page report of our findings.

Other This was a huge undertaking for our company (and for me) and much more was involved in the process than is worth mentioning here. I have done one other project similar to this, and have formal academic training in these processes.

Microsoft Channel Incentives UI Brief overview This was a user interface design project for the Microsoft Channell Incentives website homepage.

Work performed I was provided with a loose wireframe and tasked with laying out a home page design that combined the Microsoft Partner Network, Microsoft Channel Incentives, and Microsoft Metro brands to create a compelling and unified visual design. We were provided with color palattes and brand elements from the three brands, those assets can be seen in: the MPN stripe element in the background, some of the illistration elements and color. Beyond just page layout, I was able to create custom illistrations that matched the Channel Incentives brand; those include the: magnifying glass, globe and calander.

Other This was part of a team project in which I was one of a number of designers selected to provide design options. This option is the one the client selected. UI design Brief overview User-interface design for the website.

Work performed Shown to the right are three options that were presented to the client. We wanted to offer them a variety of options, escalating from “safe” to “bold” and let them pick the one that fit their comfort zone. This UI project was part of a larger re-brand; so we had to sell them on some of the ‘vision’ of the more aspirational design options.

Other I worked on nearly every aspect of this job from: initial conception, wireframing, competative analysis, brand analysis, user-research, user-testing, content management and capturing on through final design. We worked with Bodypoint for over a year and a half on their brand, culminating in a new website.

BMGF Library Sharepoint UI Brief overview An internal research portal for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Sharepoint site.

Work performed This job was a visual re-interpretation of the BMGF sharepoint library page, as well as an exersice in user-interaction and page layout. Researchers working at the Foundation wanted an easier way to browse the libraries resources and a faster way to find what they needed. The Library also had access to many resources user weren’t even aware of because of bad page layout and visual heirarchy. In three weeks, we met with the stakeholders, created wireframes based on their users needs, performed a round of comprehensive content mapping, and reimagined their library portal.

Other The BMGF has access to a TON of resources, but they don’t actually have a physical library where they store those resources. I utilized a skuemorphic design style here as a way of giving the researchers the feeling of interacting with a physical library. The clients final pick was the top-right design.

Seed Youth Ministries visual identity Brief overview A volunteer design project for Seed Youth Ministries (Affiliated with New Hope Christian Church in Everett)

Work performed I went through three rounds of design, starting from the conept phase and exploring typography, visual layout and color. I designed six different logo options and pitched each idea to kids in the youth group, both as a way of letting them decide how to visually represent their group, and as an educational opportunity. The final logo design is the bottom left.

Seed Youth Ministries t-shirt Brief overview A vector illustration to be used as artwork on a t-shirt.

Work performed This was another volunteer opportunity. I provided a sketch of the initial artwork, and then mocked-up the final artwork in a number of color options. The finished t-shirt is shown on the right.

Doyle Dykes: Poster & Ticket Brief overview Print design for a Doyle Dykes concert held at Woodinville Alliance Church

Work performed For this job, I created a promotional poster that also served, in smaller form, as a hand-out; and created custom-printed tickets for those who were attending.

Other If you haven’t heard Doyle Dykes play, I recommend it!

Internal report covers Brief overview An internal brand exploration process.

Work performed These were designed as part of an internal re-brand; we were looking to present our clients with something that showed a little more of the character of Venture Arts.

Other The re-brand initiative was never finished due to time constraints.

Presentation design & strategy Brief overview A pitch presentation to a client, showcasing options for an education sub-brand.

Work performed I put together this pitch deck as a way of presenting the new brand direction to the client. I walked them through our creative process, from our thought-leadership, through moodboarding and sketching, on up to final design options. This is part of the final presenation given to the client.

Other Besides having formal academic training in communication, I have a lot of experience leading client-side conversation and design pitches. I have worked on thousands of presenatations for clients like:

Microsoft, INRIX traffic services, Dell, Bodypoint, Novell, Russell Investments, Bluetooth SIG, Allyis, Philips and many more.

3D design Brief overview An assortment of 3D work done in Google's SketchUp application

Deric Jones - Design Portfolio  

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