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Nitrogen Recovery

Welcome to Farmcubes Farmcubes is the farm concept from Circular Values making it possible for agricultural companies to find the circular value in manure. Farmcubes is mostly know from the Quadro Nitrogen Recovery solu�ons, which enables farmers to recover nitrogen from manure and turn it into high quality fer�lizer. Farmcubes Quadro Nitrogen Recovery was the first of its kind in The Netherlands. Currently only complete all-in-one solu�ons for manure refinery are available on the market, but each farm is so specific that a complete and rigid system o�en does not fit or does not fit op�mally. An all-in-one system increases the produc�on costs and o�en makes the systems inaccessible for the average farmer. Farmcubes is different: It is a fully modular system that can be customised for every farm to suit their needs. It consists of three main elements, namely: mono-fermenta�on, thick and thin frac�on refining. Within each element one can also choose to expand or simplify. This creates a menu on which everyone can fill in their wishes and the farmer only has to invest in the elements they actually need. The modules can also be connected and disconnected using plug-and-play. They are also as much as possible simplified in terms of opera�on. With Farmcubes we like to keep things simple, so that the customer does not have to worry about the instalment and opera�on. Farmcubes are not only designed and developed by Circular Values, but they are also built, installed and made fully up-and-running by us. And a�er comple�on, Farmcubes can always be monitored remotely so that also in this phase the customer is always sure of an op�mal working installa�on.

About Circular Values Circular Values located in Tilburg, The Netherlands, is a young innova�ve and dynamic company opera�ng in, product development, engineering, selling and opera�ng manure and digestate treatment systems. It’s a medium sized enterprise company origina�ng from an entrepreneurs tradi�on that goes back decennia in Dutch history. Our focus is a circular biobased business and to create added value out of manure and digestate by upgrading them to high end fer�lizers. At Circular Values it is our ambi�on to deliver sustainable technology to farmers, industry and society. Manure and digestate treatment that will become tomorrow’s standard without the use of chemicals or addi�ve substances, that saves water and energy and is low on maintenance. Mo�vated to reduce water scarcity in harmony with the environment and financially efficient for the end user. Innova�ve sustainable technology that is significant for a green wave in our worldwide water community.

PROFITS - Produc�on of inorganic fer�lizer - Reduc�on of disposal costs - Less logis�cs - Circular solu�on - Closing the loops - Reduc�on of ammonia emmision

About Nitrogen Recovery Manure is the largest source of nitrogen on the farm. This occurs in the form of ammonium or organically bound nitrogen. In addi�on, manure consists of 90% water. Circular Values was the first in the Netherlands to see the circular value of this and developed the Farmcubes Quadro Nitrogen Refining so that only the excess components are disposed of in concentrated form. The nitrogen is recovered in a liquid inorganic fer�lizer such as ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate. This results in a high quality fer�lizer subs�tute, which actually makes money. Ammoniumsulfate is an important fer�lizer for the plant that contains both nitrogen and sulfur. With the produc�on of liquid ammonium sulfate on own soil, manure disposal costs are actually yields and there is no need to purchase fer�lizer. This provides economic benefits for land-based dairy farming. Refining nitrogen from manure is also called nitrogen stripping, or nitrogen cracking, hence this plant is also called a nitrogen stripper or nitrogen cracker. The Farmcubes Quadro is the first of its kind! The Farmcubes Quadro is now in use on several farms. In the nitrogen stripper, ammonium nitrogen, present in the thin frac�on, is converted into gaseous nitrogen (ammonia). Ammonia is normally formed in the barn where it can escape as an emission stream, but in this system it is formed in a controlled manner and actually prevents emission. The ammonia passes through columns and is washed to produce ammonium sulfate. Nitrogen refining can work with heat and/or with pH increasing agents.




15% Volume 20% Nitrogen


Digester 100% Volume 100% Nitrogen



QUADRO The Farmcubes Quadro Nitrogen Refining comes as a sta�onary and mobile refiner. The mobile version makes it ideal for contractors who can use it to serve the land-based livestock industry where the purchase of a sta�onary nitrogen stripper is not cost effec�ve. The output of the Farmcubes Quadro is adjustable and Circular Values can also monitor and control it remotely so we can always provide our customers with good service on their installa�on. Circular Values offers leasing op�ons for its Nitrogen Refining products and also several grants are applicable, which can be even more economically beneficial for the dairy farmer.


85% Volume 30% Nitrogen

Liquid frac�on, low Nitrogen

50% Nitrogen

Amonium sulfate liquid fer�lizer

Quadro Sta�onary Nitrogen Recovery

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