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Building Bridges Opening Cocktail Simon Cahn and Can Evgin Off International 1

Friday September 2

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Saturday September 3

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12th Circuito Off

12th Ed.

Thursday September 1

Venice International Short Film Festival


1 − 3 September 2011 Monastery of San Nicolò Venice − Lido

How to Get to the Festival • From Venice: Vaporetto lines 2, 1, 51, 52, 61/62 to Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta stop (Lido di Venezia) Motonave line LN (from Venice−Pietà stop) to Lido San Nicolò Stop. • From Tronchetto (by car): Ferryboat line 17. • From Lido: Bus line G or V – Riviera San Nicolò stop.


Vaporetto and bus timetable: www.hellovenezia.it Festival Contacts: segreteria@circuitooff.com M +39 347 55 80 839 press@circuitooff.com M +39 347 55 80 839 www.circuitooff.com

Press & PR Francesca Luise

President Matteo Bartoli

Festival Photographer Teresa Sartore and Alvise Forcellini

Festival Director Mara Sartore Selection Commitee: Kaleem Aftab (journalist and writer, UK), Agustí Argelich (TV3, Spain), João Garcão Borges (RTP2, Portugal), Nicola Giuliano (Indigo Film, Italy), Jacky Ido (actor, director, musician, France), Tamaki Okamoto (c−a−r−t−e−blache. com, Japan), Jukka−Pekka Laakso (Tampere Short Film Festival, Finland), Karel Spesny (Prague Short Film Festival, Czech Republic), Pelin Turgut (!f Instanbul IIFF, Turkey). General Coordinator Michela Canessa Program Coordinator Alessandro Grandesso Production Coordinator Massimo Pistore Graphic Design Tankboys, Lorenzo Mason and Marco Campardo

Main Sponsor

Patronage and contribution

Guest Reception Elisabetta Moratti Translations Sara Chiesura Closing Party curated by Eclectic Collective www.eclecticollective.com

With the support of


Closing Party Pachuka Beach Venice − Lido

Circuito Off VISFF is produced by Associazione Artecolica

Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e Pace

Cultural Partners

A very special thanks to: Giorgio Orsoni, Maria Teresa De Gregorio, Andrea Purgatori, Alessandra Toniolo, Sergio Colantuoni, Tiziana Ceschin, Andrea Cerutti, Paolo Bettiol. Thanks also to: Marino Folin, Andrea Chinellato, Concetta Gulino, Paolo Quagini, Giorgio Gosetti and to all the people who cooperated with us for the 12th edition of Circuito Off.

Media Partners



12th Circuito Off VISFF 1 − 3 September 2011 Monastery of San Nicolò, Venice − Lido

Design Partner

Refreshed by

Mara Sartore Festival Director

human rights and visual arts The European Inter−University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) is the main EU−sponsored centre of excellence in the field of human rights education. Composed by 41 EU leading universities, its “core business” is the European Master’s Degree on Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) organised in Venice since 1997, and a range of additional activities focusing on human rights and democratisation issues, including summer schools and academies, specialised training for officials of international governmental and non−governmental organisations active in the field, conferences, seminars, cultural events, as well as activities linking human rights and visual arts (cinema, photography, art). The Centre’s identity is at the same time international, European and “Venetian”, the city of Venice being not only among EIUC’s main sponsors and host, but also, most recently, the co−founder with EIUC of the “Human Rights Village”, a location comprising the Monastery of San Nicolò and other premises

in Venice−Lido intended to become dedicated spaces for human righs events and, more broadly, an incubator for ideas, projects and research initiatives to be developed in the unique frame of Venice−Lido. The cooperation between EIUC and Circuito Off, with the Municipality of Venice acting as “go between” is an example of the fruitful synergy between international actors sharing, in Venice, an interest in the universal language of human rights and cinema. Following the joint organisation in December 2010 of the short−film festival “Building Bridges” with the involvement of E.MA students, EIUC is now ready to host on its premises the 12th edition of Circuito Off. The festival will open on 1 September with a human rights screening, a selection of the short−films belonging to the “Building Bridges” contest, and continue on the 2nd and 3rd of September with other screenings, discussions and insights from authors, directors, producers, actors. Prof. Horst Fischer EIUC President www.eiuc.org


Pompidou, which presents the special section dedicated to Gabriel Abrantes. Other important sections are: a tribute to Simon Cahn and Can Evgin, a special section devoted to the web series FREAKS! and, of course, our International Competition, which this year was selected by an international committee composed by old friends who agreed to celebrate this edition at the Lido. A special thanks goes to them: Kaleem Aftab, Agustí Argelich, João Garcao Borges, Nicola Giuliano, Jacky Ido, Tamaki Okamoto, Jukka−Pekka Laakso, Karel Spesny and Pelin Turgut. Last but not least, our prestigious international jury composed by: Karel Och, Géraldine Gomez and Valentina Barzaghi. This is in short the 12th Circuito Off: always moving on and full of surprises. This is our way.


Intro VI

As short as the name Lido 12th Circuito Off at the Venice Lido is the most natural outcome of our nomad condition: this year the dream comes true. Since the first edition of this Festival, twelve years ago, we have been dreaming of Circuito Off at the Lido, and today is real, thanks to Venice City Council and to the Mayor Giorgio Orsoni, thanks to Prof. Horst Fischer, EIUC President, and to Carlo Carraro, Dean at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The collaboration with EIUC began at Ca' Foscari in December 2010, with “Building Bridges”. 2011 is the year for new collaborations: 100autori Association and Venice Days. We also start a new partnership with Sony Ericsson, which is our Main Sponsor and will launch with us, on September 3rd, the Sony Ericsson Mobile Festival: an international competition for videos which are entirely made with mobile phones. The winners of this competition will be screened during the next edition of Circuito Off. Moreover, we keep on the cooperation with the Centre

On. Marino Zorzato Vice President -  Head of Culture Veneto Region


Circuito Off Jury and Awards

Starring: Karel Och Géraldine Gomez and Valentina Barzaghi


Intro VIII

THE CINEMA OF TOMORROW The 12th Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival, produced by Artecolica Association based in Venice, confirms to be one of the most important Italian festivals dedicated to short films and videos. Thanks to the artistic value and quality of the works  involved, the festival is an opportunity to spread and to appreciate the short film as a genre, still quite rare in the traditional film circuits. Value and artistic quality this year will be enriched by the important partnership with the Venice Days  and 100autori. Two collaborations started off with the aim to promote the creativity of young emerging filmmakers and provide a glimpse into the cinema of tomorrow. Promoting events that call for a deeper understanding of Cinema, in all its forms and genres, is one of the central points of the Veneto Region Cultural Politics.

Five Awards and Two Special Mentions

Géraldine Gomez Curious viewer and programmer, Géraldine Gomez has fun to unceasingly cross the borders which delimit cinema, visual art and new technologies. During the monthly happenings that she organizes since 2002 at the Pompidou Center in Paris, in particular with Noveaux Mondes, Géraldine seeks to discover and share an innovative cinema, which invades new artistic

Valentina Barzaghi Valentina Barzaghi, 28 years old, is Managing Editor and Film Editor of PIG Magazine, one of the most influential publications in independent music, fashion, cinema, photography and other discussions revolving around an independent lifestyle. As a film journalist she is committed to discover upcoming talents through music videos, shorts and independent movies, many of which aren’t distributed in Italy. She has already collaborated with the 11th edition of Circuito Off as curator of the Partizan Group selection.


Special MentionS

Off International Awarded by International Jury for the Off International Competition. Special prize: Sony Ericsson Xperia arc mobile phone.

CICAE − Confédération Internationale Des Cinémas d’Art et D’Essai Mention To the best European short film in competition.

SIAE Award Awarded by International Jury for the best Italian short film.

Corrieredellasera.it Mention To the short film most clicked on the website www.corriere.it

Rtp2 − Onda Curta Award The Prize is awarded by João Garcão Borges, buyer of Onda Curta, the only program in Portugal entirely dedicated to short films and it consists of the selection and acquisition of short films chosen among the ones in the competition. The shorts selected will be broadcasted at RTP2. Hors Pistes − Centre Pompidou Award The award consists in the screening of the short film at Centre Pompidou in Paris. Audience Award To the short film most voted by the audience during the festival.


territories. In 2005, she creates the event Hors Pistes, which inter−crosses fiction ways. Hors Pistes is a multidisciplinary event, which focuses on the new trends of contemporary image.


Jury X

karel Och Jury President Karel Och (born in 1974 in Czech Republic) studied Law and graduated in Film Theory and History at Prague’s Charles University. Since 2001, he has been working for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival as programmer and member of the selection committee. He has programmed the KVIFF Documentary Competition and curated several tributes and  retrospectives to Sam Peckinpah, John Huston, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger and Sam Fuller, among the others. In 2010 Och was appointed Artistic Director of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.


Circuito Off International Competition


Selected by Kaleem Aftab, Agustテュ Argelich, Joテ」o Garcテ」o Borges, Nicola Giuliano, Jacky Ido, Tamaki Okamoto, Jukka竏単ekka Laasko, Karel Spesny, Pelin Turgut

Thirty-one Shorts from all Around the World

Stefano doesn’t believe in miracles. Every morning he dips himself into the traffic of the Big City to go to work. Then, one evening, the impossible happens. Stefano finds a parking place right in front of his house.


Hasaki Ya Suda Cedric Ido, 2010, Fiction, Action, Drama, 25’, Dvd, Color, France

The year 2100. The global warming caused terrible dryness, conflicts and famines. A massive exodus turned up side down the face of the world.

A oneself journey through the roads of one of the poorest countries in the world: Nepal. Tussilago Jonas Odell, 2010, Animation, 14’, 35mm, Color, Sweden

The story of “A” arrested in Stockholm on March 31, 1977 with her ex boy friend West German terrorist Norbert Kröcher who was leading a group planning to kidnap Swedish politician Anna-Greta Leijon. The illustrated City Jan Andersson, 2010, Animation, Drama, 4’25’’, Digital photo, Color, Finland

Music video of “When I Go Out” by Little Dragon, from the album “Ritual Union”, Peacefrog Records.

The story of a wall. Planet Z Momoko Seto, 2011, Animation, experimental, 9’30’’, 35mm, Color, France

Plants rule on Planet Z, and everything seems harmonious and delicate. But liquid and sticky mushrooms show up little by little and destroy this idyllic life. Little Dragon “When I Go Out” Emanuele Kabu, 2011, Animation, Music Video, 6’08’’, Full HD 1080p, Color, Italy/Sweden

Internet is a Desert Can Evgin, 2010, Experimental, Interview, 5’23’’, HD Video, Color, England


SOTTO CASA Right in Front, Alessio Lauria, 2011, Fiction, Comedy, 5’, Full HD, Color, Italy

Looking forward Naù Germoglio, Fabio Jansen, Francesco Parrella, 2011, Fiction, Experimental, Drama, 14’05’’, HD 1080 25p, Color, Nepal, Italy

Purple Magazine’s editor Olivier Zahm and digital artist Miltos Manetas walk through Istanbul, discussing the idea of Internet. L’angle mort Blind Spot, Florence Benoist, 2011, Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, 29’, RED One, Color, France




Pierra will be a mother soon. On the 31st of December, she’s in the family house waiting for her husband and her father. Strange visions of a shadowy woman increase her fear…

A true story about a daughter’s struggle to meet the father she never knew.


Nuisible(s) Hupin Erick, Baldzuhn Hans, Nahoum Pierre, Ode Baptiste, Puech Philippe, 2010, Fiction, Animation, Action, 4’26’’, HD 720P 2:35, Color, France

In spite of himself, a young man shares his flat with tiny humans whose lifestyle resemble much the one of insects. Elliptic Intimacy Seoungho Cho, 2010, Experimental, Video art, 5’11’’,

A quick and nervous succession of images of two hands that are fondling, caressing and manipulating a computer mouse.

15−year−old James has to make a choice: love or mates? Kommt ein Sonnenstrahl in die Tiefkühlabteilung und weicht alles auf Sunray Hits Frozen−Food Department and Makes Everything Go Soft, Lisa Weber, 2010, Fiction, 8’24’’, miniDV, Color, Austria

The film shows scenes from a future in which Mankind passively waited for technology to solve its problems... Mourir auprÈs de toi To Die by Your Side, Spike Jonze & Simon Cahn, 2011, Fiction, Animation, Drama, Fantasy, 6’08’’, H.264 (Canon 5D), Color, France


CRISTINA Melissa Gava, 2011, Docudrama, 16’, Mini DV, B&W/ Color, Italy

HD video, Color, USA

Paths of Hate Damian Nenow, 2010, Animation, Action, 10’, 35mm, Color, Poland Heidi and Harry lead parallel lives with caring apathy, but there is a good reason for their indifference. A grey clouded sky is the setting for an ultimate combat. CHOICE NIGHT Christopher Dudman, 2010, Fiction, Drama, 15’, 16mm, Color, New Zealand

Over the course of one night,

OFF INTERNATIONAL — THREE CHANGE YOUR HABITS TODAY Eduardo Morais, 2009, Fiction, Science Fiction, 3’50’’, HDV, Color, Portugal

After the sunset, an old Parisian bookseller closes his little shop. The characters from the books displayed on the shelves suddently come to life. Dracula’s girlfriend Mina and Macbeth’s skeleton fall in love. Switez The Lost Town of Switez, Kamil Polak, 2010, Animation, AdventurePoetry, 20’, 35mm, Color, Poland





On a May afternoon, Nicholas, Daniel and Lollo can still do something to save their friendship: fighting against a destiny that wants to divide them. Yuri Lennon’s landing on Alpha46 Anthony Vouardoux, 2010, Fiction, Sci−Fi, 14’30’’, 16mm, Color, Germany

After his landing on Jupiter moon Alpha46, the cosmonaut

Man and Boy Marcus McSweeney and David Leon, 2010, Fiction, Drama, 18’43’’, RED 4K, Color, UK

A father takes justice into his own hands when he thinks his son has been sexually assaulted. Yüzünüz gözükmeyecek... Your Face Won’t Be Visible..., Ali Taptik, 2011, Documentary Experimental, 4’18’’, Color, Turkey

nude portraits. What does it mean to pose naked for a photographer? La Gran Carrera The Great Race, Kote Camacho, 2010, Fiction, Fiction, 7’03’’, HD, Black & White, Spain

The year 1914. The Lasarte racetrack announces a race with a never−before−seen prize for the winning horse. Fans and heavy betters from all the continents gather to participate in the great event: the Half Million Grand Prize. Waters Yana Bille, 2009, Fiction, Drama, 7’35’’, MiniDV, B&W, USA

cleanse herself of a relentless and traumatic past experience. The Monster of Nix Rosto, 2011, Animation, Fantasy, 30’, 3D computer, Color, Netherlands


L’Estate che non viene Till Summer Comes, Pasquale Marino, 2011, Fiction, Drama, 17’, 35mm, Color, Italy

Yuri Lennon is confronted with an extraordinary paradox…

Life is good in the idyllic fairytale village of Nix... until an all−devouring monster appears. Young Willy has to fight it. Alone.

OFF INTERNATIONAL — FOUR The Pickpocket João Figueiras, 2010, Fiction, Drama, 20’, HD, Color, Portugal



Based on the 19th−century epic poem by Poland writer, Adam Mickiewicz, it is an apocalyptic tale of destruction, religious miracles and spectral visitations.

Ali Taptik, interviews three people that took different positions on the question “Would you pose for me naked if your face won’t be visible?”. A collage of sounds with the floating shots of Ali Taptik’s

What begins as a normal day for Amina, as she enters her bathroom to get ready for work, turns into a ferocious attempt to

A blurry shadow. An anonymous interview reveals a lonely and melancholic man. His witness shows a city in mutation.


AglAÉe Rudi Rosenberg, 2010, Fiction, Comedy, 19’, 35 mm, Color, France

A story about a differently -abled girl who refuses to be defined by her physical limitations. Tatamp Mirai Mizue, 2011, Animation, Art, 5’38’’, HDV, Color, Japan

Building Bridges – Connecting Through Diversity

G− The Other Me Michele Coggiola, 2011, Fiction, Action, 23’, Color, Italy

A young guy finds himself in front of a difficult choice. Will he go for peace or revenge?

Building Bridges

A young woman intervenes when she witnesses men mugging a girl. Now one of them won’t leave her alone.

Each living object has its own sound. Thus, the sound varies when there are more living objects. It becomes chaotic and, at the same time, melodic.

Thursday September 1

La Part de Franck Franck’s Half, Dominique Baumard, 2011, Fiction, Action, 28’50’’, Color, France



Baby Daniel Mulloy, 2010, Fiction, Drama, 25’, 35mm, Color, UK

Malik and Franck are trash collectors who have just realized their dream: to buy a pizza truck together and finally go into business for themselves.

Kavi, Cemetery People, Down Here, The Seventh Dog

Kavi Gregg Helvey, 2009, Fiction, 9’, Super 16, Color, India — Kavi is a young boy in India who wants to play cricket and go to school, but instead he is forced to work in a brick kiln as a modern−day slave. Cemetery People Alessandro Molatore, 2008, Documentary, 4’, Super 8, DV Cam, Color, Ireland/Italy/ Philippines — Over 6,000 people make their home among the tombs of Navotas Cemetery, located in the Philippines on the shores of Manila Bay. Serving as a trustworthy guide, the smiling and talkative Pastor Jon leads us through the unimaginable world of “The Cemetery People”, where

Down Here Charles Wilkinson, 2008, Documentary, 30’, Beta SP/ Digital Betacam/HD, Color, Canada — Down Here tenderly & cinematically explores the day−to−day survival of growing ranks of urban castaways in Western society. Candid interviews detail brave struggles for basic needs in, what for the homeless is, a post apocalyptic environment. The Seventh Dog Zeina Durra, 2005, Fiction, 21’20’’, 35mm, Color, USA, UK — Soraya, a Parisian/ Palestinian, and her Saudi boyfriend Yusif’s relationship frays to the snapping point as the FBI, Homeland Security and the Super’s remaining six dogs plague their daily lives following the calamity of the seventh dog. A black comedy which portrays the poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic truth of the post−9/11 lifestyle of Arabs in New York City.

A Tribute to Simon Cahn and Can Evgin Tribute to

families live, sleep and even play among the graves.

Thursday September 1


Building Bridges XXII

“Building Bridges” is a short film festival organized by EIUC with the involvement of E.MA students, in cooperation with Circuito Off and the Municipality of Venice. “Building Bridges” includes short film screenings covering a wide range of topics related with human rights, such as immigration, developing world, minorities, xenophobia and integration.

Dreams, stories, poetry, memories and personal details

Simon Cahn Simon Cahn is a film director born in 1982 in Besancon (France). Living between New York and Paris he directed several short films like “Prince Tribe” in 2001. He worked in the Art Direction Section of the French music label Because Music. In 2009 he joined the fashion magazine “Jalouse” as Photo Editor and he directed videos and documentaries like “Jalouse On Tour” in 2010. He also shot viral videos for brands as Louis Vuitton, Nike and Supreme www.simoncahn.com Can Evgin Can (pronounced “John”) is a filmmaker and photographer currently living in London. His photography is regularly featured in “Dazed and Confused” and “Vogue”. He has directed films for publications and brands including Nowness, Post, Purple and Armani. www.canevgin.net

Tribute to

the future and let us foresee what we can expect in the years to come.


Tribute to XXIV

Our friends know that Circuito Off Film Festival is different from the others. We show the most beautiful and intriguing aspects of contemporary video production and, at the same time, we explore the creative world through its complexity and evolution. New technologies and old skills have always been the core of our work and interest. After The Directors Bureau, Spike Jonze, Jonathan Glazer, Anton Corbjin, Martin De Thurah, Partizan, AceNorton and Max Hattler, this year we dedicate a tribute to the work of two ingenious young artists: Simon Cahn and Can Evgin Their style is very personal and each of them has got his own particular way to work, but we think they have a lot to share: the ability to translate ideas into images, the natural combination of music, messages and moving images, their glance on life, the alluring way they show us the world through their camera Simon Cahn and Can Evgin blend dreams, stories, poetry, atypical rhythm, memories and personal details…Their images are a destabilizing breath of the contemporary world. They both have an eye on

Lady Gaga for Supreme Brand Video, shot by Terry Richardson, 2011, 1’ — Director: Simon Cahn / Art Direction: Ricky Saiz & Brendon Babenzien


Cruising Fashion Video for the magazine Jalouse, 2011, 1’ — Director: Simon Cahn Vanessa Veasley for Supreme Brand Video, shot by Terry Richardson, 2010, 1’ — Director: Simon Cahn Scott Campbell for Louis Vuitton Part 1 / PART 2 Brand Video, 2010, 5’ — Director: Simon Cahn Lucien VS Bahrami Brand Video for Nike, 2010, 1’30’’

Jalouse On Tour − Teaser Documentary, 2010, 1’ — Directors: Jennifer Eymère & Simon Cahn

Freaks! The Series Freaks!

Come Alive Music Video for Hanni El Khatib 2011, 3’ — Directors: Simon Cahn & Ricky Saiz / Director of Photography: Wyatt Troll / Produced by: Daniel Pappas

— Directors: Ricky Saiz & Nathan Perkel / Filmed and edited by: Simon Cahn

Prince Tribe Video, 2001, 4’ — Director: Simon Cahn Tyrants Video, 2007, 4’ — Director: Simon Cahn The Last Promise Short film/documentary, 8’, 2010 — Director: Can Evgin / Photography: Can Evgin

Friday September 2

Diesel Brand Video, 1’, 2011 — Director: Can Evgin / Photography: Thomas English


Tribute to

Seen at Circuito Off

Dolce & Gabbana AW 10 Brand video, 3’, 2010 — Director: Can Evgin / Photography: Can Evgin New Dawn Fades Experimental short, 2’, 2009 — Director: Can Evgin / Photography: Can Evgin

In collaboration with 100autori

After the screening of all episodes of Freeks! at Circuito Off, all who want to deepen their knowledge about webseries, are invited to the meeting: “New Narratives and the Web: the Web-Series Phenomenon”. A meeting organized by Giacomo Durzi (100autori board member) which aims to investigate the growing phenomenon of low

Focus on Gabriel Abrantes Focus on


Freaks! is a Web Series produced from the grassroots, the first one in Italy that overcame the barriers of the Network and won the “Best TV Series of the Year” Award (without even having been broadcasted in TV). A viral phenomenon that moves on the main social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

A compelling story characterized by an underground and irreverent mood; a story about the desires, fears and anxieties of today’s young people. The series, set in Rome, tells about some normal guys thrown into a reality of superpowers and faceless men. www.freakstheseries.com

budget and high creativity products especially made for the network, and to share remarks about the ongoing audiovisual system change. Monday September 5, 3pm at the Venice Days. Casa degli Autori - La Pagoda Lungomare Marconi 17, Venice - Lido. www.100autori.it



Saturday September 3

In collaboration with Centre Pompidou − Hors Pistes

GABRIEL ABRANTES Born 1984, Chapel Hill, USA. Lives and works in Lisbon. He studied at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York (2002−2006) and at L’Ecole National des Beaux−Arts in Paris (2005− 2006). Among other shows, he exhibited his work at Houghton Gallery, Gudelsky Gallery, Fusebox Gallery, all in New York City, at MAK Centre for the Arts in Vienna and Galeria 111 in Lisbon and Oporto. In 2009 he participated in Lá

SEEN AT CIRCUITO OFF OLYMPIA I & II Written and directed by: Gabriel Abrantes and Katie Widloski / Produced by: Gabriel Abrantes / Music by: Ragnar Arni, Gabriel Abrantes, and Katie Widloski — I. A female professional sex worker is visited by her homosexual adolescent brother and his two dogs. He confronts her about her line of work after having played trivial pursuit with mother on the sundeck. He wouldn’t pay a dime for her disgusting breasts. — II. A transvestite professional sex worker from a middle class Texan family waits for customers while listening to Henry Gorecki and drinking mini diet Coca−Cola. VISIONARY IRAQ Written and directed by: Gabriel Abrantes & Benjamin Crotty /

Focus on

Fora, a group show in Museu da Electricidade in Lisbon. During 2007 he directed his first feature film, Anelhe City. He won the EDP Prize − Young Artist Award in 2009. Nowadays, he studies at Maumaus and works at ZDB − Galeria Zé dos Bois in Lisbon.


Focus on XXX

CENTRE POMPIDOU HORS PISTES − Un autre mouvement des images Since 2006 Hors Pistes has pursued its passion for diversity of forms in contemporary moving images. Screenings, performances, video installations, ephemeral web images: the event offers an international selection of these forms. Hors Pistes exists to showcase visual works investigating the world we live in by challenging narrative forms and remapping the borders between film genres (fiction, documentary, essay...).

Sony Ericsson Mobile Festival Sony Ericsson

A HISTORY OF MUTUAL RESPECT Award: Golden Leopard for the Best International Short Film, Locarno 2010. Directed, written and edited by: Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, in collaboration with Natxo Checa / Produced by: A Mutual Respect. — When two boys leave for a philosophical journey and only one is prepared for it, their worlds will part forever. A philosophical and existential journey into the jungle in search of utopian sexual purity. Once that sexuality is located in the shape of an indigenous young woman, the purity of the friendship between the protagonists quickly disappears to reveal only the selfish emptiness of the strongest predator.

LIBERDADE Written and directed by: Gabriel Abrantes and Benjamin Crotty / Produced by: A Mutual Respect, Zé dos Bois, Natxo Checa and Gabriel Abrantes. — Shot in Luanda and the surrounding area, with non professional actors, Liberdade is a cross−cultural post−capitalist love story. The film follows two young lovers, an Angolan boy, Liberdade, and his Chinese girlfriend, Betty, as they navigate through the complications of their burgeoning identities. Travelling across the stunning urban and natural landscapes of Angola, from the Chinese karaoke at Shanghai Bahia to the ship graveyard at Santiago Beach, Liberdade and Betty struggle to forge the yet uncreated consciousness of their race.

Saturday September 3


Focus on XXXII

Produced by: Gabriel Abrantes — A Portuguese boy and his adopted Angolan sister depart for Operation Iraqi Freedom. At their farewell party, their mother realizes they’re having a secret love affair whilst their father is revealed to be profiting from infrastructure development investments. They have a moral decision to make.

Leandro Manuel Emede and Alberto D’Onofrio

Leandro Manuel Emede and Alberto D’Onofrio, Italian famous directors will be testimonial of the project and part of the jury. The competition kicks off on the 3rd September 2011 and ends on the 30th April 2012. Selected finalist short movies and video clips will be screened by the jury and winners will be announced at the Circuito Off edition 2012, receiving cash prizes that can help further their career. Leandro Manuel Emede Leandro was born in San Isidro (Buenos Aires) in 1980. He studied Graphic Design and Video Production in Los Angeles. From 2006 to 2010 he is in charge for the videos of “La Sterpaia, Communication Centre of Applied Arts,” inspired by the Bauhaus method and founded and directed by Oliviero Toscani, where he directed

several TV commercials. In 2009 he directed “Wart” and “Anorexia. History of an Image”, both in competition for the David di Donatello. Together with Nicolò Cerioni he founded the Sugarkane Productions, with which he produced several music videos for Jovanotti, Gianluca Grignani, Luca Carboni, The Gossip,

Gianna Nannini, L’Aura, Giorgia, J−AX and many others. For Bompiani publishing house he directed “Zolfo” starring John De Leo. During the summer 2010 he produced “Jovanights”, a documentary that traces the tour of Jovanotti in California, followed by “Tutto l’amore che ho − making the video”,

a documentary about the backstage of Italy’s most expensive video clip in the past few years. His latest works are “Telesio”, a documentary made with Franco Battiato and “Il più grande spettacolo dopo il Big Bang” (The Greatest Show after the Big Bang), a video clip of the third single of the album “Ora” by Jovanotti, entirely produced by Sugarkane Productions. He is currently working on the direction of Jovanotti’s “Ora Tour”, which will be released in October by Universal Music. Alberto D’Onofrio He currently lives in Rome. In 1982 he produced and directed for RAI 3 the film of the concert of a new wave American band, the Polyrock of New York. During the following years he worked in Milan, making some series and reportages for Mediaset and directing some commercials and music videos. At the end of 1991 he moved to the United States, first to New York and then to Los Angeles. He founded the ALPHABET PICTURES production company and, as producer and director, produced reportages and documentaries for RAI and Mediaset and several zero

Sony Ericsson

video clips, proposed by the partecipants giving everybody the chance to look at the videos, enjoy them, leave comments or click “like” and share with friends on their social networks www.mobilefestival.it


Sony Ericsson XXXIV

SONY ERICSSON MOBILE FESTIVAL “Moving people, making movies” is the claim of the first edition of the Sony Ericsson Mobile Festival, an intrinsic part of Circuito OFF initiative in the most complete window of international cinema in Venice. Sony Ericsson Mobile Festival is a strong innovative and unique competition open to a diversified and widespread audience to make video clips and short movies entirely with mobile devices. In the past few years mobile technology reached a striking quality in terms of video capabilities, images and sounds and smartphones are more and more popular option for capturing videos on the go. Objective of this enthusiastic initiative is to enable young filmmakers, promising artists but also emerging video makers to display their talent on an important stage, in line with Sony Ericsson “make. believe” philosophy: believe that curiosity is the key to creativity, believe that anything you can imagine you can make real. A web platform will be the repository of all the contents, short movies or music

SONY ERICSSON MOBILE FESTIVAL OFFICIAL LAUNCH The press conference will take place on the 3rd of September at 4 pm at the Hotel Excelsior - Stand of the Veneto Region, Venice Lido.

Viaggi in Italia 3 1990 − 2010 Exhibition

Sony Ericsson

episodes for the American television. Between 1994 and 1996 he worked in US on several documentaries for the Italian television, including: “The O.J. Simpson Case”, “On the Traces of Unabomber”, “The Gulf War Syndrome”. In 1997 he founded the DNA International production company in Rome and co−produced for RAI 3 ten documentaries of the serie

For further info please contact the press office Valeria Redaelli Burson-Marsteller. m:

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“Beyond the Night” in Budapest, London, New Orleans, Lisbon, Miami, Berlin, Las Vegas and Amsterdam. Over the years, he produced many documentaries for RAI, CultNetwork Italia, RAI Educational, Fox, All Music and Deejay TV. He personally writes and performs the original soundtracks of his documentaries.



From 1 to 3 September

Curated by Antonio Maraldi

moves between these two poles. The guidelines for “Viaggi in Italia 3. Set del cinema italiano 1990 – 2010” were suggested by two films shot in 1990: “La stazione” by Sergio Rubini and “Turné” by Gabriele Salvatores. The exhibition aims to show the fascinating diversity of Italian landscapes.

masters and new generations of set photographers. The exhibition is sponsored by Cesena Cinema Centre, in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Region, Annecy Cinéma Italien and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation.


The displayed photos are taken from the archive of “CliCiak”, a national contest for set photographers organized by Cesena Cinema Centre since 1998, in cooperation with photographers, filmmakers and production companies. The exhibition shows the latest works both of great


Exhibition XXXVIII

Cinema on the road, crossing several regions, and cinema in the perimeter of a single location, or a little more. The final chapter of a journey through the regional locations of Italian cinema ("Viaggi in Italia. Set del cinema italiano 1941 – 1959"; “Viaggi in Italia 2. Set del cinema italiano 1960 – 1989")

1 – 3 XL Sept '11

Lido Exhibition di Venezia




Profile for Circuito Off

12th Circuito Off  

Catalogue of the 12th Circuito Off Festival, 1 - 3 September 2011, Monastery of San Nicolò, Venice Lido

12th Circuito Off  

Catalogue of the 12th Circuito Off Festival, 1 - 3 September 2011, Monastery of San Nicolò, Venice Lido