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Dance team ceases to exist By Kayla Hughes Managing Editor

Over past couple of years the only spirit leaders seen on the sidelines and at half time are cheerleaders, the band, drumline, and our flag girls. By going to other schools one may see a group Circle is missing. A dance team. For almost five years Circle has not had a dance team, and the thought of one has not been questioned for some time. Why doesn’t Circle have a dance team? Are there too many students interested in cheerleading instead of dance? Is the school low on money to support the idea? Past yearbooks have shown the success a dance team can bring to Circle. In the 2000 yearbook, the renewed dance team was listed in second place on a top ten list of new things students liked about the school year.

“I think the interest in a dance team has reduced due to having the drumline, the band, and the cheerleaders performing at halftime within the last five years,” said Principal Al Sersland. In earlier years of the yearbook, when the dance team first started, it appears Circle had a cheer team during fall sports season though winter. Many of the cheerleaders switched to dance team during winter basketball season, leaving only two cheerleaders left and the rest of the cheerleaders became a part of the dance team. When math teacher Raylin Ledbetter (our last dance sponsor) was asked if the dance team was successful she said, “Of course! We learned dance skills. We performed at all home games (football and basketball) and held summer camps. We even offered a camp for little kids to learn a dance and perform at one game with us.”

Circle must voice their desire to have a dance team to be able to help bring this group back. “I am not opposed to having a dance team. It’s just the issue of talking to someone higher and a budget that could stand in the way,” said Sersland. Circle could possibly look into having a dance team but conflicts such as getting a sponsor and paying a sponsor are an issue. Also, a certain amount of girls will have to show interest and sign up to be able to even take it to a higher authority for approval. “I think it would be great to see the dance team again. I just don’t have the time right now to be the coach, perhaps in the future. There are a lot of girls out there who would be a great asset to any dance team,” said Ledbetter.

October 8, 2010

Q: What is your defintion of “Character?”

A: “The way someone acts, thinks, and is when no one is watching,” said sophmore Bailey Counterman.

A: “How you act, how you treat someone,” said junior Dustin Starek.

Photo by Kayla Tate The Augusta High School dance team performs at their home football game, during half-time on September 17, with help from younger dancers. Each high school dancer has seven helpers. According to Jane Mapes, an AHS secretary, the school has had a dance team for about 30 years.

A: “Your personality and how you act towards others,” said freshman Tommy Milligan.

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October 8, 2010 A: “How you act, how you treat someone,” said junior Dustin Starek. A: “The way someone acts, thinks, and is when no one is...