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02 December/ News

Amendment 64 approved Anita Hinnen Student Life Editor


olorado and Washington passed an amendment on November 6 allowing those age 21 and older to legally purchase one ounce of marijuana. It would also allow those of age to grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes. With about sixty-six percent of voters accounted for Amendment 64 was passed with 53.3 percent voting yes and 46.7 percent voting no according to denverpost. com. The state expects this new law to increase the number of tourists to Colorado. Colorado passed this amendment in order to raise tax revenue and the amount of tourism. It may not affect Kansas directly, but people could visit Colorado and bring it back with the intent to use it in Kansas where it is still illegal. “I think a lot more people are going to want to go to Colorado now, especially teenagers hoping to bring it back to Kansas,” said sophomore Emma Iseman. Kansas law enforcement officials want to remind Kansans visiting the mountain state not to bring the drug back with them. The first offense for possession of marijuana in Kansas is a misdemeanor and will lead to probation, and an appeal to court. The second offense is still a misdemeanor and will lead to probation or up to six months in jail. A judge may order the offender to go to an outpatient drug abuse class. The third offense is a felony. They will be booked and sent to jail where they could spend up to a year. The judge

could decide to give them more time. “I think the legalization in Colorado will affect the western counties of Kansas because of the people going to Colorado, buying it and then bringing it back to Kansas where it is illegal,” said Wichita police officer Matt Young. “Having marijuana legal will not stop your problems. There will still be a black market for it, and as soon as you legalize it, you will see an increase in drug related traffic accidents and also an increase in the consumption of the drug especially with teens.” Once Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signs off on it, the amendment is expected to go into effect by January 5. It will most likely be January 2014 before medicinal marijuana dispensaries will be able to sell the drug. “The only benefits are the tax revenue, and freeing up court time and jail cells. I don’t think that’s a fair trade for the problems the state will get in return,” said Young. Others think that legalizing the drug for medical purposes is an important benefit to consider.

“It’s good for medical use. It helps people with intense pain, but I don’t think it should be legal other than that because then people will abuse it,” said Iseman. Even still, some people believe that it’s one’s choice whether or not to possess the controlled substance. “It’s a person’s right to have it. It’s no worse than alcohol, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I do think it should be legal everywhere because the government would make a lot of money,” said sophomore Caden Corbin. “If you abuse the drug, it’s your own fault. It’s like the seatbelt law. I don’t like it because if you’re too dumb not to wear it, then it’s your own fault.” Others think the drug isn’t as dangerous as people make it out to be. “I’m in favor of the new law because the majority of people are too naïve to understand the effects of marijuana. They don’t know enough about it to understand that people make it out to be a lot more dangerous than it really is,” said senior James Gulick.

The only benefits are tax revenue, and freeing up court time and jail cells.


Circle’s high flying adventures

Katelyn Hageman While packing for the tour, he News Editor decided to take a debit card assengers, fasten and no cash. He now recomyour seatbelts. We mends taking cash because his will land momencard did not work; leaving him tarily. Thank you for traveling with Education First (EF) Tours. Enjoy your trip. The 2013 Egypt tour sponsor is English teacher Wilma Fast. The 2014 tour is scheduled to travel to the following European countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, and the Principality of Monaco. A $200 discount on the tour is offered to students through December 14. This is Fast’s ninth tour. She took Photos courtesy of Leslie Geist many students on tour Circle students enjoy themselves on tour and said they came back by climbing a piece of architecture. with an enriched understanding of the world beyond broke for the trip. Towanda. “When you go on a “My passion is English trip like this you learn a lot and and traveling,” said Fast. “I don’t realize it,” said Whitely. get to share this with students Fast recommends when they realize how much students go on tour because more there is in the world.” “it’s so much fun. You get to Junior Ryan Whitely see different art, language, and went to Australia and said food making it a rich experihe had fun with a big group ence.” of people from other states. Senior Leslie Geist

is interested in traveling and toured with a group of people from Alaska, Texas, and California. They traveled to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Czechoslovakia. “It was a great experience. I came to look at things in a different way. Our way is not the only way of doing things,” said Geist. She recommends making an opportunity to travel abroad. “It’s like walking into a textbook, everything you’ve learned comes to life.” Typically, Circle does not have a large group go on tour and combines with groups from other states. Fast believes this is a positive asset to the experience because students get to be around others and become Facebook friends. “It’s easy to adjust to European culture. I want to

encourage everyone to make it happen. It’s an amazing experience,” said Fast. For more information about upcoming tours, see Fast or visit for more information.

Junior Alyssa Greenwood gets excited over foreign currency.

Scholarship Tips

1.Check the scholarship bulletin board 2.Pay attention to deadlines 3.Be willing to spend time on applications 4.Read through requirements 5.Give teachers at least two weeks notice if you need a recommendation letter Courtesy of Deb Wheeler, upperclassmen counselor

December/ News 03

Cherished Chri Favorite Holiday Song

Freshman Logan Norris: “Jingle Bells” Sophomore Skylar Ward: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” Junior Drake Lister: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Senior Megan Reece: “Christmas Shoes”

Favorite Holiday Movie

Freshman Logan Linot: “The Night the Grinch Stole Christmas” Sophomore Allyssa Kirkham: “Home Alone 3” Junior Zeb Edson: “Elf ” Senior Straughn Aldesperger: “Bad Santa”

Favorite Holiday Food

Freshman Logan Norris: cinnamon rolls Sophomore Dylan Laru: ham Junior Chelsea Gates: fudge Senior Michaela Schaal: sugar cookies

04 December/ Voice

istmas Customs Lexi Cookson Sports Editor

Tradition or Favorite Memory

Freshman Mark Walthers: Eating lasagna every Christmas Eve Sophomore Nick Luebbert: Opening one gift Christmas Eve Junior Bailey Wallace: Every year Santa eats the cookies we leave for him and he leaves a note. When we wake up, there’s a note that my dad obviously wrote and it’s always making fun of my mom. Super funny. Senior Dominic Lara: Waking up early Christmas morning and opening presents

Best Gift Received

Freshman Kerby Kelly: UGGS Sophomore Nick Luebbert: Nintendo 64 Junior Colton Burk: my car Senior Sara Gile: a Kindle

December/ Voice 05

Ask Thor

Crafty Christmas

Shopping for the perfect gift for your friends and family can be stressful, especially when the cost starts adding up. If you have a lot of people this Christmas to give gifts, explore a different method for the presents you give. Do it yourself (DIY) gifts are becoming more popular and are cheaper to make than buying presents for a ton of people. I have over 10 people who I give gifts to each Christmas and buying them all a quality present just isn’t an option. It is hard to find a gift each person would like for under 20 dollars. Resorting to making the gifts myself is the best option, and it is fun getting crafty and creative. Plus, it saves a lot of money. Don’t worry if you are not artsy though, there are dummy proof DIY gifts out there with simple step to step instructions to make the craft look excellent. Besides, it is the thought that counts.

I like blue and gold.

DIY nail polish

What is your favorite color?

Supplies: a bottle of clear nail polish, eye shadow and/or glitter, a spoon or other utensil to scrape out eye shadow, and paper. 1. Pour out a tiny bit of the nail polish. 2. If you choose to use eye shadow instead of glitter, scrape out the eye shadow from its container and crush until it is a powder with no chunks. 3. Make the paper into a funnel. Place it into the bottle without dipping it in the nail polish. 4. If you are using glitter, dump the glitter down the funnel into the bottle until your desired amount has filled the bottle. I prefer to use a lot of glitter. If you are using the eye shadow powder, pour all of it down the funnel. 5. Next, shake the bottle well to make sure it is mixed up. The bottle may need to be shaken again before applying to nails.

DIY bath salts

Is it weird if girls have dreads? Of course not.

Supplies: Epsom salts, big bowl(s), food coloring, scented oils, and a container to put the salts in when you are done. 1. Put the Epsom salts in the big bowl. The amount used will vary depending on the container you choose to use. Make sure that it’s enough to fill it. 2. Add in scented oil. You buy it at stores like Green Acres or online. Mixing the oil into the salts with my hands worked best. Continually add oil until the salts are completely covered. 3. Separate the salt into different bowls; a different bowl for every color you want to add. 4. Add in drops of food dye and mix until you have reached your desired coloring. 5. For the final step I used a jar, but you can use any preferred container. Pour the salts into your container in layers of the color. 6. You can decorate the container if you would like, and then it is ready to be given away. Moms love this gift.

What is your favorite toe? I like pinky toes because they are little.

Do you molt? Yes, my feathers are replaced every year.

06 December/ Voice

Supplies: plain white mug, sharpies, an oven 1. Start by wiping off your mug to ensure it is clean and completely dry. 2. Draw or write on your mug. You could keep it simple and just write the person’s name, or you could get creative by drawing a cute little picture or writing a quote. 3. After you are done decorating the mug, bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Both boys and girls would enjoy this gift, especially any coffee lover. Supplies: computer, printer, item of your choice that you will put the word art on 1. If you want a quick and easy gift that is sentimental, this is a fantastic option. Start by brainstorming words that describe the recipient. 2. Once you have a list of words, go to This website allows you to type these words submit them. Wordle will create an image out of the words. 3. Print out the word art. 4. You can do whatever you want with the word art. A couple ideas are to wrap a can of hot chocolate in the paper or make a collage on a board of the word art and a few pictures of both of you. This is another option for a co-ed gift.

Sentimental word art

***If you have a question for Thor, write it down on a piece of paper and slip it into locker number 555.

Custom mugs

Who started the fashion trend of mullets? It is said that David Bowie was the first rock star to have a proper mullet according to

Maddie Stephens Editor-in-Chief

Of all the fishes in the sea, will you go to Snowball with me?

Ciara Mould Opinion Editor

The idea of asking someone to a dance in a creative way has been around for many years. There are thousands of different ways to ask someone, “Will you go to Snowball with me?” In fact, when one types in “ask someone in a creative way to a dance” in Google, about three million links come up. According to, a person can invite someone to a dance through a YouTube video, ask them in a foreign language, or slip the question into a fortune cookie. Whichever method one prefers, there are multiple options.

Seniors Stewart Dennison and Megan Reece

written on it. She continued to follow the map and arrived at the final destination, her family’s windmill. There waiting for her was Dennison. He had the idea for a couple of days and decided on this way because, “it was different and no one else had done it.” “I was incredibly excited. It was so sweet and cute. We have been dating for ten months now. He knows I am going with him, yet he still took the time to set Photo courtesy of Megan Reece up a cute surprise,” said Reece.

On November 18, Reece came home from the YMCA and found a bottle of sand with a scroll in it on her front porch. The scroll was a treasure map with a path from the porch to a tree. She began to search all of the surrounding trees until she found a bright origami bird that Dennison made. “Snow” was written on its side. The map led to an old swing set which had a neon yellow bird that had “ball” written on it. The third path directed Reece to the barn where she found another bird laying on a hay bale with a question mark

Juniors Zach Bishop and Shelbe Pond Bishop knew Pond wanted to be asked in a cute way,

but he wasn’t quite sure yet what he wanted to do. Junior Chelsea Gates aided him with the idea to get her flowers. Pond likes cheetah print which helped him decide to get her a stuffed cheetah. He hinted a lot to her before he asked her, so he wasn’t nervous. He was excited. He went to her fifth block class and wait for her there. The bell rang and everyone came in through the door. When he saw Pond, he gave her the flowers, with the stuffed cheetah tied to the bouquet. He asked her if she would go to Snowball with him. Pond was ecstatic and said, “Absolutely.” “I was excited when she said yes. The look on her face when it happened was great,” said Bishop.

Senior Andrew Arnold and Junior Amanda Connell Arnold got his idea with the help of junior Melissa Con-

nell and BEST coach, Matt Hogoboom. They helped him decide on carving a wooden heart with “Snowball?” engraved. Arnold cut it in the wood shop using the laser engraver. He decided to ask her during her lunch period at CHS. He walked over to the table and was next to her as he gave her the heart. He nervously asked, “Will you go to Snowball with me?” She agreed. “I was pretty happy because I had my date to Snowball and I thought it was the cutest thing ever,” said Connell.

SADD Snowball

Snowball, a dance sponsored by SADD is on December 15 from 8-11 p.m. in the gym two. The theme this year is Cruising Around the World, and tickets are 10 dollars each. Couple tickets will not be sold. All students are welcome and may bring outside dates as long as students fill out a form from the office.

December/ Student Life 07

Mikkel Jorgensen, Denmark We celebrate Christmas on December 24. My grandparents on my dad’s side come over. We go to church in late afternoon and then come home and have dinner. Duck, red garlic, and potatoes with brown sauce is the main dish, and we usually have a type of Danish dessert. We open presents after dinner. The present you get depends on who is giving it to you and how much money they are able to spend. I have mixed feelings for Christmas in America. It is funny and interesting to experience a new kind of Christmas, but I am going to miss my mom, dad, and friends badly during the holiday. Everyone comes together and our snow makes it very beautiful. I love all of the people here at Circle High, but I will always love Denmark.

Tali Passarelli-Andrade, Brazil I always spend this holiday with my family. Last year, my dad

bought me and my mom plane tickets to New York so we we’re able to take some time for a family vacation. Although our Christmas’ are very similar, certain holidays and customs are very different. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Brazil and America doesn’t have Carnival, a festival held for a few days for everyone to enjoy and have fun. I am actually worried about Christmas here. This is my first Christmas away from my family so it is quite difficult. I will be very homesick, but it’s okay. I am sure I will have a wonderful time. Oh, if anyone wants to get me a present, feel free.

Julia Garutti, Brazil Christmas is one of the most popular holidays in Brazil. Decorations are pretty much the same here as they are there. People have trees, lights, and Santa Claus. Traditional dishes include turkey, chicken, rice, and a type of cake with fruit. As for presents, most people ask for clothes, but I always ask for money. I’m very excited for Christmas here. I’ve never seen snow before, so I am excited to see it for the first time. I am really enjoying the American way of life and I love my host family. I’m sure this Christmas will be unforgettable. Merry Christmas.

08 December/ Student Life

Irene Tapial Rodrí

Christmas is o us because it is very rel up the scene of nativity Mary, Jose and Jesus fo they are from the Three a special dinner on the the Holy Innocents, wh Innocents by Pontius P I think Ameri Christmas is important in a more fun way. I’m even though I’ll probab time. We set our tree up fun just doing that.

Christmas in

Giulia Moschetta, Italy

Artur Lepczyński, Poland Nearly all of the people in Poland celebrate this holiday. Everyone sets up a tree with all of the generic tree decorations, baubles, lights, and a star atop. We don’t really decorate anything outside our houses, but the streets usually are illuminated by lights hung up on lampposts and other places. We have a big square in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, and there is a big Christmas tree there during this time of year. I haven’t seen Christmas here yet, so I don’t really know how to feel about it or how similar it is to the Polish way of celebrating the holidays. However, I’m excited to a certain extent.

íguez, Spain

one of the most important holidays for ligious and spiritual. Most people set y with figures of the Three Wise Men, or decorations. We get presents, but e Wise Men instead of Santa. We have e 24th and 31st. The 28th is the Feast of here we remember the massacre of the Pilate in the Bible. ica has greater Christmas spirit. t for us, but I feel like you guys live it really excited about Christmas here, bly think of my family much of the p at home and I already had a lot of

n my country

We have a big dinner on Christmas Eve and a huge lunch on Christmas Day. Usually, the menu changes every year. However, we always have two desserts. One is called Panettone. It’s a cake with raisins and sometimes almonds. The other is called Pandoro which is a traditional sweet yeast bread. It is not Christmas without these desserts. Christmas is going to be tough because it is usually something you celebrate with your family and friends. I’m sure I’m going to miss them, but I can’t wait to live Christmas the American way. I am extremely excited. Buon Natale. Merry Christmas.

Quân Thân, Vietnam I don’t celebrate Christmas in Vietnam because I am not a Christian. In fact, most Vietnamese are Buddhist or not religious at all so it is not a national holiday and no one gets time off. Although the majority of the people are not Christian, there are many Christian communities and neighborhoods that set up lights on their houses and decorate the streets. Every year, my mom takes me and my brother to these neighborhoods so that we can see the lights. It is really beautiful and lively. It feels like you’re lost in a world of lights and joy. I am pretty excited for Christmas here since we have a lot of days off. I think the big difference between Christmas here and Christmas there is that it is quite popular here while it is not at home. However, it is growing in popularity every year because we are importing culture from the West and Europe.

Ciara Mould Opinion Editor

December/ Student Life 09

Anita Hinnen Student Life Editor

Freshman Chad Morgan

If your house caught on fire and you could save one thing, what would it be? Myself and then my

family. What is your most embarrassing moment? I have one, but I’m not going to tell you. Who is your favorite teacher of all time? Mr. Gibson because he uses great sarcasm. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? To fly because then I wouldn’t have to drive anywhere. If you could go on vacation to anywhere with anyone, who would you bring and where would you go? I would take one of my friends to Hawaii, because it’s warm and I don’t like the cold. Do you have any phobias? No. I’m rock hard. I’m not scared of nothing. What is your biggest pet peeve? When people have you repeat yourself.

10 December/ Student Life

Get to Know Them Sophomore Samantha Catlett

Junior Rachel Rowland

Senior Jerami Daniel

Who is your hero? Well, she’s not necessarily my hero but I look up to my sister because she is really successful in life. She’s my sister and I love her. What is your most embarrassing moment? Last year, Austin Miller de-pants me in the lunchroom. Luckily, no one saw. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? To read minds because I would want to know what people are thinking at certain moments. If you could go on vacation to anywhere with anyone, where would you go and who would you bring? Anywhere in Europe. I’d take my niece because she is my best friend and we’re really close. Any vacation wouldn’t be fun without her. If you could marry anyone in the world, who would it be? Kellin Quinn. He’s the lead singer of “Sleeping with the Sirens.” One, he’s an amazing singer and two, he’s really attractive.

If your house caught on fire and you could save one thing, what would it be? My Bible because the words that are written in it can encourage you in anyway. Who is your hero? My grandpa Tillitson because he is really wise, gives good advice, and is always positive. Who is your favorite teacher of all time? My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Whitson. I was going through a really hard time with my grandma passing away, and she was very encouraging. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? To be able to fly because I’d want to see the world and it would be fun. If you could go on vacation to anywhere with anyone, where would you go and who would you bring? I’d go to England with my sisters, because we all want to see it. What is something you want to do before you die? I want to ride an elephant.

If your house caught on fire and you could save one thing, what would it be? My guitars because they are my prize possessions. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? All of them. I can’t decide. Who is your hero? Drew Daharsh If you could go on vacation to anywhere with anyone, where would you go and who would you bring? I’d go back to Alaska because that’s where I was born. What is your biggest pet peeve? Basically, anything my brother does. Who is your favorite teacher of all time? Mrs. Bitler What do you participate in at school? Football, wrestling, golf, and the musical. Do you have any phobias? I used to have a fear of heights, but not anymore. What is your favorite type of music? Country

T-Birds fight for championship By Katelyn Hageman News Editor

The T-Bird boys and girls varsity basketball teams are vying for the T-Bird Classic championship title on December 4, 7, and 8 in a round robin-tournament. Wichita Independent, Douglass, Mulvane, and Circle are the teams participating. Girls basketball coach Brian Henry has only four seniors but is confident in his players to excel this season. “Come out, see the first games. With good senior leadership our young aggressive team should do well,” said Henry.

(Left) Sophomores Caleb Dickman and Braedon Roper prepare for a rebound at practice. TBird Classic is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday. (Below) Senior Dominic Lara has possession of the ball during a drill at practice. Lara has played basketball since his freshman year.

According to sophomore basketball player Emma Iseman the teams have a lot of freshmen this year and seem to be working well with the seniors. “I love the sport, the varsity is amazing because of how close we are,” said senior basketball player Stewart Dennison. During the six years Henry ‘s girls won the championship title five times. “It’s the first opportunity to see the teams with a new (boys) coach and leadership,” said athletic director Matthew Carroll. The T-Bird Classic started 30 years ago. For the first 20 years, the tournament included eight teams in the boys and girls divisions. Lack of interest has forced it to downsize to four teams in a round-robin competition. “It means a lot when you all come out and support us,” said Dennison. Carroll said attendees have many stories and good times. “My best basketball memory is when I chased after the ball and I Superman-dove and bruised my whole side. Everyone laughed,” said Iseman. The pep band will play at these home games. The teams play on December 4 against Independent, Dec. 7 against Mulvane, and Dec. 8 against Douglass. “It’s a new team, new coach, and new leadership,” said Carroll. “Good traditions and good times for everyone.”

Sophomores Josh Walker, Justin Wright, and Trey Davis stand with senior Seth Blaha on the sidelines awaiting their turn during a drill. Games during the week start at 6:00 p.m. at home and Saturday at 3:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m. December/ Sports 11

Circle students hit the slopes

Jaci Corbin Entertainment Editor You’re flying down a mountain at 25 miles per hour, avoiding obstacles and other people. The snow is flying in your face and the adrenaline is pumping. Despite the flat dry terrain of Kansas many students at Circle ski and snowboard. Neighboring state Colorado has 23 ski resorts including some of the most popular in the world: Monarch, Breckenridge and Keystone. Monarch is an 800 acre park with 63 trails; the longest trail is a mile long and its open seven days a week during winter. Breckenridge is a 2,358 acre park set in a historic district. It includes 155 trails; the longest trail is three and a half miles. Keystone is the only night part in North America, its tallest mountain 11,980 feet.

Photos courtesy of Katie Kessler, Braedon Roper, and Leah Metzger “I go skiing in Monarch, Colorado with my church’s youth group. It’s hard at first but once you get the hang of it it’s great. Everyone should try skiing, it’s probably my favorite thing ever,” said junior Erin Schiesser. “Monarch is where I ski. I like it because it’s something different. If you ever get a chance to go skiing, you should because it’s so fun,” said senior Katie Kessler. “Keystone is where I ski. I like skiing because it’s fun going fast down the mountain. I definitely think people should try it because it’s an exciting rush,” said freshman Tanner White. “I snowboard at Alyeska Resort in Alaska. I love it so much, it’s ridiculous. It’s hard at the beginning to get your balance and you fall a lot, but it’s definitely worth it,” said sophomore Zach Hart. “I go skiing at Monarch with Cameron Gutierrez about five times a year. The funniest part for me is learning how to do tricks. I can do a double back flip on skies, also I can do flips and grind on the snowboard,” said sophomore Braedon Roper. “I go skiing over spring break in Solvista, Colorado. The jumps and going faster than everybody else are the best parts for me. I recommend it because it’s fun and I have been doing it for seven years,” said senior Alan Longshaw.

12 December/ Sports

Fresh Faces Lexi Cookson Sports Editor

Circle High School has three new staff members sponsoring the basketball teams. Girls Assistant Coach Kevin Wishart, boys basketball head coach Jason Stucky, and boys basketball assistant coach Connor Gross. They were asked 5 fun-fact get to know you questions and this is how they answered.

Kevin Wishart

Jason Stucky

Connor Gross

If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

What is your all time favorite song?

What is something no one would know about you?

Kevin Wishart- A grizzly bear because then I would get to hibernate all season long. Jason Stucky- A wolf because I love my wolf pack. Connor Gross- A penguin, because it’s my favorite.

Kevin Wishart- “You Dropped the Bomb on Me” by The Gap Band Jason Stucky- “Squeeze Box” by The Who Connor Gross- “Rosa Parks” by Outcast

Kevin Wishart- I know its unoriginal, but I’m terrified of heights. Jason Stucky-My wife, son, and I all have Ryan as our middle name. Connor Gross- I majored in economics.

Your most embarrassing moment? Kevin Wishart- I forgot my whistle when I was officiating a game. Jason Stucky- Being reprimanded by a 911 operator for using the two-way radios in the school’s vehicle. Connor Gross- When I had to sing an opera solo in fourth grade. Yeah, really embarrassing.

What’s your favorite thing about Circle?

If you could go back in time to any place or event, where would you go?

Kevin Wishart- How hard the athletes work. Jason Stucky- The basketball traditions. Connor Gross- The people.

Kevin Wishart- Back to the 80’s. Time was so much simpler. Jason StuckyConnor Gross- To 2008 on the Andover Trojans basketball team.

December/ Sports 13

Circle Talk

“Just because you put a cute shirt over that muffin top doesn’t make you a cupcake.”

“Great, I can doodle in multiple colors now.”

“Then a semi-truck drove by and I wet my pants.” “Don’t freak out, but you have a fuzzy mustache.” “Ah, I ripped my underwear!” “Out of all the butts I’ve seen, his is the cutest.” “This Hula-Hoop is broken it doesn’t hula.”

“It’s only genius if it works.”

“They don’t know what a complete sentence is because they don’t even know what an independent clause its”

“Oh no, they’ve got my Frigate!”

“This here is a picture of Johnny Depp being a pop can.”

14 December/ Entertainment

Fall fashion trends Jaci Corbin Entertainment Editor High waist belts are in during any season because they slim the silhouette of your waist. Find this belt for $29.50 at

Skinny jeans are warm and the dark wash is slimming, in the same way black is. Get these jeans for $76.95 at www.buckle. com

Men’s striped V-necks are making a comeback this year. These shirts are super comfortable and can be considered casual or dressy. You can get this shirt for $19.50 on www.

Nike Free-lance or Free runner shoes are the biggest thing in shoes right now. You can get these shoes at www. for $135.

Printed scarves, infinity scarves, and fringe scarves are perfect for this fall season. They add a pop of fashion to any outfit. You can find this scarf for $10.47 at

This year riding boots and combat boots are in oppose to fuzzy Ugg boots that were the “thing” last year. You can get these boots for $45.50 at

Faded jeans are one of the most popular types of mens jeans. Many places such as American Eagle, Buckle and Lucky have faded jeans. Get these jeans for $69.97 at

Photos by Jaci Corbin and Sydney Breault December/ Entertainment/ 15

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