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Word Problem Solver Free Word Problem Solver Free There are four basic mathematical operations. These are addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. To start with these operations we simply learnt how to add, subtract, multiply or divide. We know that Mathematics is an important part of our daily life. Not only literates, but even the people who never get an opportunity to study or know Mathematics need, or rather use these mathematical operations in their day to day activities. For example, whenever we go to market to shoppe; we need to know how many dollars we have to pay, what we are paying to the seller & how much he will return back. Also to know the cost of many; when the cost of one is known or vice versa. The logics that help us as Mathematics word problem solver are very important to understand. Just knowing the operations & how to use them & more importantly when to use each of the operations will solve all our word problems. So let us know here the concept of different operations in mathematics.

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To start with, addition means to add, more than, more of something, greater by, increased by, together, altogether, in all & similar terms. Whenever we find such words in a word problem, it becomes clear immediately that the word problem is based on addition. On the other hand, subtraction means to subtract, less than, less of something, decreased by, smaller than, left, balance, difference, how much more, leftover, etc. These words when used in a word problem indicate that the word problem is one related to subtraction. Multiplication is the next operation in mathematics which can be better understood as repeated addition. Whenever we have to add more of the same kind, we multiply e.g., if we know that a pound of tomatoes cost $5 & we have to pay for 10 pounds of tomatoes, then rather than adding $5 ten times for each pound of tomatoes, we will simply multiply $5 by 10 to make our calculation easier & faster. Thus, the concept of multiplication helps here. Now whenever we come across terms like times, multiply, product, find more when data related to one is given, etc; we know that it is a word problem involving multiplication. Last but not the least important is the mathematical operation of division. Division can be better understood as reciprocal or the reverse of multiplication. Thus, opposite to multiplication, we can understand it as repeated subtraction. The words like distributed equally, each, division, quotient, repeated subtraction, to know the value of one when many are given lead us to the use of division in our word problem. We will try to make our concept clear by taking a few word problems here & checking which operation is involved in each of them.

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There are 567 girls & 1086 boys in a school. How many students are there in all? ‘in all’ relates to addition, so it is a problem on addition. Joseph had $4800 which he wished to donate to 3 charitable trusts equally. How many dollars will he donate to each trust? ‘Equally & each ‘both indicate that it is a problem on division. Sam worked for 7hours while Roger worked for 3 hours. Who worked longer & for how longer? ‘How much more or longer’ lead us to subtraction, thus it is a problem of subtraction. There are 65 plants in a row. How many plants are there in 15 such rows? It is clear that it is a case of repeated addition, thus we will multiply in this case.

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