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a full life  Husband and father  Professor, teacher, and mentor  Clinician, caring for innumerable families  Founding President of Zero to Three  Co-Founder and Chair of ICDL  Awards  Prolific Writer

a central idea

“We really need to change that historic dichotomy of cognition on the one hand, emotions on the other hand, and realize that our emotions are the fuel that gives rise to social behavior but also to different levels of intelligence…”

a family of related and interweaving paths taking his ideas forward

 Development over the lifespan  Clinical care of families & parent guidance  A philosophy of who we are and how we can grow  Assessment, diagnosis, screening, and the challenges of research in complex situations  A deep, integrated and broadening approach to mental health from a developmental perspective

a prolific writer‌

For a chance to continue learning for him, see video links at icdl.com and circlestretch.com

ď‚™Teaching ď‚™Playing

a collection of memories (personal and professional)

 Early 1990’s (DC) - from client to colleague “circles!”  Late 1990’s (SD) – training trainers: among dinosaurs  Early 2000’s – research: case reviews (200 & 10 yr)  Mid 2000’s - visiting and talking  Late 2000’s and lately – cases, ELARC & BRIDGE

Spring 2010 encouragement…

‘Don’t worry about what it’s called, just take care of the kids.’

a philosophy moving forward

 Developmental  Individual Differences  Relationships  Empowering parents  Respecting infants, children, and adults  All disciplines - interdisciplinary

a plan moving forward Research Education Advocacy

Current Research Specific to DIR®/Floortime™  Solomon  Breinbauer  York U.  Sterponi  etc.

Current Research Supportive of and Related to DIR®/Floortime™  Tronik  Kasari  Rogers  BRIDGE  Etc.

Education: National, and Beyond  ICDL Graduate School Research Journal Club May 17, 2011 on Elluminate  2011 ICDL DIR®/Floortime™ Regional Summer Institute, July 7-11, Atlanta, GA  2011 ICDL Annual Conference: November 3-6, 2011, Washington DC Metro area

Education: Local and Regional  2011 California DIR/Floortime Conference, October 15, Burbank, Ca  San Diego Open Access Community DIR®/Floortime™ Support Groups for Parents and Professionals  San Diego Community DIR®/Floortime™ Tutoring Groups for Parents and Professionals  2011-2012 ICDL DIR®/Floortime™ Southern California Regional Institute, Pasadena California

Education: Distance & Online Learning  ICDL Graduate School Ph.D. in Infant Mental Health and Developmental Disorders, online distance education  Online Basic DIR®/Floortime™ and other courses available on ICDL.com  CIRCLESTRETCH.COM

Education: The Future?  Another Book  Nationally recognized certification? DIR®/Floortime™ Board Certified Developmental Interventionist  More online, local, regional, national, and international conferences

Advocacy: A Place at the Table  DIR®/Floortime™ Coalition of California  Parent choice & Responsible funding  National: Military & TRICARE Inititatives  Class action: Beyond the ELARC Settlement  Sacramento: DDS Guidelines, Legislation

 Join our coalition!  Support Advocacy for Parent Choice  http://www.dirfloortimecoc.com/

“Go for that gleam in the eye!”

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