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Circle of Ideas Newsletter Tips and Ideas for Early Childhood Environments

Fall Season Fill a sensory table with leaves, paper or real, different kinds of nuts that have fallen from trees, and maybe even some small pinecones. Put tongs, rakes, and containers that have divisions, such as cupcake trays or ice trays, inside the table to promote placing collections into categories. Children will love this fall activity.

Pumpkin Poem and Song I am a pumpkin, orange and round You will find me on the ground Sometimes big and sometimes small You will find me when it’s fall. (To the tune of I’m a Little Teapot) I’m a jack o lantern, look at me I’m as happy as I can be. Put a candle in and light the light Don’t be frightened it’s Halloween night! For more songs, visit my article on

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Grapes: Bounce tips of curled fingers down the back of other hand from wrist to knuckles.

October 2011 Visit my website for more ideas and resources at: TIP OF THE MONTH: Put out a big pumpkin, some small nails and a few plastic hammers (or real ones) and let young children in your care hammer nails into the pumpkin. The skin of the pumpkin is hard enough to hold the nails, yet soft enough to allow children to hammer nails easily. Great handson activity promoting fine motor development.

 YOU TIME!  The best way to be a great caregiver is to take care of yourself! Plan a girl’s night out, and go see a movie. Treat yourself to a big box of popcorn!!

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Fall time

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