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Tips and Ideas for Early Childhood Environments

Christmas Crafts From Around The World This can be a fun way to incorporate some holiday tradition with multiculturalism. Did you know that in the Philippines, during Christmas, lanterns called parols are very popular? For more ideas... My article on


Nov/Dec/Jan Matching Mittens

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Matching is a great way for young children to recognize color, shape and design. Pairs of mittens made of felt material can be used at circle time, with each child receiving one mitten to match with one on the board. Furthermore, a simple but enjoyable craft project is collage material, glue and paper mittens to decorate. Encourage the children to decorate the pair of mittens the same way in order to match.

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Raise palm high and make circles in the air.

Felt Board Ideas Ideas for Preschool and Daycare TIP OF THE MONTH:

If your outside facility is full of ice and/or snow, try bringing paint pucks outside. (the ones that need water to use) along with paintbrushes. Allow children to explore. Can snow be painted?  YOU TIME!  The best way to be a great caregiver is to take care of yourself!

When is the last time you allowed yourself two hours of freedom? Why not take yourself out to the movies and enjoy!

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Circle of Ideas Newsletter  
Circle of Ideas Newsletter  

Tips for early childhood environments