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Circle of Care was founded by three families whose children battled and survived cancer. We provide support and hope from the day of diagnosis and all throughout treatment.

Annual Report 2012

Casey’s Story: Faith and Love

Casey Ridgway, Age 13

On June 30th 2011 Casey had an x-ray done for a swelling in her right knee. The x-ray revealed she had cancer, Osteosarcoma. Always being healthy and active in sports, softball, basketball, cheerleading -- we were shocked. The next 24 hrs and testing at Yale confirmed she had Osteosarcoma. Casey has accepted her diagnosis right from the beginning, enduring surgery to replace her ½ femur and knee. Also going through 10 months of chemo. She has had a fighting spirit from the start, overcoming everything she has faced. With her FAITH in God, the overwhelming support of family, friends, the community, the best staff at Yale and teachers

have made it possible……we say VICTORY! The doctors have said that everything has gone better than anticipated with a full recovery expected. Casey says she will play sports and cheerlead; she wants to help others who are going through what she has gone through. She would like to be a nurse. With her fighting, positive, loving spirit anything is possible. There are so many people to thank. Thank you everybody, you all have a part in her success and recovery. Thank you Circle of Care for making Casey smile. Tracy Ridgway, Casey’s Dad April 27, 2012 1

Board of Directors Liz Salguero Founder & President, Wilton

Dawn Ladenheim

Founder & Treasurer, Wilton

Maria DiPierro Secretary, Fairfield

Kendra Frederick, Naugatuck Carole Kelleher, Wilton Susan Kobylinski, Westport Karen Morgenbesser, Greenwich Maribeth Stolzer, Greenwich Kristin Thomas, New Canaan Joseph Watson, Weston

New Haven Chapter

Joanne DuBosque, Madison Shelley Farmer, Madison Tina Garrity, Madison Annie McHugh, Madison Gerg Scott, Madison Jill Swimmer, Madison

Grants & Research

Lisa Roitman, Greenwich

Advisory Board

Joseph McNamara, M.D., Guilford Jeanne Marconi, M.D., Greenwich Jennifer Moore, M.D., Greenwich Lauren Riordan, Ph.D., Stamford

Interested in becoming a Circle of Care Volunteer? To learn more about our program or to register for an upcoming volunteer training, please visit our website:


A Letter from the Founders Dear Friends, Thank you for making 2012 another fantastic year for Circle of Care and our families. We are blessed to have the most loyal donors and volunteers in the state. In this sprit, this year we honored two board members who had gone above and beyond in their work for Circle of Care. Joanne DuBosque, our Volunteer Coordinator, who, through her infectious spirit and passion for helping children with cancer, increased our volunteer hours at Smilow Cancer Center in one calendar year from 400 hours to over 1600 hours. She has recruited some of the most amazing people in the past year and opened our program up to include nights and weekends. The children at Smilow and their families LOVE our volunteers. “My husband and I are very grateful for all the attention and kindness from your volunteers during these challenging times. There have been many cookies eaten and conversations that won’t be forgotten and words of hope that are just priceless. Your volunteers really make a difference during those long clinic visits and hospital stays. Our daughter just loves doing the arts and crafts with them too.” Karen Morgenbessor, the Founder and Chair of our Art from the Heart Program, also made a big impact this year by forming a new alliance with the Interior Design Society of Connecticut enabling us to increase the number of teams and areas we can now serve. Our new teams at the Ethel Walker School, MBIA and The University of New Haven have brought great new energy to this program and are also helping us to spread awareness of childhood cancer. We love our Art

Liz Salguero and Dawn Ladenheim

from the Heart program because of exactly what one mom recently wrote to us: “It is one of the very few highlights of being diagnosed with cancer. It is something a child can look forward to and feel special. In the beginning of our daughter’s treatment nightmares occurred for months in her own bed. Now she dreams beautiful, happy dreams and wakes up to a beautiful room every day.” Thank you for supporting these and all our other vital programs – Included in this Annual Report you will find other examples of how your donations allow us to reach out and support families throughout the journey from diagnosis to end of treatment. For most of these children the path is long and windy – and our Circle of Care is there all along the way. From our day of diagnosis care package, loaner laptops and iPads, volunteers in the clinics and hospitals, to room makeovers and financial assistance for those parents struggling with the overwhelming cost of a cancer diagnosis we are there - All because of your incredible generosity. We wish you and your family health and happiness in the coming year. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Liz and Dawn

Abby Thomas, 7 year old daughter of Circle of Care Board Member Kristen Thomas, loves to create art and wanted to use her art to help others, but wasn’t sure what or how. Then the idea came to her to sell her Perler Bead Creations and donate all the money to Circle of Care. So, that is just what she did. With a little help in setting up an Etsy shop online, word went out to family and friends through email. It got shared and even tweeted about!

Bags of Love

“To the extent possible, your Bag of Love made us feel welcome at the hospital. It anticipated our needs and made us feel like we weren’t alone in dealing with this horrible disease.” An appreciative sentiment from Genevieve and Joseph, parents of Lynn.

A colleague of Abby’s dad from Texas was so impressed that he bought some of Abby’s art AND mailed in a larger donation. Abby was so happy she could make a difference and proudly offered $350 from her sales to Circle of Care. We are so impressed with Abby’s generosity and enterprise. The good news is that Abby says she loved making her creations to help others and expects to do it again!

Thank you to Shari West and the Kids Kare Club at West School in New Canaan. They made 47 “Journey” journals and donated stickers, markers and colored pencils. These journals will go into our Bags of Love that children receive on the day of diagnosis and will also be available for our hospital volunteers to use in guided activities with the children in the clinic.

Westport Staples High School students have started a club “Dancing for Good” club. Plans include a Mini-Thon for May with all proceeds donated to Circle of Care. Principal John Dodig anticipates lots of involvement among the sports teams in sponsoring Circle of Care families. Stay tuned for more details.

Items Needed: Teen books, games & movies Playing Cards Sudoku Puzzles Adult Toothbrushes Dancing for Good members: Chelsea Mullen, Caroline Didelot, Sarah Malanoski, Sasha Kobylinski back row Carly Kobylinski 3

Thank you to our generous donors! Mr. and Mrs. Satish Adige Ms. Rochelle Alper Mr. and Mrs. David Anspach Mr. Todd Applegate Dr. and Mrs. Harry Ardolino Mr. and Mrs. Ross Armstrong Mr. Edgar Arroyave Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aureli Ms. Lisa Barrett Ms. Heather Bartling Mrs. Faye Bazilian Mr. and Mrs. Steve Beling Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Belitzky Mrs. Ellen Bell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beltran Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berestecky Ms. Erica Bergmans Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Chris Black Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bonenfant Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bonito Ms. Arlene Bouley Mr. and Mrs. John Bowes Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bradstreet Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Brooks Mr. Johnny Brooks and Mrs. Diana Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Bruhin Ms. Alicia Budkins Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Burkhardt Mr. and Mrs. Matt Burris Mr. and Mrs. Scott Campbell Ms. Heather Candels Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carr Mr. and Mrs. Catalano Ms. Angela Chamberlin Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cizynsky Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Clark Ms. Biancaneve Clements Mr. and Mrs. William Clendenen Mr. and Mrs. Dick Codrington Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cohen Ms. Mia Collins and Ms. Marie Nardella Mr. and Mrs. George Contopolous Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cooke Mr. and Mrs. James Crafford Mr. and Mrs. Duane Crisco Ms. Kristen Crudo Mr. and Mrs. Dave Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Chase Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dalton Mrs. Denise Day Ms. Susan Day Mr. and Mrs. Paul DeFelice


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dehn Mr. Joseph Derr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DiPierro Mr. and Mrs. Jeb Doggett Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dolan Mr. Thomas Dolan, Jr. Mr. Shawn Dolley Ms. Joanne DuBosque and Mr. Lars Guy Mr. and Mrs. Hutch Dubosque Ms. Tina DuBosque Ms. Anne DuBosque Mrs. Hutchinson DuBosque Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Tony Eason Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edmundson Mr. and Mrs. Ian Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ellenthal Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ellinwood Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Ellison Mr. and Mrs. Sean Emond Mr. and Mrs. Brad Epstein Ms. Escaleira Mr. and Mrs. Simon Etzel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Falk Dr. and Mrs. James Farmer Ms. Mary Farrell and Mr. Daniel Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John Fields Ms. Anna Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fogerty Mrs. Marilyn Freedner Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Friedman Ms. Nicola Fritz Mr.and Mrs. Richard Frohwirth Mr. and Mrs. Gaetana Frosina Mr. and Mrs. Al Galletly Mr. Joseph Gallo Mr. and Mrs. James Gardner Ms. Cindi Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Garrity Drs. Henry Gasiorowski Mr. and Ms. Sam Gault Mr. and Mrs. Emile Geisenheimer Ms. Mary Geremia Ms. Patricia Gibson Ms. Kathleen Gioffre Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Giovino Mr. and Mrs. William Githens Mr. and Mrs. John Golicz Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gordon Mr. Richard Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gorski Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grass Mr. and Mrs. Scott Greenlese Ms. Donna Gregory Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grigor Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Grundy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guay Lee Gulbin and Jeff Norman Ms. Estelle Haber Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hackett Mr. and Mrs. Rich Hainbach Ms. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. John Harrington Mr. Mark Harrison Ms. Laurie Heflin Ms. Karen Heit Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hershaft Mr. and Mrs. Hank Huidekoper Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hunt Mr. Joseph Iraci Mr. James and Ms. Machnicki Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jenkins Ms. Jean Jennings Ms. Jill Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jersey Ms. Carollyn Kahler Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Kaliff Dr. and Mrs. Mark Kasper Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Katz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Katzke Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keeshan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelleher Ms. Zadie Kenkare and Mr. James Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Mark Keough Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Klein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Knowles Mr. and Mrs. Tony Kobylinski Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kokoruda Mr. Dan Kraninger Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kristoff Mr. Stanley Kuntz Mr. Kurs and Ms. Roswig Ms. LaCapra Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Ladenheim Mr. and Mrs Francis LaMantia Mr. and Mrs. Marc LaMonte Mr. and Mrs. Laroche Rev. Nancy E.R. Leckerling Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ledyard Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lieberfreund Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liflander

Ms. Ellen Lincke Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lindner Mr. Paul Lohr Mr. and Mrs. Pat Loughlin Mr. Donald Lowy Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Luongo Dr. and Mrs. Steven Luster Ms. Kimberly Lutz-Gould Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Joe MacDougald Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mallory Dr. Jeanne Marconi M.D. Ms. Lorraine Marino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. McCreery Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCreesh Mr. and Mrs. Jamie McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Gerry McGinley Mr. and Mrs. Robert McHugh Ms. C.A. McHugh Mr. Gordon McLean and Ms. Donna Lawrence Ms. Margaret McNerney Mr. and Mrs. Jim Meinhold Ms. Merenstein and Mr. Morris Ms. Betsy Millane Mr. and Mrs. Connie Millane Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Miraballes Mr. and Mrs. Lou Mischianti Ms. Montecalvo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morganti Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morgenbesser Mr. and Mrs. Matt Morse Mr. and Mrs. Rust Muirhead Mr. and Mrs. Mukherjee Mss. Lynn and Brenda Murray Ms. Kristen Murray Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Murtaugh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Natarelli Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nejdl Ms. Jill Nesi Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Newton Mr. Robert Nicita Ms. Kerry Nizolek Mr. and Mrs. Mark Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Bill O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Ochman Mr. and Mrs. Brian O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Osterman Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O’Toole Ms. Kathryn Parker Mr. and Mrs. Julius Pasqualoni

Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Paturynski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Petrocelli Mr. and Mrs. Andy Pforzheimer Mr. and Mrs. Eric Piekarz Mrs. William Pinkham Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pinto Ms. Fran Posner Mr. and Mrs. Jay Powell Mr. and Mrs. William Pratt Dr. and Mrs. Gary Price Mr. and Mrs. David Priebe Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Priest Mr. and Mrs. Skip Proctor Mr. and Mrs. William Proctor Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Purvis Mr. and Mrs. Jim Raleigh Ms. Anne Marie Ramppen Mr. and Mrs. William Redman Dr. Everett Reff Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Roberto Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Larry Robins Ms. Christine Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roitman Ms. Barb Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rosoff Mr. Herbert Rothenberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Neal Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ruggieri Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ruperto Ms. Kathleen Ruperto Ms. Margery Russell Mr. and Mrs. Matt Russo Ms. Theresa Rust Ms. Maria Rutan Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sacco Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salguero Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Salguero Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Salguero Mr. and Mrs. Rick Salguero Ms. Linda Salguero Mr. and Mrs. Greg Sandor Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sanson Mr. Matt Sanson Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay Santhanam Mr. and Mrs. Brad Savage Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schaefer

2012 Treasurer’s Report Dr. and Mrs. Paul Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. David Schmerzler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schnur Ms. Diann Schreck Mr. and Mrs. Drew Schutte Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scirocco Mr. Greg Scott Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Shelley Mr. and Mrs. J. Powers Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Ken Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Simons Ms. Gail Snow 3% Mr. and Mrs. Harry Somerdyk Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Southworth Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sperry Ms. Diana Squibb Ms. Kathy Stahelski Mr. and Mrs. James Stamos Mr. and Mrs. Greg Stanton Mrs. Flora Steckel Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stegina Mr. Steinberg and Ms. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Stephens Ms. Jean Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Jed Sexton The Stolzer Family Mr. and Mrs. Rob Stone Ms. Tabby Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Alan Swimmer Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Taubes Ms. Cynthia Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas Thomas Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thorogood Mr. Kevin Toner and Ms. Sara Greenwood Mr. Trial and Ms. Smith Mr. and Mrs. David Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. Underberger Ms. Veillette Mr. and Mrs. Justin Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Walden Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wallack Mr. and Mrs. Walter Walsh Ms. Loretta Walz Ms. Margaret Walz Mr. and Mrs. Joe Watson Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wilbur Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Winslow Ms. Tyler Woods Ms. Kendall Woods

Ms. Judy Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Zavoico Dr. Ronald Zlotoff and Ms. Kemper Mr. and Mrs. Zoccolillo Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zollshan Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Zoufaly Foundations, Corporations & Non Profit Organizations American Savings Foundation Aunt Sassy Sauce LLC Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Inc. Benjamin Moore Bodi 5% N. Motion, LLC Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation, Inc Ciao Bella, LLC Cooperative Funeral Fund Essence Nail & Spa Essex Financial Services, Inc. Exchange Club of New Canaan Foundation Inc. First County Bank Foundation, Inc. George and Grace Long Foundation Good Morning Nail & Spa Gordon & Jacobson PC Guilford Savings Bank Helping Hands Caring Hearts, LLC Holland and Knight, LLC IBM Employee Services Center Infiltrator Systems, Inc. Jeffrey Elementary School, Madison, CT KCS Pub Kennedy & Perkins, Inc. La Moda Fashions Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale Mad About Cross Fit Madison Fresh Air Fund Madison Jaycees Madison Rotary Foundation, Inc Maximus Antiques And Home Décor MBIA Foundation, Inc. 92% Meyers, Harrison & Pia National Liquidators NFL Alumni, Inc. Partner Reinsurance Co. of US Pullman and Comley, LLC R.S. Granoff Architects, PC Saks Fifth Avenue Serendipity Shoreline Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

The pie chart below shows just how careful and committed Circle of Care is to give as much as possible to the families that we serve; an astounding 92% of all fundraising goes directly to our services. As a 100% volunteer organization, our minimal expenses include print and mail costs. As is evident here, our financial picture is very strong and our list of donors continues to grow. The generosity of donors, new and recurring, propels each of our wonderful programs, enabling us to do what we do, and touching every Circle of Care family in a very real way. With tremendous thanks to each and every donor, Dawn Ladenheim, Treasurer

Expenses 2012 5% 3%

Program Services Program Services Fundraising Fundraising General and Adminstration

General and Adminstration


Sightlines, LLC Skin Logic Solude Coffee St. Mathew’s Episcopal Church Star Fish Market The County Assemblies The Turnover Shop of Wilton, Inc. Togs LTD Westport Woman’s Club Inc. Wilton Congregational Church Wilton Presbyterian Church

In Kind Donors Program Services Center for Advanced Pediatrics CUREchiefs Fairfield Girl Scout Troop 32028 Fairfield Girl Scout Troop 33059 Jeffery School Madison, CT New Canaan Charity League Proctor Family Prosperous Printing Segmark Solutions The Children’s Day School, Wilton, CT Kara Berghaus Brownie Troop


What Others are Saying… I am a pediatric oncology socialworker and have worked closely with the Circle of Care on behalf of my patients and their families. The Circle of Care is a wonderful organization to work with, their response time is quick and without delay. The feedback I have received from my families has been very positive. The caring nature of the people involved with the Circle of Care speaks for itself. One of our teenage patients could not afford to attend her prom, Dawn from the Circle of Care went above and beyond, and made this patient’s dream become a reality . This organization far exceeds expectations. Bernadette, YNHH Pediatric Oncology Social Worker “Your son has cancer”. Our world came crashing down. We were moved from the Emergency Department to an inpatient room that was to be our home for the next four weeks. On the bed was a large, zippered bag. A bag filled with comfort. A fresh shirt for me (we’d been in the ER all day), an oral thermometer to keep track of any infections (how many times a day did I use that during treatment?), a pen, a pad of paper (how else could we keep track of what the doctors were saying?), lots of other gear and a very important stuffed bear for a very scared little boy. Circle of Care, a bunch of strangers I’ve never met, brought our family into their circle of love at a time when we needed it most. We are forever grateful.

A Mother

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Circle of Care. Their programs offer comfort, support and resource assistance to families who are facing one of life’s biggest challenges. In big and small ways, they let families at our center know that someone understands what they are going through. The relief a family feels when I share that Circle of Care can help with a light or rent bill is beyond words. They are always responsive to a special request and available to go the extra mile. Mary, CT Children’s Medical Center, Pediatric Oncology Specialist My daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 10. During her treatment, I was unable to work...adding to the pressure of an already devastating illness. Circle of care provided us with Gas Cards and Grocery Store Cards. They always seemed to come when we were at the end of our rope. God Bless Circle of Care. A Mother, Fairfield, CT For years Circle of Care has been an inspirational, dedicated, and passionate organization that truly makes an impact. The Circle of Care volunteers bring joy and comfort to kids and families during extremely chaotic times. Child by child, they transform the world of kids being treated for cancer and their families. I am forever grateful for all of their support.


Erica, YNHH Smilow Cancer Center, Certified Child Life Specialist

…About Circle of Care: As a Board Member for TeamConnor Pediatric Cancer Foundation, I have had the privilege of getting to see the work of The Circle of Care intimately, as we have considered their organization for receiving grants from our foundation. We, as a Board for TCF, have been amazed at the work Circle of Care does. They are on the frontlines during a family’s most difficult time, anticipating their needs before they are even aware of what it is they need. Through the Purple Pages, the Bags of Love, and the support they provide through hospital volunteers and phone support, they help families know that they are not alone. A cancer diagnosis is a terrible thing, but particularly for a child. Circle of Care is there from the very beginning and walks with the family through the duration of their treatment. They truly are an amazing organization.

Tonya, TeamConnor Pediatric Cancer Foundation Board Member

As the Child Life Specialist for inpatient pediatric oncology, I have been able to see, first hand, the impact Circle of Care has on children and families. At the time of diagnosis, families receive a “Bag of Love” which includes fun items for kids, care items, snacks, and vital educational materials for caregivers. This bag serves as a “welcome” to the hospital as well as an introduction to the Circle of Care program that is a resource families typically rely on throughout their treatment process. Circle of Care provides volunteers that come into the hospital several times a week. These volunteers are invaluable in that they are willing to help in any way they can! Volunteers are able to play with children while families are talking with medical staff, able to “pick up” lunch or snack items, provide play activities at bedside or in the playroom, or, to lend a listening ear. The Connexions program by Circle of Care is a lifeline helping families communicate! This program provides laptop computers that patients and families can use to update blogs, communicate via email with friends and family, research a diagnosis/procedure, play games, or, watch movies! These laptops are usually the first things families ask for upon admission! Another special program that makes Circle of Care unique is Art from the Heart. This amazing program partners creative teams with patients to create room make-overs! Patients are chosen by a lottery system several times a year and, if chosen, patients are able participate in creating a new special space, just for them! This program makes all the difference for children undergoing treatment as many children are spending more time at home after a diagnosis. It also gives the children something to look forward during their difficult journey of illness. I can’t say enough about Circle of Care and all they have done for our families. Every time we email or speak on the phone, they are always willing to help provide support- whether financial or emotional. This is a relationship that I hope will continue for many years!

Kendra, YNHH Pediatric Oncology Child Life Specialist


True Colors: Masquerading a Fundraiser True Colors: Masquerade Ball was held at Clinton Country Club on October 13, 2012. The evening was filled with colorful masks and bright decorations. One hundred and fifty guests enjoyed a scrumptious sit-down dinner while serenaded by music performed by “New Beginnings.” Event Chair Jill Swimmer thanked sponsors and all who participated in the success of the evening. She introduced Circle of Care President Liz Salguero who poignantly described her personal journey through her son Carlos’ pediatric cancer diagnosis and how that led to the inception of Circle of Care in 2003. Joy Scott also shared reflections as the mother of a teenager with cancer; among many low points during her daughter’s hospitalization, one bright memory was the surprise appearance of Circle of Care volunteers with a birthday cake

Event Sponsors, Joe and Joann Guay enjoyed the evening. Joann shared her time and talents serving as a committee member. Thank you!

to help celebrate her daughter’s birthday! While thought provoking, these stories painted a picture of reality, but also of inspiration as well as a glimmer of the personal touch that Circle of Care so thoughtfully delivers. Dinner and speeches were followed by more music by “New

Beginnings.” The tunes from the ‘80s and ‘90s stirred capacity crowds to the dance floor. Circle of Care is blessed to have so many hard-working volunteers and generous supporters on the shoreline. We are filled with gratitude for all who contributed to the wonderful event.

The Volunteer Corner:

Joanne DuBosque, Volunteer Coordinator

Lisa and Joe MacDougald, all smiles at True Colors, were generous event sponsors. We are grateful for the MacDougalds’ continued support!


We are pleased to have considerably expanded the Volunteer Program this year at Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) and Pediatric Oncology/ Hematology Associates in Guilford, CT. We began the year staffing volunteers only on weekdays in morning and afternoon shifts, but have since added weekday evenings and weekends, offering much broader coverage to better serve the families of children with cancer. We currently have over 20 volunteers participating in our program and we appreciate the efforts of the staff in Volunteer

Services at YNHH, particularly Sheryl Sobolewski, for their strong recruiting efforts on our behalf. Additionally, we are grateful for the leadership of Adele Merenstein who revived the dormant teen volunteer summer program. Nine high school students participated as Circle of Care volunteers within YNHH’s Teen Summer 2012 Program and we expect to build the program for Summer of 2013. Young and old, our volunteers are a diverse group but their dedication to the Circle of Care Volunteer Program is unanimous. Thank you for your help in making a difference each day.

Art from the Heart Ryder, a five year old from Granite Springs, NY, takes in every last underwater detail provided by the Greenwich Art from the Heart Team. Ryder loves sharks and whales, so providing an “Under the Sea” theme for his room makeover was a natural. All Art from the Heart room makeovers rely on volunteers and donations; we are grateful to Benjamin Moore Paints for their help in bringing Ryder’s undersea world to life!

Care to make little wishes come true? If organizing your team of volunteers to create an Art from the Heart room sounds like fun, contact Karen at

Knowing they had an ice hockey fan to please, the Madison Art from the Heart Team created an NHL wonderland for Josh’s bedroom makeover in Guilford. Spearheaded by Art from the Heart leaders Tina Garrity, Carol Newtown and Abigail Sperry, a fundraiser was held at a local restaurant to secure funds necessary to purchase the paint, some furnishings, posters and other decorations needed to transform Josh’s room into a hockey haven! Thanks to a hearty turnout and a generous response, the team was all set and ready to complete their makeover mission. Josh delighted in the final product --- SCORE!


Circle of Care Board Members were in full-force to support Serendipity Magazine on November 14 in Greenwich: Karen Morgenbessor, Annie McHugh, Jeanna Shepherd, Liz Salguero, Susan Kobelinski, Shelley Farmer, Jill Swimmer and Dawn Ladenheim.

National Charity League of New Canaan, under the guidance of Susan Lawrence, once again sponsored Halloween for us – making over 60 goodie bags and these fabulous garlands to decorate IV poles…and, in some


cases, the patients themselves! The kids at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Yale‘s Smilow Center loved the festive decorations!

Circle of Care Brings Fun and Information to Families at Lighthouse Park On Saturday June 24, Circle of Care participated in Family Fun Day held at Lighthouse Park Carousel. The event was co-sponsored by Hero’s Clinic, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, CancerCares and Circle of Care. Hundreds of families came out on a sunny, summer afternoon to this free event whose purpose was to create a day of fun for families with children with pediatric cancer and to share information on Pediatric Cancer Survivorship and post treatment life. A number of Circle of Care volunteers staffed the CoC booth. Games and crafts engaged the children and their siblings while parent volunteers were available as mentors to talk with families and lend emotional support. It truly was a “fun day” offering families a brief escape. Next year’s Family Fun Day is in the planning stages. We look forward to sharing with more families a pleasant respite while increasing awareness of Circle of Care and the services we provide.

Amanda Guy, daughter of Circle of Care Board Member Joanne DuBosque, had plenty on her plate planning an end of summer wedding. But when it came time for a bridal shower in her honor, she literally felt as though she had had enough. Rather than accumulate more beautiful possessions, Amanda graciously asked her bridal shower guests to make a donation to Circle of Care in lieu of gifts. We are truly grateful for and impressed by Amanda’s thoughtful generosity and remarkable support. We extend congratulations to Amanda and her new husband Charles Duff.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Connecticut Towns Make Proclamatons with Circle of Care Through the efforts of Circle of Care Board Members, September 10, 2012 was proclaimed National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day in the towns of Fairfield, Madison, Wilton and New Canaan. Truth be told, it didn’t take much persuading to convince the chosen towns to make the proclamations; each town was enthusiastically and immediately on board with our idea. Last year, President Obama named September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness month so choosing a day in September was the obvious choice. “Generating awareness of the realities of pediatric oncology is mandatory for finding and funding a cure; starting at the municipal level felt like an

essential first step,” said Shelley Farmer who, with a dedicated team, worked with her local Selectman’s Office in Madison CT.

Celebrating the Sepember 10th Proclamation of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Cay in Madison Town Hall are Sheri Pasqualoni, Tina Garrity, Carol Newton, Shelley Farmer, Abigail Sperry, Joanne Dubosque and Annie McHugh. 11

prsrt std us postage paid permit no. 155 deep river, ct

PO Box 32 Wilton, CT 06897 T: 203-663-6893 Circle of Care for families with E: cancer PO 32, Wilton, CT 06897

T: 203-663-6893 Circle of Care is a non-profit E: 501(c)(3) organization To subscribe to our e-newsletter, please email us at info@thecircleof

Circle of Care for families with cancer is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. To subscribe to our e-newsletter, please email us at

Circle of Care Volunteers At Smilow Cancer Center, we provide a happy diversion for patients and thoughtful support for their families. Our volunteers are also responsive to the requests of the hospital staff, often filling in with a muchneeded pair of hands. Our program has been so successful that Smilow now requires all potential volunteers go through CoC training. 12

21 Volunteers Every Week

From a grateful mother: “My husband and I are very grateful for all the attention and kindness

1600 Volunteer Hours in 2012

from your volunteers during these challenging times … Your volunteers really make a difference during those long clinic visits and hospital stays.”

2012 Annual Report  
2012 Annual Report  

The year in revew newsletter for Circle of Care for families of children with cancer, inc