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October 2017

October 2017 On the Front Cover: Yi Shin Chiang Frozen the Weakness Oil on canvas 46 x 48 in. On the Back Cover: Peter Foesters The Rise From A Fallen City Mixed media Printed in the Netherlands All Rights Reserved ÂŽ No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted in any form or any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher and copyright holders. ÂŽ Copyright: Circle Foundation For the Arts Press 6 rue Cleberg, Lyon, France

October 2017

Featured Artists Misa Aihara Francis Akpata Grazia Allera Barbi Hitham Said Anna Gerolymatou Anne Sophie Le Penru Yasmina Barbet Jenny Bennett Bahermo Natalia Bragina Jesse Jackson Brown Jason Bryant Yelena Budylin Rosie Burns Patrizia Burra Yi Shin Chiang Jason Clarke Aristotelis Deligiannidis Vania Dimitrova Karen Divine Ute Eiselt Ruth Helena Fischer Peter Foesters

Lisa Folino Gwen Fulton Egon Gade Maria Elisa Grion Sabrina Vivian Groh Margaretha Gubernale Herbert Hermans Anton Franz Hoeger Chris Horner Armineh Hovanesian Ronnie Jiang Katerina Kaloumenou Dolores Kiriacon Shigeru K. Karen Landrigan Sandrine Langlade Mei-Lin Lin Karl Weiming Lu Andras Mengyan Martine Mongrain Joey Melinda Morgan Elloumi Mourad Tiki Mulvihill

Christine Norton Robert Perriam Diane Pribojan Curtis Radclyffe Brian Rattiner Jette Reinert Renate Polzer (Erpe) Craig Robb Su jeong Shin-Goldbach S O Sivertsen Mario Sostre Aneta Srodon Yvette Swan Sue Syme Chris Thomas Marie-Paule Thorn Joyce Thornburg Michele Tragakiss Frank Van Der Meijden Maya Vinokurov Dagmar Wankowski Roxana Werner Marti White

Robert Perriam / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 6 ▫︎

Kimberley Landscape Watercolour Sketch, 20MPx Digital Image

“I do not follow any artistic style or seek to imitate the work of any particular artist. I seek only to depict in a natural way the often harsh beauty and lighting of the landscapes of Australia.”

Robert Perriam

▫︎ 7 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Su jeong Shin-Goldbach The Haywain 2.0 Diasec, 13 x 17 cm

“Any experiences or interpretations during my performance are dependent upon the viewer’s subjectivity and their point of reference.”

Su jeong Shin-Goldbach

Chris Thomas / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 8 ▫︎

Dino Park Planet, 2012 Dye Sublimation Ink on Aluminum 45 x 45 in.

“I’m a product of Advertising, Art & Photojournalism.... mixed and baked! My whole professional life has revolved around collaborative creative work.”

Chris Thomas

▫︎ 9 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Curtis Radclyffe Ritual Digital/Print 30 x 30 cm

“I respond to light deeply and try to convey strong atmosphere and wordless emotion. I am drawn to creating a sense of peacefulness but often edged with a feeling of the unknown, suggesting a boundary world between reality and the unconscious.”

Curtis Radclyffe

Hitham Said / circle Untitled Digital media print and ink on canvas 50 x 90 cm

“A desire for truth outlines everything.”

Hitham Said


| July 2017 ▫︎ 10 ▫︎

▫︎ 11 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Egon Gade Buttercups Color digital photograph

“Technology should be exploited, but you must know when to stop. It is not a repair kit.”

Egon Gade

Lin Mei-Lin / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 12 ▫︎

Corner 2, 2016 Digital media collage

“Image creation is more than combining colors and shapes. During the creation process, the creator endeavors to enable the artwork to narrate her observations of the boundless universe.”

Lin Mei-Lin

▫︎ 13 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Lin Mei-Lin Riverside, 2013 Digital media collage

Lin Mei-Lin / circle Alocasia Macrorrhiza Watercolor on paper 38 × 57 cm


| July 2017 ▫︎ 14 ▫︎

▫︎ 15 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Lin Mei-Lin Lotus Field, 2013 Watercolor on paper 39 x 54 cm

Lin Mei-Lin

Francis Akpata / circle


Dogon and Bedu Visions, 2014 Oil on canvas 183 x 122 cm

“My art blurs the line between representation and abstraction.”

Francis Akpata

| July 2017 ▫︎ 16 ▫︎

▫︎ 17 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Ruth Helena Fischer Untitled Mixed media

“I am concerned with using color to make the invisible visible. In order to achieve the desired forms, I use my fingers and rarely a spatula, a brush or other tools. When I explore a topic many images are generated. These reinforce the main theme and I hope to give the viewer more insight into my way of seeing things.”

Ruth Helena Fischer

Karl Weiming Lu / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 18 ▫︎

Hangzhou Seasons [Autumn] Oil on canvas

“To be a real global master of art of our time and beyond as a genuine thinker, creator, and entrepreneur! All my interests in science, philosophy and art come together into my artworks.”

Karl Weiming Lu

▫︎ 19 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Karl Weiming Lu School Teacher Xiao Wang Oil on canvas

Anne Sophie Le Penru / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 20 ▫︎

Free As A Bird Canon 50mm Focal Fix 40 x 60 cm

“Black and white... Emotions... Moods... Mine... Yours... Between absence and presence... Reflections... Childhood... Toys... Woman... Nude... Life.. See...look...and photograph...”

Anne Sophie Le Penru

▫︎ 21 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Chris Horner Undirtied Paulin, 2017 Paulin, dirt, sand, paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, gloss, acrylic 78 x 110 cm

“The excitement for me is within the material; converting and transforming the original quality of a surface is what shapes my practice. This unravels a new beginning from what was seen previously, and opens up many inquiries into new ways of thinking and recording data.”

Chris Horner

Jette Reinert / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 22 ▫︎

The Conversation Acrylic on handmade paper 70 x 70 cm

“I want my paintings to appeal to people, to create a sense of both joy and wonder, to stimulate their imaginations and create stories in the viewer’s mind. The viewer starts to think and to wonder, asking why it looks the way it does, discovering a small, new detail. Imagination kicks in, and the viewer experiences their own little story in the painting.”

Jette Reinert

▫︎ 23 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Jette Reinert What Do You See Acrylic on handmade paper 70 x 70 cm

Jette Reinert / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 24 ▫︎

▫︎ 25 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Jette Reinert Fly High, I Will Catch You Acrylic and gold leaf on linen 120 x 150 cm

“My work is a kind of order out of chaos. The paint that runs into soft, organic shapes. Inside these shapes, birds, animals, people or parts of them emerge. They’re never “perfect”! The contrast to the soft, organic shapes and figures are the static graphic patterns… order out of chaos.”

Jette Reinert

Anton Franz Hoeger / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 26 ▫︎

Stick Fighter Oil on panel

German painter, Anton Franz Höger was born 1956 in Munich. He is a member of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, founded by five writers and painters, including Ernst Fuchs. Although he graduated in the late 1970s, he did not fully dedicate himself to painting until 2000. The Vienna School, Höger’s artistic origin, is characterized by unreal, dreamy motifs in opulent Mannerist style, elaborate techniques of the old Italian and Dutch masters. Despite the admiration towards the artistic finesse of the old masters and eccentric and dynamic Baroque painting that can be seen as a natural basis for Höger’s art – or Malgeschichte – his paintings contain the essence of philosophical and go beyond the ‘pure techniques’ of his painting style.

Anton Franz Hoeger

▫︎ 27 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Anton Franz Hoeger Medea Oil on panel

Anton Franz Hoeger / circle Two Women With Bucket Oil on panel


| July 2017 ▫︎ 28 ▫︎

▫︎ 29 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Anton Franz Hoeger The Burden, 2012 Oil on panel

Anton Franz Hoeger

Margaretha Gubernale / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 30 ▫︎

Monstrance of Quantum Leap, 2017 Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm

“On the left side of the picture is the monstrance with 1. the three aggregate states of the water, 2. with the atomic of Newton, and 3. with the unpredictable waves of the electrons and their leap to a foreign electron, as a reference to an incomprehensible, superordinate Logic, where there is also a kind of will and freedom in detail. On the right, the woman points trough her overwhelming senses to the Creator over force of nature of the water.”

Margaretha Gubernale

▫︎ 31 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Margaretha Gubernale All in All, 2017 Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm

“I show microorganisms in the water, a forest lake and a woman, who lets a water flow into a cloud. The clouds are full of pollen and particles of dirt from the earth. Through this woman I show that man is in all and everything is in him, for he also lives with water, he lives also with the forest, with the clouds, with all.”

Bert Hermans / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 32 ▫︎

Farewell Oil on canvas 70 x 100 cm

“The main theme of my work is industrial and cultural heritage. Sources of inspiration for my paintings are abandoned and often ruinous buildings. Use of color and use of light make my paintings special events. Dark disconsolateness is changing into light and warmth.”

Bert Hermans

▫︎ 33 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Elisa Grion Here She Comes Again

“I think art don’t need words, it is an expression of a soul and so it can only produce emotions.”

Elisa Grion

Marie-Paule Thorn / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 34 ▫︎

The Melting Zone, Mixed media 12 x 12 in.

“My totem is the humming bird. I look for the essence of a subject and bring up what is in my mind its dominant feature, at times bright and fanciful, other times peaceful and contemplative.”

Marie-Paule Thorn

▫︎ 35 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Mario Sostre Untitled from VOODOOIDO Series Mixed media inkjet print 8 x 12 in.

“Recently I started playing with Photoshop, I love how I start something, if I don’t like the results, I can delete or cut and paste to start another work without a mess.”

Mario Sostre

Martine Mongrain / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 36 ▫︎

Woman Moving Photograph on brushed aluminum 16 x 24 in.

“One day, the photographer Ansel Adams said: A good photographer is the one who can take a common object and make it rare in everybody’s view.””

Martine Mongrain

▫︎ 37 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Rosie Burns Flotsam Watercolor on paper 80 x 70 cm (framed)

A collector of bits and things, Rosie returns often to mixed media pieces constructed of feathers, to generate the surface of the sea and what lies beneath, as well as working with more traditional techniques in oil and watercolor.

Rosie Burns

Yvette Swan / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 38 ▫︎

Understanding the Feeling Within Oil & mixed media on canvas 101 x 168 cm

“Being present allows us to create from the essence of who we are. We bring this essence into the world through many forms like painting. A work of art captures a moment and that moment is always present in the form of paint on a canvas, charcoal on paper, bronze in a sculpture, or the still image of a photograph.”

Yvette Swan

▫︎ 39 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Jesse Jackson Brown Hundertwassers’ Close Up Of Infinity: Tagores Sun in 3D Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 in.

“It is my pleasure to be the first person to create paintings with that magical 3D quality that MAGIC EYE utilized in their images. I think my paintings are beautiful to look at, mind-bending, awesome to relax your eye muscles and look far away through. I hope you enjoy my - worlds first - painted stereograms!”

Jesse Jackson Brown

Grazia Allera Barbi / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 40 ▫︎

Drawings Markers and collage on paper

“For me, each color has a meaning of its own: blue represents the soul, the spiritual part of human beings. Green is nature. Rust is the wear, the passage of time. White is light, though, abstraction, riskiness. Gold and silver give value to nature and the same meaning to art. Yellow is a declination of gold. Black is simultaneously dark but also represents solidity, materiality, concreteness. Red gives life to the work of art. Violet represents “invasion of a field”, the trespasses of thought.”

Grazia Allera Barbi

▫︎ 41 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Yelena Budylin Shopping Center Watercolor ink on paper 16 x 18 in.

“My mission as an artist is to communicate through color and form the experience of merging physical and spiritual aspects of the worlds I travel. “

Yelena Budylin

Karen Landrigan / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 42 ▫︎

Breathing Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48 in.

“I’ve dealt with a great deal of adversity over the years and even now, at times I feel as though I exist in a strange state somewhere between life and death. For me, everything changed in an instant, yet my life continues. Today, I find myself living an entirely new existence in what seems like in an entirely new universe. Encouraged to paint by a dear friend and mentor who has always admired my creative abilities, this new reality has become the backdrop for my art.”

Karen Landrigan

▫︎ 43 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Peter Foesters The Rise From A Fallen City

“Driven by creativity I always want to take things a step further. Never stand still, always take the next step. For me that’s what art is all about.“

Peter Foesters

Katerina Kaloumenou / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 44 ▫︎

From Above Acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cm

“How many times have we caught our minds traveling before the image of the horizon of the sea, at times calm and at times stormy. The same can happen to us in view of a picturesque landscape with tall trees, beautiful flowers, singing birds and the sound of running water. All that I feel and I hope others feel, seeing these pictures, takes me far away mentally and arouses emotions depending on what each of us has experience in life.”

Katerina Kaloumenou

▫︎ 45 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Katerina Kaloumenou Stream Acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cm

Yasmina Barbet / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 46 ▫︎

The Circus Bidon Mixed media

Born 1973 in France, Yasmina Barbet first attended a photography course at IED in Rome (1995-8). In 1998 she moved to Paris were she worked on photographic projects and also studied drawing, art history and image processing.

Yasmina Barbet

▫︎ 47 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Michele Tragakiss Wedding Dance Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48 in.

“Pulling from an otherworldly place and using multiple layers of paint and glaze, I hope to bring forth a personal story—a visual stream of (sub) consciousness. Most often my paintings begin with only a color scheme in mind. At the start of my work I spread paint in an exhilarating period of complete freedom, energy and expression. “

Michele Tragakiss

Ronnie Jiang / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 48 ▫︎

Politician Acrylic on canvas 50 x 61 cm

“My art is not complicated however art is supposed to be. My art is simply a way for me to express my thoughts through images. Working on the objects and working on a background is a totally different process and I love both. I paint without a real model, usually referencing several images that I mix together in one composition. From found photos I take only the parts that I need and I paint it on the canvas to build my story.”

Ronnie Jiang

▫︎ 49 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Ronnie Jiang Breastfeeding Acrylic on canvas 92 x 65 cm

Marti White / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 50 ▫︎

Abertura V - Monsoon Sun Collage 17 x 17 in. (framed)

“Learning to just let my colors and media take me wherever they pulled me was an exciting new adventure in expression.”

Marti White

▫︎ 51 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Christine Norton Varanasi Boatman Nikon D810, Original 7258 x 4912 px

“I consider myself blessed to have had a mix of experiences: a father who was a professional photographer and worked with the renowned fashion photographer Norman Parkinson whose stories helped to open my eyes to the world; a large family with all the accompanying joys and challenges; 34 years of international development experience with the United Nations and an innate passion for travel and adventure. Together these experiences led me to photography as a form of expression for what I see around me. I practice documentary photography out of which I see, compose and develop pieces of fine art. Other amazing photographers have influenced my work including the advice in David Hurn’s On Being a Photographer, Robert Doisneau, workshops with National Geographic’s photographers like Raul Touzon, Arthur Meyerson and Sebastian “Suki” Belaustegui. More recently, I have enjoyed the generosity of Robert Rodriguez Jr. and his beautifully lit and textured landscapes. My work is a mosaic of influences, lessons, social development experiences and life in general. My photography is in progress as there is so much more to see and learn.”

Christine Norton

Christine Norton / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 52 ▫︎

“I never claim my photographs reveal some definitive truth. I claim that this is what I saw and felt about the subject at the time the pictures were made. That’s all that any photographer can claim. I do not know any greater photographer who would presume otherwise.” David Hurn

Christine Norton

▫︎ 53 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Christine Norton Morning Prayer Nikon D810, Original 7360 x 4912 px

Tiki Mulvihill / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 54 ▫︎

Era Angle Assemblage embedded in drift wood 33 x 22 x 9 in.

Multidisciplinary artist Tiki Mulvihill incorporates sculpture, performance and audio in sitegenerated installations. Although currently situated in Vancouver, Mulvihill sees herself as a reluctant nomad, moving throughout her adult-life between rural and urban communities. This transience generates an ongoing dialogue within her studio practice where she teases the supposed truths we construct in our conflicted relationships with place.

Tiki Mulvihill

▫︎ 55 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Tiki Mulvihill Vibrant Drift Assemblage embedded in drift wood 80 x 80 in.

Armineh Hovanesian / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 56 ▫︎

Texting in the Rain iPhone color digital photograph 30 x 30 in.

“My photographs are not generally planned in advance, and I do not anticipate that the onlooker will share my viewpoint. However, I feel that if my photograph leaves an image on the viewer’s mind, something has been accomplished. I see what eye see.”

Armineh Hovanesian

▫︎ 57 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Shigeru K Otukaresan (Be Tired) Digital Print 14 x 20 in.

“Happiness exists in peoples’ daily lives and it is a wonderful thing. People are deeply impressed with the beauty of nature. In my artwork I want to express these feelings of casual happiness as well as the deep impression of nature.”

Shigeru K

Ute Eiselt / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 58 ▫︎

Entfaltung Alu-Dibond 90 x 60 cm

“With my macro photography, I expose small aspects of our surroundings on large scale to express and emphasize the fullness and beauty around us that we so easily miss. Clearness and haziness cause a charisma of both peace and dynamics.”

Ute Eiselt

▫︎ 59 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Lisa Folino Glory’s Crown Archival Pigment Print 100 x 130 cm

“I have never strived to make a perfect photograph. In fact, I have embraced the imperfections and accidents in the photographic process.”

Lisa Folino

Dolores Kiriacon / circle


Shellscapes VII Color digital photograph 15 x 10 in.

“The camera brings out qualities that one cannot see with the naked eye.”

Dolores Kiriacon

| July 2017 ▫︎ 60 ▫︎

▫︎ 61 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Karen Divine Towards A Healing Fine Art Print Mounted on Audibond and covered with matte plexiglass, 64 x 36 in.

“When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.” — Meister Eckhart

Karen Divine

Diane Pribojan / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 62 ▫︎

Flamingos with Bungalow Acrylic on panel 48 x 36 in.

Born in Zvjerinac, Yugoslavia, Diane Pribojan has lived most of her life in Cleveland, Ohio. With an interest in art since childhood, she began her studies at Cleveland Institute of Art and went on to earn her MFA at Kent State University.

Diane Pribojan

▫︎ 63 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Gwen Fulton Glasshouse Oil on linen 63 x 48 cm

“I work mainly in oils producing unique decorative paintings that encompass a diverse range of subjects. I like to combine the elements of imagined landscapes with mazes, exotic plants, birds and animals in order to create images that can be thought-provoking and/or dreamlike.”

Gwen Fulton

Bahermo / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 64 ▫︎

Chinese Crested Female

“I am painting mostly in acrylics, but occasionally in oil, especially when painting portraits. Lately I have been painting many portraits of the breed Chinese Crested dogs, which I highly love.”


▫︎ 65 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Maya Vinokurov Lemon Oil on canvas 16 x 12 in.

“My paintings convey a feeling of harmony between nature and humanity, featuring a dab of art deco...a dash of the surreal...and a touch of aboriginal charm.”

Maya Vinokurov

Misa Aihara / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 66 ▫︎

En Cxambro 08-07 Oil on canvas 117 × 91cm

“We have the ability to sense every color and every shape surrounding us and accept what they are telling. I am always open to the things that come to me trough my five senses in my daily life.”

Misa Aihara

▫︎ 67 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Natalia Bragina Landscape With Young Man By Samovar Oil on cardboard 70 x 50 cm

““Don’t sleep, don’t sleep, the Artist, Be never prey to dream, Eternity`s your master, In the flow of Time you swim.” All my life I try to follow those lines of Boris Pasternak”

Natalia Bragina

Patrizia Burra / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 68 ▫︎

The Forest Digital media 5484 x 5484 px

“I think that photography and the images we create, are the realities transformed into dreams. Our life needs imagination, emotions, an inner impulse that leads us to create. I work every day and many hours a day. This is my way of venting, a road that may be open to everything.”

Patrizia Burra

▫︎ 69 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Andras Mengyan Traveling Of Light Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm

“In order to make my ideas and artworks easier to understand, let’s take an imaginary walk through an imaginary town. On our walk, we experience innumerable things simultaneously. Traffic streams by, people pass us, birds fly overhead, tantalizing smells waft from a bakery shop, the grinding of gears annoys us as we nibble a croissant. As we walk the streets, a great diversity of stimuli bombards us, imparting an overall impression of the town.”

Andras Mengyan

RENATE POLZER - Erpe / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 70 ▫︎

Part of Europe Series Mixed media

Ideas and visions constitute the basis for Polzer’s abstract two and three dimensional artworks. Building her abstracted oil panels, the artist creates intricate textures by building with many layers of color beneath the final surface.


▫︎ 71 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Sabrina Vivian Groh Untitled Mixed media

Sabrina’s art involves a variety of graphic technique like hand drawing and different printing methods. After experimenting in several stages, her work began to evolve into spatial contexts, escaping the flatness of the paper and flourishing into three dimensional shaped objects.

Sabrina Vivian Groh

Vania Dimitrova / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 72 ▫︎

By “Calligrammes” - G. Apollinaire I and II Collage 50 x 23 in.

“The power of the Universe has always been generated by the input and the creative endeavor of every single creature on Earth and in space. We get to benefit from that energy and make our own contribution to life through any talent we own.”

Vania Dimitrova

▫︎ 73 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Elloumi Mourad Emotional Energy, 2016 Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm

“For me, the mission of the artist is to act as an actor freed from any normalization, the artist does not have to stop at the stage of a passive testimony acting as a standardized or sacred optical reflexion (often marked by a personal background), the artist should act as a actor freed of all normalization, and his work should help to build a critical sense and push others to react, to raise awareness, launch the universal messages of love and peace over the world.”

Elloumi Mourad

S O Sivertsen / circle 2 Fruits, Watercolor on paper 44 x 55 cm

“Unrest. I know a great deal about it. Or thought emptiness. I do not like the pure white paper. It makes me feel uneasy. Therefore I just start painting. I like it raw and far from picturesque. Everything dissolves and disappears eventually.”

S O Sivertsen


| July 2017 ▫︎ 74 ▫︎

▫︎ 75 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Joey Melinda Morgan Botanical 1 Digital media 16 x 16 in.

“We most often admire nature from a distance. It’s an entirely different experience when viewed close up. The intricate detail, shapes, and designs are formed biologically and over time by wind, water or fire.”

Joey Melinda Morgan

Sandrine Langlade / circle


Magic Chaos, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 120 x 100 cm

“The art of shaping and colouring feelings, sensations and emotions.”

Sandrine Langlade

| July 2017 ▫︎ 76 ▫︎

▫︎ 77 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Anetart Untitled Acrylic on canvas 41 x 51 cm

Aneta Srodon ‘Anetart’ has a passion for aboriginal painting, abstract art, and mixed media art. Her acrylic paintings are inspired by an Aboriginal dot painting technique.


Aristotelis Deligiannidis / circle Untitled Mixed media on canvas 130 x 230 cm

“My art is the confession of my soul.”

Aristotelis Deligiannidis


| July 2017 ▫︎ 78 ▫︎

▫︎ 79 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Jason Clarke Totally Messed Up Black ink 81 x 63 cm

“I draw to clear my head. I have bipolar disorder and art therapy helps to manage my illness. My voices and visions create pressure in my head and drawing releases those innermost thoughts that try to control me... without art, I would not be here today.”

Jason Clarke

Anna Gerolymatou / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 80 ▫︎

In Doubt Mixed media 70 x 100 cm

“My aim is to provoke a narrative open for interpretation by the viewer. The colours are carefully chosen to incorporate the images to delicate, seductively-tinted artworks.”

Anna Gerolymatou

▫︎ 81 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Anna Gerolymatou Shimmering Variation Of Dreams Mixed media 80 x 80 cm

Jenny Bennett / circle


Linear Conversations, 2013 Oil on board 70 cm diameter

“I paint to make something from nothing: to communicate my vision to others; to put people where I have been.”

Jenny Bennett

| July 2017 ▫︎ 82 ▫︎

▫︎ 83 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Jenny Bennett Kenna’s Vase, 2014 Oil on canvas 90 x 90

Frank van der Meijden / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 84 ▫︎

Major Tom (Lost in Space Mixed media 165 x 97 x 5 cm

“I tell my stories with all kind of materials. The basic is the junk I find at flea markets, like figurines, barbie dolls, action men, artificial flowers, old jewelry but also remains of plants etc. I use amongst other things old fabrics, spray paint, lacquer, for the background. My work is usually 3 dimensional, often built in cases and although with many details, still quite raw. All together the result is an unpolished colorful spectacle with many symbolic and surrealistic angles, humor and often with titles from rock songs.”

Frank van der Meijden

▫︎ 85 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Roxana Werner La Casa Verde Oil on canvas 90 x 70 cm

“Experiencing in situ the space which inspires me is fundamental for my work, since the emotional, material and intellectual experience springboards me into a process of evolutionary development. With this I am referring to the energetic source that emanates from the whole, the cosmos and that leads to the opening of a creative instance.”

Roxana Werner

Brian Rattiner / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 86 ▫︎

Seahorse Oil on canvas 30 x 38 in.

Color theorist, Brian Rattiner studied at Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, 2004). He was born (1982) in Brooklyn, NY where he lives and works today. Rattiner has recently exhibited at Eyeheart Gallery, Chelsea NY, Le Coeur, Paris, France and Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

Brian Rattiner

▫︎ 87 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Craig Robb Yesteryears, 2014 Glass vials, string, found objects 72 x 24 x 24 in.

“When using objects in my work it becomes metaphorical in nature. I look to the object to create a statement, based on the inherent symbology within it. Either by placing different things together to see what stories they will evoke or by using multiples of an object to see how that changes its meaning or value.”

Craig Robb

D. Wankowski / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 88 ▫︎

Tulips Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm

“Our plants and flowers are absolutely perfect already, we should be very careful by any intervention in this system.”

D. Wankowski

▫︎ 89 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Joyce Thornburg Morphing Mixed media on panel 36 x 48 in.

“I am a compulsive artist...I paint every day because I have to!”

Joyce Thornburg

Jason Bryant / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 90 ▫︎

A Crack In His Faux Finish, 2015 Oil on canvas 60 x 50 in.

“With most of my paintings, the figure is the focal point, but when all of the elements of the painting come into play, the work really explores the identity of others, not the subject being painted. There is so much to be learned from a person’s portrait, information that goes well beyond the face.”

Jason Bryant

▫︎ 91 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Jason Bryant Feline Mind, 2013 Oil on canvas, 36 x 30 in.

Sue Syme / circle


| July 2017 ▫︎ 92 ▫︎

Fertility Oil on canvas 60 x 40 cm

“Art to me is my life, it defines me and gives me a purpose. I like to provoke, stir emotions and give pleasure.”

Sue Syme

▫︎ 93 ▫︎ circle


| July 2017 / Yi Shin Chiang Frozen the Weakness Oil on canvas 46 x 48 in.

“I only paint my friends or family members who have a significant relationship with me. I’ve witnessed most of their tipping points and undergone a change after each setback and frustration. I ponder over each of their emotional conflicts and picture them individually because everyone is unique and their life experiences are indeed different.”

Yi Shin Chiang


Foundation for the Arts CFA PRESS - OCTOBER 2017

October 2017