Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018

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QUARTERLY ART REVIEW An Examination Of Current Trends And Original Practices In Visual Art

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Artists On Feature Carolyn Adams, Taha Afshar, Joan Andal Romano, Robin Antar, Bayla Arietta, Anneli Arms, Marianne Arnbäck, Björn Bauer, Jason Bryant, Fabian Bürgy, Armando Cabba, Kathleen Carr, Laara Cassells, Bruno Castro Santos, Barrie Dale, Alexander Daxböck, Montserrat Diaz, Georg Douglas, Yvonne Mabs Francis, Ritva Georgiades, Carlos Gigena Seeber, Jennifer Goddard, Terry Golletz, Alexandre Gondim, Fiona Goulding, Ellen Grael, Marek Grychczynski, Juan Camilo Guzmán, Anton Franz Hoeger, Chanil Hong (Handy Chanil), Grace Huang, Kalenga, Markos Kampanis, Sinisha Kashawelski, Debra Keirce, Sun Sook Kim, Hiro Kiyoshima, Richard Klekociuk, Petra Knezic, Jean Marc La Roque, Mina La Verde, Valeriya Lakrisenko, Julia Lambright, Syra Larkin, Botár László, Gaetanne Lavoie, Amir Lavon, Lawrence Lee, Annie Lee-Zimerle, Lina Leoni, Lin Mei Lin, Hong Liu-Sertti, Tahnee Lonsdale, Kostas Loudovikos, Alessandro Luschi, Isacco Macalli, Francis Malapris, Stephen Mangum, Franco Margari, MarianneB, Glenn Marlowe, Roberta Marroquin, Geena Matuson, Franco Meloni, Zara Monet Feeney, Richard Mongiat, Keiko Nabila Yamazaki, Andrew Lincoln Nelson, Laura Miller Nisita, Lucy O’Donovan, George Emil Odthermat, Tatyana Palchuk, Jon Bøe Paulsen, Steven Peters, Neela Pushparaj, Dan Pyle, Raymond Quenneville, Jose Luis Quinones, Peyton Rack, Gustavo Ramos, Soteris Sam Roussi, John Ruby, Santoni, Mira Satryan, Ursa Schoepper, Annette Schreiber, Mary Catherine Solberg, Susan Sommer, Paul Kingsley Squire, Bernd Steinert, Chenyi Sun, Susi Rood, Bernadetta Tajs, N. H. Teetelli, Teo Ai Woon, Chris Thomas, Ilya Trofimenko, Laura Van Horne, Viggo, Marcelino Vizcaino, Carol Wagstaff, Mary Ann Wakeley, Andy Walker, Wang Yang, Dave Weindorf, Marti White, Maija Ylä-Sahra, Meng Zhou

Quarterly Art Review

In this issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review, we examine work by 108 mid-career and established artists working in a variety of discipline and style. From sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, digital and mixed media we look at each work for its unique aesthetic as well as how it reflects upon current trends and practices in contemporary art. In compiling this diverse curated selection we aim at creating a narrative through both the commonalities between the artworks, but also the dissimilarities between each practice and each approach. The power of contemporary art springs from the diversity, the freedom and the openness it breathes. The beauty of art transpires from how unrestricted the artist is in creating content and how unconstrained the viewer is in contextualizing meaning.


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Quarterly Art Review WINTER2018

Artists On Feature Carolyn Adams • Taha Afshar • Joan Andal Romano • Robin Antar • Bayla Arietta • Anneli Arms • Marianne Arnbäck • Björn Bauer • Jason Bryant • Fabian Bürgy • Armando Cabba • Kathleen Carr • Laara Cassells • Bruno Castro Santos • Barrie Dale • Alexander Daxböck • Montserrat Diaz • Georg Douglas • Yvonne Mabs Francis • Ritva Georgiades • Carlos Gigena Seeber • Jennifer Goddard • Terry Golletz • Alexandre Gondim • Fiona Goulding • Ellen Grael • Marek Grychczynski • Juan Camilo Guzmán • Anton Franz Hoeger • Chanil Hong (Handy Chanil) • Grace Huang • Kalenga • Markos Kampanis • Sinisha Kashawelski • Debra Keirce • Sun Sook Kim • Hiro Kiyoshima • Richard Klekociuk • Petra Knezic • Jean Marc La Roque • Mina La Verde • Valeriya Lakrisenko • Julia Lambright • Syra Larkin • Botár László • Gaetanne Lavoie • Amir Lavon • Lawrence Lee • Annie Lee-Zimerle • Lina Leoni • Lin Mei Lin • Hong Liu-Sertti • Tahnee Lonsdale • Kostas Loudovikos • Alessandro Luschi • Isacco Macalli • Francis Malapris • Stephen Mangum • Franco Margari • MarianneB • Glenn Marlowe • Roberta Marroquin • Geena Matuson • Franco Meloni • Zara Monet Feeney • Richard Mongiat • Keiko Nabila Yamazaki • Andrew Lincoln Nelson • Laura Miller Nisita • Lucy O’Donovan • George Emil Odthermat • Tatyana Palchuk • Jon Bøe Paulsen • Steven Peters • Neela Pushparaj • Dan Pyle • Raymond Quenneville • Jose Luis Quinones • Peyton Rack • Gustavo Ramos • Soteris Sam Roussi • John Ruby • Santoni • Mira Satryan • Ursa Schoepper • Annette Schreiber • Mary Catherine Solberg • Susan Sommer • Paul Kingsley Squire • Bernd Steinert • Chenyi Sun • Susi Rood • Bernadetta Tajs • N. H. Teetelli • Teo Ai Woon • Chris Thomas • Ilya Trofimenko • Laura Van Horne • Viggo • Marcelino Vizcaino • Carol Wagstaff • Mary Ann Wakeley • Andy Walker • Wang Yang • Dave Weindorf • Marti White • Maija Ylä-Sahra • Meng Zhou

Fabian Bürgy / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 6 ▫︎

Hund (Dog), 2015 Concrete, industrial wheels and dog leash 15 × 40 × 26 cm

Swiss-based sculptor, Fabian Bürgy has a diverse practice which includes sculpture, installation and digital imaging and explores the conceptual aesthetic of things through random encounters of materials, misplaced situations, and spatial relationships. Bürgy creates conceptual situations and small interventions which are inspired by a wide range of mundane objects and appearances - all subjected to what could be described as a characteristically slightly violent and disturbing process of transformation, misplacement and dysfunction of things.

Fabian Bürgy

▫︎ 7 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Armando Cabba Shelby Oil on canvas 89 x 117 cm

Born in Montreal, Cabba earned his BFA from Concordia University. He was then accepted into The Florence Academy of Art the following year where he attended briefly before opening his own studio in Italy. Armando’s work is held in private collections in the United States, Europe, and Canada. After a few years working independently in Italy, he’s moved to Paris where he currently continues to create.

Armando Cabba

Gaetanne Lavoie / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 8 ▫︎

A Lady Red Oil on linen 30 x 48 in. Private Collection

“I convey ideologies of freedom, expressing my personal philosophies of spirituality in relation to the human condition by developing narrative compositions that project emotional contrast. Within the experience of each emotional state lies the potential for release and within that release lives freedom.”

Gaetanne Lavoie

▫︎ 9 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Gaetanne Lavoie Can You Hear Me? Oil on canvas 64 x 45 in. $14,800

Björn Bauer / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 10 ▫︎

Apostrophe Acrylic, screen print and Sumi ink on panel 46 x 46 in. $1,800

“We are used to living in tension. We have much to question, maybe now more than ever. As I paint, I find ripples of these tensions and questions and the feelings that result, constantly reminding me that they are not going anywhere. They usually express themselves in subtle, but clearly perceptible ways. Usually, it’s a stark contrast of some kind or an odd compositional element that creates ambiguity.”

Björn Bauer

▫︎ 11 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Jason Bryant Someday, Maybe, Never Oil on canvas 40 x 60 in. $4,000

“A photo, a fingerprint, a signature, and DNA are all methods we use to identify a person, but they are just a means to match a name or face to an individual, not to describe who they are or to translate their identity. For as long as I have been using portraiture as the main focus of my paintings, it is not the identity or recognizable face in which I use to describe my portraits, but more of a blueprint of how I approach portraiture.”

Jason Bryant

Taha Afshar / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 12 ▫︎

The Lamp of the Heart Oil on linen 65 x 65 cm £2,200

Taha Afshar’s work captures the delicate tension between the objective and the subjective, the particular and the universal, the momentary and the timeless. For Afshar, the process of painting seemingly operates as a form of meditation, where meaning is generated through the durational practice of working itself. Finished images thus reflect the thickness of human experience and sense perception, building layers of meaning into a single unique scene.

Taha Afshar

▫︎ 13 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Taha Afshar The Heart’s Mirror Oil on linen 110 x 110 cm £4,000

Robin Antar / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 14 ▫︎

Hotdog Carved limestone, carved travertine and mixed media 12 x 16 x 39 $65,000

“My passion is to create virtual records of cultural and personal events that have impacted me greatly. My vision of replicating real-life events in stone allows me to transform emotions into lasting expressions of art for others to appreciate. I’ve achieved my goal when the U.S. government writes to tell me I cannot copyright a work of art because it too closely resembles the product that I chose to record in stone. The day I received that letter was one of the happiest days of my life.”

Robin Antar

▫︎ 15 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Grace Huang No. 8 Oil on linen 100 x 124 cm Price upon request

“My painting concept is to capture the subject matters for the art and reality, to explore the subtleties of meaning in everyday life. I aim to share my ideas with the viewers who participate and inspire their imagination. I think, to a certain extent, we explore the art world from different perspectives.”

Grace Huang

Bayla Arietta / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 16 ▫︎

Thicket Watercolor and colored pencil 10 x 14 in. $1,200

Bayla Arietta

▫︎ 17 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Lin Mei Lin Corner 3 2017.08 Digital collage

Lin Mei Lin

Kathleen Carr / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 18 ▫︎

Bird of Solitude Oil on wood panel 18 x 24 in. NFS

Kathleen Carr is an award-winning, contemporary representational artist. Her work explores the human condition, capturing fleeting moments of contemplation, solitude, distress, and introspection with sensitivity. A sense of mystery is enhanced through the soul expressions of her figures as well as the poetic and symbolic use of fabrics, flowers, foliage, and birds rendered in stunning detail.

Kathleen Carr

▫︎ 19 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Laara Cassells Adeline Acrylic on canvas 96.5 x 65.5 cm $2,800

Laara Cassells’ award-winning portraits often embrace social themes, from feminine identity to the effects of modern technology on our interpersonal relationships. Her latest series deals with the wide variety of moods, strengths, and vulnerabilities of 13-year-old girls.

Laara Cassells

Barrie Dale / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 20 ▫︎

In Flight; (Petals of Dendrobium) Digital Photograph 28 x 42 cm

“I am interested in the artistic potential of natural forms photographed honestly. Nature needs no embellishment; so I have no use for artificial lighting, multiple exposures, or computer manipulation.”

Barrie Dale

▫︎ 21 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Bruno Castro Santos Band Drawing Wall Composition #1, 2018 Gouache, Indian Ink and permanent pen on 600gr 100% cotton hand made paper 400 x 200 cm

“With a background in Architecture, I have been developing my artistic practice in the fields of drawing and painting since 2008. My work´s predominant feature focuses on the plastic possibilities of an abstract geometric language. The work address issues concerning scale, structure, color, rhythm, and tensions within the composition reminiscent of the gestalt laws of perceptual organization, yet, an organic and evolutionary approach is paramount, including an intuitive and emotional dimension along with the accidental, the unexpected, and the occasional.”

Bruno Castro Santos

Alexander Daxböck / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 22 ▫︎

Tokyo Metropolis, Cityscape Screen printing on paper 50 x 70 cm Price upon request

“The drawing as a communication tool and transmitter of atmosphere, emotion, time, space and information. Any spatial exploration is an act of architecture and so is the act of drawing. As we draw we form space and relations.”

Alexander Daxböck

▫︎ 23 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Alexander Daxböck Tokyo Metropolis, Architectural Manga - Page 3 Screen printing on paper 50 x 70 cm Price upon request

Montserrat Diaz / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 24 ▫︎

Ritratto In Bianco E Nero-Mattina Digital photograph

“According to J. L. Borges, the presence of a literary work within novel would be one of the conditions necessary to make the reader understand that he is confronted with a work of fiction.”

Montserrat Diaz

▫︎ 25 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Jennifer Goddard Pedestal Watercolor, charcoal and pastel on Arches paper 30 x 22 in. $800

“There is an expression still used: ‘Sois belle et tais-toi’ (Be beautiful and shut up). It succinctly describes both the female model and the female condition across history: her body available for objective observation/admiration, her voice suppressed. We are now forcefully freeing ourselves from that paradigm.”

Jennifer Goddard

Georg Douglas / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 26 ▫︎

The Neglected Flower Bed Oil on canvas 200 x 300 cm €8,000

“My flower inspired paintings are strong in color and form, appealing to the emotions and either confronting the viewers or drawing them into the work. I like to obfuscate by ignoring scale and jumbling elements which I feel comes closer to nature than does purely representative painting.”

Georg Douglas

▫︎ 27 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Raymond Quenneville Fin de Parcours Oil on canvas 48 x 48 in. $2,700 CAD

Born in 1956 in Trois-Rivières (Canada), Raymond Quenneville is a self-taught artist who has been painting for over 40 years. He likes to paint peaceful environments, expressing serenity and equanimity of places where it is good to stop and just be for a moment. Winner of several national and international awards Raymond Quenneville has received many special mentions from juries and the public.

Raymond Quenneville

Joan Andal Romano / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 28 ▫︎

I Know A Place Mixed media on wood panel 36 x 24 in. $1,000 CAD

“Creativity and ego cannot go together.” - Jeong Kwan

Joan Andal Romano

▫︎ 29 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Carlos Gigena Seeber PERTENENCIAS 1 Acrylic on canvas 200 x 150 cm

Carlos Gigena Seeber

Yvonne Mabs Francis / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 30 ▫︎

Dare to Wear Oil on canvas 245 x 154 cm

“Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the song of a bird...people who try to explain pictures are usually barking up the wrong tree.” - Pablo Picasso

Yvonne Mabs Francis

▫︎ 31 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Ritva Georgiades Yearning Mixed media collage 74 x 58 cm £600

“This piece of work is made of collage, acrylic paint, and hand stitching. The collage pieces were born very spontaneously and quickly, out of blue. Then I decided to enhance each piece with hand stitching.”

Ritva Georgiades

Terry Golletz / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 32 ▫︎

Enigmatic Tree Acrylic on canvas 12 x 16 in. $600 CAD

“The imagery has its own evolution, a surrealistic marriage of abstraction and organic form. My concern is in creating a unified composition of color and form, allowing maximum participation of the viewer in the artwork. I refer to my work as Abstract Surrealism.”

Terry Golletz

▫︎ 33 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Terry Golletz The Oddities Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 in. $950 CAD

Alexandre Gondim / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 34 ▫︎

Jungle Acrylic on canvas 40 x 50 cm NFS

“I am Brazilian and these roots are reflected in my art. Vibrant, colorful, tropical, full of energy. Every painting I make is a photograph of my unconscious. The purpose of my work is touching people in particular ways so each one can experience it by their own vision and emotions.”

Alexandre Gondim

▫︎ 35 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Fiona Goulding The Circus Oil 46 x 38cm NZ$1,300

“My two passions are painting and animal welfare. I believe that all animal species should thrive in their natural habitat and be free to live independently. Painting allows me to strengthen the connection I feel with nature, particularly birds and animals and provides a channel to highlight threats they face.”

Fiona Goulding

Ellen Grael / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 36 ▫︎

Sounds Of Nature, The Blue Ol Tree Pastel painting 120 x 160 cm €4,200

“Since my time at Art School, my affinity is with paper because of the specific characteristics of it, I cannot translate directly to other materials. My drawings are a mix of Eastern and Western techniques that yield picturesque effects. The material I work with is in summery: ink, water, acrylic, and chalk.”

Ellen Grael

▫︎ 37 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Geena Matuson “The Girl Mirage” Silk Photography/Digital media 72 x 48 in.

Geena Matuson is The Girl Mirage, awardwinning Multimedia Artist & Writer telling stories strange and surreal through written and spoken word, and visual arts.

Geena Matuson

Juan Camilo Guzmán / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 38 ▫︎

Troll (Aesthetic Power) Digital print on sticker 39 x 27.5 in.

“I am interested in shopping as an artistic practice. I choose images from mass culture to talk about politics, art, painting, cultural issues, taste, the material world, pleasure, power, sexuality, gender and the role of the artist’s external life in the larger culture. The media I use includes products, handmade stuff, video, painting or something done by someone else. I am able to make jokes without smiling.”

Juan Camilo Guzmán

▫︎ 39 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Chanil Hong (Handy Chanil)

Self-Portrait of Modern Men 3: Hardworking Building

Chanil Hong (Handy Chanil)

Kalenga / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 40 ▫︎

Kuomboka Pastel chalk 30 x 22 in. $1,600

“My artwork aims to tell the untold stories of African customs and traditions that unfortunately are never seen or heard of. It is through these storied artworks that I hope to reinvigorate the interest in African art across the globe and foster the cultural literacy that comes with having these stories at the forefront of artistic consciousness.”


▫︎ 41 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Markos Kampanis Stories Of A Tree II Mixed media on paper on wood 98 x 65 cm €6,000

“I believe in daily methodical work, rather than inspiration. Landscapes, trees, still lifes and the studio itself are favorite subject matters that come however second to the way they are depicted. Although a realist, representational accuracy is not my aim.”

Markos Kampanis www.

Debra Keirce / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 42 ▫︎

Half A Mind Oil 30 x 40cm $1,585

“I am a contemporary realist, classically trained, painting life as it happens. I create work from two inches to four feet tall. My smaller pieces are created under lighted magnifiers in the style of true miniature fine art.”

Debra Keirce

▫︎ 43 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Debra Keirce Charcuterie Oil 76 x 102 cm $5,975

Dave Weindorf / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 44 ▫︎

Zodiac Acrylic enamel, glazing and watercolor on clay panel 48 x 36 in. $3,300

“In my artwork, I try to bring colors, shapes and primitive line work of abstract symbols and runes together in action for a beautiful creation.”

Dave Weindorf

▫︎ 45 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Dave Weindorf Elephant Man Acrylic enamel and watercolor on canvas 40 x 30 in. $2,600

Sun Sook Kim / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 46 ▫︎

Rainbow Roof and Blue Ocean Acrylic, oil bar on canvas 19.7 x 23.9 in. $500

“My work is freedom itself. It’s like dancing, I draw lines, sometimes fiercely, sometimes slowly which creates forms. My paintings express freedom, hope, love, and warmth. I hope my paintings help people who may have gone through their own dark and hard times.”

Sun Sook Kim

▫︎ 47 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Hiro Kiyoshima

Le Spectre de la Rose 4

“Human expressions convey multiple meanings, I always try to include this ambiguity in my work. This (here) is the figure of Russian legendary ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinski. I try to express his androgynous beauty at his jumping moment.”

Hiro Kiyoshima

Richard Klekociuk / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 48 ▫︎

Tropical Leaves Colored pencil on pastel board 60 x 80 cm $1,500 AUD

“I am an Australian artist who works mainly in colored pencil. My work is a response to the many environments that I regularly visit throughout Australia. Mark making, weathering, decay, pattern, color and shape are of particular interest to me whether it be realistic or abstract.“

Richard Klekociuk

▫︎ 49 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Petra Knezic CURA Ink on paper 51 x 90 cm Price upon request

“Abstract, geometric, conceptual, traditional ink art telling stories with the smallest line.”

Petra Knezic

Jean Marc La Roque / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 50 ▫︎

Matinee Brumeuse Digital photograph 110 x 80 cm (unframed) $1,500 AUD

“Ultimately, every photograph is about two things - light and shape. At its heart, photography is a search for the perfect combination of these qualities.”

Jean Marc La Roque

▫︎ 51 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Mina La Verde Cosmic Worlds Microcosm - Macrocosm Oil / LW 2014 60 x 80 cm Price upon request

Mina La Verde

Valeriya Lakrisenko / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 52 ▫︎

Pianist Oil on canvas 31.5 x 51.2 in.

Valeria Lakrisenko is a Saint-Petersburg based painter. Human and his inner world are central to her art and has been the focus of her recent artworks. Many of her artworks are in private collections, museums and have won prizes in international competitions.

Valeriya Lakrisenko

▫︎ 53 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Julia Lambright Green Shoes Egg tempera and oil on panel 42 x 30 in. $4,600

“My work is concerned with the inadequacy and impermanence of memory. As I excavate the strata of the past, I build these layers into my paintings, recombining incomplete images and symbols in order to evoke the emotional experience of moments distant in time and space.”

Julia Lambright

Syra Larkin / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 54 ▫︎

Be Calm Acrylic 92 x 92 cm €1,500

Be Calm Be Calm and hold your secrets close for awhile, as you drift along the oceans of your mind. Carry your dreams with you for they belong to you. Be Calm in the vastness of the open seas and listen to the motions of your mind. For within a moments breath of wind, the tide can turn and steal away your inner world. © Syra Larkin 2018

Syra Larkin

▫︎ 55 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Botár László Situation Mixed media on paper 50 x 50 cm $400

“One can transmit more with details.”

Botár László

Bernd Steinert / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 56 ▫︎

Urforme Axe Oil on canvas 70 x 100 cm €3,000

“Stories of political power and of dayto-day politics do not particularly interest me. There are too many imposed patterns and simplified versions of the truth in play. I find the subjective approach much more fruitful. My pictures are not simple to read. Already in their technical realization, they are too complex for easy access. Whenever I realize that a picture is becoming too harmonious and slick, I intervene and destroy what is pleasing.”

Bernd Steinert

▫︎ 57 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Bernd Steinert Urforme Kanu Mixed media on paper 47 x 60 cm €1,500

Dan Pyle / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 58 ▫︎

Kristina’s Cadillac Charcoal with pastel 25 1/2 x 35 in.

“I love using shadows, contrast, and anonymity in my compositions. My goal is to capture timeless fragments of life in my work, whether it’s the tarnish of a distressed old Cadillac or the delicate folds of a garment, they are drawn in detailed simplicity.”

Dan Pyle

▫︎ 59 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Dan Pyle Roadside Service Charcoal with pastel 25 x 35 in.

Glenn Marlowe / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 60 ▫︎

Victory,Vanquished and Justice Aqua-resin 108 x 98 x 96 in.

“As a sculptor, my profound awareness of the kinesthetic world has always been my most powerful muse as I celebrate the human figure through art. It is only by exploring fleeting human gestures of models’ poses that the perfect portrayals for my sculptural composition emerge.”

Glenn Marlowe

▫︎ 61 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Lawrence Lee Speaker For The Second World Acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 in. $5,499

“An infinite number of worlds exist within the interstices of my mind. My imaginations inhabit those worlds.”

Lawrence Lee

Annie Lee-Zimerle / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 62 ▫︎

Untitled (from the Perfect Wife Series) Serigraphy and monoprint on paper 13 x 19 in.

“The multiple layers involved for each printing inevitably leads to small mistakes that whittle the number of finished editions to just a fraction of the starting amount. However, all the elements I experienced during the process of printing “Perfect Wife” were echoes of my own life that of trying to juggle work and the ideals of being the perfect wife.”

Annie Lee-Zimerle

▫︎ 63 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Lina Leoni Frutti Del Male - Fiori Del Mare, 2015 Steel pot scratcher, ceramic-mold, metal chain, acrylic glue, gauze bandages, polystyrene Diameter 70 cm €3,500

“This world has to be washed!” Lina Leoni, Serbian artist, studied in Belgrade and paints, creates objects and installations. She lives and works in Freiburg, Germany.

Lina Leoni

Tahnee Lonsdale / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 64 ▫︎

Sitting Room Oil on canvas 70 x 66 in. $15,000

“My work is about intimacy and gender narratives. I photograph discarded furniture. Mostly sofas, armchairs and mattresses. They have a human quality; there’s a sense that I have disturbed an intimate moment. In the act of documenting these scenes, I have become the voyeur. The paintings are made from these photos.”

Tahnee Lonsdale

▫︎ 65 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Kostas Loudovikos The Nobody’s Crown Oil pastel, silver powder and tempera on cardboard and plates 155 x 175 cm €12,000

Kostas Loudovikos is a Greek multi-dimensional artist with studies and a Master of Fine Arts from ENSBA in Lyon (France), studies in Art History and Law at the University of Athens. His creative portfolio incorporates painting, wall frescoes, icons, drawings, poetry and books on art. He has international awards and publications. His artistic pathway is passing between symbol and trace, feeling and thought.

Kostas Loudovikos

Francis Malapris / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 66 ▫︎

AQUATIC #0 Photograph printed on canvas 90 x 90 cm €1,600

Schizothymic baby-boomer, Francis needs photography to preserve memories of the moment. Gradually, this utopia fades to give way to the sensitivity he has so long repressed. 20 years later, he is an accomplished self-taught artist through the study of technique and the masters such as Raymond Depardon, Rafael Minkkinen, and Daido Moriyama.

Francis Malapris

▫︎ 67 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Isacco Macalli ACQUA (Series: Beyond The Human) Wood, acrylic 25 x 25 x 105 cm €3,500

... In addition to the principle of recovery, another decisive element emerges in Macalli’s works: the dimension of interactivity that the works have with the subject that uses them. The lights graft that often characterizes the sculptures allows the viewer to interact with them, constructing his own personal sculpture ...

Isacco Macalli

Hong Liu-Sertti / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 68 ▫︎

The Flying Seeds No.30 Ricepaper on canvas, foil, stamp print Diameter 45 cm (framed) €690

“Her artwork appears in a tactile interplay of spaces and forms using a meditative symphony of brush strokes in elegant compositions”. - Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, Art Historian

Hong Liu-Sertti

▫︎ 69 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Alessandro Luschi La Barrocciaia Oil on wood panel 100 x 120 cm NFS

“I started drawing very early and I think I made the best drawings of my life at the age of three. In my current works, I try to keep the same unconscious poetry of those drawings. I believe that the landscapes and characters of my paintings are born in a place where imagination is free.”

Alessandro Luschi

Franco Margari / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 70 ▫︎

Apparizione Mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm €3,200

The artist proposes to the beholder a journey around within oneself in search of hidden images or intentionally buried in esoteric landscapes. His paintings are a diary of recurrent tensions, of emotional emotions, fragility, and existential absurdities. A journey in the depths of that human restlessness, the continuous precariousness of being and of contemporary living.

Franco Margari

▫︎ 71 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / MarianneB Mind Map Acrylic and oil on canvas 48 x 48 in. $2,900

Both layered and poetic, MarianneB Van Der Haar’s work explores a spectrum of emotions with its bold, powerful colors. Her experiences living and traveling in countries around the world, including Africa and Thailand, help inform her work, and her passion for the diversity of people and stories.


Amir Lavon / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 72 ▫︎

Long Way Home Photograph 50 x 70 cm $1,200

Amir Lavon

▫︎ 73 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Roberta Marroquin Boe from Home in the Dark - A Maasai Portrait Endeavor Series Canson Platine Fiber Rag paper 25 x 20 in. $1,800

“Whenever I get to know a new country or culture, I wonder about its past. I look for people that belong to those places to share their stories with me. Invariably, each and one of these tales have some elements that are true and some invented, misinterpreted, exaggerated or distorted elements.”

Roberta Marroquin

Zara Monet Feeney / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 74 ▫︎

Magnificent Magpie Oil on canvas 24 x 36 in. $6,200

“There is a specific moment when we believe an illusion or become seduced by something outside of ourselves. When this happens, we are not looking at something, but looking at ourselves perceiving it. By challenging traditional modes of representation and exploiting optics of value and color, I hope the viewer will call into question the generic way a painting is received.”

Zara Monet Feeney

▫︎ 75 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Lucy O’Donovan Female Nude II Oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm £10,000

Because of her knowledge of anatomy, Lucy O’Donovan is intrigued by what lies beneath the skin: muscle, fat, tendons, connective tissue, bone, and joints. For her, the most expressive part of the body is the hands - she feels you can interpret a great deal about a person and the type of work they do by how their hands look.

Lucy O’Donovan

Tatyana Palchuk / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 76 ▫︎

White from Still Life Series Rainbow Painting Oil on linen 63 x 86 cm $9,800

“Deep and complete knowledge of my profession is proven by long years during which I was learning and improving myself as a professional. My life is a great love for art, music and nature.”

Tatyana Palchuk

▫︎ 77 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Steven Peters Sarabande Ceramic and epoxy 92 x 74 x 36 cm

“This wall piece is an assemblage of extruded forms and thin slabs fired separately and attached with epoxy.

Steven Peters

Ursa Schoepper / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 78 ▫︎

Spume Experimental fine art photograph on aludibond 140 x 95 cm €5,800

Ursa Schoepper developed autonomous photographic fine artworks that exist as a virtual reality in a realistic reality. A photographic image is generated through algorithmic grammar into an autonomous work of fine art photography. It is a transformation of real objects into abstract objects, the transformation of the concrete into an abstract artwork, an abstract autonomous photographic artwork, in the best sense a visual disturbance, a shift, an unmasking and release of past visions and ways of seeing and viewing

Ursa Schoepper

▫︎ 79 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Ursa Schoepper Glowing Mountains Experimental fine art photograph on aludibond 120 x 80 cm €5,600

Richard Mongiat / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 80 ▫︎

Seepage I (After Manet), 2017 Oil on canvas 20 x 20 in. $800 CAD

“By prying these paintings from their histories and juxtaposing various genres and eras of painting, my goal is to deconstruct the familiar, providing unexpected interpretations that collapse time and reconsider the re-acquisitioned imagery within the context of post modernist painting.”

Richard Mongiat

▫︎ 81 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Richard Mongiat Before Sound VIII (After Monet), 2015-2017 Oil on canvas 60 x 48 in. $2,000 CAD

Annette Schreiber / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 82 ▫︎

Vis-à-vis Fine art print on Hahnemuehle photo rag 16 x 16 in. $650 ($790 framed

““The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand got me started in architectural photography. Old, new, elaborate or plain, tall or small; these constructions reflect people and their personalities. They express their personality and life in those buildings. I am using the architect’s creativity combined with my own to express what is important to me with enough room for the viewer to find his own meaning and vision.”

Annette Schreiber

▫︎ 83 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Mary Catherine Solberg Honesty Mixed media 48 x 48 x 1.5 in. $3,200

“I choose to paint women in transition focusing on the strength that lies within. Sometimes being honest is an act of bravery.”

Mary Catherine Solberg

Susan Sommer / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 84 ▫︎

Colorless Oil on linen 55 x 70 in. $8,500

“Working consistently over the last thirty years at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, I have aspired to see and listen to the beat of this exquisite environment. I strive to come closer to producing a statement illustrating that in a world of horror, chaos, and injustice, the beauty of nature and the light that is cast upon it, is always here.”

Susan Sommer

▫︎ 85 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Paul Kingsley Squire Human Nature 2 Pencil on 200 gsm paper 42 x 59.4 cm £600

Paul Kingsley Squire is a London-based artist. He has created a diverse portfolio through painting, digital art, and drawing. His work splits into several distinct categories; abstract landscapes in oil, portraiture in oil, digital pen & tablet and pencil works on paper.

Paul Kingsley Squire

Viggo / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 86 ▫︎

The Lady With The Green Pteropyhllum Oil and acrylic on canvas 73 x 60 cm €2,930

Placing Viggo’s work in any of the known categories can be difficult. After 45 years of searching, Viggo seems to have found what he was looking for: cheerful colors that cast his paintings multi-dimensional. His works often convey joy and harmony.


▫︎ 87 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Marcelino Vizcaino Naked Nature, 2010 Oil on canvas 64 x 44 in. $6,500

“My current work seeks to express itself through a mixture of realism, abstract realism, and surrealism. In this way, it explores the external world of the artist and at the same time his inner universe, a space where subjectivity dominates over everything else.”

Marcelino Vizcaino

Ilya Trofimenko / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 88 ▫︎

Traffic Limited edition digital photograph on fine art Baryta paper 45 x 60 cm Price upon request

A self-taught amateur, wholly devoted to photography, Trofimenko’s work to date has been featured at various international venues in the USA and Europe. Ilya is fascinated by the contrast between light and shadow, attracted to color harmony and infatuated with film photography.

Ilya Trofimenko

▫︎ 89 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Laura Van Horne Green Trees Encaustic mixed media 30 x 30 in. $1,500

“Painting is my passion. I paint in many different styles utilizing a variety of innovative mediums and materials. My abstract geode paintings evolved from experimentation with an elixir of inks, pigments, paints, and resin. I also love working with the ancient medium of encaustic with its layering and textural abilities.”

Laura Van Horne

Andrew Lincoln Nelson / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 90 ▫︎

Osteo Borg 2 Graphite on Bristol board 18 x 24 in. $1,900

“What would it be like to look upon an utterly non-human unearthly entity? How would a landscape feel if it were occupied by something that was truly not us? Is there some common nature shared by all possible forms of life, even those that might never come to pass?”

Andrew Lincoln Nelson

▫︎ 91 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Andrew Lincoln Nelson Phyto Ost 1 Graphite on Bristol board 18 x 24 in. $1,800

N. H. Teetelli / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 92 ▫︎

Paniers Digital photograph printed with pigment inks on Hahnemuhle fine art paper 18 x 18 in. $567

“There is much beauty to behold in this world, moments that the eye captures, the wonders it sees... moments that should be committed to perpetual memory, but sadly only to become fragments of a faded recollection, or more often, simply forgotten. I draw inspiration to record these timeless and special moments, to capture them in my mind’s eye, and through my lens, transforming each image and committing them to permanent form.”

N. H. Teetelli

▫︎ 93 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Chris Thomas

Peggy’s Cove Harbour World

“I was mentored by great art directors and photo editors. This enabled my skipping art school, completely. I pitched my creative ideas directly to “enablers.” My artistic abilities enabled assignments with the world’s largest ad agencies and corporations. This funded my rapid development, as a working artist...”

Chris Thomas

Neela Pushparaj / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 94 ▫︎

Floral Arrangement Watercolor on paper 21 x 30 in.

“I love the unexpected effects that happen when pigments meet paper and water in differing dilutions and mix with each other with glorious abandon allowing me to discover flora and fauna which are more fantasy than reality. It is an expression of my inner self and the harmony of life.”

Neela Pushparaj

▫︎ 95 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Peyton Rack Year Of The Supermoon Oil on canvas 48 x 50 in.

“This work features rare astronomical and historical events recorded during the years of 1948 and 2016. This concept was inspired by the rare event of a Super moon which happened during both of these years.”

Peyton Rack

Mary Ann Wakeley / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 96 ▫︎

Mardi Gras Mixed media on paper 38 x 61 cm $495

Mardi Gras is an abstract painting on smooth Bristol vellum. Colorful, organic lines and shapes formed with acrylic, oil, and pastels emerge from a neutral ground to connect, dance and play. It is a lively work inspired by music, joy, and life.

Mary Ann Wakeley

▫︎ 97 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Andy Walker Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre Original digital art Giclée print (Limited Edition) 70 x 70 cm £295

All of Andy’s artwork originates from and is inspired by, his own photographs. Each piece is created digitally as an intricate mosaic of individually hand-drawn triangles, every one painstakingly placed, shaped and meticulously colored. His mission is “to flood the world with color, one triangle at a time”.

Andy Walker

George Emil Odthermat / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 98 ▫︎

Blowin’ In The Wind C-print 60 x 40 cm €1,500

“To put it with quantum physics: Matter is only a temporarily appearance of energy. If energy is released out of matter, there will be no position, no shape, no identity anymore.’’

George Emil Odthermat

▫︎ 99 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Jon Bøe Paulsen Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man , 2017 Oil on canvas €19,000 “ModPortrait” IAACC Pablo Serrano, Zaragoza (Spain 30 May - 17 June) MEAM Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno Barcelona( Spain 22 June - 29 July 2018)

Jon Bøe Paulsen

Gustavo Ramos / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 100 ▫︎

Hell Hath No Fury Graphite on paper 12.5 x 16 in. NFS

Gustavo Ramos’ portraits explore the individuality and inner life of the subject. A slight downward glance, a subtle parting of the lips, or an inclination of the neck are observed carefully by the artist and recorded with unique sensitivity to reflect hidden feelings. amos’ awareness of these subtle physical indicators arises from his experiences as a Brazilian immigrant moving to the United States with no English fluency.

Gustavo Ramos

▫︎ 101 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / John Ruby JC Mixed media 24 x 30 in. $10,000

“I have acquired many skills throughout the years in Art: photography, photoshop, painting, printing, etc. My skills combine all aspects of my talents to produce a one of a kind piece Art.”

John Ruby

Keiko Nabila Yamazaki / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 102 ▫︎

Nolitan Woman

Keiko graduated from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Illustration. Her works are thematically playful and child-like. Her work focuses on passion, emotion, exploration, and visual aesthetics. Color is a very important aspect of her work and her color palettes are inspired by fashion, movies, and nature.

Keiko Nabila Yamazaki

▫︎ 103 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Keiko Nabila Yamazaki

Nolitan Man

Laura Miller Nisita / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 104 ▫︎

White Objects Acrylic on canvas $2,000

“I am a contemporary realist painter. I received an MFA degree from the University of Pennsylvania where I studied under Neil Welliver among other representational painters. I currently live in Florida and have work in the Gallery on Fifth and the East West Gallery in Naples, FL.”

Laura Miller Nisita

▫︎ 105 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Laura Miller Nisita Vase with Tulips Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in. $2,000

Santoni / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 106 ▫︎

Resignation Acrylic on canvas 70 x 70 cm $1,200

“I am a militant and rebel artist... but as I am a father, I am a punk clean!”


▫︎ 107 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Mira Satryan Symphony #1 Acrylic on canvas 36 x 24 in. $3,250

Mira Satryan

Bernadetta Tajs / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 108 ▫︎

My Little Pearl from Domestic Scenes Series Acrylic on canvas 116 x 90 cm

“The starting point for my paintings is almost always derived from my own fantasy. I create my own reality, my own ‘inner world’, so to speak. This is a world where one can truly find themselves. No one need hide here, and instead, you are met with a sense of freedom and understanding. I like to think that my paintings reflect life itself, a life full of jokes and satire, kitsch and kink, stories and benevolence.”

Bernadetta Tajs

▫︎ 109 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Anneli Arms Grouper, 2008 UV Soft Ground Etching à la poupée 14 x 18 in. on 15 x 22 in. paper

“My oil paintings, 3D reliefs, sculptures and prints since the 60’s show themes of existence; abstract, human and creature. I created my own unique use of liquid poured polyurethane with wiring and acrylics for sculpture, and my print work is based mostly on my sculptures.”

Anneli Arms

Susi Rood / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 110 ▫︎

Hope Oil on linen canvas 150 x 150 cm $2,000

“Whatever medium or subject matter I use I want the viewer to feel an emotion. My aim to create a connection to the viewer on whatever level it speaks to them. Most of my paintings have very deep meaning to me. I hope the image portrays some of those emotions.”

Susi Rood

▫︎ 111 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Wang Yang White Light Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm $4,000

“This work depicts a fairy of the Dunhuang flying apsaras “White Light” is the same renaissance but in a new light. It is an escape from consumerism and materialism, imposed by the society, In the past, faith helped people to survive.”

Wang Yang

Teo Ai Woon / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 112 ▫︎

Introspection Oil on canvas 60 x 75 cm €3,800

“In my painting, I am glad to draw inspiration from the ordinary objects that we see and the familiar surroundings that we live in.”

Teo Ai Woon

▫︎ 113 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Marek Grychczynski Desert Heat Digital media Print available in various dimensions

“Eclectic in my interests, I am highly influenced in my art by a passion for ancient civilizations and nature. I am seeking to synthesize the tangible world with a metaphysical one. In this ‘alternative world,’ my artistic fables and abstractions take on a life and reality of their own. I consider myself to be a visual poet where my art replaces the written verse.”

Marek Grychczynski

Franco Meloni / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 114 ▫︎

Puppets Therapy Acrylic on canvas 50 x 40 cm

“For me, art is a powerful expressive medium that allows the artist to go beyond things, to know the unknown, to reveal it, to bring it to light it and to surprise the observer. The artist has the task to produce culture, to observe it, to question it, to redefine it in his own way, to offer a new vision in which to mirror.”

Franco Meloni

▫︎ 115 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Chenyi Sun Red Oil on linen 47 x 39 in. €5,000

“My current body of work attempts to express ideas surrounding the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Loneliness is a common phenomenon that is crucial to humans. Even as people live increasingly closer to one another as urban density increases people have become increasingly alienated.”

Chenyi Sun

Soteris Sam Roussi / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 116 ▫︎

Sistine Run Around Acrylic and powdered pigment 40 x 32 in. $5,120

“I draw with paint. Initial random marks gel into clusters of rendered dilemmas, entanglements, melees of forms, that can be raw, disturbing, visceral, and universal, aimed at the collective unconscious. The finished work affords the observer an encounter with angst, and an opportunity to ponder life’s purpose.”

Soteris Sam Roussi

▫︎ 117 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Soteris Sam Roussi You Can’t Throw the Arm Away Acrylic and powdered pigment 40 x 32 in. $5,120

Carolyn Adams / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 118 ▫︎

Reflections Oil on linen 24 x 28 in. $2,000

“As an artist, I am concerned with the concepts of space and its relationship to the extremities of chiaroscuro and color intensity. I seek a new interpretation of this relationship and strive to translate its meaning into Art.”

Carolyn Adams

▫︎ 119 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Marianne Arnbäck Animal Madonna Oil on canvas 125 x 155 cm 78.000 SKR

“My art depicts the real and the symbolic connection between animal and human and the unclear limit between our different kinds. For thousands of years, this has been a recurrent theme in art and rituals. An important drive in my art is to open the awareness and mediate this tradition of dream and reality.”

Marianne Arnbäck

Stephen Mangum / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 120 ▫︎

Red, 2017 Oil on linen 60 x 48 in.

Stephen Mangum is a representational painter born in 1954 in Mississippi and currently living and working in San Francisco, California. His paintings vary among figurative, portrait and still life formats to document contemporary life in an expressive realism style. A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, his paintings are in private collections throughout the US.

Stephen Mangum

▫︎ 121 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Marti White Rosa Amarillo Acrylic on canvas 12 x 12 in. $400

Marti White works in mixed media and acrylic using mostly abstract approaches. Her mixed media pieces often contain collage or various types of textures applied before paint. Marti enjoys working with vivid color in her paintings. She works on both paper and canvas. Marti believes art is an expression of the inner spirit.

Marti White

Maija Ylä-Sahra / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 122 ▫︎

Baby is Coming Oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm €1,000

Maija gives us very original works, characterized by strong lines and vivid colors. Dream, imagination, creativity make a symbolic bridge joining ancient and modern worlds creating an ambiance of authentic and deep poetry.

Maija Ylä-Sahra

▫︎ 123 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Meng Zhou IF 1 Acrylic on paper 61 x 46 cm

At the heart of Meng Zhou’s work is a conversation between tradition and modernity. Through painting, sculpture, and installation he attempts to merge and to transform classical Chinese symbolism and imagery using Western styles and techniques. His artistic project draws on poetic analogies of Chinese cultural history and myth that help to narrate his work.

Meng Zhou

Anton Franz Hoeger / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 124 ▫︎

Guardame La Vaca Oil on panel 115 x 190 cm €98,000

Anton Höger’s work should be seen as a part of creative and indicative actualities of our time. In that sense, the deciding factor in his artistic creation full of imagination is not one’s own experience as a consumer of art, but the processes that depend on cognition, which are shown as the essence of truth in modern philosophy.

Anton Franz Hoeger

▫︎ 125 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Anton Franz Hoeger Beyond Eden Oil on linen 110 x 150 cm €85,000

Carol Wagstaff / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 126 ▫︎

The Way of the World Mixed media on Fabriano paper in Perspex box 23 x 23 x 15 cm £1,200

“I believe that my journey as an artist has been akin to an archaeological dig, unearthing, scratching away until something is revealed to me. Subject matter rooted in the past, influenced by the present, driven by experimentation, sometimes taking years to complete.”

Carol Wagstaff

▫︎ 127 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Carol Wagstaff TitleHead II Didn’t See it Coming, I Can’t See! Patinated bronze 18 x 14 x 9 cm £1,500 (Limited edition of 8)

Jose Luis Quinones / Circle Quarterly Art Review | Winter 2018 ▫︎ 128 ▫︎

Crushed Orange Oil on shaped canvas 60 x 48 in. NFS

“Crushed Orange,” displays the artist’s expertise for form and detail that transforms his two-dimensional work into a three-dimensional illusion blending the Pop Art style with an amazing Photorealism.

Jose Luis Quinones

▫︎ 129 ▫︎ Winter 2018 | Circle Quarterly Art Review / Sinisha Kashawelski Je Crois En Progrès Oil on canvas 185 x 120 cm Private Collection

“My art is mixing realism with elements and symbols that are both making a mysterious spectrum of subliminal ideas, translated into a composition that is set in a form of a rebus. The aim is always to provoke the audience to stretch their imagination in a bid to unlock the true meaning of the story and in such a way immerse in the world of dreams and fantasies.”

Sinisha Kashawelski

Quarterly Art Review


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