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Life will get you down;


street art by CircleFace

Two People You Should Know About Before Me.

Jacques Fresco.

Creator of the Venus Project Imagining a time when mankind moves above and beyond the monetary system, Jacques Fresco has designed some of the most practical models for a sustainable, happy, and free society. Mr. Fresco's concepts are based completely on the resources currently available, not the money supposedly needed to make it reality. The Venus project demonstrates a system which would efficiently and sufficiently, construct, house, and satisfy the needs of all human beings on the planet without the need for money, or governments.

Nassim Haramein.

Unified relativistic physics using fractals When all bodies in the known universe obey gravity and electromagnetism, and everything from the smallest hypothetical particle, to the atom, to the surface of a cell, to our sun, and all other stars line up in linear progression on a graph, this might mean that space itself is dividing in a very specific and fundamental way. Using a single fractal model, one can prove the possibility of infinity within a finite space, and it is the pattern that connects us all to each other, and the universe.

SO GET UP Street art By CircleFace 2010&2011

Created on free open-source software []

Copyrights fail

“Don't give them what they want� acrylic on paper across from masonic temple. Lasted 18 days. Dec 2010

Sticking out your tongue out is seen as a way to ridicule something or someone. My favorites are the three P's [police, politicians, patriarchal social clubs] The only risk

in sticking your tongue out, is that those on the receiving end may not believe your sincerity. That's when you paint a version of how you feel, and make sure those assholes see it.

The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago... had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands. ~Havelock Ellis, The Dance of Life, 1923.

“You only get one� Acrylic on paper 2011

“Beggars 1-4” Acrylic on paper. Reminders of Eureka's homeless population. January 2011

In the 19th Century; Nearly every Chinese emigrant came to the United States with the help of a consortium of Chinese merchants called the “Six Companies.” As growing resentment based upon racial lines emerged, so did the concept of a Chinatown. In order to protect their investment, the Six Companies employed secret societies called “Highbinders” or “Tongs” that were responsible for maintaining traditional order and policing the Chinese in the US. But many broke away by 1880, and formed even smaller societies. On Feb 6, 1885, Gun shots were exchanged between rival 'Tongs' in Eureka, California, and a stray bullet struck and killed a city councilman. The collective outrage of the citizens and city officials of Eureka resulted in the

expulsion of the entire Chinese population of Eureka [about 480 people] to San Francisco Following these events, a rash of anti-Chinese violence and expulsions swept through the west. ~”Wipe Out The Plague Spots”: The Expulsion of Chinese From Humboldt County. R.J. Perry

Wheatpaste. Eureka, CA. 1885

San Francisco. April 2011

“I'm Not Better Than Anyone� pen on paper 2010. enlarged x600 [2011]

Mission Street. Lasted 2 days

Blek le Rat stencil and shredded art on Market SF

“Meditations� Acrylic on paper on Market St. San Francisco April 2011

“I was no chief and never had been, but because I had honor was conferred upon me, and I resolved to prove

been more deeply wronged than others, this worthy of the trust.

~ Geronimo

Collaboration with irot. Acrylic on paper, Haight Street San Francisco April 2011

When attempting a life size poster of a person, animal, anything etc. It seems useful to consider the POV of the person who will see it on the wall. As opposed to a foot or so in front of the wall. Sadly, most people rarely take notice of things smaller than themselves; these people are preoccupied by the things their money can buy. buy

They are the worst result of the environment we live in. Contemporary life is coated in large messages from corporations which attempt to convince us that we will never amount to anything as large.

To be equal, you must first be greater than you think you are

San Francisco 2011. below photo by _IMC @

Corporate Person-hood As seen by the US Supreme Court

“...corporations are persons...we admit also...that corporations can invoke the benefits of provisions of the constitution and laws which guarantee to persons the enjoyment of property. (1889) (129 U.S. 26) “The word “person” or “persons”, whenever used shall be deemed to include corporations” (1890) (Sherman Anti-trust act) “...a corporation is a person' within the equal protection and due process of law.” (1936) (297 U.S. 233)

“PNW wildflower” acrylic on paper over movie posters. Mission Street SF April 2011

The medium is not the message

Insidious: awaiting a chance to entrap: treacherous: harmful but enticing: seductive: Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects

“You can look at the world and think that 'things' define a space... Or you can look at the world and see how it is the space that is defining the things.� ~Nassim Haramein Physicist in field theory

“Art's Alive” Irot>CircleFace>Bleck>Embrace. Lasted 2 days Eureka 2011

“Lost Girl” acrylic on paper. Eureka. 2011

Capitalists imagine a world where the money they accumulate today, continually goes towards helping their families, their children, and children's-children, ad infinitum. This is one reason why the evolution of society has slowed to a crawl. And why any alteration to the current system is met with fear, by those with an interest in its survival


“street art suicide� probably lasted 6 hours. acrylic and styrofoam bit splatter 2011 mock-up and only photo

Many will disagree with the philosophy that allows us to freely mark our surroundings

So get your point across quickly

So Get Up  
So Get Up  

street art by CircleFace