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Electric Multiple Units

Our mission is to meet the current and future expectations of national and foreign owners of rail rolling stock by building, upgrading and repairing their vehicles, while at the same time maintaining the high quality of our products and ensuring users’ satisfaction.

E l e c t r i c M u l t i p l e Un i t s

PESA Bydgoszcz SA, employing cutting-edge technologies and relying on its experience in the production of EMUs, has designed and built electric multiple units of the next generation. First of all ELFs, the first Polish family of rail vehicles, which comply with the requirements of the four collision scenarios. The most important advantages of the EMU include: AC drive motors on extreme or middle motor bogies, depending on the car configuration, powered by IGBT-based inverters; modern anti-slip system; microprocessor-based control system; closed-circuit toilets; wide entrances, elevators or entrance ramps, as well as places for disabled people; extendible steps to facilitate getting on and off the train from platforms of different heights.

The modular system gives each client the freedom to freely design the interior. The length of the vehicle (number of cars) and its technical parameters can be tailored to the client’s requirements. Internal and external monitoring systems ensure passengers’ safety, offering views and automatic recording in the driver’s cab. In addition, all the necessary information is communicated to passengers on clear displays and via the automatic audio system. There is also a passenger-driver communication system available to passengers (intercom). Some vehicles feature a system of advertisement broadcast and a passenger counter.

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The EMU ELF family is PESA Bydgoszcz SA’s answer to the growing demands of Polish and world markets. In the last two years PESA’s contracts and deliveries covered almost 100 vehicles of this type.

The parameters are typical data for the product delivered to a specific client.

The Elf (ElectricLowFloor) isa comfortable and very safe vehicle. Its various versions are dedicated to regional (see the pictures above), inter-regional and conurbation (see the picture below) transport services. The materials used in construction are at least 80% recyclable, which makes it environmentally-friendly. The ELF family can be composed of 2-8 car sets, and the whole units can be connected with one another in multiple traction. The vehicle platform can be powered with various voltages - AC 15kV/25kV and DC 1.5kV/3kV.

Its basic version can reach up to 160 km/h. Optionally, it is possible to increase the speed to 190 km/h.

The ELF complies with the most most stringent crashworthiness standards today (the EN 15277 standard), meeting the requirements of the four collision scenarios. There is no more demanding safety standard than that.

The vehicle conforms to all the requirements of the TSI PRM specification, which stands for full travelling comfort for passengers with impaired mobility.

The vehicle doors in the floor area, at 760 mm, ensure the servicing of 300-960 mm platforms and, with the use of the extendible step, also lower platforms. An advantage of the ELFs’ modular design is the possibility to freely arrange its multi-purpose areas, e.g. for children, for transporting bikes, large luggage, a buffet corner, vending machines, ticket machines, etc.

the EMU to ride even through very small track arches of up to 22 m.

By undertaking increasingly complex technological challenges and responding flexibly to clients’ demands, PESA can now offer non-standard products tailored to clients’ specific needs. One of them is the Electric Multiple Unit 33WE of the EN97 series (see the picture below) for Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa, designed for rendering suburban transport services. The vehicle features a multi-voltage power supply system.

The 33WE EMU offers a very high travelling standard. The vehicles are designed for carrying approx. 500 people. The two-stage spring suspension (with air springs in the secondary suspension stage), air-conditioned interior, and large volume of passenger space all offers comfortable travelling conditions. Eight doors, wide clearance and a low floor (500 mm) in the entrance zone make embarking and disembarking easier, reducing the duration of vehicle stops at stations and halts. The visual and acoustic passenger information system, as well as anti-vandal and aesthetic armchairs ensure a comfortable and safe journey. The interior and exterior monitoring system with view recording, along with the passenger-vehicle staff communication system significantly boost travelling safety.

This modern two-directional EMU comprises two three-car modules. Spacious driver’s cabs are at both ends of the vehicle, while an additional control panel facilitates driving it when the trainsets have separated. During shunting, a single three-car module can move in both directions at a limited speed. With such a configuration it is possible for The parameters are typical data for the product delivered to a specific client.

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