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Diesel Multiple Units

Our mission is to meet the current and future expectations of national and foreign owners of rail rolling stock by building, upgrading and repairing their vehicles, while at the same time maintaining the high quality of our products and ensuring users’ satisfaction.

D i e s e l M u l t i p l e Un i t s

The DMUs offered by PESA Bydgoszcz - among the first in the world to meet the requirements of the four collision scenarios, i.e. guaranteeing the highest safety standards - are the answer to the demands of national and foreign railway operators, both state and private. Operation of our DMUs has allowed the re-launch of local services on railway lines, where passenger transport performed with traditional trainsets (a loco + coaches) had become unfeasible. In addition, using DMUs improves efficiency on railway lines already in operation.

platform heights ranging from 140 to 960 mm from the rail head level. The monitoring system allows the driver to observe and record the view of the entrance door areas and the inside of the train. The vehicles have been designed to satisfy needs of disabled passengers, including passengers in wheelchairs.

The biggest advantages of these vehicles include, among others: an efficient, new generation diesel engine with low fuel consumption, application of air springs (secondary suspension), efficient air-cooling system in the passenger section and driver’s cab, monitoring of the vehicle interior and modern information systems. The units are adjusted to

Depending on the options and the client’s requests, we build one-, two-, three- and four-car open-space DMUs. With the modular structure it is possible to modify the internal equipment and fittings, select a driving unit, and tailor the vehicles to the client’s needs.

The equipment installed ensures full travelling comfort with an operational speed up to 140 km/h with very good ride dynamics.

4 cars

3 cars

2 cars

Family of vehicles 1 car

Link - the most modern vehicle of its class globally - is based on the long experience of PESA in designing and producing DMUs. It is an open-space, air-conditioned diesel multiple unit of an entirely new generation. It was built following the principle of „modular design” - meeting all the latest requirements imposed on the manufacturers of rail vehicles. It is another DMU by PESA built with passengers’ safety and safe vehicle maintenance in mind.

Presentation of the DMU Link on the Velim test track near Prague (28 June 2012).

The parameters are typical data for the product delivered to a specific client.

At the vehicle ends, there are two spacious, comfortable driver’s cabs, enabling driving in both directions. Link features a new generation diesel engine, which meets the requirements of Stage IIIB exhaust emissions, as per Directive 97/68/EC with amendments. The control system allows riding in multiple-traction of up to four cars. On each side of the vehicle there are two 1300 mm wide doors. The floor level in the entry zone is 600 mm over the rail head, which makes it possible to service 140-760 mm platforms. The vehicle features a modern passenger information system comprising displays and automatic train station announcement system, integrated with GPS. Wireless Internet access is also possible. An integrated system of vehicle control and diagnostics helps operators perform efficient DMU maintenance. The DMU’s design conforms with the TSI PRM requirements. The vehicles have been designed to satisfy needs

of disabled passengers, including passengers in wheelchairs. One ramp is used to enter the vehicle from platforms higher than 140 mm. The low-floor section can accommodate two wheelchairs or five bikes. The section also features a closed-circuit WC compliant with the TSI PRM. To make travelling easier for people with vision or hearing impairment, an audio-visual information system and an entrance location system using a transmitter have been installed. All important information is given in Braille (that refers also to other PESA vehicles). In 2012 PESA will deliver the first out of thirty-one Link vehicles to the Czech market (see: the picture below) and commence deliveries of 12 LINKs to the German market. In Poland, the first two LINKs have been ordered by Zachodniopomorskie Province.

The multi-purpose area is adapted to transporting passengers in wheelchairs, and with large luggage. A manual ramp allows passengers with reduced mobility to enter the vehicle. Also, one of the WC cabins, with an automatic door, has been designed especially for them. Due to its design the vehicle can be reliably operated during hot summers and cold winters.

The ATR 220 (Atribo), one of the two cutting-edge DMUs (in addition to Link), has been well-known since 2008 due to its successful exploitation by operators in Poland and Italy. The DMU has been granted a type approval in Italy and Poland. It is open-spaced, air-conditioned, and features a diesel drive in the „S-D-S” arrangement (S - power car, D - trailer car); it can run in multiple traction of up to three cars. Its maximum speed can reach 120 km/h, or even 130km/h optionally. It was designed and built for regional and local passenger transport. Its structure and equipment ensure travelling comfort, exerting only a minimal environmental impact. The floor height in the entrance zone is 600 mm above the rail head. The vehicle features absorbers which in order to collect energy during collisions, which increases the safety of passengers and staff.

Excluding the previous generation diesel units by PESA, currently there are 41 ATR 220 vehicles in operation in Italy (in Bari - see the picture below), while in Poland there are 12 local versions of the vehicle, designated as the 219M. In addition to the DMUs listed above, PESA’s range includes the 214Mb, 218Mc and 218Md vehicles with IIIB environmentally-friendly engines.

The parameters are typical data for the product delivered to a specific client.

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