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CIRAMAR Shipyard’s mission is to provide the best repair and maintenance service in the region to marine vessels . Our shipyard specializes in conversion and new construction of vessels ,barges, yachts and other maritime port equipment .

CIRAMAR SHIPYARDS has a professional and highly skilled staff, with years of training and experience. Currently our workforce consist of more than 450 international and national employees.

Our procedures are in accordance with the International Maritime Standards and we are recognize by several prestigious International Societies, such as; the ABS Welder’s Certification and American Welding Society.

OUR SERVICES SHIP REPAIR For 20 years CIRAMAR has been engaged in the ship repair activity, end throughout this time it has managed to gather a well trained and professional staff to handle almost any type of work, to help you get back to business in no time. NEW CONSTRUCTIONS & CONVERSIONS CIRAMAR is the ideal place for new constructions and conversion priyects, and for the past 15 years has developed a large portfolio of projects, including: Patrol Crafts, Tug Boats, Barges, Landing Crafts, Floting Hotels (Fisherman’s Paradise out of Tampa, U.S.A), among others. CIRAMAR can perform construction of almost any type of vessel, using the most advanced engineering tecniques and designs, at very competitive prices. ENGINEERING & DESIGN CIRAMAR engineering department offers complete naval architectural services, providing designs with complete details to our customers. All of our designs are performed within all of our client’s requirements and specifications. We take pride in our designs which for sometime have provided our customers with innovative options for performing almost any type of work, efficiently and within the most comprehensive safety standards. CIRAMAR engineering department is staffed with highly skilled and well trained professionals to handle almost any requirement, with state of the art computerize systems for developing 3-D designs according to your needs. AFLOAT REPAIRS For any repairs to be performed afloat, we have the necessary space to carry it on, and CIRAMAR has all the equipment and machinery to perform any repairs on your vessel while afloat. BERTHING FACILITIES CIRAMAR has enough space for berthing, contact our marketing & sales division for inquiries.

FACILITIES FLOATING DOCK I Lifting Capacity Length Inside wins walls

960 tons 61.0 mt 13 mt

FLOATING DOCK II Lifting Capacity Length Width Two Cranes

7500 tons 150 mt 25 mt 6 tons (each)

CRANE VESSEL This crane is self propelled and it is fully crewed; has a crew who it is totally self sufficient on board. The crane has a reach of 21 meters and capacity of 35 tons. The Voight Snyder system allows the operator to position the barge vessel anywhere at any trajectory at any point, withoutthe use of tugs, etc. GRAVING DOCK Located in the east side of the Ozama River in Santo Domingo. It has two levels. The lower level accommodate vessels of 400 feet in length by 56 feet wide. Draft allowed is 18 feet. The upper dock is 350 feet long by 56 feet wide. Draft permitted is 8 feet. CRANES We have a variability of a wide range of cranes to suit any work or activity that our customers might require. SHOPS Repair Shops Electrical Shop Mechanical Shop Carpentry Shop Steel Shop BERTHING FACILITIES CIRAMAR has enough space for berthing, contact our marketing & sales division for inquiries. FLOATING PIER (PONTOON) Lenght 140mt

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