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CiPU collection started because the love of pink, the love of home decor and the love of design... We started CiPU collection simply cause we wanted to share things that we love! the warm loving feeling of all that’s pink! With a simple begining like this, we started our journey of building a beautiful future with CiPU Collection.

CT-Bag Fuchsia Baby CT-Bag Alice Pink

About CiPU Bags With the intention of hoping every mommy can

BabyB-Bag Pink Bubble

stay graceful while caring for their precious babies, our CiPU Collection set high standards, using soft and crash-proof materiel, mindfully picked fabrics and hand sewn stitching, we created our renowned

Face-Bag Alice Red

light and handy air bags, which are durable, trendy and has a plenty of room and pockets for all B-Bag Black camouflage

the baby and mommy needs. Just like every mommy, gentle yet capable of handling everything we need. About BabyCiPU Every baby is a blessing. CiPU Collection uses impeccable taste and an earnest attitude to select the highest quality. With this insistence, we present the smartest baby and mommy products for you and your baby.

Hooded Beth Towel


CiPU CREATIVE CO., LTD HERE! Kind+Jugend 2013 / D-030b 09.19.2013 ~ 09 .22.2013

Wearable blanket

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