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Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Training for General Practitioners (10 GMS Study Leave Sessions & 26 CME External Points)

An 8 week programme (26 contact hours) designed to make a positive contribution to your own life as well as improve the quality of your patient care

The ICGP’s Health in Practice Programme endorses this Mindfulness course and will post details of the course on the website at

October 10th - November 28th 2012 A proactive and preventative training programme specifically tailored to the occupational health needs of GP’s in Irish contexts The programme comprises four integrated components: Contemplative and Reflective practices, Discursive exercises with peers and relevant Didactic input to support effective responses to recognised stressors such as burnout

Occupational stress is a recognised hazard for many workers including medical professionals. The key to managing this hazard is prevention and early recognition. When demands significantly outweigh resources over any extended period, chronic stress, anxiety and burnout can occur. This is particularly difficult for GP’s, their patients and their families but can be easily addressed. Mindfulness Based Approaches (MBA’s) are achieving international recognition as prolific studies in diverse populations are consistently showing positive results across a wide range of health concerns such as stress, chronic illness, pain management, and depression. “Mindfulness is a secular contemplative practice focusing on cultivating an individual’s attention and awareness skills” in a synthesis between Western sciences and Eastern philosophies.

This 8 week training programme is based on the seminal work of Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and of Dr. Michael Krasner (Mindful Communication with Burnout, Empathy, and Attitudes among Primary Care Physicians) with specific adaptations for doctors in general practice here in Ireland

There are two key projected outcomes for doctors who participate in the full programme:

(1) Enhanced Occupational Health: This proactive programme is designed to provide doctors with an opportunity for structured self reflection. It can also help to mitigate the development of occupational hazards such as stress and burnout. (2) Enhanced Patient Care: Participation in a mindfulness based programme is associated with reduced stress, increased patient empathy and reduced burnout with sustained improvements in patient care (Krasner et al 2009). Reduction in burnout has a direct correlation on the improved quality of the doctor/patient relationship. Programme Leader: Debbie Correll (MIACP/MIAHIP/MEAP) is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor/trainer and a member of the ICGP HiP Network of Practitioners. She has been undertaking the MSc in Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Bangor University (Wales 2007 – 2012) and has a special

interest in the occupational well-being of healthcare practitioners. Facilitators: This programme supports the development of Mindfulness-Based practitioners in training using an apprenticeship model. A qualifying assistant teacher will be supporting the programme leader and their biography will be circulated prior to the start date COURSE STRUCTURE: • One 2 hour class per week for eight consecutive weeks • Plus one full day workshop • 45 minutes of home practice on every non-class day for duration of course (CDs/worksheets are provided)

Places are limited to 18 participants – early booking is advisable DATES: • Oct 10th – Nov 28th 2012 (Weds 6.459.15pm) • Full day workshop (Nov 17th 2012) COST: €350.00 (includes 8 weekly classes, full day workshop and CD’s/course workbook for home practice) ENROLMENT: As a first step toward enrolment in this Mindfulness programme, we conduct an Orientation Session before the start of classes. This Orientation Session is free of charge and required of all participants before

beginning the programme. During this session you will have the opportunity to: • Learn about the programme and explore whether it is right for you at this time, • Discuss any queries you may have and confirm your place in the class Orientation Sessions are conducted by telephone and last approximately 30 minutes. VENUE: Catherine McAuley Centre, Baggot Street, Dublin 2 CONTACT: Debbie Correll at for booking or further information

gp mindfulness course  
gp mindfulness course  

gp mindfulness course