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s r e p r AVID ca Volume 2



r top tips fo pressured waters


Ian Russell explains everything you need to know about solid PVA bags

short-session success Jon ‘Shoes’Jones reveals how you can catch big carp on short sessions


The full story behind the capture of Neil Edge’s amazing UK fifty


catch more carp



12. IN SESION Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones reveals his top tips for fishing in silt and even manages to bag a couple of stunning carp live for the camera.


Ian Russell explains everything you need to know about solid PVA bags and reveals why he chooses to use PVA tape every time.



Neil Edge reveals the tactics that he used to bank one of the UK’s finest carp – a staggering 51lb 4oz mirror.


Big-fish expert Chris Lowe shows us his top ten tips for targeting pressured day-ticket carp.

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SECRETS Shoes’SHOES’ secret SILT summer tactics

Turn to page 40 toShoes’ read about red-letter dayand on Weston Park.mix Read all about craftyShoes’ approach with zigs sloppy spod

Turn to page 40 to find out more about this awesome and innovative approach

This incredible 42lb mirror was caught on Avid products during extensive testing. These are the products you can read about for the first time in this catalogue . Enjoy!

Welcome to the 2012 Avid Carpers Magazine where, like last year, we’ve created a catalogue that’s a little bit different. Rather than monotonous pages full of blatant product plugs, we’ve created a FREE magazine that’s full of tips and articles from some of the biggest names in carp fishing. The last 12 months have been incredible and we’ve got to thank you for your continued support and great feedback regarding our products. It seems that we’re continuing to get a lot of things right and our revolutionary tackle is proving extremely popular with anglers across the UK and Europe. So, what’s new for this year and what can you expect to see in your local tackle shop? Well, we think you’re going to be incredibly impressed by the new products we’re launching. We’ve continued to look at the latest trends and tactics and tried to provide innovative products and solutions that well help you bank more carp. As well as our new brollies and carp care equipment, we’re launching an entire range of hooklinks, a new monofilament main line and a revolutionary mesh spod. Moving forward, the aim eventually is to provide you, the modern day carp angler, with everything you could ever need to target carp. Rather than flood the market with lots of different products though, we’re taking our time to make sure everything we produce is reliable and effective. Although they aren’t featured in this catalogue, we’re currently working on a full range of ready-tied rigs, two new barrows, more clothing and a range of topend sleeping bags.


Surface maestro Jon Finch reveals the hottest new tactic that will be tearing waters apart in the warmer weather.

AVID carpers 


Want to make your hookbaits more attractive? Nigel Williams explains why you don’t have to settle for one colour.

Here at Avid, we’re passionate about upping your catch rate and producing products that will enable you to catch more carp. That’s why the 2012 Consumer Magazine includes some brilliant features from members of our extremely knowledgeable consultancy team. Whether you want to learn about solid bag fishing or find out how one of our consultants caught one of the largest carp in the land, we’ve got it covered in this cracking magazine. There’s a wide mixture of content and we’ve taken into account the methods that are most effective on a variety of different venues. Whether you’re targeting your first double or currently on the hunt for an elusive forty pounder, we’re sure you’re going to find the articles inside this magazine interesting. There really is something for everyone! We’ve asked the likes of Ian Russell, Jon Finch, Nigel Williams and Chris Lowe to reveal some of the secrets to their success. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the shape of things to come. I’m sure you’re going to love the magazine and everything we have in store for 2012.




Avid Carp’s Jason Umney shows us three super-simple rigs that will catch you lots more carp.





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AVID SPONSOR RH FISHERIES Avid Carp are now proud sponsors of RH Fisheries in Shropshire. The collection of waters, run by fishery expert Rob Hales, are all set in beautiful surroundings and hold some magnificent carp. Whether you want to catch lots of twenties or sit it out for a fifty pounder, there’s bound to be a venue in the portfolio to suit your angling needs. Rob will be stocking our full range of terminal tackle products at The Monument and using our carp care products on most of his venues. Expect to see more magazine features, catch reports and videos on this magical collection of venues. For more information, take a look at

Find out more Avid Carp news at

Like last year, Avid Carp will be attending most of the popular carp fishing shows across the UK and Europe. It’s your chance to see all of our latest products and the pick brains of our knowledgeable consultants. We’ll also be holding open days at tackle shops across the country throughout the year. Our anglers will be on hand at a variety of shops to answer any of your questions, demonstrate our terminal tackle bits and reveal all our latest products releases. Keep a look out for up and coming events on



If you want to learn about a specific aspect of carp fishing or pick the brains of an expert, why don’t you book a tutorial with one of Avid Carp’s top consultants? Ian Russell, Jon Finch and Chris Lowe have a wealth of experience and can teach you everything you need to know about carp fishing. IAN RUSSELL – 07525 394638 JON FINCH – 01684 294511 CHRIS LOWE – 07787 511763

CATCH MORE CARP Avid Carp have recently developed a range of exciting hookbaits and liquids with Sonubaits. The flavours have been selected by Team Avid as being the most productive flavour combinations on a variety of different waters. Regardless of where you fish and what size carp you target, this extensive range of hookbaits will help you land more fish. The range boasts five different flavours, including Refresha, Hot Chocolate, Currami, Pineapple & N Butyric and Peppered Krill. Get on ‘em!


As you would expect, we’ve got lots of exciting products planned for release this year. Although some of them are not included in this consumer magazine, they will be launched towards the end of the year. Expect to see two great new barrows, some top-end sleeping bags and loads more innovative terminal tackle.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Here at Avid, we’re going to be putting a huge emphasis on filming over the next year. We’re going to be giving away another free DVD, launching our own online TV channel and uploading more videos onto our website basis. It’s an exciting time for us because our consultants are going to be fishing some very special venues, for some very large carp. Make sure that you keep an eye on our Facebook Page and for all our latest videos.

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Turn to page 22 to find out how Neil Edge caught the incredible fifty pictured below.

Find out more about the Avid Carp Consultants at

Name: Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones

Name: Ian Russell

Fish weight: 32lb

Fish weight: 57lb 8oz

Venue: The Avenue, Shropshire

Venue: The Avenue, Shropshire

Bait: 10mm Sonubaits Code Red pop-up.

Bait: A Code Red pop-up tipped with a Maggot Stop

Tactic: After finding a clear area in the weed, Jon introduced a large bed of maggots. He used a simple blow-back rig constructed from the Captive Coated Hooklink, Thread & Go Tubing and a 2.5oz Distance Swivel Lead.

Tactic: Ian introduced a mixture of maggots, pellets and boilies onto a prominent gravel bar. He used a simple blow-back rig constructed from Avid Captive Coated Braid, a Flat Clip and a 3.5oz Distance Swivel Lead.

Name: Chris Lowe

Name: Neil Edge

Name: Rob Hales

Fish weight: 46lb

Fish weight: 51lb 4oz

Fish weight: 64lb 8oz

Venue: Manor Farm, Linear Fisheries

Venue: Southern syndicate

Venue: Rainbow Lake, France

Bait: 1 0mm Sonubaits Peppered Krill pop-up

Bait: Sonubaits 24/7 pop-up

Bait: Sonubaits Code Red boilie

Tactics: Neil fished tight to a large weed bed at range. He introduced a spod mix of 24/7 boilies, particles and Tiger Fish pellets and fished a Chod rig over the top. He was using the new Pin Down leader material and an Avid Chod Bead.

Tactics: Rob caught the fish over a large spread of Sonubaits Code Red boilies. He was using 5.5oz Avid Carp drop-off leads and the Captive Coated Hooklink.

Tactics: Chris caught the fish from a gravel area at range. He was using a Flat Clip, 2.5oz Distance Swivel Lead and the Captive Stiff Rig Filament.

AVID carpers 



ways pva with

ys a w t n e r e f f i d e e r h t s l a e v e r he y h w s n i a l Ian Russell p d ex n a g a b d i l so e. m i t y r e v e you can tie a e ap t A V P e s u o t hooses c


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If, like Ian, you like to introduce lots of bait, check out the Air Cage spod on page 42.

Since joining the Avid Carp team and regularly fishing with the likes of Jon Finch and Chris Lowe, I’ve quickly realised just how effective solid PVA bags can be. As some of you may already be aware, I’ve always been a fan of using mesh bags and, until I started working with Avid, I’d never really given solid bags a second thought. I can honestly say that since I’ve started using them more, the results have been astounding and my catch rates have soared. I absolutely love ‘em.

your hook point. So, regardless of where you’re fishing and what the lake bed is made up of, you can cast one out and be confident that your rig is going to be presented perfectly.

They allow you to encapsulate your rig and lead arrangement inside the PVA bag, totally eliminating tangles and protecting

When I’m using solid bags, I generally use the Avid In-Line Groove Leads or Bag Leads with one of the handy Drop-Off Stems.

Although you can put pretty much any kind of bait inside a solid bag, I generally like to use 2mm pellets because they allow me to get the bag extremely tight and compact. Once the bag dissolves, my lead and rig will be totally hidden by a small mound of 2mm pellets. Perfect!


Although tying your PVA bag with tape may take a few seconds longer than twisting or sticking it, it’s definitely the most effective method. Using PVA tape is the best way to create a strong, compact solid PVA bag. When using PVA tape, you’re not doubling or twisting the PVA, so the bag will dissolve quickly, leaving very little residue. As long as you wrap the tape around the bag three

times or less, the bag will dissolve quickly and there will be hardly any residue around your lead. The PVA tape also strengthens the top of the bag and ensures that the lead doesn’t move around on the cast. Therefore, the tape way is by far the best way of fishing bags at range, because there’s no way the lead will ever crash through the bag on impact.

As soon as a carp picks up my hookbait, the lead ejects and I’m in direct contact with the fish. Although it’s not essential to drop the lead on every venue, it reduces hook pulls, confuses wary carp and increases the chances of me landing fish on weedy waters. In the past solid PVA bags have always been neglected because they’ve been extremely fiddly to tie. Since the release of the Avid Bag Loading Kit a couple of years ago, anglers of all abilities have been able to tie perfect solid bags every time. But what’s the best way to tie a solid PVA bag? Well, let me explain… PROS:

✓ Quick and easy llows you to make a ✓ Asuper-compact bag he bag dissolves ✓ Tquickly inimal residue is left ✓ Mbehind he lead will not fly ✓ Tthrough the bag when it hits the water

CONS: None

1 Slide a Bag Loader into a Transfer Bag and place your hookbait into corner of the PVA bag.

4 Using Transfer PVA tape, wrap around the bag and tie the contents tightly inside.

AVID carpers 

2 Cover the hookbait with a sprinkling of pellets and drop the lead into the bag.

5 Carefully trim off the excess PVA and fold over the corners of to make it more aerodynamic.

3 With the bag filled between half way and two thirds full, twist the top of the bag like this.

6 The finished setup is absolutely devastating. There’s no better way to tie a solid PVA bag.



LICK ‘N’ TWIST This tactic has been around for years and is an extremely quick and easy way to create a solid bag. Unfortunately, when the PVA is twisted, it takes a long time for water to penetrate and it can often take ages for the top of the bag to dissolve. The main body of the bag will dissolve quickly, leaving a large globule of residue close to the lead. Having a large mass of gloopy PVA around your lead arrangement for a long time isn’t going to do you any favours, especially if you’re targeting wary carp. PROS:

✓ Quick and easy


akes a long time to ✗ Tdissolve

eaves globules of ✗ Lresidue



Push the Bag Loader into the Transfer Solid PVA bag and position your rig in the bottom corner.


Add a sprinkling of micro pellets and carefully place your lead in the bag.


Thoroughly moisten the top of the PVA bag with some saliva.


The PVA takes a lot longer to dissolve when Licking ‘N’ Twisting, leaving a globules of residue around the lead arrangement.

Twist the top of the bag several times and hold it in place until the PVA sets.

3 Make sure you only fill the bag between half way and two thirds full.

6 This setup is an incredibly quick way to tie a PVA bag. Job done!

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Turn to page 19 for further details on the igenious Drop-Off Stem

LICK ‘N’ STICK This method has come onto the scene recently and it is an extremely quick and easy way to construct a solid bag. Unfortunately, it doubles the amount of PVA around your lead arrangement, therefore it takes a lot longer for the whole bag to dissolve, and leaves a gloopy, unattractive mess close to your lead arrangement. This isn’t ideal if you’re fishing for quick bites! I’ve tried the Lick ‘N’ Stick method several times and there’s no way that you get the bag as tight as you can with PVA tape. By not using PVA tape, the lead tends to move around in the bag and can burst through the bottom of the bag on impact with water. Although licking and sticking is quick and easy, I don’t really like the idea of licking around my Bag Loader that has been sat in my grubby pellets for months. It’s not exactly hygienic and could cause all sorts of problems!

1 Squeeze the Bag Loader shut and slide it inside a Transfer solid PVA bag.

4 Using the Bag Loader, twist the top of the PVA bag several times.

AVID carpers 

✓ Quick and easy CONS: ✗ Doubles the thickness of the PVA around the bag PROS:

✗ Takes longer to dissolve Leaves globules of ✗ residue

The bag can sometimes ✗ burst when it hits the


Difficult to get the bag ✗ super-tight

✗ Unhygienic

2 Plcae your rig inside the bag, ensuring that it sits in the bottom corner like this.

5 Lick around the end of the PVA bag and push the loader over the top of the bag.

Licking ‘N’ Twisting doubles the amount of PVA around your rig and lead. This means the bag takes a lot longer to break down. It’s not ideal if you’re fishing for quick bites.

3 Carefully drop your lead into the bag and fill it with micro pellets.

6 Although it’s a quick tactic, this setup does have several disadvantages.


PVA 5m refills are available on handy button spools that fit inside your tackle box



These PVA Kits are available in two diameters

give ‘em some stick



Using the built-in scoop, add some of your chosen bait to the PVA tube.


Cover the end of the tube with your hand and compress the bait using the plunger.


Ensuring that the bag is compact, tie two knots in the PVA mesh.


These PVA kits contain everything you need to construct compact mesh bags or sticks. The kits are available in two different diamters. The Pocket Stick is great for tying small PVA bags or sticks, while the Wide Load is more suited for tying larger PVA bags. The bait tube on both systems has a built-in scoop and the tube on the Pocket Stick boasts an ergonomic finger grip similar to a syringe.

Using a pair of good scissors, snip between the two knots.

The tubes are loaded with 5m of antiladder PVA that melts quickly all-year round and allows you to use small baits like maggots, micro pellets and groundbait. The full systems include a bait tube, PVA mesh, plunger and a handy container.

3 To get the PVA bag tight, carefully twist the top of the PVA bag like this.

6 Using a baiting needle, slide your hooklink through the mesh and bury your hook in the bag.

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Sick of loosing leads on the cast? Have a look at the Avid PVA links on page 19.

“If you’re struggling to catch, a small PVA bag can often nick a bite or two.”

Transfer bag Loading kit

Transfer PVA Tape

The perfect PVA kit: It has all you need to make the very best PVA solid bags: An Avid Bag Loader, 20 Transfer PVA Bags, and 10 metres of Transfer PVA Tape.

The perfect partner for Avid Carp Transfer PVA Bags. Made from the same high quality PVA as the Transfer PVA bags, the tape has been designed to dissolve at the same rate, leaving no residue so as not to spook any wary fish, and helps the angler produce the perfect bait presentation.

There’s a choice of two sizes, large and small, these kits have it all.

Transfer bags Made from the very best PVA film to withstand the strongest of casts. Range of sizes: 60x120mm, 60x170mm, 80x120mm and 80x170mm

AVID carpers 



in session

We join product design genius Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones at one of the UK’s most beautiful venues. Read on to find out how he gets on…


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Take a look at RH Fisheries advert on page 75.

“Little is known about the enchanting lake that is nestled deep within the walls of the picturesque 1000-acre estate.” It’s not often that you get the chance to fish a beautiful, mature estate lake that’s full of large, stunning carp. So, when Rob Hales, the man behind RH Fisheries, offered Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones the chance to fish Weston Park, he couldn’t believe his luck. A lot of you may have heard of Weston Park because of it’s worldfamous stately home, or the famous V Festival that attracts some of the world’s most famous music stars. However, little is known about the enchanting lake that is nestled deep within the walls of the picturesque 1000-acre estate. It’s first light when Jon meets Rob Hales at the entrance to the enchanting venue. Rob pushes open the large, metal gate and the pair drive down the manicured path that runs parallel with the lake. Nothing can really prepare you for the sight that greets you as you peer across the estate lake. It really is one of the most stunning lakes in the country!

AVID carpers 

“You should catch a couple today,” reveals a clearly confident Rob. “The conditions are spot-on and I have a feeling that the lake’s residents are going to be well up for a feed. It fishes best between 8am and 10am, so I suggest that you try and get your rods out as soon as possible.” Jon frantically loads his barrow, grabs his Avid polarising sunglasses and trundles off around the lake. It’s clear from the speed that he’s pushing his barrow that he’s gagging to get the rods out. Within just a few minutes of pulling through the gates, Jon notices a large disturbance in front of a swim called Park View. “That was a huge splash,” exclaims Jon, while pushing his barrow through the dense under growth. Standing on the edge of the swim, he scans the water intently for the smallest sign of

feeding carp. An explosion of bubbles a few yards from the bank indicates that there are a few grubbing around in the area. “Look at that,” he whispers. “They’re here and they’re feeding.” Weston is shallow and extremely silty so it can be quite challenging to present a hookbait effectively. If you use a heavy lead and a short rig, there’s a good chance that the whole lot will disappear in the deep silt. Fortunately, having fished a whole host of silty venues over the last decade, Jon is an expert when it comes to targeting these waters. Although lots of anglers use chod rigs and helicopter arrangements on the venue, Jon attaches a Flat Clip to his main line. “Lead clips are my favorite lead arrangement, even if I’m fishing in deep silt. When fishing super-silty venues I usually use a light lead, a long braid



When fishing in soft silt, Shoes opts for 1.5oz Distance Swivel Leads.

A Highlite is perfect for balancing a boilie bottom bait.

hooklink and a balanced bait. A light lead will still plug in the silt slightly, but nowhere near as much as a large one. Fished in conjunction with a long hooklink, a balanced bait will flutter slowly down to the bottom and sit on top of the soft stuff. To be on the safe side, straight after casting I carefully tease the lead out of the silt so that I know everything is sitting spot-on.”

On tough sessions, changing the colour of your hookbait can often get the bobbins moving.


“Look at the width of its back,” exclaims Shoes. “It’s got to be over twenty pound.”

“Right, now you’ve got to try and catch a thirty,”

After tying a couple of rigs up with the new Avid Captive Braided Hooklink, Jon flicks two rods towards the fizzing at close range. After popping his leads out of the silt, he places the rods on his buzzers and attaches his bobbins. With the kettle boiling, the big-fish ace scatters a handful of prototype Sonubaits 24/7 boilies around the area with his catapult. As the sun creeps above the horizon, his left-hand bobbin tightens and his rod tip shakes aggressively. He clambers to the rod, tightens his clutch and lifts into his first fish of the day. There’s a large disturbance on the surface of the water and a puff of silt emerges, as an angry carp ploughs into open water.

A Maggot Stop threaded onto the hook will create a brilliant balanced arrangement.

first Weston carp.

“Look at that,” chuckles Jon, in reference to the disturbance in the edge. After several silent minutes of intense concentration, Jon slides a large, plump mirror towards his net. Unfortunately, the fish is not ready to give up and ploughs towards an aerator to the right of the swim. Jon applies the pressure and, following a few seconds of stalemate, manages to turn the fish and get the battle back on track. Eventually, after a few last-minute lunges under the rod tip, he unceremoniously bundles the fish into the net. Letting out a huge sigh of relief, he peers into the mesh and examines his

With the help of Rob, Jon lifts the net out of the water and places it on his unhooking mat. After zeroing the scales, the pair carefully slide the mirror into the Avid weigh sling and lifts it off the ground. “It’s well over 20lb,” reveals Rob. “It’s actually 28lb 6oz!”

After a couple of trophy shots on the bank, Jon wades out and cradles the plump mirror in deeper water. With a powerful flick of its tail, the fish gives Jon an early shower and charges back to it’s watery home. What a way to start the day! “Right, now you’ve got to try and catch a thirty,” chuckles Rob, shaking Jon’s hand. With the sun now high in the sky, Jon repositions the rod and celebrates the capture with another brew. “Well, the activity has definitely died down now. I’ve found that a lot of waters fish really well in the morning, then the action slows down in the evening. On places like this, it’s well worth staying into dark.” With the bobbin sitting motionless, Jon spends some time tying some PVA bags of Sonubaits Oily Floaters. It may seem a little strange to be using PVA bags of floaters when he’s fishing on the bottom, but there’s a method to his madness. After casting, when the lead has hit the bottom, the bag of floaters will keep the hookbait suspended above the silt and the lead. After the bag has dissolved, the hookbait will slowly fall to the bottom and sit on top of the silt. Alternatively, you can mould a small PVA nugget around your hook and hookbait. Nuggets are

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Floating Stops are now available. Turn to page 48 to find out more.

“With a powerful flick of its tail, the fish gives Jon an early shower“

okay during the summer months but they can sometimes take a long time to dissolve if the water is cold. This isn’t ideal if you’re looking to nick a quick bite. “I’m sure there are still a few fish in front of me,” begins Jon. “Every so often there’s an explosion of bubbles on the surface. At the moment I’m using a Sonubaits 24/7 boilie hookbait tipped with a buoyant, white, Avid Carp Corn Stop. Although it’s already caught me a fish, I may swap the color of the stop. Changing the colour may seem irrelevant to most, but I’ve lost count of the amount of times a subtle change like this has resulted in a quick take.” He reels in his right-hand rod, attaches a pink Corn Stop and flicks it back out. As the lead hits the water, there are three large swirls as a couple of carp are spooked by the disturbance. After an agonising hour, which sees carp rolling and swirling over Jon’s hookbaits, his left-hand bobbin tightens for the second

time and there’s a huge eruption of water a few yards from the bank. “That’ll be a bite,” laughs Jon, as he lifts into another furious carp. With Rob manning the net, Jon pumps a good fish towards the bank. After just a few minutes, there’s another large mirror sulking in the margins. Although it doesn’t look as big as the first fish in the water, the fin-perfect mirror tips the scales to 29lb. What a result. Considering that has only spent the day on the bank, he’s extremely happy with the result. “So many anglers believe that you need to spend days on the bank to catch large carp. Well, I think that I’ve proved beyond doubt that you can catch large fish if you have limited time. Carp are often at their most active at first light, so get to the lake early. If you find the fish and target them effectively, there’s no reason why you won’t catch them.


1 Sight Stops and Corn Stops are available in different colours, lengths, sizes and buoyancies. They add colour to an otherwise ordinary hookbait presentation.

AVID carpers 

2 The hard-wearing peg simply fits into the loop of your hair rig like this. This leaves no rough edges and no exposed bait stop, for a very smooth finish and attractive look.

VENUE INFO Although Weston is an exclusive syndicate lake, there is an on-site boathouse that can be rented throughout the year. The grade twolisted building can be booked from Saturday to Saturday and comes with two often-productive swims. It has a fully-fitted kitchen, bathroom and a twin bedroom. Alternatively, from the middle of April to the end of May every year, you can rent the whole lake exclusively for up to eight people. For more information go to or call RH Fisheries on 01952 463141.

3 I like the buoyant Corn Stops for most of my fishing, balancing them out with a flavourpacked bottom bait or wafter. Tweak the buoyancy to your own preferences.




tackle The Avid Carp terminal tackle range is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We’ve taken a long hard look at how carp anglers actually fish in the modern world. We’ve considered the problems you encounter both with the methods you use and the tackle you choose to fish with.

flat clips • Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds • Accomodates the micro and medium Speed Links

Lead clip designed for use with quick-change Speedlinks to make rig changes faster than ever before. By using loop knots at the end of your rigs, you can swap hooklengths easily and effectively.

TUBE GRIPPER CLips • Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds • Grips Avid Carp Thread & Go Tungsten Tubing • Compatible with size 8 swivels

A totally new style of leadclip that avoids common problems when using sinking rig tubing. The TUBE GRIPPER CLIP grips the tubing when closed, preventing it from pulling out and sliding up the line.

16 16

Find out more about the Avid Carp Terminal Tackle Range at

ZIG CLIPS • Unique PVA tape retaining tag • Perfect for Zig rig fishing and long range casting • Compatible with size 8 swivels • Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds

Possibly the safest leadclips on the market. A unique plastic tag system on the barrel means you can whip PVA tape around the clip and merely pinch it under the tag to secure it. This means you can use the clip without a tailrubber when required, perfect for Zig fishing or fishing in heavy weed.

Check out for all the latest news and updates Check out for all the latest news and updates

BECOME THE CHODFATHER If you like using Chod rigs, have a look at the Avid High Lites on page 49.


SOON Flying ChodBEADs CHOD BUFFERS • Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds • Compatible with size 8 swivels • Can also be used with Avid Speed Links

Perfect for covering the lead on your helicopter and Chod rigs. They are also useful as a buffer bead for a highly effective running rig. Can also be used for marker float setups.

• Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds • GRIP STOP bead to semi-fix your rig anywhere on the line • Ultra-safe rubber BEAD will pass over all leader knots • Can be used with leadcore or direct on your main line

These rubber Flying Chod Beads are an excellent way to setup the popular naked Chod rig or when using any Helicopter setup direct onto your leadcore. The two part construction includes a grip stop and rubber bead, so it’s ultra safe.

Chod Beads • Top safety bead made for quick, safe release • Soft rubber compound for ultimate grip • Slot built into rubber for securing the rig with PVA tape or string • Grips main lines, leadcore, fused leaders and rig tubing • Compatible with all ring swivels

The Chod Rig is one of the most popular presentations in use today. We’ve invented a bead that allows anglers to use this setup on lead core or directly on their main line. It’s safe, easy to use and very inconspicuous on the lakebed.

Shoes loves the Chod Bead when fishing Chod rigs ‘naked’ on his main line. Try it with a fluorocarbon main line or leader for the very best presentation in gin clear water or over weed.

AVID carpers 

To help thread them on they come supplied on wires. The beads are now the right way around to be threaded straight onto your main line. They will grip even low diameter lines due to the new rubber material we’ve sourced. In short, they’re the Chod Bead you’ve all been waiting for!



RING SWIVELS • Low-glare anti-spook finish • Compatible with Avid Carp Chod Beads • Available in size 8 and 11.

Give your rigs maximum movement. We’ve sourced the strongest, low-glare swivels for a secure connection. Great for Chod rigs and Helicopter presentations. Available in size 8 and 10.

Swivels We have sourced the strongest, low-glare swivels that fit with just about everything in the Avid Carp terminal tackle range. Available in size 8.

Marker Elastic • Available in fluorescent green and orange • Fits neatly in your tackle box • Grips line like no other elastic

A bespoke, slimline elastic designed specifically for marking your line. This way, you can fish to your spots accurately every time.


COMING Weighted SOON Flying Chodbeads • GRIP STOP bead to semi-fix your rig anywhere on the line • Ultra-safe WEIGHTED BEAD will pass over all leader knots • Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds

These weighted Flying Chod Beads are an excellent way to setup the popular naked Chod rig or when using any Helicopter setup direct onto your main line. The two part construction includes a Grip Stop and Weighted Bead, so it’s ultra safe. The beads are avaible in two diameters to suit main line or leadcore.

STOPPER BEADS • Super soft material for added safety when using leader knots • 6mm in diameter to suit Avid Carp Ring Swivels • Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds • Small bore hole for added grip on lines and leadcore

STOPPER BEADS are ideal for Helicopter rigs, running rigs and shocker rigs. The tiny bore through the centre means they grip heavy line and leadcore brilliantly, but the soft material means they are still extremely safe.

IN-LINE RUN BEADS • Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds • Fits neatly and safely inside Avid Carp In-Line leads • Complete with Avid Carp Speed Links

Designed so you can use a running in-line lead in conjunction with quick-change Speed Links to make rig changes faster than ever. By using loop knots at the end of your rigs, you can swap hooklengths easily and effectively.

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THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME On the bank luxury

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drop-off stem • Colour matched to blend into lakebeds • Metal Ring is trapped within the purpose designed insert stem to make things easier for anglers

Tail Rubber

The DROP-OFF STEM is a purpose made item that when used with an Avid Groove Lead produces the perfect drop-off setup.

Thread and Go tubing


This super-supple tubing has been specially designed to help you become a more efficient angler. Never before has threading anti-tangle tube been so easy. Each tungsten tube has been pre threaded with wires enabling them to be threaded up your line easier than before. No more time consuming threading. Just Thread and Go!

• Colour matched to blend in on all lakebeds • Grips Avid Carp Thread & Go Tungsten Tubing • Designed for use with Avid Carp in-line leads • Compatible with size 8 swivels

Designed to prevent common problems when using sinking rig tubing. The Insert grips the tubing when used inside an in-line lead, preventing it from pulling out and sliding up the line.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a number of products in the terminal tackle range, like our leadclips and in-line leads. The soft rubber tails will neaten and streamline your setup. Available in long and short.

Inline inserts Designed to work with the Avid Carp lead range. Available in long and short.

pva Links Allows you to fish with mesh PVA bags in a totally new way. Clip the PVA LINK onto your lead or swivel, slide the knot of the PVA mesh into the groove. Avoids tangles and losing leads on the cast.

All the products pictured above are available as a complete kit or individually.

tube gripper kit This convenient kit contains everything you need to create a safe and effective in-line lead arrangement with Thread and Go Tubing. Just Thread and go! Kit Includes: Super-supple tubing, Tube Gripper In-line Inserts, Tail Rubbers and Swivels.

AVID carpers 

Weedy Green 50cm x 3 Silty Black 50cm x 3 Choddy Brown 50cm x 3

Speed Link Specially designed for use in conjunction with the Avid Carp FLATCLIP, enabling anglers to change rigs quickly and effectively. Available in micro and medium.



go the

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distance Designed to be cast longer distances

Great for use on sloped lakebeds

drop ‘em

Long Ranger

Get a grip

Back Leads 

Distance Swivel

Flat Swivel

• Centre Heavy • Unique anti-loss clip design

• Aerodynamic • Anti Roll

• Centre Heavy • Anti Roll

Available in: 0.5oz/14g, 1oz/28g, 1.5oz/43g,

Available in: 1.5oz/43g, 2.5oz/71g, 3.5oz/99g, 4.5oz/128g, 5.5oz/156g, 6.5oz/184g

Available in: 1.5oz/43g, 2.5oz/71g, 3.5oz/99g, 4.5oz/128g, 5.5oz/184g, 6.5oz/184g

Lead clip and lead - all in one

Ideal for Drop-off in-line setups

In the bag

play it safe

The drop-off

In-line Bag

In-Line Safety

In-Line Groove

• Perfect for PVA bags • Anti Tangle

• Quick Change • Snag Release

Available in: 1.5oz/43g, 2.5oz/71g, 3.5oz/99g, 4.5oz/128g, 5.5oz/184g, 6.5oz/184g

Available in: 1.5oz/43g, 2.5oz/71g, 3.5oz/99g, 4.5oz/128g, 5.5oz/184g, 6.5oz/184g

Perfect for solid PVA bag fishing


• E xternal groove can be use for drop-off setups

Available in: 1.5oz/43g, 2.5oz/71g, 3.5oz/99g, 4.5oz/128g, 5.5oz/184g, 6.5oz/184g

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AVID carpers 



Find out more about Avid Carp Consultant Neil Edge at

h t r o wthe wait 22

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If you’re looking for an edge, have a look at the new Sonubaits Hookbaits on page 46.

After a hard summer on my syndicate lake, the weather conditions finally started to improve and it looked like the venue could throw up a few of its sought-after residents. Like every year, much to the frustration of my other half, I’d saved a large chunck of my holidays from work to use for fishing in the autumn. When the day of my first autumn session finally arrived, it was mild, wet and very windy. I pulled through the gates at the lake just before 6.30am and I couldn’t believe my luck when there were only three cars in the car park. Knowing that the carp had been holding up in a large band of heavy weed for the past few weeks, I knew where I needed to be. Heading straight for the north east bank, I stood in a vanact swim and watched the water like a hawk for well over an hour. Although I didn’t see any definite signs of carp, I knew that I needed to fishing in this area. It was the weediest part of the lake and it was absolutely teeming with natural food – perfect. The swim I plonked the barrow in allowed me to target three massive weed beds that were all approimately 100 yards from the bank. Fortunately, the lake bed between me and the weed bed was pretty clear of weed, so I could sink my main line well out of the way of the numerous swans that reside on the lake. With a large storm brewing, I threw the bivvy up and cowered out of the chiling wind that was sweeping across the lake. I whacked a marker float

AVID carpers 

towards the dense weed beds, to gain an idea how weedy the bottom was around it. It quickly became apparent that the weed was far too thick to properly present a hookbait. After beating the water to a bit of a foam, I eventually found an area where the weed was a lot less dense. Although it was still 2ft off the bottom, I was confident that I could present a hookbait over the top of it.

If you’re targeting pressured carp, the new Sonubaits hookbaits are well worth a look. They’re devastating!

When fishing in this kind of weed, I will always employ the Chod rig because it’s an incredible presentation. Although lots of anglers on the lake fish the clear areas, I’ve found that the carp feed a lot more confidently in the weed. With three decent spots found, I walked my lines down the bank and marked them with Marker Elastic. After a bit of colourful language and a few dodgy casts, I finally managed to get all three rods bang on the money. With the conditions looking spot-on for a fish or two, I decided to introduce two kilos of spod mix over each rod. The mix that I knocked up contained Sonubaits 24/7 boilies, hemp, maggots and pellets. When I’m fishing in light weed, I like to use small food items that will sit in the upper layers of the weed, offering a visual attraction as well as a food based one. After spodding for a good hour or so, I was finally sat watching the water sipping my first tea of the day. Just before dark, as the sun sunk behind the distant treeline, I started to notice the odd swirl and splash above my baited spots. Although I was certain that the disturbance was casued my nuisance species, it still gave me a little bit of a confidence boost. After a tiring afternoon, I decided to hit the sack early so I could get up and watch the water at first light. Before I knew it, the sun was beaming into my bivvy and it was time to drag myself out of my pit. To be honest, I was absolutely cream crackered from a rubbish night sleep and I really didn’t want to get out of bed. Thankfully, my spirits were lifted when a colossal mirror launched itself out of the water several times close to my baited area. Over the next couple of hours, I watched three more fish show around my baited area. Although I could have probably cast a single hookbait close to them, I knew that there was far too much weed between me and the fish. I didn’t think that I could safely land a fish should I hook one, so I sat on my hands and hoped they would find my bait.

The Avid Marker Elastic is a great way to make your lines and ensure that you’re fishing accurately everytime you cast.

When fishing in weed, spodding out a concoction of particles, pellets and maggots will often get the carp rooting around.

Sonubaits particles and pellets are full of attractive ingredients. Big carp love ‘em!



The new Avid Pin Down leader material sinks like a brick and hugs every contour on the bottom.

When fishing Chod rigs at range, 2.5oz Distance Swivel leads are the perfect choice.

Although the carp eventually stopped showing and the lake looked deviod of life, I was confident that there were still a few fish in front of me.

blank. Before I had chance to gather my thoughts, I was bent into a large, angry carp that was heading straight for the main body of weed. Fortunately, after piling on the pressure, I managed to gain a couple of yards and turn the fish. Just when it looked like I’d got the better of the carp, everything went solid and I was certain it was game over.

After weighing up my options, I decided to introduce three more kilos of bait over all of the rods, because I was convinced that the bream would have cleared out all of my free offerings. At 2am the following morning, my bobbins started to twitch as a shoal of hungry bream moved over my baited area. After catching a couple of slimy critters in quick succession and getting absolutely drenched through to the skin, everything went quiet and I hit the sack. As I lay in my bag struggling to get back to sleep, my alarm let out a flurry of beeps and the bobbin crashed off the rod

Weighted Chod Beads are supersafe and incredibly effective for creating Chod setups.

“Although I knew the fish was big, I couldn’t believe it when the scales setteled on 51lb 4oz!”

For the next half hour, I paced up and down the bank trying to gain a better angle on the fish and retrieve some line. Just as I started to think that it was all

over, I started to gain line. As I frantically pumped the rod, a large ball of Canadian pondweed drifted towards the bank. With my headtorch illuminating the margins, I noticed a bit of movement at the back of the weed bed and it quickly became apparent that there was a fish in the middle of the mess. Shaking with excitement, I managed to strip some of the weed and bundle the fish into the net.

High Lites make brilliant hookbaits because they are bright and never loose their buoyancy.

I jumped into the water and peered into the landing net. Still having no idea what I’d caught, I began carefully peeling away the remaining strands of weed. The more weed I removed, the larger the carp started to look. The first thing I noticed was the size of the carp’s head and the width of its back. With all the weed removed, I just stood in the margins in sheer disbelief as I looked down on the largest carp I had ever seen in the UK. As I placed her on the unhooking mat, she looked even more impressive. Although I knew the fish was big, I couldn’t believe it when the scales settled on 51lb 4oz! After an incredible couple of seasons on the lake, I’d finally managed to bank my obsession.

After lots of ups and downs, Neil finally landed this incredible 51lb 4oz mirror.

As the sun set on the big pit, carp started showing over the top of Neil’s baited area.


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MAXIMUM CARP MAGAZINE: BRINGING YOU ONE-TO-ONE TUITION IN PRINTED FORM Maximum Carp has been designed to make learning easier by using clear and easy-to-follow illustrations. Available from Tesco, WHSmith and all good newsagents. The best subscription deals are available at or by calling 01986 802081.

AVID carpers 



the g n missi

rminal e t r u o ng k designi d e hooklin t f r o a t e s g e n a lr as w ng a ful i s As soon a e . l e r nge, agenda a r r u e o l k n c o ta h was hig s l a i r e t ma

k n Li


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Want to tie more effective rigs? Turn to page 65 for the Avid Rig Clinic.


SOON Stiff Rig Filament is easy to shape and requires no steaming. It’s brilliant for chod rigs, stiff rigs and hinge stiff rigs. Available in 20lb o 25lb breaking strains.

After r exten igorous tes s Captiv ive develo ting and Ra pme ther th e ra the he nge was b nt, the materials tahn releasing do o a z l d consu p of our ex rn. With eveeveloped thretewould confuesns of different e the ntua per ltan hoo range of uni ts, we’ve ienced PVA bag llrigy. Whether ykoliunks that willangler, we’ve cover crea que , a Ch wan we’v strong , relia materials ted a A e got it covereod rig, or a ctoto create a seuvery a d p ble an that a l re besl tof the materia with the newteCd braid rig, ple d use r frien a c ls dly. underwaamouflage colohave been fin ptive range. ishe ter o rw o e k no d in th f thes bserv w a e e the tim hooklink tions and . From all our blend te s t s , e. in per t fectly he colours 100 % of

This coated hooklink is supple, fast sinking and easy to strip. It’s a versatile material that can be used for a variety of different presentations. Available in weedy green and 15lb or 25lb breaking strains.

The Captive braided hooklink is ideal for anglers requiring a sinking, supple material. It’s perfect for PVA bag rigs and combi rigs. Available in weedy green colour and 15lb or 20lb breaking strains.

AVID carpers 






After looking at the leaders that were already available on the market, we believed that there was considerable room for improvement. Our aim was to develop a fast sinking, super-supple leader material that would follow every contour on the lake bed. After tirelessly testing a variety of weird and wonderful materials, we eventually found what we were looking for. Pin Down is an unleaded material so it’s extremely supple and inconspicuous on the bottom. Unlike leadcore, which is usually very stiff, it hugs the bottom and follows every contour on the lake bed. Even though is has a low profile and a low diameter, this great alternative to leadcore is easy to splice, and will never let you down. It’s strong, has great abrasion resistance and you can even tie knots in it. If you’re looking for a versatile leader, pin it down with Pin Down.

Push a splicing needle through the middle of the Pin Down leader material like this.

Pierce the needle through the end of the leader material and close the gate on the splicing needle.

Carefully pull the end of the Pin Down through the centre of the leader.

Available in 45lb breaking strain and a choice of colours; weed/silt or gravel/clay.

GRAVEL/CLAY Weed/SILT Slide the loop over a baiting tool and pull the leader tight.


Finally, blob the tag with a lighter and add a bit of super glue to secure the knot.

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If you want to master feature finding, check out our new Marker Float Kit on page 36.

TRAP ‘em

Trap Line is a great all-round main line that has been designed with strength in mind. From day one, the aim was to produce a monofilament that was strong, reliable and incredibly robust. Eventually, after two years of testing and development, we finally reached our goal and the Trap Line was launched. Although it’s extremely

tough and hard wearing, Trap Line is super-soft and extremely supple. Boasting low diameters even in the higher breaking strains, it casts well and is brilliant for fishing at range. As soon as the line hits the water, it sinks quickly and becomes virtually invisible on the lake bed. After testing various different colours, we opted for a subtle brown finish because it was a great all-round colour that disappeared in weed, silt and across gravel. BREAKING STRAIN (lb)

















“I’ve used Trap Line for over a year now and I can honestly say it’s the strongest main line I’ve ever used.” Ian Russell

AVID carpers 



icket T Y A D eals v e r e w Chris Lo tips for 10 his top ressured gp n i t e g r a t es. u n e v t e day-tick


edges Check out for all the latest news and updates


Want to make your hookbaits more attractive? Nigel Willaims reveals all on page 52.


1 2 3 4

I’m a massive fan of PVA bags when I’m targeting pressured lakes because they are great for nicking bites. Over the last few years, while targeting Linear Fisheries, I’ve done extremely well dipping my bags into PVA-friendly liquid. As the bag dissolves on the bottom, it releases a steady stream of attraction into the swim and draws carp towards your hookbait. I absolutely love the Sonubaits Booster Cloud liquids.


If you’re blanking and you think there are fish in front of you, try changing the colour of your hookbait. It may seem irrelevant but I’ve lost count of the amount of times that a change in colour has suddenly got the bobbins twitching. Avid Corn Stops and Sight Stops are a brilliant way of transforming the colour of your hookbait quickly and easily. The new floating varieties even allow you to change the buoyancy of your hookbait.


Most day-ticket venues receive angling pressure on a daily basis. As a result, the lake’s residents are often very wary and extremely difficult to catch. When I’m targeting pressured carp I try and keep the disturbance on the bank to a minimum. Regardless of what people think, I’m certain that fish can sense your presence if your making lots of disturbance. Avoid hammering in your bivvy pegs and shouting to your mate in the next swim.


If you want to catch lots of fish it’s essential that you fish accurately at all times. Once you’ve found a nice area to target, make sure you mark your line with Marker Elastic. If you catch a fish from the area, there’s a good chance that there will be more carp feeding on the spot. If you get the rod back on the spot quickly and accurately, there’s a good chance that you will catch more carp. Anglers who fish accurately catch more carp. Fact!

AVID carpers 



I regularly see anglers introducing kilos of bait at the start of their session. Although this can work at certain times of the year, it can sometimes totally ruin your chances of a bite. It’s much better to introduce your spod mix on a little-and-often basis. Try introducing 10 spodfuls of bait every hour or so. This will keep the swim active, introduce regular attraction and nobody else does it. Remember, you can’t take out the bait once you’ve put it in.



When anglers are constantly casting and thrashing the water to a foam, carp will often move into the middle of the lake to avoid the disturbance. On some venues, chucking a rig at range can often produce a quick bite. When fishing at range, I tend to use solid PVA bags because I can cast them for miles and they present a parcel of grub around my hookbait.




Having spent years targeting pressured venues, I’ve learnt just how important it is to find areas with the marker rod. At the start of my session, if I’ve seen no signs of carp, I will always have a cast around with the marker rod and try to find features that I think will attract feeding carp. I usually try and find areas of soft silt because these spots are often full of natural food. If you want to find out exactly what’s in front of you, get yourself the Avid Carp Marker Float Kit.


WATCH THE WATER Locating carp is the key to success on most venues. Carp are not shy and will often reveal exactly where they are holding by fizzing, crashing and rolling. If you find the fish and you’re not close to them, it’s time to move swims. Once you’ve found them, they are often easy to catch. If you haven’t got a pair of binoculars, go out an buy yourself some. They are an invaluable bit of kit.




Many anglers seem obsessed with fishing on the bottom when, in reality, most carp spend a lot of time off the bottom. Carp often frequent the upper layers and, at certain times of the year, they can be found just a few inches below the surface. If you’re struggling on the bottom, why don’t you give a zig rig a try? There are a whole host of buoyant materials that make great hookbaits but the Zig Lites take some beating.


If you’ve got bow-string tight line running through your swim, the carp won’t hang around for long. If you want to keep your main line out of harms way, I recommend that you give the Avid Back Leads and Pin Down leader material a try. They will keep your main line out of harms way and increase your catch rate.

Chris Lowe caught this cracking 34lb common from Linear Fisheries’ St Johns Lake live for the camera.


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CARPOLOGY: THE MONTHLY MAGAZINE THAT GETS YOU UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH YOUR QUARRY Available from WHSmith and all good newsagents. The best subscription deals are available at or by calling 01986 802081.

AVID carpers 





days wit t out a boilie ho ok b ho Stop. As ut using a Floati ait these ng Avid well as a C or n dding a your hoo flec kb balance ait, they allow y k of colour to dh ou ef fective ookbait. They a to create a re easy and I ne to ver go fi packet o shing wit use, f them. hou t a




JASON U If you w MNEY ant to fis h mixers really is at range no bet te , the r to Sur face Spod all ol for the job. T re o he ws angle floating bait rs before. N s at ranges nev to deposit Over the er o years, I’ full of m more trying to u obtained ve tried d ixers an if ferent s e n o a variety r m d b a ed w l unneces of sary dis obbling them to spods one that I chairs and I’ve tu never fo w c rbance. spillage reate a s tr u ly u struggle You get on d to slee happy with. I’v nd no disturba the cast and it e always p on the suf fered makes m nce. I’ve ba n fro inimal caught lo the top u When I fi m a stif f neck a k and of ten ads sin rst slept n never go g this spod and of carp of f on the A d a bad back. bedchair sur face n vid Restb , I could fishing w owadays I n’t ite It’s com ithout on pletely fl believe the dif fe e. a r t, enc there’s a firm and nything I don’t th e. th the mark at come s close to ink et. it on


long term 34

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Check out are ingenious Restbite bedchairs on page 54.

Our consultants are out on the bank regularly testing all the products in the Avid Carp range. Here’s what they think...




MIE SIM I’ve alwa PSON ys been a fan of but, like S o lots of a nglers, I’ lid PVA bags can be tr IAN RUS I’m an e ve found icky and SELL xtremely that they tedious of comp mobile a take min to tie. I fi etitive c n g im le ar p sh a lot impor tan showing al gear so I can r and I always t that I’m fishing matches move on fish quic Anybody so it’s The Bag always fi to kly absolute wh Lo sh ly perfec . The Ascent biv a r ticles w o has read any and I ca ading Kit make ing ef ficiently. to t v b y e of my m is il n now ti s life a lo c e au rect and agaz e so use hi-v l know just how te offers m se it’s light, eas mat ter o iz standard m h o y f second lid bags up wit asier uch I lov ine ookbaits brolly. It’s re options than us e p o p hin a e to s. Althou . these da A lt hou -ups, I’v shelter fo a a gh some ys a r e a e had so gh I regularly r day ses great strippedr dopting anglers e s tactic, I u lt s me incre out usin sions an but you the li mu dible do can maggots g High Lites. W included ch prefer to use ck ‘n’ stick somethin attach the fron vernighters hen fish , I lo in the kit the PVA v e to t ing g if L u ite tippe s tap . If solid bag sessions a little more sub you want d with te e a balanced H with s quickly you want to tie e s . igh ta T n w he Asce ntial for live wrig inter, wh p Bag Loa a nt lo g ding Kit. nd easily, get y er fect poles for li il ghtness has strong fiber nger Linear F e targeting Ma lers. Last ourself a no r glass ish features and relia bil bu bank the eries complex, I Farm on the the need ilt-in stability rod ity, and manage la k e ’s larges d to s fo using th t mirror is tactic shelter in r storm poles. I’ than negate at 44lb 2 . ve used If some ho r y ig ou’re a fa oz and you the rr always s tood stro ific conditions a hookbait ’re looking for a n of the Chod nd it has ng and n , ta su ever let m of High L ke a look at the per-buoyant e down. ites. The full rang y will ke e poppedep a Cho up d rig variety o forever and are f great c available olours. in a



term test AVID carpers 



Find out more about Chris Lowe visit

The Avid Carp Marker Float makes feature finding easier than ever before.

hit the 36


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Have a look at the full range of revolutionary Avid spods on page 44.


It’s durable and made from a super buoyant material so it will rise to the surface effortlessly. By separating the flights from the body and shaping it similar to a dart, this aerodynamic float will fly straight every time. It is finished in a hi-viz orange colour so it is visible at range.




Boasting unique grooves, they transmit more information through the rod tip than a standard lead and gather debris from the bottom. Rather than a buoyant boom, they have a solid stem which gives a more accurate reading in weed. The swivel on the stem is positioned away from the lead so the float will always rise even if the lead is covered in debris. Small fins and an aerodynamic body ensure the leads cast straight and true every time.

Thread your main line through the swivel on the Marker Lead.

AVID carpers 

Using a baiting needle, slide a Buffer Bead onto your main line.


The Marker Float Kit contains everything you need to start feature finding. The products in the kit have been designed and developed to work together, and will allow you to find out exactly what the lake bed in front of you is like. IT CONTAINS: 1 x Marker Float 1 x 3oz Marker Lead 1 x 4oz Marker Lead 2 x Buffer Beads

Tie the Marker Float onto the end of your main line using a grinner knot.

Finally, push the Buffer Bead over the eye on the Marker Float.



Find out more about Jon Finch visit

e s i R top to

e th

st e t t o h E als TH e v e r in the h t c r n a i p F a s n water ro Jo ! t g s s n e i g r a i a Z m e t e h e c t a b p Surf rde e at will v h t o c i ‌ t r c e ta ath new




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If you would like to be an Avid Carper, check out the full range of clothing on page 62.

Jon Finch is an angler with a renowned surface fishing pedigree having caught carp to over 40lb from a number of tricky waters utilizing this method. But when he’s just trying to get bites from more heavily stocked venues, he’ll leave the controller floats at home. If the weather goes warm and the carp are cruising in the upper layers, it’s time to start fishing all three rods on the surface with overdepth Zigs. But Jon doesn’t fish them in isolation. In fact, he uses a special device from Avid Carp to deliver freebies to the swim at whatever range he likes. “It’s a perfect day for a bit of floater action,” says Jon, squinting at the sun-filled sky. “There’s a bit of cloud around and a good wind thrashing across the lake, so trying to fish a controller float in the usual style isn’t going to be very effective. You can never keep the float or your hookbait still enough to get a bite, so I’ll be using the old overdepth Zigs instead.” The rigs themselves are pretty simple. Some 8lb monofilament is tied to a size 10 hook and a few bits of silicone are used to neaten the setup. After a bit of plumbing around, Jon notes the depths at 10ft so goes about tying a 12ft hooklink. He wants his Zig Lite hookbait to actually be on the surface, as he’ll be spodding mixers to the area with the Avid Carp Surface Spod. This is a bit of a contraption, by the looks of it, but it works on a very simple principle, it seems. “This is one of Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones’ clever designs and the spod itself has a weighted nose. A floating ball runs up and down inside a chamber and this will float to the top releasing the floating hookbaits inside,” he explains. “It casts miles so you can fish on the top at whatever range you like. It’s a nice easily 50yd lob today, but I can’t wait to get down somewhere like Brasenose 1 to give this a whirl when it’s mid-summer.” With three hooklinks tied using an assortment of Zig Lite hookbaits, Jon starts priming the swim with the Surface Spod. He’s baiting up with Sonubaits’ Oily Floaters, which leave their own individual slick on the surface. Finchy’s oiled them up a little more with some Hemp Oil so he can see the fish in the area much easier in the cloudy water. It’s a proper edge as in no time at all, we can see a pack of hungry fish looking up for a floater!

AVID carpers 

“I’m only using light leads today so I’ve kept the tailrubbers on the Zig Clips. This clip can also be used with PVA tape whipped around it instead of using a tailrubber. You can just pinch it off under the cleat that’s built into the clip, which is really smart when you’re Zig fishing for big fish or in weedy waters. In those situations, you really want the lead to come off on the take,” Jon tells us. “Over at Abbey Lakes, in France, I’ve had carp up to 47lb on Zigs, so losing something of that size because the lead’s got stuck in the weed would be a disaster.” Today, that’s not an issue. The lake is around 2.5 acres with depths up to 15ft and the carp absolutely love it up on the surface. It’s clear that these fish are used to feeding in the upper layers as the first few Spod loads of floaters are slurped from the surface.

This ingenious spod allows you to deposit floating baits at ranges never obtained before

“This is when it gets really exciting. I can just about make out the Zig Lites on the surface. I’m using the two-tone versions because no matter what colour the sky or the surface I can see some sort of contrast,” he says. “Usually you just watch for the big explosion, which is normally followed by a screaming bite alarm!” Jon keeps a stream of Oily Floaters on the surface to prevent the carp moving too far out of his swim. He’s staggered the rods at three different ranges to suit the windy conditions, and he’s expecting action at any moment. No sooner does Jon put down his spod rod, than the middle rod blurts into life as the surface erupts with a number of bow-waving carp. Jon’s quickly onto the rod to prevent the swim getting too disturbed and he’s managed to keep the fish away from the main bulk of feeding carp. It’s no monster, but the scaly little mirror that comes to the net is sure to be the first of many.

To add some extra attraction, try plugging the spod with some liquidised bread.



If you want to fish a hookbait in the upper layers, you need to try the Zig Lites. They’re super-buoyant!

“He’s a little beauty,” smiles Jon. “What an exciting way to fish!” No sooner does Finchy put his fish back than the right hand rod is away! This time it’s a smaller common and throughout the afternoon we see a steady stream of single figure and low double carp coming to the bank. Jon’s really working the swim now and it seems he’s even got a few fish feeding close in on the odd floater that’s spilled from his spod. “These fish are wild for it,” he laughs. “I can barely keep a rod in the water and it’s not even that warm of a day. I dread to think what it would be like on a warm summer’s evening!” Throughout the day, we’ve noted that Jon has slightly adjusted a couple of the rods after watching the way the carp were approaching his hookbaits. One of the rods has had the hooklink lengthened, whilst another has actually been dragged a foot under the surface, just in case a few better fish are lurking below. Jon’s had quite a few carp, but the average size hasn’t been monstrous.


“I suppose you can only catch the fish that are in front of you,” he concedes. “But trying a standard Zig just under the surface at the very back of the swim can often produce a cagier carp, that’s just hanging around off the main shoal picking off baits that have been on the water for a long time. “Once you’ve got them up in the water and into a bit of a frenzy, you can really start to experiment to see what gets bites quicker. Today the yellow and black Zig Lites have definitely been the most productive

hookbaits, but if I hadn’t tried the others I’d have never have figured that out.” It’s clear that this approach can work well in a really short period of time and in a short day session Jon’s enjoyed some great sport on light tackle. We’re sure the overdepth Zig approach will work on venues all around the country, and with a bespoke device for delivering freebies at range about to hit tackle shops shelves any time soon, what are you waiting for?

The Surface Spod will totally transform your surface fishing.

Check out for all the latest news and updates


Passionate about fish care? Look at the new carp care range on page 62.

Yet another carp bagged using overdepth zigs. John has caught countless carp using this approach.

AVID carpers 


SPOD REVOLUTION The Air Cage spod is the result of over 18 months testing and development. Like with all Avid Carp tackle, we had a concept and goal that we wanted to achieve. We wanted to create a spod that would release bait quicker than other spods on the market, allowing you to introduce bait faster than ever before. The ingenious spod has been designed with a revolutionary mesh body that dramatically improves water flow. As soon as the Air Cage lands, water flushes through the body depositing the bait within seconds. There’s no need to wobble or shake the spod to get it to release your bait. Due to the unique cage construction, the spod retrieves quickly after every cast and doesn’t dig under the water when you’re reeling in. As long as you keep the rod high, the spod will skip across the surface of the water effortlessly. Since our concept was first created, we have refined the shape of the spod, size

of the fins and the cage construction to create the ultimate spod for modern day carp fishing. Extended fins and a tapered body ensure the spod flies straight through the air with no in-flight wobble. Like the other spods in the Avid range, the Air Cage boasts our unique hinge-arm system. This means anglers can scoop up bait without the problems of mono tails getting stuck in your spod mix – a problem that has plagued anglers for years. Due to the tapered design, the Air Cage is absolutely brilliant for fishing at range. Some of our leading consultants have achieved some incredible distances using it. We’ve spent countless hours testing this spod, ensuring that we’re giving you, the modern day carp angler, a baiting tool that really will make a difference. We know that you’re going to absolutely love it!


e g a N O I c T U L O REV


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If you want to find carp quicker, look at the new Avid sunglasses on page 74.

Extra large fins have been added to provide stability in flight.

A radical stiff arm eliminates any tangles and makes loading easier than conventional spods.

Unique mesh body increases water flow.

The nose cone has been made from a hard wearing heavy plastic. Air has been forced into the material to provide an ultra buoyant and highly visible nose.

AVID carpers 



SPOD Particle/ Small

SPOD Particle/ Medium


SPOD Solid/ Small

• Hinge arm system • Easy loading • Large fins • Mega buoyant nose cone • Super strong construction • Aerodynamic shape

• Hinge arm system • Easy loading • Large fins • Mega buoyant nose cone • Super strong construction • Aerodynamic shape

• Hinge arm system • Easy loading • Large fins • Mega buoyant nose cone • Super strong construction • Aerodynamic shape

• Hinge arm system • Easy loading • Large fins • Mega buoyant nose cone • Super strong construction • Aerodynamic shape

This stealthy spod is ideal for smaller lakes or when trying to keep disturbance to a minimum. Members of the Avid crew have also been using this spod for the popular Spodicopter method. Well worth a look.

The ideal multi-use spod, this is the Air Range offering we’re most proud of. Designed to suit all baits, this particular spod is sure to find its way on the end of most carp anglers’ spod rods.

Ideal for liquid mixes, small particles, maggots and sloppy groundbait, the Air Range solid spod flies out brilliantly and deposits fluid baits with ease. Especially effective when spodding over Zigs with a soupy mix.

Ideal for liquid mixes, small particles, maggots and sloppy groundbait, this mini solid spod flies out brilliantly and deposits fluid baits with ease. Especially effective when spodding over Zigs with a soupy mix.

Surface feeder Surface Spod • Mult-range • Designed for floating baits • No strings, tangle-free design • Weighted nose for straighter, truer casts • Mega buoyant inner ball helps to promote release of floating baits

The Surface Spod casts just like a normal spod. The weight is in the nose, however, so it lands the opposite way up in the water to a traditional spod. The buoyant ball, which rolls freely inside the spod, will then rise to the top, releasing your floating baits easily. The Surface Spod then empties itself, there’s no need to pull the line, giving you perfect surface bait presentation at any range you like.


Check out for all the latest news and updates













THE AVID carpers 




e th f o


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We’ve created the ultimate Zig hookbaits. Take a look at them on page 50.

For more information on this incredible range of hookbaits visit:

If you’re a carp angler looking for an edge this year, you need to take a look at the new range of exciting carp hookbaits from Sonubaits. They have been developed in conjunction with the Avid Carp team of consultants, food scientists, chefs and an aquaculture expert, so you can be certain they’re going to catch lots of large carp. After testing and tweaking the hookbaits for the past two years, the Avid Carp team has come up with a range of productive flavour combinations that will work on a variety of different venues. Whether you target runs waters or low-stocked pits, this extensive range of baits will help you catch more carp than anybody else around you. There are five exciting flavours in the range, including Refresha, Hot Chocolate, Currami, Peppered Krill and Pineapple & N Butyric. Within each flavour range there are popups and bottom baits in two different sizes.

AVID carpers 

This gives you lots of options and allows you to create a whole host of irresistible presentations. There is also a Booster Cloud Liquid, which has to be seen to be believed. It has a multitude of applications. If you dip your hookbait into the liquid before casting, it will release a cloud of flavour, colour and highly soluble food ingredients into the water. Alternatively, if you want even more attraction, you can glug your hookbaits in the Booster Cloud. The longer you leave them, the more attractive they get. The Booster Cloud liquid is PVA-friendly so it can be added to bag mixes or poured directly into a solid PVA bag. Once the bag dissolves, you will be left with a cloud of colour, taste and smell around your hookbait. If you’re a fan of spodding sloppy spod over zigs, the Booster Cloud could be the edge you’re looking for. If it’s spodded directly into water it create a massive cloud of attraction that carp find irresistible.

There isn’t a carp in the country that won’t eat one of these hookbaits. Whether you’re bag fishing, using them over particles or casting single hookbaits onto showing fish, they’re bright enough and attractive enough to work in every scenario you can think of. Get on ‘em!




Sight Stops


Mimic grains of sweetcorn

Add visual attraction to your hookbait.

Mimic grains of jumbo maize

Corn Stops combine the benefits of an imitation bait with a boilie stop, mimicking grains of sweetcorn perfectly. Available in long and short to suit the length of your hair. Sinking and Floating versions now available.

Sight stops provide a useful boilie stop that adds visual attraction to your hookbait. Available in long and short to suit the length of your hair. 10mm Floating Mega Sight Stop now available.

Available in: Corn Stops Short Yellow Corn Stops Short Multi Coloured Corn Stops Long Yellow Corn Stops Long Multi Coloured Corn Stops Short Yellow - Floating Corn Stops Short Multi Coloured - Floating Corn Stops Long Yellow - Floating Corn Stops Long Multi Coloured - Floating

Available in: Sight Stops Short Yellow Sight Stops Short Multi Coloured Sight Stops Long Yellow Sight Stops Long Multi Coloured Sight Stops Short Yellow - Mega Floating Sight Stops Short Multi-Coloured - Mega Floating Sight Stops Long Yellow - Mega Floating Sight Stops Long Multi Coloured - Mega Floating

Maize Stops boast the same advantages as a Corn Stop, but are now available in this new, larger size. This offers increased buoyancy and further protection from nuisance species and crayfish. Available in long and short to suit your hair length. Available in: Maize Stops Floating - Long Yellow Maize Stops Floating - Short Yellow Maize Stops Floating - Long wMulti-Coulored Maize Stops Floating - Short Multi-Coulored

MAGGOT STOPS Buoyant imitation maggot with boilie stop stems Maggot Stops are a buoyant imitation bait that fit with our unique boilie stop stems. The stems come in two different sizes to suit the length of the hair on your rig. The maggots themselves have a soft,


realistic texture, and can also be used separately directly on the hook or as a mag-aligner. Available in: Avid Maggot Stops – WHITE Avid Maggot Stops – YELLOW Avid Maggot Stops – ORANGE Avid Maggot Stops – PINK

Check out for all the latest news and updates


Want a shelter that takes seconds to erect? Turn to page 57.

HighLites Hyper-buoyant imitation boilies Provide an incredibly buoyant, flavoured imitation pop-up bait that can be used for a multitude of different purposes. Available in: High Lites 10mm Yellow High Lites 10mm Red High Lites 10mm White High Lites 10mm Pink High Lites 10mm Orange High Lites 10mm Yellow/Orange High Lites 10mm Black High Lites 14mm Yellow High Lites 14mm Red High Lites 14mm White High Lites 14mm Pink High Lites 14mm Orange High Lites 14mm Orange/Yellow High Lites 14mm Brown

AVID carpers 


ZIG LITES Ian Russell has caught hundreds of carp like this on Zig rigs.

Zig LiteS Perfect zig hookbaits Zig Lites provide an incredibly buoyant hookbait for anglers fishing up in the water with Zig rigs. Available in barrel shapes and round two-tone varieties, they are everything I could have ever wished for in a Zig hookbait. My favourites are the black and white and black and yellow versions, because I’ve always mixed and matched these colours for my Zigs. When fishing a hookbait in isolation, the black element is really important.

Zig Lites are available in eight varieies. There are four two tone round baits in 10mm, and four solid-coloured barrel shapes. Perfect for all your Zig fishing requirements home and abroad


Available in: Zig Lites 10mm Black/Yellow Zig Lites 10mm Black/Orange Zig Lites 10mm Black/White Zig Lites 10mm Black/Green Zig Lites 12mm Yellow Zig Lites 12mm Orange Zig Lites 12mm White Zig Lites 12mm Black

Check out for all the latest news and updates


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aits B aits B k hhooook r u o y e k a m o t t n a W ? e iv t c a r t t a e r o m s hookbait als

Nigel Williams reve to e why you don’t hav ur. settle for one colo


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Take a look at the latest Avid caps and hats on page 72.

Nigel Williams has caught countless large carp using 3D hookbaits. Give them a try! The Avid Stops are brilliant for increasing the visual appeal of your hookbaits.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with 3D hookbaits. Why fish a different coloured hookbait on every rod, when you can use more colours by simply using more colours in your hookbait? It’s easy to neglect colour when you’re talking about hookbaits and concentrate on flavour, but my experiences tell me that a quick change in colour can often get the bobbins moving. Having fished alongside Ian Russell numerous times since joining Avid, I’ve realised just how important colour can be. Ian is an extremely active angler and when he’s not catching he’ll often change the colour of his hookbaits. More often than not, a small tweak will often result in a quick bite. You'll have no doubt experienced this sort of thing in your own fishing, where a particular colour seems to be out fishing everything else. This becomes more pronounced, of course, when other anglers start using the same colour, and the captures subsequently soar. For whatever reason, be it due to light levels, the seasonal changes, or just the way baits contrast against different lakebeds, every venue seems to have a 'going' colour. This information isn't always readily available, though, and because we're not actually carp and can't ask them which colour they most fancy each day, we have to hedge our bets accordingly. It's why there are Sight Stops and Corn Stops in the world. They enable you to add another colour and increase attraction. The buoyant versions now available also add new dimensions to your rigs, so you can really experiment and create balanced 3D hookbaits. Alongside Sonubaits the Avid Carp team has recently developed a full range of hookbaits. Because myself and the other lads all believe in the two-tone principle, we have used that style for some

AVID carpers 

of the hookbaits. They're based on the flavour combinations and attractors we've all found to be ridiculously effective over the years, and Ian Russell's experience of hookbait development from his former life as chief of Heathrow Baits has meant we're able to create some very special baits. They've already accounted for loads of fish for Team Avid and whilst we're still testing and perfecting them, I can only see that continuing. With options for two tone, or even three-tone baits with a Sight Stop involved, it's an edge that anybody can exploit in their own fishing. When was the last time you saw somebody using numerous colours? I suppose the closest you get to that is when people create a spod mix from a number of ingredients. Brown pellets, red boilies, white maggots, yellow sweetcorn, hemp, white tiger nuts... you can go on all day! These mixes tend to be quite effective as it's a veritable combination, with loads to keep the guessing. So don't hesistate. Stop settling for monotone hookbaits and spice them up a bit! When the conditions are poor we need to pull out all the stops, so stack the odds in your favour with hookbait combinations you know nobody else will have ever tried.



SLEEp tight When we released the Restbite range in 2010, we knew straight away that anglers were going to absolutely love them. For years, anglers had struggled on make-shift beds that we're uncomfortable and bad for their posture. When we designed the bedchairs, we aimed to create a totally flat surface to sleep on, like your bed at home. To create a completely flat bed, we moved the ratchet further up the bedchair. The position of the ratchet on standard bechairs creates an uneven surface near the head end, which can lead to a bad back and a stiff neck. Every single aspect of the bedchair was carefully considered during the development to produce something totally unique from all of our competitors. So, in a bid to give the angler the most comfortable bed on the market, we fitted Memory Foam Mattresses as standard. No other mattress on the market comes close to Memory Foam in terms of comfort and quality. If you want a good night sleep, you need to get a Restbite!

Older bedchairs had to be made with overhanging canvas because you couldn’t get them to lie laterally, which gave the appearance of more space to sleep on. With the Restbite bedchairs, we’ve provided 6ft 5ins and 6ft 11ins length frame, suitable for largest carp anglers, without needing the excess canvas and extra weight. The Restbite X is the larger of the two chairs, providing extra width, height and length. So whether you want the ultimate in indulgence, or just need the extra space, it’s the bedchair for you. Once you lie on it, you won’t want to get up! The standard Restbite on the other hand is a more traditional size already favourable

with mobile anglers who like how easy it is to pack Avid Carp bedchairs away. No other chair of this size is this comfortable, which is reason enough to buy one. Various large tackle companies are following suit and harnessing the technology that we developed two years ago. Here at Avid Carp, we’re all about breaking new boundaries-setting the standard for modern day tackle! They are without doubt a quantum leap forward and the beds are sure to find favour with you, today’s carp angler. We know you demand the very best from your kit, so forget the rest and get yourself a Restbite!

Super Low Chair We’ve designed the SuperLow chair to be as lightweight and compact as possible, to avoid taking up precious space on the barrow and out on the bank. The unique concertina design means the SuperLow packs down very small, but expands to a suitably large chair for watching the water or enjoying a chinwag and a brew with fellow carpers. It’s finished in the same ultra-durable material as the Avid Transit luggage, so it is totally in-keeping with the rest of the range. One thing’s for certain, it’s quickly become a must-have item for discerning carp anglers everywhere.


Check out for all the latest news and updates


See how the Transit luggage fits under the Restbite bedchairs on page 68.


SOON ANY CHAIR Table Supplied with an Any Chair Adapter, this table can be attached to most brands of table or bedchair. It can be detached in seconds and boasts a large recess to accommodate the tackle bits you need close to hand.

AVID carpers 



imise x ma time r u yo

The Ascent and Alpine shelters have built-in stability rods that negate the need for storm poles and create a totally free-standing shelter.


Check out for all the latest news and updates


If you’re looking for an all-singing all-dancing bivvy turn to page 58.

We genuinely believe the Ascent is the best oval bivvy on the market today. With a simple brolly design, the Ascent can be erected in a matter of seconds, saving you valuable time when you’re on the bank. Boasting a whole host of great features and our exclusive Dura-Stop material, this unique and innovative shelter is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after products on the market. The Ascent Oval Bivvy has been designed to suit the needs of the modern day carp angler. It has unique built-in stability stability rods that negate the need for storm poles and create a totally freestanding shelter. On a calm day, you don’t even need to peg it out. You can simply erect it, chuck it on the ground and it will stand up on its own two feet. What’s more, it boasts fibreglass ribs that are super-strong and incredibly light.

It’s great using a brolly during the spring and summer, but you often need a bit more protection during the colder months. Rather than buying two shelters, you can have the best of both worlds with the Ascent. It’s a great stripped-out shelter for day sessions and overnighters, but you can attach the front if you want something a little more substantial for longer trips. It features a full zip-in front with vents, doors and total coverage.

Once stripped out, the Ascent is brilliant for short sessions and overnighters.

Unlike a lot of other shelters on the market, the Ascent boasts a rear vent that can be opened, allowing air to circulate during the warmer months. If you like the convenience of a conventional brolly but want something with a bit more protection, the Ascent is the shelter for you. It’s the most versatile bivvy on the market!

The rear vent increases air flow during the warmer months.

Our exclusive Dura-Stop material keeps you protected with militarystyle durability.

The shelters boast fibreglass poles that are incredibly strong and robust.


The Avid Carp Alpine Brolly offers the ultimate lightweight shelter for the serious carp angler. Featuring our exclusive Dura-Stop material, this ultra-tough fabric keeps you totally protected from the elements with military-style durability. What’s more, like the Ascent, the Alpine Brolly boasts super-strong fiberglass ribs for lightness, with our unique built-in stability rods that negate the need for storm poles. The Alpine is totally freestanding, unlike any other brolly on the market.

AVID carpers 

Both of the shelters come with two handy rod straps.



the best

just got

bigger The one-man HQ has proved extremely popular with carp anglers across the UK and abroad. After numerous requests from anglers, we decided to create a two-man version that would appeal to anglers that spend longer on the bank or just want a little bit of extra space.

So what is it that makes this bivvy stand out from the crowd? Well, the HQ comes with a clip-in inner wrap. This totally eradicates the need for a winter skin and completely eliminates condensation. If you regularly wake up to the dreaded drip of condensation, you need to get yourself a HQ! The inner wrap is not attached to the groundsheet so it can be left in place all-year round!

bedchairs and all the tackle that you could possible need for a long stint on the bank. If you're after a bivvy that won't let you down, then we suggest you take a look at the HQ. It completely storm proof, boasts taped seems and has been tested in wind, snow, rain and intense sunlight. It's never let any of our anglers down!

What's more, the wrap is supplied with the HQ so there's no need to shell out any additional cash on overwraps or winter skins.

When creating the bivvy, we concluded that it was the little things that often made a big difference. So, in a bid to give you more, we included a rear vent that can be opened from the inside, a colour-coded groundsheet and two rod-retension bars.

The two-man HQ has a unique separated pole layout, which provides improved stability and greater floor space. It will easily accommodate two Restbite X

In short, it's the bivvy that all other bivvies are now compared to. Check out all of the features and make your own mind up. We know you'll see the light!


If you fancy something a little bit smaller, check out the one-man HQ bivvy. It’s built from the highest-grade materials and, like the two-man version, boasts a unique separated frame system that provides more stability and floor space. It’s the most spacious one-man bivvy on the market! It also comes with Re:Tension Bars and a clip-in inner wrap. The inner is fully breathable and removable eliminating all condensation.


Rod Retention Based on the superb Padded Rod Support Bars supplied with the HQ bivvies, the RE:TENSION system increases the stability of your bivvy, whilst providing a roost for your spod and marker rods.

Check out for all the latest news and updates


We’ve released a lightweight t-shirt for the summer months. Check it out on page 73.

AVID carpers 



With the outer-wrap, you get the industry’s first ever Triple Skin bivvy. The HQ Euro sets new standards for usability, functionality, and offers more coverage than any other bivvy out there.

The side doors on the HQ Euro feature full mosquito mesh, as does the removable front section. This is part of the bivvy’s porch area, which is a multi-functional space.

The inner tent provides the first layer of protection and creates a condensation free area, whilst the tent itself provides protection from the elements. The third skin boosts this coverage again.

Here is the HQ Euro ‘shell’, the tent itself. An inner wrap clips inside this to create a dedicated living space. Perfect for those longer sessions overseas when you want luxury.

The HQ Euro gives you the a unique Inner Compartment, Overwrap, Heavy Duty Groundsheet, Pegs, Tension Bars and Carry Bags. It’s the total package.


Check out for all the latest news and updates

PROTECT WANDS AnglingYOUR heavyweights

Want overseas to keep your rodswill safe? at the Transit on page Anglers visiting waters be Look pleased to know weQuiver now sell larger68. leads

See page 26 for details on the 5.5oz and 6.5oz leads from Avid Carp

size matters Three skins and arguably the most thought-out living space ever considered in a long session bivvy, the HQ Euro sets new standards in design. With the same stylish looks as the HQ bivvy, it’s the ultimate shelter for the long stay carper.

Size matters, and the HQ Euro shows up other long stay bivvies as mere pretenders to the throne. THIS is the biggest, best and most feature packed bivvy on the market. With three front doors, three skins, rod retention bars and looks to kill, it leaves other bivvies in the shade. The HQ Euro is without doubt the ultimate in bivvy design and comfort. With its COLOSSAL size and shape, the Euro provides everything the modern carp angler requires. For the long stay European angler or the holiday angler, the HQ Euro will be your first choice. Triple Skin Technology is essential here. The HQ Euro is made from 210 denier, olive green nylon fabric. It also comes complete with a nylon overwrap and a clip-in inner sleeping compartment, giving this bivvy not one, not two, but three skins. This ensures you, the angler, are protected from all types of weather in the sort of comfort that’s currently unrivalled. The HQ Euro’s re-

Two Bags

AVID carpers 

Meanwhile, the Inner Sleeping Compartment & Porch is designed so all the dirty items are kept separate from your dry items. The sleep compartment is ideally sized for two Restbite X bedchairs with room to spare. There’s nothing worse than a dirty inner groundsheet! Never before have you seen a bivvy with side doors. These doors are also vents, which allow great airflow throughout the bivvy. Each door can also be used as exit and entrance points especially if the wind direction changes and you are forced to zip up the front. In addition to the new side doors, the porch area allows for tackle preparation or cooking to be done whilst being protected from the elements. Basically, we have created two bivvies you can use as one.

Storm Proof

Triple Skin



1.1m x 30cm x 37cm Rapid Ventilation

inforced black ribs makes the Euro stand out on the bank, whilst the internal space provides total luxury.

Insect Net


Foot Print

The front can be completely removed allowing a greater view and by zipping up the side doors you creates a great looking summer porch area that will provide shade from the sun. The rear vent can also be adjusted from the inside, eliminating the need to venture outside the bivvy in bad weather. In countries that do not allow sewn in groundsheets or for those who want even more space, the Overwrap provides an added accessory to help eliminate any condensation. The Overwrap is also made from 210 denier, olive green nylon fabric. It comes complete with side doors, rear vent and vented front. The wrap will add extra strength and an extra layer, thus completing the unique Triple Skin Technology construction. A clip in groundsheet completes the package.

+ Shelter

25kg Separate Compartments

Taped Seams


1.7m 2.8m Height + Width



Find out more about the Avid Carp Care range visit

take care Here at Avid, we’re passionate about protecting the future of our sport.

In order to do so, as anglers, we must ensure that every carp we catch is treated with the upmost care on the bank and returned to the water safely.


After speaking to our top consultants and various fishery owners, we felt that we could improve the carp care items that were already available on the market. So after two years of development and testing, we launched an entire range of carp care products. From intelligent unhooking mat designs to new weigh slings concepts, we’ve worked hard to develop a range of products that really make a difference.

Check out for all the latest news and updates


Want a wet unhooking mat more often? Turn to page 65 for some great rig tips.

CARP COUCH There’s no doubt that carp cradles offer incredible protection because they keep the fish off the ground at all times. After looking at a wide range of cradles on the market, we spotted one major problem. They were all bulky to transit and had to be put together at the start of every session. After experimenting with a whole host of design ideas, we eventually created a cradle that was compact, easy to erect and offered incredible protection. The Carp Couch is the first ever collapsible framed unhooking mat and it’s already proving popular with anglers across the UK and Europe. The ingenious design utilizes a concertina frame that can be folded shut to provide a compact package during transit.

COMBI MAT In order to create the ultimate unhooking mat, we decided to use foam and polyballs. The combination of the two encourages fish to ‘sink’ into the unhooking mat. The mat boasts a cover flap that can temporarily secure fish during photography. Plus, there’s a padded kneeling mat for anglers. This really is a total carp care system.

AVID carpers 


SAFE AND SOUND RETAINING SLING It was Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones, the brains behind Avid Carp, who invented the original retaining sling. After looking at the options available on the market, Jon spotted a few ways in which he could take the Avid Carp Retaining Sling to the next level. Unlike lots of other slings on market, this one has a full foam top for buouyancy, and the bulk of the sling is constructed using a soft mesh that promotes water flow. The base of the sling is made from a solid material that protects the carp’s belly if the bottom of the sling should rub on the lake bed. Like the Weigh Sling, it boasts Magnet Technology, which aids the weighing process. The sling comes complete with a secure chord attachment and a canvas bag.



The Avid Carp Sack is made from a soft, fish friendly mesh material. It boasts secure zips and a chord attachement with a buoyant safety ball. It has thick handle attachments and comes complete with a canvas bag. It’s a fish friendly sack that can also be used for weighing fish.

After speaking to various fishery owners, it quickly became apparent that zips on weigh slings can cause serious damage to a carp’s fins or tail. After careful consideration, we decided to totally do away with zips on our weigh slings and embrace Magnet Technology. Positioned along the ultra-thick solid weigh bar, the superstrong magnets aid the weighing process and improve fish safety. The sling is made from a fishfriendly material and comes complete with a canvas bag.


Check out for all the latest news and updates


Visit for for all the lastest Avid Carp videos.

Avid’s Jason Umney reveals three simple rigs that will catch you lots more carp. AVID carpers 





Tie your hook to the Stiff Filament using a knotless knot.

Carefully thread a small rig ring onto the hair.

The Chod has quickly become one of the most popular rigs on the planet. Regardless of how the fish approach it, the hook will quickly rotate and take hold in the carp’s mouth. Due to the stiffness of the material, once a fish sucks it in it will find it extremely diffult to eject. When fishing the Chod using Flying Chod Beads, you can cast it anywhere safe in the knowledge that your hookbait will be presented perfectly on the lake bed. To tie the chod correctly, it’s essential that you use a stiff hooklink and a hook with an out-turned eye. This rig is brilliant for casting onto showing fish or fishing over a large scattering of boilies.








Pass the hair through the eye on the hook like this.

Using a lighter, blob the tag end so it cannot pass back through the eye.

Title, Forename, Surname & Address


Captive Stiff Rig Fila ment A hook with an out-turned ey e A lighter and some scissors Avid High Lite Small rig ring OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST: Chod Beads Flying Chod Be ads High Lites Chod Buffers

clinic J . Umney RIG



Tie a size 8 Ring Swivel onto the end of the Stiff Filament.

Finally, attach a High Lite and curve the rig between your fingers.

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“These rigs are simple, effective and WILL catch you more carp.” 66

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Tie a loop in the end of a length of Captive Braided Hooklink.

Using a boilie stop, fix a Sonubaits pop-up in place.

3 Attach a wide-gape style hook using a knotless knot.

Captive Supple Braid A wide-gape st yle hook Scissors Sonubaits Refr esha Pop-Up Small split sh ot OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST: Drop-Off Stem Flat Clip High Lite

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4 Attach a split shot to the rig and it’s ready to go.

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This pop-up rig is super-simple and incredibly effective. Due to the supple nature of the hooklink, the rig is brilliant for fishing over weed or silt. The hook sits off the bottom like a claw and catches hold in the carp’s mouth as soon as they pick up the hookbait. This is a great all-round rig that can be used with boilie, particles or pellets. It’s extremely effective inside a solid PVA bag.


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Strip back the coating on a length of Captive Coated Braid.

3 Attach a boilie hookbait tipped with a Mega Floating Sight Stop.

2 Form a loop in the supple section of the hooklink like this.

4 Finally, tie a curved shank hook into the hooklink using a knotless knot.


When it comes to rigs, it doesn’t really come any simpler than this one. It’s just a curved shank tied onto a length of coated braid using a knotless knot. Due to the slight stiffness of the coated braid, the rig won’t tangle and carp find it quite difficult to eject. By balancing a boilie with a 10mm Mega Floating Sight Stop, the hookbait will fly into the back of the carp’s mouth as soon as it sucks up the hookbait.



LEAD POUCH • Strong durable zips • Re-inforced carry handle • Removable dividers • Hard-wearing mesh pocket in lid

This neat little lead pouch is designed to the same high standards as all Avid Carp luggage, and fits neatly into all of our holdalls and carryall systems.

get organised

Whilst other companies provide bigger and stronger items of luggage more akin to a Safari trip than a fishing session, we’ve looked at the realities of today’s carp fishing. How does the gear stack up at home in the shed and garage? How does it fit into the car? How do you transport it via a barrow and where do you put it inside the bivvy?

70mm (H) x 120mm (D) x 250mm (W)

Transit 3

With all these questions, our consultants had found problems. Problems they’d put up with for years. The Avid luggage range is customized to avoid these problems, as bespoke items of carp fishing luggage – not just bags with a new badge.

Transit 2

RIG WALLET Transit 1

• Rig Track • Strong durable zips • Hard-wearing mesh zip pocket

This is the ideal wallet for keeping pre-tied rigs and items of terminal tackle. It’s compact, neat, and designed to the highest standards. 60mm (H) x 190mm (D) x 270mm (W)

TACKLE POUCH • Strong durable zips • Re-inforced carry handle • Removable dividers • Hard-wearing mesh pocket in lid

Transit 3

Transit 2

Transit 1

• Large capacity • Moulded base for added protection • Clear hard-wearing pocket in lid • Flip design

• Generous capacity • Moulded base for added protection • Flip design to fit under all bedchairs easily

• Compact • Moulded base for added protection • Clear hard-wearing wipe clean pocket in lid • Flip design

The Transit 3 bag is the premium bag in the Transit System, providing two flip-open style compartments that can also be separated to make more room in the bivvy.

The Transit 2 bag makes the most of the space in your bivvy, offering two flip-open style compartments that will house everything you need. Fits neatly under your bedchair if required.

The Transit 1 bag is the smallest in the Transit range, offering two flip-open style compartments that are perfect for food, bait or your brew kit. The perfect luggage addition.

390mm (H) x 380mm (D) x 570mm (W)

300mm (H) x 330mm (D) x 500mm (W)

420mm (H) x 200mm (D) x 360mm (W)

This large tackle pouch is designed to the same high standards as all Avid Carp luggage, and fits neatly into all of our holdalls and carryall systems. 70mm (H) x 85mm (D) x 260mm (W)


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CoolStore 3

CoolStore 1

BUZZER POUCH LARGE or Small • Internal padded divider • Strong durable zips • Reinforced outer

The perfect sized pouches for buzzer bars, comes in large or small. Keep your kit in top nick with these superb products!

CoolStore 2

Cool Store 1

Cool Store 2

Cool Store 3

65mm (H) x 210mm (D) x 410mm (W) 65mm (H) x 210mm (D) x 260mm (W)

• Large capacity • Great for storing food or bait

• Compact – great for storing food or bait

• Generous capacity • Great for storing food or bait

It will store upwards of 5kg of boilies, but will also find favour with anglers wanting to take bottles of wine to the bankside!

With a capacity for around 12kg of boilies, but can also be used for food storage. It’s sure to find favour amongst many anglers.

Coolstore 3 will actually house both the Coolstore 1 and 2 inside. There’s room for over 20kg of bait and a side pocket for cutlery or plates.

390mm (H) x 110mm (D) x 250mm (W)

390mm (H) x 250mm (D) x 250mm (W)

440mm (H) x 270mm (D) x 380mm (W)

TRANSIT LITE CARRYALLS The Transit Lite luggage is based around the versatile Barrow Bag design, perfect for use as your main carryall. Available in two sizes to suit different angler’s needs, the larger bag features five outer pockets, with the smaller of the two boasting four outer pockets. An ideal all-purpose bag. S - 370mm (H) x 200mm (D) x 360mm (W) L - 350mm (H) x 300mm (D) x 450mm (W)

AVID carpers 



This waterproof rod sleeve offers a lightweight alternative to padded sleeves. It features a full length zip, a handy lead pouch, and fits even the largest big pit reels. Fits both 12’ & 13’ rods. Compatible with the Avid Carp Transit Quiver

This lightweight quiver system offers a superb rod transportation device. It comes with five ¾ Padded Sleeves and has an internal capacity suitable for small shelters and brollies. The quiver and ¾ padded sleeves can be bought as a full kit or individually.

This full length rod sleeve is designed for use with quiver systems. Full length padded material offers complete protection for your rods and reels. Fits both 12’ & 13’ rods. Compatible with the Avid Carp Transit Quiver

Also available separately

PADDED SLEEVE • Hardwearing material • Padded for rod protection • Robust full-length zip • Dedicated lead pouch • Fits big pit reels

The complete package – 5 ¾ padded sleeves and the Transit Quiver

• Waterproof • Fits both 12’ & 13’ rods.

Also available separately


• Hardwearing material • Carrying handles • Padded shoulder strap • Clips for rod sleeves • Velcro rod bands • Dedicated net pocket • Extra pocket for bank sticks • Padded rod protection strap • Can be used with or without sleeves • Five ¾ Padded Sleeves included with Quiver


Barrow Bag • Multiple internal pockets • Moulded base for added protection • Clear hardwearing wipe clean pocket in lid • Strong durable zips • Reinforced carry handles • Five external pockets

Designed at the ideal size for loading onto your carp barrow and housing all your tackle. It also fits neatly in your bivvy without taking up too much space. 390mm (H) x 520mm (D) x 650mm (W)


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The Transit 3 bag can be seperated so that it stacks more efficiently on the barrow.

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AVID apparel

All the items in the Avid Carp clothing range are practical and fashionable.

Designed by fashion experts and made using highquality fabrics, these clothing items will make you the envy of all your angling buddies. Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt for the summer or a fleece to keep you warm during the colder months, there’s bound to be something in the Avid apparel range to suit your needs.




38" / 40"


42" / 44"


46" / 48"


50" / 52"

Avid Carp clothing is available in a variety of sizes.



Classic T-Shirt

This carpy green polo shirt features the exclusive Team Avid UK emblem, so you’ll feel part of the team.

This lightweight, comfortable t-shirt is great for keeping you cool during the warmer months. Similar to a football shirt, air will circulate more freely over the body. It can be worn as a base layer during the winter months. The t-shirt is finished in a carpy green colour and boasts the Team Avid logo.

Boasting college-style lettering and a worn effect Avid logo, this t-shirt is a stylish offering for spring/summer. Due to the fashionable design, it looks at home off the bank as well as at the side of the lake. This top is a firm favourite with our team of leading consultants.


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This is one of the latest hoodies in the range and we’re sure it’s going to be popular with some of the old school anglers out there. Boasting a unique camou pattern and our exclusive Team Avid UK emblem, this hoody is practical and extremely cool. You know you want one!

BLACK IS BACK After the success of our blue hoodies, we though we’d create another hoody that was a little bit different. Rather than going down the green route, we’ve designed a black zip-up hoody with understated branding and a camou hood.



A stylish green cap with an embroided logo. The long peak is great for cutting out the glare from the sun.

A stylish and comfortable knitted beanie hat. Eliminates heat loss and is a must-have item all-year round.




This stylish lightweight micro fleece can be worn as an outer garment or layered with waterproofs on colder days.

We’ve been wearing this hoodie since the beginning and they’ve proved really popular with anglers that want to look stylish on the bank. Boasting college-style lettering and a worn effect Avid logo, this hoodie is ideal if you want a more understated look out on the bank.

This old-school hoody is sure to find popularity with anglers who want to blend into bankside foliage more effectively, whilst also look cool out on the bank.

AVID carpers 



gs n i h t see

clearly COMING

SOON We’re passionate about creating products that will make a difference and allow you to catch more carp. There’s no doubt that polarising sunglasses are one of the most important tools you can possess if you’re trying to locate fish. Whether you’re surface fishing or stalking, fishing in bright sunshine or on a dull day, a good pair of shades can be the difference between finding the fish and catching them, or spending the day sat behind motionless alarms. If you want to see things clearly, take a look at our new range of polarising sunglasses. They’re stylish, comfortable and extremely practical.




EXTREME DESIGN STYLISH FRAME Based on the sunglasses that are used in extreme sports, these fashionable shades boast a unique wraparound frame that hugs your face and completely blocks out sunlight. The lenses have a unique reflective coating that completely cuts out sunlight and makes them extremely effective for spotting fish in all light conditions. CE certified • Wraparound frame • Reflective lenses • Metal hinges • Supplied in protective case with lanyard

Essential kit for every carp angler, these stylish sunglasses have a lightweight aluminum frame that’s designed with comfort in mind. Boasting high-quality lenses with an amber tint, they reduce eyestrain and are brilliant for locating carp in bright conditions. CE certified • Stylish design • Amber lenses • Sprung hinges • Lightweight frame • Supplied in protective case with lanyard

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Discover RH Fisheries We have created the very best carp fisheries in the country. The RH Fisheries portfolio offers five outstanding venues that cater for every carp angler’s needs.


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