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STRICTLY  PRIVATE  &  CONFIDENTIAL  –  NOT  FOR  DISTRIBUTION   CIPR  Executive  Board  Meeting  Minutes  –  24  February  2011   Public  Relations  Centre,   52-­‐53  Russell  Square,   London,   WC1B  4HP     Dial  in:     Present:         Sally  Sykes   Adrian  Wheeler     Jane  Wilson   in  Part:    Attendance     Jay  O’Connor       Jenifer  Stirton    Keith  Johnston   Paul  Mylrea       Rob  Brown               1. 2010  Financial  Update       Jane  Wilson  explained  that  a  mixture  of  factors  contribute  to  the  variation  between  the   forecasted  2010  surplus  and  the  current  pre-­‐audited  figure.  One  of  them  is  that  the  membership   fee  payments  were  not  accrued  monthly  in  our  accounting  practice.       There  followed  a  closed  session  at  the  Treasurer's  request  as  it  was  to  deal  with  finance  and   individual  staff  matters.     Paul  summarized  that  he  will  report  to  the  Council  on  the  2010  finances.  The  auditor  will  be   called  in  to  do  a  full  review  on  the  finance  processes  and  then  give  recommendations.  Jane  will   need  to  report  to  the  board  with  her  assessment  on  this  and  the  board  will  incorporate  the   auditor’s  proposals.       2. Governance     Paul  said  he  will  ask  the  Council  to  appoint  the  board  and  also  ask  the  authority  to  appoint     chairs  of  standing  committees.    If  council  members  who  would  like  to  self-­‐appoint  as  chair  of  the   committees  or  would  like  to  get  on  the  board,  they  should  go  through  competency  test,  but   currently  there  is  no  process  for  this.       The  governance  working  group  will  come  up  with  a  proposal  to  the  Council  before  end  of   summer  on  how  board  and  chairs  of  committees  are  to  be  established.    During  the  interim   period,  Paul  proposed  that  we  keep  the  current  board  and  appoint  people  who  are  already  on   the  committees  as  chair.     3. A.O.B:    PPC  Update  –  Adrian  Wheeler     Martin  Horrox  has  conducted  a  thorough  review  on  the  disparities  of  the  code  and  the   regulations  and  has  produced  a  revision  document  which  is  currently  being  checked  by  the   solicitor.  It  then  will  go  to  PPC  for  comments  and  to  Council  for  rectification.  Paul  suggested  the   Page  1  of  2    

STRICTLY  PRIVATE  &  CONFIDENTIAL  –  NOT  FOR  DISTRIBUTION   governance  working  group  should  also  have  a  look  at  it  as  it  involves  recommended   amendments  to  the  Regulations.     Adrian  reported  that  Martin  Horrox  has  some  options  to  consider  on  levying  fines  as  other   professional  bodies  have  the  power  to.       Adrian  reported  that  the  board  should  be  aware  that  there  are  some  complaints  that  the   solicitor  is  currently  dealing  with.  It  means  cost  on  solicitor’s  services  and  also  potentially  cost   by  the  defendants  if  they  win.      

Part  2     Attendance:    

 Attendance  in  part:    Rob  Brown     Adrian  Wheeler     Jane  Wilson    Staff  Attendance:   Jay  O’Connor     Phil  Morgan     Keith  Johnston     Paul  Mylrea             The  board  reconvened  after  Council  meeting  to  discuss  the  UKPAC  item  on  the     agenda.  


Keith  Johnston  updated  the  board  of  the  current  situation  of  UKPAC.           Next  board  meeting  is  at  2:30pm  on  23  March.        

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