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Exosphere - Universities Partnership Program

Table of Contents



Week 1. Orientation & Fundamentals


Week 2. Income Generation


Week 3. Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Week 4. Design Thinking


Week 5. Programming


Week 6. Web Development


Weeks 7-9. Product Development


Week 10. Communication


Week 11. Epilogue


Overview The requirements of the 21st Century global economy are changing so rapidly that new skill sets and different perspectives are becoming essential to individual success. Exosphere is an ideal partner for universities in Chile, as we have the capability of providing the hands-on entrepreneurial learning that enhances the education of university students beyond the classroom. Exosphere brings prominent entrepreneurs, designers, and technologists from the US and Europe to conduct the longest intensive entrepreneurial program anywhere in Latin America. Participants, workshop facilitators, and mentors will come from diverse places around the world, giving Chilean participants exposure to a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. The Exosphere Bootcamp is an intensive 11-week program designed to empower participants with the skills, attitude, and vision to start a life in entrepreneurship. There is no way anybody can become a master coder, designer, or launch a profitable start-up in this period of time, and thus the goal is to provide a solid framework and comprehensive introduction to our participants. Nearly every activity is hands-on and focused on doing. We have structured the Bootcamp to account for the differences in learning styles, goals, and individual preferences that a diverse, international group of participants is likely to possess. The Exosphere Bootcamp will be held from September 23-December 13, 2013.

Week 1. Orientation & Fundamentals September 23-29


- Develop strong relationships with mentors & other participants - Become acquainted with core concepts of entrepreneurship - Begin intentional personal growth process - Learn how to experiment to discover new interests

Activities & Topics: - Community Groups - Personal development foundations & goal-setting - Problem Identification - Exploring avocational interests - Health & Wellness Seminar - Tours of Santiago & Valparaiso Lead Facilitators:

Skinner Layne & Carlos Miceli

Skinner is Founder and Chairman of Exosphere. As a serial entrepreneur, Skinner has founded both successful and failed start-ups, and has raised more than $10 million in early-stage financing in addition to acting as a private equity advisor to multiple energy projects in excess of $100 million and has established formal relationships with global energy funds. He has previously been an Enterprise Web 2.0 consultant to NASDAQ companies and was, at the age of 23, the youngest person to sit on the board of directors of a Sarbanes Oxley-compliant publicly traded company in the United States. Skinner is a former speechwriter and senior strategist to U.S. Senator John Boozman.

Carlos is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Exosphere. He's the Founder of JumpLab, an innovative learning experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Innovation Advisor to the Buenos Aires Government, and part of the Steering Team of High-Impact Learning. He’s Assistant Professor in the course on creativity “El Mundo de las Ideas.” He has helped market two bestselling books, written his own ebook, and sold his first internet company to outside investors. He worked as a Sales Executive in the B2B sector of Telecom Argentina, where he beat his sales objectives every year with clients such as Visa, AMEX and ADT. Schedule Notes: There will be two morning and two afternoon sessions each day, except for the Santiago tour day. Discussion Group Readings:

BOOK OF AWESOME, FAKEGRIMLOCK The Start-Up of You, Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck

Week 2. Income Generation September 30-October 6

Making money on your own terms and dragging you out of the mental shackles of the 9-5 routine, Week 2 will change the way you view the world and what is possible for your life. You will work with your mentor and peers in developing a project that will earn you income. Expect to have a functional project by the end of the week and activities to push you to succeed. Objective:

Develop an actual income-generating project

Lead Facilitator:

Scott Britton

Scott Britton is an entrepreneur and writer based in New York City. He's currently a business development executive for SinglePlatform which recently was acquired for 100 Million dollars by Constant Contact. He writes about business development, life hacks, and personal development at and has created multiple online products which generate 1000's of dollars a month for him completely passively. Discussion Group Readings:

Rework, Jason Fried The Personal MBA, Josh Kaufman Life Without Principle, Henry David Thoreau

Week 3. Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) October 7-13

A minimum viable product or MVP is the foundation of developing a successful venture. Here you will overcome the time consuming process of over planning, inaction, and infinite research behind a computer. You will brainstorm products or services that solve the problems you identified in Week 1. Experimenting, hypothesizing, and “getting out of the building” to validate your value proposition will be the game here, and you will have encouraging coaches along the way. You will develop a discipline that pushes you to refine your ideas through contact with actual customers. Objective:

Identify an MVP that will be the foundation of your work for the rest of the bootcamp


Exosphere Fellows

Discussion Group Readings:

The Lean Start-Up, Eric Ries “Self-Reliance”, Ralph Waldo Emerson The Different Drum, M. Scott Peck

Week 4. Design Thinking October 14-20 Everything we buy is designed, from physical products to digital products to services. How did Steve Jobs build Apple into the world’s largest company? Through design that captured his customers’ imaginations and inspired them to want his products. Until you can master Design Thinking, you will always be at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. Objectives:

- Understand the world of design - Practice showing your ideas rather than just telling - Learn about current trends in graphic and industrial design

Lead Facilitator:

Colin Wright

Colin Wright is a 28-year-old author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler. For the past four years, Colin has moved to a new country every four months based on the votes of his readers. He has published 11 books in addition to his subscription-based dispatches, Exiles and Let’s Know Things. Colin has been featured in USA Today, The Jeff Probst Show, TEDx, and many other major media outlets around the world. His blog, Exile Lifestyle, has more than 150,000 monthly readers. Discussion Group Readings:

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho Thinking in Systems, Donella Meadows The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz

Week 5. Programming October 21-27

Coding has rapidly become one of the most essential skills for anybody competing in the marketplace today as “software eats the world.” To bootstrap a start-up, you can’t afford to hire programmers in the early stages, and increasingly even non-digital product development requires the ability to write at least some code. You will be exposed to the difference between front-end development and back-end development. Programming as a professional focus is not for everybody, but a basic understanding of it has become a necessity for any entrepreneur. Objectives:

Lead Facilitator:

- Understand core concepts in coding - Learn the basic structure of code & be empowered to teach yourself other languages - Code an actual piece of working software by the end of the


Andrei Vazhnov

Andrei Vazhnov currently lives in Buenos Aires and is active in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and is an advisor to several startups. He has worked as Director of Engineering at Macrovision Corporation, where he supervised the engineering team working on the development of Macrovision’s enterprise digital licensing system RightAccess as well as its ecommerce billing system RightCommerce. Previously, Andrei was the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Software Development at eMeta Corporation where he was responsible for overseeing engineering, quality assurance, and technical support teams. eMeta and its products won many industry awards which included the Codie Award from the Software Information Industry Association, Red Herring Top 100, OnHollywood Top 100, and Deloitte and

Touche Fast 50. eMeta´s software is used by some of the world´s largest publishers, including the Financial Times, the Economist, IEEE, McGraw-Hill and many others. Andrei has a Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard University and a diploma in Physics from the Novosibirsk University. Andrei has also worked as a Research Associate in the Capital Markets Strategies group at Goldman Sachs. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian. Discussion Group Readings:

You Are Not a Gadget, Jaron Lanier

Week 6. Web Development October 28-November 3

In today’s world, if you don’t exist on the Web, you don’t exist. The same goes for your ideas. Developing well-designed, powerful web properties is essential to recruiting a team to your project, attracting customers, and securing investors. Week 7 will help you learn how to make a splash and good first impression on the Internet. Objectives:

Lead Facilitator:

- Learn about the variety of tools & templates on the market - Design & Code your own personal website or project website in HTML/CSS - Become acquainted with concepts like gamification, loyalty programs, big data, and other trends in web development Stephen Johnson

Senior Developer at Extrabux - a recently acquired affiliate marketing startup located in San Diego. Former Lead Developer for Bunchball, the originator of "Gamification" with clients like NBC, P&G and Victoria's Secret. Former CTO for FDCareer, Viralogy, and RewardMe. 15+ years of programming experience with a focus on game mechanics, rewards and loyalty programs, big data, and machine learning. BA Economics & BS Computer Science from UCLA. Discussion Group Readings:

Antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Weeks 7-9. Product Development November 4-December 1

Having identified a problem, created a framework for a Minimum Viable Product, learned how to think like a designer, make money, develop for the web, and write some code, you are now ready to put everything together to build an actual product and take it to the market! For three weeks you will put your new skills to work and get a taste of what entrepreneurship is really about. You might have to determine supply-chain issues, deciding transportation, or find a lawyer. You will go out and get your first customers, and decide what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll probably have to change your product--maybe even a lot.  It’s called failing fast, an essential part of honing your entrepreneurial talent. Objectives:

- Build MVP - Test MVP in the market - Keep iterating!


Exosphere Fellows

Discussion Group Readings:

The Lean Entrepreneur, Cooper & Vlaskovits Brad Feld’s Burning Entrepreneur: How to Launch, Fund and Set, Brad Feld

Week 10. Communication December 2-8

The best product or service in the world will fail miserably if nobody knows about it, or doesn’t understand it. Being able to communicate and relate to others is one of the most under-practiced skills in entrepreneurship, and yet it is one of the most basic ingredients that determines success or failure. Objectives:

- Practice effective copywriting - Practice sales pitches to potential customers - Practice pitching your project to potential investors - Practice other forms of public speaking relevant to starting up

Lead Facilitator: Andy Drish Andy sold his first business at age 26 and then co-founded The Foundation, the world’s first online accelerator for software businesses. He has spoken about marketing to thousands of people from New York to San Francisco, from Fortune 500 executives to solopreneurs to students at top universities like Berkeley, Loyola and Purdue. Discussion Group Readings:

“A Psalm of Life,” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Deep Survival, Laurence Gonzalez

Week 11. Epilogue December 9-15 The excitement isn’t coming to an end, it’s just starting! The Epilogue week is designed to create a bridge between the Exosphere Bootcamp and what comes next for each of our participants. It’s also designed to be a whole lot of fun. Activities:

- Demo Day! - Post Mortem of the Bootcamp as a group - Future planning in the community groups - Surfing in Pichilemu! - Going Away Party!

Discussion Group Readings:

“If,” Rudyard Kipling The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch

We would like to invite the university to become official sponsor of the Exosphere Bootcamp by sending their students or alumni to attend this life-changing experience.

What does university get in return? • Featured on the Exosphere website • Press release mentions • University get to send one person to the bootcamp. • University logo and name on all Exosphere promotional materials as official sponsors Total: $4,000

Note: Universities can send a second person for $3,500 and additional people after that for $3,250 each. The university may pick the people that will attend the Bootcamp, or it can pay the sponsorship fee and encourage their students and alumni to apply, and the Exosphere team will pick among them.

Help give your students or alumni a global advantage and jump start an exciting career in entrepreneurship while making connections from around the world that they can bring back with them to your university community.

Contact: Skinner Layne | Carlos Miceli | Amit Sonawane | Antonio Manno | Exosphere |

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