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TALLAGHT SAYS NO TO WATER METERING Some reasons to put a stop to water charges and water metering; 1. We already pay for water!! As you may know Irish Water is a registered private for profit company and they are planning to install water meters in our area soon. We already pay for our water through general taxation: • 1977: PAYE & Vat increase • 1983: Introduction of local authority service charges • 1996: 5% on motor tax = That's quadruple tax for us now if we pay again! 2. They have tried to plámás everyone with stories of water conservation, absolute nonsense! Irish Water have targets to meet, like most corporations, and if too many people conserve water and they don't reach their targets prices of water will undoubtedly rise to meet their targets! 3. We have a completely faulty system - we have an infrastructure that leaks out nearly 50% of its water supply (again conservation not being addressed) and lead piping in many, many households. Why aren't they fixing everything first before they offer you a completely flawed service that you are demanded to pay for? 4. Apparently they will fix your leaks for the first year, if you find them first - this is being 'sold' to us as a Utility what other Utility that you avail of tells you to find the leak/breakage first before they will come and fix it? Imagine if Bord Gáis or Electric Ireland, or even the luxury that you may have, of UPC/Sky - tells you to find where the problem is, and then they will fix it - but only for the first year. 5. Here are some examples of what Irish Water/Uisce Éireann has spent YOUR money on 50, 000,000 OF YOUR MONEY on consultancy fees. 55,000 OF YOUR MONEY on a gym for the staff. 6,000 OF YOUR MONEY on laughing yoga classes. 6. This is a time of recession and our government knows it THEY KNOW that ONE in FIVE school children are hungry! THEY KNOW that the elderly already have to decide before eating or heating! THEY KNOW that people are losing their homes! THEY KNOW of the suicide epidemic! They choose to put the interests of the Bankers and Bondholders first! FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!

Here are some useful documents to download...they can be found on this website - 1: Simple template for a leaflet to pass around to your neighbours to organise a residents’ meeting. 2: Irish Water – NO CONSENT - NO CONTRACT (Send to: Irish Water, Colvill House, 24-26 Talbot Street, Dublin 1.) 3: Questions to ask meter installers: 4: Water Services Act 2007: Irish Water represents a massive handover of wealth from public to private hands. So, lets see – Irish Water: a synopsis so far. Ireland goes bankrupt and the Troika calls for more taxes. Water meters are decided upon and a plan to build Irish Water is hatched. Siemens, a company with massive resources and know-how in this area – and also with a massive installed base in the UK – offer to install the meters for free. Phil Hogan declines Siemens’ offer – no answer as to why he decided this was ever forthcoming – “just, no – we have an Irish solution to this” Both Siemens and industry analysts are baffled as to why a state would go for a far more expensive solution. Denis O Brien, the man accused by a High Court Judge to have “beyond all doubt” bribed a FG government to gain control of a state asset (Esat)- and to have subsequently made hundreds of millions by selling same – “purchases” a company called Siteserv which specialises in the installation of water meters. This is about a year before the water meter tender. Now, numerous European companies also wanted to buy Siteserv and offered way more money for the company (which then owed €100 million to Anglo Irish Bank and was completely insolvent). The Irish Government (weirdly again FG) – (or actually you, Mr(s). Irish Taxpayer) gave the company to Denis O Brien with the €100 million owed to Anglo (now state owned – i.e. by you) written off. It’s not written off for you, the taxpayer – you still pay it – it’s just that Denis doesn’t, got it? Some gamble for Denis to buy a company with €100 million written off and with no guarantee of a lucrative water meter contract. A business in an area where he has no previous experience or competence. Siteserv subsequently bids in the EU tendering process and, lo and behold, wins. The contract is for hundreds of millions of Euros. Now, enter Irish Water. The CEO of which used to be the financial officer of an organisation which spent €100 million of Irish taxpayer’s money on the, according to the EU, illegal process to build an incinerator in Dublin. No incinerator was ever built or will ever be built but €100 million, again of your money, is gone – and John is now the CEO of Irish Water. No minutes of meetings – which spent €100 million of your money were ever recorded – the money is just gone. John then installs his homeboys and homegirls from the Poolbeg project to Irish Water – citing the abysmal salaries at Irish Water as the reason why nobody else would apply for these jobs. People who were direct beneficiaries of the illegal Poolbeg scam are now newly fledged semi-state employees. WE NOW HAVE A MOBILE NUMBER THAT YOU CAN CONTACT US ON – SO, IF YOU ARE OUT AND ABOUT AND YOU SPOT IRISH WATER, OR YOU NEED SUPPORT – TEXT OR CALL US AT 085-1774724 Facebook pages:

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