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The Alberts Bar Restaurant


3 The Stables All Nations, Easneye, Ware SG12 8LX Tel. 077180 66422

Personal Profile Cinzia Pirozzi is a collaborative, open-minded and tech-savvy interior designer who draws inspiration from her travels, photography, art, fashion, textiles, and life experience to bring a unique approach to design. She enjoy expressing herself through so many facets of design. She thinks of design as a puzzle and tries to find the best solutions to create the most innovative composition.

Temple Works Arts & Culture Centre Egyptian and industrial elements are found throughout this design scheme: the history of this amazing structure, its past, its starting points when originally designed in the 1840s by Egyptologist architect Bonomi. The result is a classy cafĂŠ, an eatery and beautiful gallery space where people can experience an industrial chic atmosphere and be able to relax and chill out. For this project most of the furniture were sourced from sustainable materials, built with reclaimed timber and steel. Energy efficient lighting and upcycled fittings were specify though out the scheme.

The concept for this Bar was to create through the lights a variety of moods and ambiences throughout the day. The walls and ceilings were fitted with Barrisol Lumiere Color, which is a stretch ceiling solution that makes use of LED lighting to illuminate the space. The furniture designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, brings a sense of tropicality to the rooms, where people can relax and enjoy their evening. The top floor, accessible via the jaw dropping spiral staircase, has been redesigned to give a more sober appearance to the space; and has been redecorated with stylish elements to keep in line with the ground floor.

Education 06/2013 BA (Hons) Applied Creative Design, Harrogate College 06/2012, Fd.A Interior Architectural Design, Harrogate College 10/2010, Level 2 ITQ Certificate in IT User Skills (QCF), Solihull College ITQ 06/1996, Italian National Diploma, Istituto Magistrale Matilde Serao! Skills PC and MAC Google SketchUp ArchiCAD AutoCAD Adobe Suite CS6 including: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excess, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher

Visual of The Pharaoh Eatery (render: Google SketchUp 8.0)

Visual of The Papyrus Gallery (render: Google SketchUp 8.0)

Ground Floor Visuals (render: Graphisoft ArchiCAD 14)

Languages Italian (Mother Tongue), English and Portuguese Interests Design, Fashion, Arts, Photography, Music. References Available Upon Request

First Floor Visuals (render: Graphisoft ArchiCAD 14)

Front Elevation (pen)

Ted Baker Retail Project The quirky concept design for a Ted Baker store was drawn from butterflies and the the idea of metamorphosis. The changing room resembled giant cocoons, where people could go in as caterpillars and come out as gorgeous butterflies.

Refurbishment of Harrogate School of Art Foyer Area B Block For this project the space was amplified by removing a partition wall, and placing an organic curved installation in metallic bronze where visitors could find information and directions. The installation acted as a partition for the art gallery where the students could display their work. Floors and walls covered in sleek travertine were specified to create an atmosphere of class and elegance.

Hand rendered front elevation

Perspective visual created with Google SketchUp 8.0 and Adobe Photoshop CS6

Hand rendered perspective views


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Cinzia Pirozzi is a collaborative, open-minded and tech-savvy interior designer who draws inspiration from her travels, photography, art, fa...