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Asset Searches and Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing Are you looking for someone whose present location is not known to you? For this work, private investigators employ the use of skip-tracing methods. As the name suggests skip tracing is searching for someone who has relocated himself and whose exact location is not known. Attorneys and others trying to locate other individual hire private investigators experienced in the art of skip tracing. Collecting information about the subject is the first thing that a skip tracer does after being hired for a particular case. After collecting every little detail about the subject, the data is then verified and scrutinized. As per the need, they make use of social engineering, neighbors, employers, friends, or anyone whose has some kind of connection with the subject. Information is gathered from public information, phone number database records, criminal record files, utility bills, financial reports involved in loan applications, job applications, debt collector databases, credit card applications and other sources. Some of the purposes of hiring a private investigator to perform skip tracing services are parents behind on child support payments, lost relatives, estranged family members and high school sweethearts.

One of the most difficult and yet rewarding cases worked by private investigators involving skip tracing is that of persons seeking their biological parents or children who were given up for adoption by their biological parents. These are very timeconsuming investigations and the results are never guaranteed. Due to the privacy laws in the U.S. investigators at every level are mostly handcuffed in their efforts. However, there are times when a very resourceful private investigator is successful. Asset Searches Asset searches involve the locating of tangible assets owned by an individual. This can be real estate, vehicles, boats, bank accounts and investment accounts. Specially trained private investigators are adept in locating such assets through all methods allowed by law. This information can be especially useful to attorneys prior to the filing of a lawsuit to ensure that there are assets in place to pay for any award.

Asset searches and skip tracing  
Asset searches and skip tracing  

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