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Acknowledgements I am very grateful to all my family especially to my grandmum. This book is for my niece with love and gratitude.



Chapter 1 My Dreams…………………………….5 Chapter 2 My Unconditional Friend……………..5 Chapter 3 My Sweet House……………………….7 Chapter 4 The Great Secret………………………9 Chapter 5 My Sun…………………………………10


My Dreams When I was a little girl I used to wonder what I would like to be when I grew up. I had many answer for this simple question.First of all a doctor or a vet, a dancer and perhaps a pop star. I imagined that when I were a pop star I would sing all around the world, I would live in a huge mansion and I would also have my own limousine. I dreamed of being very famous and rich. As time went on I was completely sure that I wanted to be a great dancer.

My Unconditional Friend

DURING my first years I lived with my family and my grandparents in my grandparents´ house. I lived there the happiest years of my life. I really love living in that house. I enjoyed it especially at night when my grandad Silvio used to tell me great stories before going to sleep. Most wonderful of all was the feeling that my grandad would still be there by myside when I fell asleep Silvio was a marvellous storyteller. He made a bedtime story for me every single night. I still remember his voice when he used to tell me “Tata it´s time to go to bed and don´t forget to brush your teeth”. When he mentioned these great words I knew that we would spend a great time together.


I loved the far intent look on my grandad´s face when he was telling a story. His face was pale and still and distant, unconscious of everything around him. He was a great story-teller but also a magnificent cook. Every day when I came back from school he was waiting for me with the lunch ready and of course with my favourite dessert. It was a Serenito. I have lived wonderful adventures with my grandad. He was a very funny man. I was never bored with him.It was impossible to be bored with him. It was impossible to be bored in my grandad´s company. “There´s a good wind today”, he said one Sunday morning “just right for flying a kite. Let´s make a kite, Tata”. So we made a kite. A wonderful one. He showed me how to splice four thin sticks together in the shape of a star, with two more sticks across the middle to brace it. Then we cut up an old pink t-shirt and stretched the material across the frame-work of the kite. We added a long tail made of thread, with little left over pieces of the t-shirt tied at intervals along it.We found a ball of string in the warehouse and he showed me how to attach the string to the framework so that the kite would be properly balance in flight. Together we went to a field that was near our house to release the kite. I found it hard to believe that this object, made only from a few sticks and a piece of old t-shirt, would actually fly.Higher and higher sored the kite. Soon it was just a small dot dancing in the sky above my head.I can´t describe how happy I was. It was an incredible day. Flying the kite was the best thing in the world. Here is a picture of him.


My grandad, without the slightest doubt, was the marvellous and exciting grandad any child has ever had.

My Sweet Home The house I grew up in seemed huge to me. There were dark corners to hide under the stairs, in the warehouse or behind all the trees or plants that were in the backgarden. My sister and I could spend hours playing hide and seek in the backgarden. It was one of our favourite games. Once my sister and I daringly explored the darkest place in our house, the attic.It was an enchanted and scary place to us, with cobwebs draped in every corner and creaking floorboards . I still remember that day. We had an unforgettable day. Another time I remember well was when Vanina, my sister, persuaded me to climb one of the garden trees with her. It was not a hard tree to climb, but I slipped on the slimy moss covering the old branches and fell in the pond. My mother got really angry when she saw me completely soaked. My favourite place in our house was the living-room.It was an enormous , very comfortable and sunny room with a leather sofa,a grand piano and three colourful paintings on the walls. The three of them were about ballet dancers. When I was a child I used to spend hours looking at the paintings. I imagined being like some of the dancers. Once I heard my mum talking with her best friend Susan. They were talking about their dearest friend , Leonid Afremov and a strange name “Bielorrusia� I did not know where it was but seemed to be far,far away. They said that he went to live to Bielorrusia when he was young and also that he is a well known artist with a unique style in paintings. My mum also said his paintings have different moods, colours and emotions. I had no idea what she wanted to say with all these words. When I was thirteen years old I looked up some information about Leonid. Just like other important artist such as Da Vinci, Picasso and Monet, Leonid likes to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of the world in his paintings. He doesn´t use brushes to paint.He paints with 7

oil and a palette knife. His paintings are full of bright colours. Once I went to an exhibition of his paintings in a very important art exhibition in Buenos Aires. These are the paintings that I used to see once and again in the living-room.

Seated dancer

The twirl



The Great Secret It all started on a Saturday afternoon.It was the first Saturday of September. I was with my grandmum Irene in the livingroom.My grandmum was watching television and I was playing with my favourite dolls.I was playing in my own world, singing and dancing. ‌ Do you like dancing? My grandmum asked me. I love dancing grandmum. So at that precise moment she went directly to her bedroom and brought a rectangular red wooden box.Inside it, there were many photographs. She started showing me some photos of a girl dancing and also a teenager dancing. As I was looking at them she asked me if I knew who the girl was. Suddenly she told me something really unbeliaviable I was astonished when she told me her most precious secret. My grandmum was a ballet dancer. I couldn´t believe it! Since that moment I have asked my gradmum to tell me her anecdotes and experiences everytime she could.

This is my grandmum.


When I was four years old I decided to take ballet lessons.Ballet is such fabulous and exciting that once you start dancing it, it gets into your blood and you can´t give it up! At the age of six I entered the National School of Dance from where I progressed to the Teatro Colon´s advanced Arts Institute. As time passed by , my passion for ballet dance has increased. I realized that I really wanted to be a ballet dancer I dreamed of being on a stage,dancing like the famous dancer Eleonora Cassano. After many years of study, practice and effort my dream has come true. Actually it was not only my dream but also my grandmum´s dream. In my first performance at the Colon Theatre my grandparents and all my family were sitting on the first seats. I will never forget that great day. It was an outstanding performance. All the effort had been worth. I still remember the broad smile on my grandmum´s face. She was extremely proud of me. I have danced with almost every major ballet company for many years.

My Sun I envisaged the idea of creating my own Ballet Institute five years ago. Although it is not a big place, I teach dancing with all my passion and dedication.I can´t explain you what I feel when I teach. It is something inexplicable. My students are from 3 to 25 years old. I must confess that my favourite student is my niece. Her name is Abril. She is only five years old. She is the motor of my life. She always makes me laugh.


The first time I saw her dancing on the stage was unforgettable. When I woke up that morning I knew at once that this was a special day. It was the day of butterflies in the stomach except that they were worse than butterflies. At the moment of the performance I looked at my niece. Her face was alight with happiness. My feelings were between a mixture of nostalgia and happiness. Looking at my niece brought me back all my childhood memories. Nothing makes me happier than sharing the same passion with the people I love.


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