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study in canada Canadian College of English Language

Canadian College

Canadian College of English Language Programs offered: • Part-time/Full-time Intensive and SuperIntensive English • English for any level (from Basic to Advanced) • Exam preparation (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge) • University pathways (English for Academic purposes) • Business EnglishBusiness English Work and Study Program (50% study + 50% internship)

What makes CCEL special? • Teaching using Smrt English curriculum • Offering quality ESL programs since 1991 • Paperless school • Newly-renovated campus with classes for CCEL and Canadian College students, spacious roof-top with the garden and on-campus student restaurant (Eh! Restaurant) • Great nationality mix (students from around 40 countries of the world) • Well-trained and qualified staff • Wide range of the program for any level of English • Services in more than 10 different languages • Personal study planning • Welcoming and friendly atmosphere

Courses • International Trade Diploma Co-op • Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op • Project Management Diploma Co-op • IT Diploma Co-op • Social Media Marketing Diploma Co-op (NEW!) • Health Care Assistant Diploma with Practicum (NEW!) • Business Management Diploma Co-op

Program Sequence • Semester 1 & 2 - Study • Semester 3 & 4 - Co-op • Semester 5 - Study • Semester 6 & 7 - Co-op • Semester 8 - Study Note: Each Semester is 12 weeks long (240 Hours) and there is a 1 week holiday after each semester.

Start dates • January, April, July and October

Entrance Requirements • High School Diploma, High School Completion • Certificate, or equivalent • iBT 70, or IELTS 5.5 or 78 on the Canadian College exam

smrt Smrt is a fully digital, webbased curriculum created solely by our instructors for our students. Embracing the learning and teaching potential of the web, the Smrt curriculum prepares students to excel in all areas of English. Instruction and classroom activities apply the use of the Internet as a powerful learning tool and communication medium, drawing from such resources as YouTube, TED, Wikipedia, Blogs, and Google Apps

What is Smrt? • Interesting and Fun: google docs, TED, YouTube, CNN, BBC, blogging, games. • Current: all lessons are continuously updated

Curriculum by highly qualified CCEL teachers. • Unlimited Access: you will always have access to Smrt, even when you finish your studies. • The Future: Taught in a high tech classroom with a teacher and other students. • Popular: used by 1000’s of international students each year.

What Smrt is Not • Smrt is not self taught, there is a teacher teaching you in a real classroom. • Smrt is not an online course but you do have a laptop which is online in class which you will use like a texbook.


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