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APRIL 24, 2012

More and More Reality Bowling in Pepsi

After a Long Day

Things that come into Cynthia’s head that cha#enge her.

After a Long day Dalton Ellis has a full stomach, is tired and ready for a nap. Being about 6 hours away there is plenty of time to sleep. There are plenty of reasons why you need sleep as a bowler. You need it to clear your conscience. Plenty of sleep results in good scores, good grades, and more opportunities. Be sure to get enough sleep and a good amount of food.

Things take over as Cynthia Morse is bowling in the pepsi bowling tournament things are taking hold as she is in the middle of her fourth game. With an injured arm, she’s taking the risk to give it her all. She’s looking at hard challenges as her arm starts FUN WEEKENDS! “With a sister like her I have the most fun a girl could ever ask for,” is what I always remind myself. I have a sister that is someone who supports me. I have a sister that is always willing to talk to me. I have a sister that I can trust with my deepest secrets.


to bother her. She’s behind by more then she expected. With added scores and one more weekend of bowlers left she’s standing in 15th place. She walks off with high hopes that that’s where she’s going to stay at. Good luck to her!

Dalton got about 5 hours of sleep total on our way to Bonne Terre, MO and back. He did very well in Pepsi; considering it was his first year. - Cynthia Morse

I have a sister who could save me a lifetime of worries. I have a sister who acts like her. I have a sister who believes in truth. I have a sister that makes mistakes. I have a sister who can sometimes make me mad. I have a sister who is someone I love. No one ever said life is perfect, this is family, this is life.



APRIL 24, 2012

LIFE IS NEVER FUN WITHOUT CHALLENGES. Living life. Loving life. Never regret. Things are put in life for challenges. My challenge would have to be bowling. I have had many ups and downs but around the end of march I hurt my right arm, I never thought that I would get hurt. I didn’t know what to do at that time, already bowling 3 games for my league and having to bowl 3 more directly after that for a tournament, not doing this very often. Finding out on May 1st, almost a 2 months after getting hurt, I saw an orthopedic doctor, good news, its a minor strain as he knows of, and I am going to be taking an oral steroid. This is going to be stronger and faster working then the mobic I'm on now. I will take the oral steroid for a week with no mobic and after a week back on the mobic again.

hurt but hey, this must be mother natures way of telling me I need to chill a little bit! I am going to hopefully be doing tennis, practices in June and July of 2012 then starting in August, and bowling will start up for summer on the first saturday of june. Jr strikers will proceed in August, towards the middle of the month on saturdays, 10am-noon.

I will be able to go back to bowling (lightly) a week before I go back to see my orthopedic doctor, I wont wear any brace, arm protection, or wrap. I’m hoping this will work, if not he will make a further decision. No I don’t mourn everyday from getting

TALENT BEHIND PERFECTION No I wont say I’m perfect. No time to get used to after using a I’m not great at everything in my straight ball for 2 years almost 3. life. One thing I do is try, and try I also have Michael White hard. I go big or go home. Life is (A.K.A; Mike) who helped me something that I take as a somewhat to get better after Pam possession. helped me. Mike tells me that I My bowling coordinator is an can get better, and I will if I try amazing one, Pam Hosp, my harder and put my mind to it! friend and my coach, is someone who has been there to help me. I wont say we haven't ever had our ups and downs, I did sandbag and for that I got yelled at and a different look for a while. She gave me her older but not so old curving bowling ball, took some

I have another friend from the alleys that has helped me with my confidence and her name is Jeny White. She is married to Mike, but still an amazing person. She takes my drink orders and talks to me, she makes me feel like someone who can do anything! And last but not least my grandma, Cathy, the one who pays for it all, is always there, and always supportive. She is someone I can count on to tell me to keep my head up when I need it most! Especially after getting hurt!

ALWAYS TRYING Bowling is my life. I wont ever give up! I will bowl until I can’t anymore! I am going to earn scholarships, and use them for college, to become a pediatrician. Already having a scholarship for a little over a thousand dollars in an account, I’m well on my way! Wish me luck!



Thing 4; Comm Arts  

After a Long Day to bother her. She’s behind by more then she expected. With added scores and one more weekend of bowlers left she’s standin...

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